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Chinese Mingdian Automated Equipment Co., Ltd, which situated inbeautiful Chengdu area, is a professional maker committed to totally auto vertical packaging machinery, and combines RAndD, service, sales and manufacturin gentirely. CHINESE MINGDIAN AUOTOMATIC Gear CO.,LTD machines are popular for automatic packaging of liquid, powder, granule and viscousproducts in food, prescription drug, daily chemical and hemispherical fields. With conceptof excellentBelief, High qualityFirst, LeadingModern technology for Development, our team isdevoted to become aglobal packaging machinery dealer. Based on sophisticated packaging approach, professional R&D group and abundant packaging activities, we offer reliable, high efficiency and good quality top to bottom packaging machinery to customers.

Qingdao FHOPE, manufacturer of timber pallet making machine, nailless plywood package machine. Have CE ISO9001: 2008 TUV Certification. Is the owner of 70%MarketplaceDiscuss(Nailless plywood box machine) in The far east. Expertized in RAndManufacturing, Marketing, D and Trainingand repair. Expert in appointment of Manufacturing facility-construction and ProcessingModern technology, and TechnicalEnhancementCoaching. Specializedansweris founded onCostEvaluation and Ideal Allocation.

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Chinese Material Packaging Co., Ltd. is dependent on creating And generating aseptic packaging materials such as tetra bricks. Now Chinese Packaging Materials Co., Ltd have two aseptic packaging manufacturingindustrial facilities, onesatisfying machine manufacturerAnda singletechnologyresearchinginstitution of packagebecause 2002. “Chinese ” will be theinitially PE-Document-AL-PE ingredient and PE-PAPER-PE compoundpackage and maching satisfying machine maker in China for Juice and Dairy, within “Chinese” logodesignated in everypackage deal. “Senmao” Pack originallycreatespackagematerialsto go onfamousfilling up machine suppliers as Tetra, Combi & IPI etc., and attempt toharmonyprice and valuerulesaround the world, by breaking monopoly of aseptic bundlebusiness. We havecreatedexpertisepractical experience on bundlematerialsanalysis, make our bundlematerials to pack juiceAndmilk in good condition with extended lifeit could be. Being aspecialistproducer of aseptic packing supplies in Asiafor nearly a reportcalendar year, Chinese has aseptic package of Tetra document, IPI paper, Combibloc and GableLeading (Elopak) with thequantityof all kinds. Chinese supplies you with successful and safe package materials, as well as our economic and flexible juice & milk production machinery, in order to keep balanced price from value regulations worldwide and break monopoly of aseptic package industry.Exactly like what we would like to do for individualis asunder: Enable thedream abouteveryoneenjoyingmilk&drinkover the worldbecomereal, regardless ofthey arewealthy or inadequate, from themajor of Chinese on supplyinggreen, innovative and convenient aseptic bundle to beverage or milk productsmanufacturers.

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