Auto Coil Wrapping machine Project plan

coil winding machine
Brinsworth Auto Coil Wrapping machine Project
Status Lead time / work duration wk 1 wk 2 wk 3 wk 4 wk 5 wk 6 wk 7 wk 8 wk 9 wk 10 wk 11 wk 12 wk 13 wk 14 wk 15 wk 16 wk 17 wk 18 Comments
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Mechanical works
Get final quotes for mechanical work WIP X Projects
Place order for Mechanical work 1 hr X Projects
Item 1 – walk way barrier external X DVSF
Item 2 – walk way barrier / gates external X DVSF
Item 3 – FLT barrier x 2 external X DVSF
Item 5 – New edge barrier x 1 external X DVSF
Item 4 – Light gate supports x 4
To be done in workshop
external X X DVSF
Delivery of item 4 to site external X DVSF
Item 7 – Machine build external X DVSF
item 8 – coil tipping barriers x 2 external X DVSF
Roof Works
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Roof works 1 day X E & W
Saw cut pockets for barriers (items 3 & 5) 4 hrs X X UK Land Care
Cast in barriers (items 3 & 5) 2 hrs X UK Land Care
Quote for additional work WIP X UK Land Care
Place order for additional work 1 hr X UK Land Care
Saw cut trench and dig deeper 1 day X UK Land Care
Cast in coil tipping supports (item 8) 2 hrs X UK Land Care
Lead time for compressor X X X X X X X X X X X X X WG Search
Arrival of compressor 0 day X WG Search
Install compressor 8Hrs X WG Search
Wire up compressor 2 hrs X Hesleys
Install pipe work as required 6 hrs X WG Search
Electrical Works
Install electrical trucking etc 2 day X Hesleys
Wire up coil wrapper and control desk 2 day X Hesleys
Wire up light guards 1 day X Hesleys
Wrapping Machine
Final technical review (internally) 4 hrs X Team
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Lead time for delivery of wrapping machine 12 wks X X X X X X X X X X X X Metpro / JPM
Arrival of coil wrapping equipment 0 day X Metpro / JPM
Remove and unpack wrapping equipment 1 day X Internal / DVSF
Locate wrapping equipment and secure to floor 0.5 day X Internal / DVSF
Assemble coil wrapping equipment 3 days X X Internal / DVSF
Assemble guarding 2 days X Internal / DVSF
Install light guards (mechanical) 1 day X Internal / DVSF
Commissioning works + Training 3 days X X Metpro / JPM
Chinese engineer on site 3 days X JPM


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pallet wrapping and machine film requirement

PET Strap

length(m)width(mm)thickness(mm)Breaking Strain price (kg) weight(n/w) weight(g/w)     NO

600120.6smooth/clear320kg                                                 50

600120.6embossed /clear320kg                                                                             50

2,400,120.6smooth/clear320kg                                                               50

2,400,120.6embossed /clear320kg                                                               50

1200160.9embossed/clear620kg                                                                              50

1200160.9smooth/clear620kg                                                               50

2500120.9embossed/clear2900N                                                               50

900191smooth/clear820kg                                                               50

900191embossed/clear820kg                                                               50

600251embossed /clear967kg                                                              25


PP Strap

length(m)width(mm)thickness(mm) Type/color Breaking Strain price (kg) weight(n/w) weight(g/w) NO

3000120.63bule machine130                                                               50

3000120.63black machine130                                                50

3000120.63clear machine130                                                50

1000120.8bule hand130                                                50

1000150.8bule hand130                                                              50

1000190.8blue  hand270                                                              50




Stretch Film

1  STRETCH WRAP BUNDLE FILM NATURAL 100mm*250m*20um- ,COLOUR: Natural-Clear transparentno-500

2  PREMIUM STRETCH PALLET WRAP   500mm*500m*20um  , COLOUR: Natural-Clear        transparentno 50

3  PREMIUM STRETCH PALLET WRAP  500mm*500m*23um , COLOUR: Natural-Clear-transparentno50

4  PREMIUM STRETCH PALLET WRAP , 500mm*500m*25um , COLOUR: Natural-Cleartransparentno 50

5 Powerwrap UV Hand 25 500mm x 380m  clear-no50

6 Powerwrap UV Machine 30 500mm x 1000m     clearno 50

PowerWrap Machine 20 500mm x 1600m                           Clear no50

PowerWrap Machine 23 500mm x 1400m               clear no50

PowerWrap Machine 25 500mm x 1300m              clearno50

Machine Film 25 500mm x 1200m                              blackno50

Pallet Wrap – 500mm x 1780m x 20um               clearno50

Machine Wrap – 500mm x 1125m x 25um              clearno50

Machine Pallet Wrap – 500mm x 1420m x 23umclearno50

Machine Film – 500mm x 2400m                             clearno50

Security Pallet Wrap – 500mm x 375m x 25um blackno50

Security Pallet Wrap – 500mm x 300m x 20um blackno50Packing Tape

Model No.Product NamePhotoDescriptionColorPackagingMOQFactory price

1. Material: BOPP Width: 48mm Length: 160m/roll      clear500 rolls

2. Material: BOPP  Width: 48mm  Length: 75m/roll            clear                             -500 rolls

Full-automatic Steel Coil Wrapping Machine in Shanghai, China

To stretch packaging of various types of products: flat steel, hot rolled steel, composite steel, stainless steel wire, stainless steel pipe and steel truss, beam, plastic coil, coil titanium, aluminum, aluminum, wood, wood profiles and Wood Millwork, composite beam, furniture, doors and windows, insulation board, electrical and hydraulic components, rubber hoses and finished products, and more.
The plastic single side winding film or non winding plastic packing film is the two most commonly used packing material of spiral wrapping machine. Fhopepack stretch packaging machine sizes range from 17 inches to 9.5ft 4-6 inches increments model through seven lines. This allows Bohr to provide stretch wrapping machinery, which is a size optimization solution for each product type and throughput.
Products are sophisticated electrical components, individual items, or recombinant parts (pumps, motors, etc.) – fhopepack pallet packing machines, fast, robust and efficient packaging. The pallet wrapper quickly and securely stretches the packaged product (S) before the housing in the transport case. There is no requirement for cushioning material.
Pallet packaging offers enormous savings in time and packaging material costs compared to traditional methods. Video demo click pictures.
Fhope stretch packaging and plastic packaging machine has the following advantages: high speed (throughput), low labor costs, minimum operation time, high safety, low energy consumption, low material cost, maximum time (reliable), low noise operation, minimal installation time, and can use the automatic production line together.
The capacity of a tensile packaging machine.

Full-automatic Steel Coil Wrapping Machine in Shanghai, China


Automatic Stretch Film Strapping Machine for Profile

Fhopepack range stretch packaging and strapping machines provide all your business needs for safe packaging and protection of products and pallets. Whether you need it for storage or transport, internal machine of our experts can help you find the packaging machine suitable for your business, and budget – he can even come and show your team how to install and use it.
Our tensile packaging machines offer fast and reliable ways to protect products and pallets. They work in three types, from entry to programming and robotics – so you can get the right product at rajapack, whether you’re a smaller output or a larger job. After packaging, we can use the safety box and pallet strapping machine. They are available in both automatic and semi-automatic modes, range light weight, handheld devices of smaller size, fast, versatile, and heavy-duty options, ideal for your production process.
Packaging specialist for protective and safety products strapping and stretching machines
We have a fully automated PP strapping roll for well-known manufacturers and suppliers. We produce these rolls using premium raw materials and new technologies. Our fully automated PP strapping tape is encoded on width based thickness and grade.

Use a plastic and metal belt for manual use of strapping machines.
Use simple, manual strapping machines and clamps. Preferably for flat strapping.
Air battery or electric operated manual strapping machine.
Automatic welding.
Open or close type car semi-automatic strapping machine.
Automatic binding machine for bridge.
Better take small package. In various bridge sizes. Apply to belts with widths from 5 to 16 mm.
With rolls (metal, plastic and PET belts).

Automatic Stretch Film Strapping Machine for Profile


Cable Coiling and Strapping Machine for PC

Fhope provides unmanned, semi-automatic and automatic cable packaging solutions. There are automatic cable packing lines, including cable length count, cable winding and cable winding, and automatic cable winding machine with marking feed. There are different types of cable reel machines that can provide a good cable coil for making packaging film, PVC… The speed of the cable wrapper is accomplished by wrapping a coil in 20 seconds. It is aluminum liquid that can be adjusted to fit the material. This is the most effective equipment to improve your cable coil packaging, meet the handling and stacking requirements, higher packaging efficiency, with minimal space and labor saving packaging.
This cable reel wrapper covers the membrane, dense layer paper, on all surface fabrics…
Controlled overlap of cable coils. It improves your package protection in transit and storage. First, reduce the possibility of corrosion or water spots, dust and rust, protect the surface coil in transit. It also helps to improve your marketing. There are many cable winding machines available. Our team can help you find the best solution, according to your specifications.
Fhope offers packaging solutions for cable trays and cable coil markets. We are committed to cable winding packaging machine business, creating innovative, inexpensive products to solve problems, such as reduced, unnatural packaging. Our revenue, equipment services, customer engineering and services department can help you design the best defensive product packaging system for your personal software. You are welcome to contact our cable TV packaging equipment for Fhope.

Cable Coiling and Strapping Machine for PC

Full Automatic &Highly-efficient Tyre Coil Packing Machine

Coil packaging machine is a special ring type high efficiency equipment coil wrapped by eye. A coil packer is a different type of packaging machine that provides a NIC filler for the coil. This is the most efficient equipment for coil packaging to meet higher packaging rates and minimal space and lower labor cost requirements.
This volume wrapping machine covers the film, dense layer paper, on all surface fabrics…
Coil and controlled overlap. This tightly packed layer eliminates most of the air, dust, and moisture from the oversize bag. It reduces the possibility of corrosion or water spots, dust and rust, and protects the surface coils in transit. Popular machines are recognized in the market for value and machine functions. Because of its speed and beautiful packing. To find a solid structure, easy to operate and reliable quality, is Fhope roll wrapping machine.
From coil packaging machines, through coil packaging machines and related packaging membranes, Fhope provides different coil objects for packaging various rolls of packaging machines such as tubes, HDPE tubes, coils, and copper…
Choose the right solution for you and browse through our full range of packaging requirements.
Machine coil winding machine or coil packing machine
Find the right solution that fits your needs by choosing the type of machine you’re interested in.
Through industry
Choose your industry or market segments and find your packaging that requires the right solution.
Every day, Fhope model efforts, environmental packaging, bagging, erection and palletizing, and more, your customers are factories all over the world. You can rely on Fhope our gear. After years of service, we do have many loyal clients, and regular business is the cornerstone of our success. For coil winding machines, we know the business. We want to make your chances.

 Full Automatic &Highly-efficient Tyre Coil Packing Machine

Unloading Pushing Type Coil Packing Line

The machine is made of material, weaving, steel coil, wrapping paper, rust proof paper, tensile film, etc., so that the steel coil is well protected, dustproof and waterproof, and it looks neat and convenient for transportation. Gd800 car special heavy volume packaging, mobile car safe and convenient coil loading and unloading. In order to reduce the damage during transportation, its overall operation brings other logistics advantages.
Basic characteristics:
1, excellent collection. High quality brand adoption is the main component.
2. The trolley is convenient to use for loading and unloading rolls, and it is safe and reliable.
3, the height of the ring plate can be adjusted according to the outer diameter of the motor.
4.plc and HMI perform automatic operation. With simple operation, the OD, ID, width, and correction coil parameters, other parameters will be set automatically.
5. Storage paper, independent packing material, storage board.
6. The length of the packing tape is calculated automatically by the PLC according to the size of the coils.
7. Protective coil vibration and positioning roller. Polyurethane for rollers for long term use.
8. Safety operation of ring parts.
9. Manual and automatic two modes of operation can be selected.
10. The converter adjusts the overlap of the packaging tape as required.
11 、 soft start and soft stop function for safe operation.
12 overload protection.
13. Power restriction and mechanical restriction operating system.
14. The friction between the wheel and the ring is adjustable.
15. For release with a release device, avoid special brake on material folding.
16, the tension of the packaging material can be adjusted.
17 different packing materials are available.
18 、 easy to operate and maintain independent electrical control cabinet. Automatically malfunction when indicating alarm.

 Unloading Pushing Type Coil Packing Line

semiauto plastic coil winding machine and coiler

It is semi auto winding machine for plastic pipe. The coiling tension is adjustable per need. one winder or two winders are available.

These coiler & machines have different range features in common with our automatic pipe coiling and strapping machine. In some cases it can be designed to special packing and handling purpose use with changeover the spooling , coil configurations and packing material…


Automatic pipe coiler-FCL100


Automatic pipe coiler-FCL1200

We will custom design and manufacture an automatic coiling machine and pipe coiler that are able to winding the pipe&hose which covers the strapping requirement.