Semi-automatic or automatic pallet strapping

Automatic stretch wrapping machines

On the global market,there are many different kinds of pallet strapping machines. The main
difference is semi-automatic or automatic strapping.
That is a big factor about the cost of pallet strapping machine.
If you have only two pallets per day, semi-automatic strapping is your best choice.

In this situation, you only need bring the strapping machine to the pallet, and take the
straps at the proper position of the shoulder strap.
The semi-automatic strapping machine will subsequently tighten the straps around the
Another one,the fully automatic pallet strapper, when you use it, it is only necessary to
bring the goods to the machine, and the machine will automatically fasten the straps at
appropriate positions.
Fully automatic pallet strapping machines can handle very large volumes and fit highly
automated production lines.



horizontal stretch wrapper for rod and bar

spiral orbital wrapper

The solution can be designed for different size packages.

The horizontal stretch wrapper for rod and bar using stretch film with the automatic cutter for automatic packing.

Sensors and indicators can help the operator align the elevator with the package. It also includes many packing protection functions.

pallet wrapping system

m type pallet wrapper

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R-Connect is a powerful, plug & play and user-friendly system and its major advantage is total “peace of mind”. This wrapping system can verify the production performance and optimize all management costs and give you an absolute tranquility about the machine operation. In fact, the system can maximum limit to reduce packing machine downtime and better manage maintenance operation as well as supply instant troubleshooting steps, until finished the management software of the machine about the full and remote upgrade.

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You can install the device on the wrapping machine directly or at a later stage. In fact, Robwrap machines have been installed a special gateway. All the information can be sent in real time and stored in the cloud by our machines, and you can accesse the statistics through a simple internet connection from any device, such as a PC and tablet, smartphone and so on.

In short, the main goals of using K-Connect are as follows: 1. to optimize the production by evaluating the performance of the machine and parameter as well as production verification; 2. To analyze the data through the system of integrated management system and arrange maintenance through statistical monitoring with the selection of program and modifying the packaging cycles; 3. To provide quick solutions for problems, even preventative, through sending signals to dealers or directly to new technicians through the machine for fast and accurate diagnostics and provide remote or on-site interventions to, thereby significantly reducing machine downtime.

The system not only forms part of the industry’s 4.0 technologies but also enables Fope wrap to better realize the use of its pallet wrapping machines, which provides useful information for the continuous development of its technologies to completely respond the user’s actual needs and meet their requirements.

The Wrapping machine station

The Wrapping machine station

Yellow jacket stretch packaging design can complete safe shipping and protection products, to meet the customer’s every demand, manufacturers of the machine can’t do other things soon discovered the value of improved productivity and diversity, and good safety operation and ease of use also has a lot of benefits

A durable and effective means of product transport is our stretch packaging provided by our customers, choosing the options that meet your needs and budget. These are little or no physical labor. For example, choose options that match your needs and budget to ensure that all sizes and shapes are transported quickly

Before the transportation need multiple employees, hand packing tray is very time consuming, every day, has been in use automatic pallet packaging method, bring benefits to the company, the cost has been reduced, because they only need an operator, but also improve the production speed,Wrapping machine station does not need additional resources, different size of the tray can be guaranteed

The news of the yellow coat

The benefits of aWrapping machine station can be announced through its orbital packaging, including time and savings

With the help of the 87mWrapping machine station’s rail stretch wrappers, thousands of dollars per year of Labour costs can be saved by theWrapping machine station’s customers.Wrapping machine stations increase the integrity of the product while reducing other hidden costs. And supersize and strange shape load to the forklift can also be ensured.

In 2013, in F, M shows theWrapping machine station orbit packaging machine is one of the most innovative technologies will be show, 8.7 millionWrapping machine station orbit stretch wrapping machine, is in F company in 2013, is located in Chicago, Illinois, booth # S. Innovative stretching packaging equipment and high quality stretch film, so he as a leading manufacturer, the market needs complex manufacturing and heavy metal parts and assembly can also be well solved by him

The benefits of theWrapping machine station over M in 2012 are highlighted by time and money

The best solution to us together with our customers to provide


For many years, M has been trying to solve the problem of sustainable development for customers. Our company has been working tirelessly to help customers use minimized films, including eliminating load losses and increasing productivity. Optimizing customer operations throughout the supply chain can be ensured by our system solutions.

Although reduce the utilization rate of primary packaging materials and increase the cube, is a major embodiment of local packaging sustainability, but in order to achieve the best product delivery and reduce waste, at the end of stretch packaging process is also very important. As one of the supply chain which links, the enterprise also cannot ignore it, as companies also need to meet the needs of industry to gain greater overall production efficiency, it easier for him to achieve sustainable development, from film, equipment and technology progress, cost and at the same time can be greatly reduced. The best solution to us together with our customers to provide, and insert an alternative solution to understand cannot fully achieve greater sustainability, want to do this we need to really understand each application.

In 2011, we received a green environmental impact from M reward, for 3 swivel ST machine octopus, used in packaging machinery optimization of stretch packaging for its won the prize, “green” recognition of the five top class innovation, are related to the sustainable packaging. The verifiable data must be included in the submission to reduce greenhouse gas reduction, life-cycle impact and other environmental impacts

Machine lockpop music

Machine lockpop music

All the company’s products, serious economic, environmental and customer satisfaction issues need to be considered. Because transportation costs more than $1 billion a year. Consumer satisfaction has also had a significant negative impact because of damaged goods and delivery delays.

So how do you solve this problem? Machine lock’popular! L N ‘POP for their use of slide, Angle plate, packing bag and stretch film, allows the company to reduce or even to eliminate, at the same time increase the stability of the pallet load has also been improved in the process of transportation, lock N’ P can be used alone, can also work with the stretch packaging, is a kind of environmental friendly adhesives, more cost effective, this also let it heat melt more security, it is to use the compact, cheap, almost no free maintenance equipment, the safety of each box can be locked to ensure that P, parcel from inside to outside can easily POP up, simply ascend, transport damage also is almost eliminated, because P shear strength is produced to make the package from lateral to the other side, it will not tear the packing because five formula designed for box, bag, and frozen packing design, and work on most types of surface, and can not leave any visible or sticky residue.

The role of locks is to protect your goods as well as protect our environment. Machine lock’P is environmentally friendly, and less energy can be produced without the need for post-processing byproducts. Reduce the loss of profits and employee injury of extra time, all of us can continue to help you, is because of the simple application method, the characteristics of low material cost and environmental friendly, drop box and the impact of transportation damage, correct formula and equipment are all we have, so no matter your business size, no matter you use which kinds of carton, also can realize, each kind of type and size of operation can adapt. Save the product, save money, save the earth is the natural log. P wants to help and realize


Panel Strapping and Packaging Machine

The plastic strapping system is made from the wood and panel industry, including electrical equipment, high strength Tenax polyester tapes, hand tools, water dispensers, and accessories. Our forest products industry sales, equipment services, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the best protective packaging system.
Electric strapping machine, the most effective belt application method to ensure that the belt is evenly arranged and the load is complete. We produce modular z30-mp2 combiner top and side pressure.
The BPX compression strapping system provides maximum package reliability in an easy-to-use machine. Its the on line designing base on innovation which built-in wrapping functionality for faster packaging and more consistent packaging operation and higher performance.
The bundling system uses lightweight Z-20 innovative modular design, independent tension and sealing modules for easy access, and can be replaced with very fast routine maintenance. Z-20 stretched to 1000 pounds of tension, we proved that the z welded frictional joint produced a stable high-tension stable packaging.
Z-20 function
Simple design
The simple Z-20 has fewer moving parts designed and more durable wear parts. Belt, pulley or adjusted Z-20 can reduce maintenance costs and are easy to maintain.
Z type welding frictional joint
z welded frictional joints produce excellent strength and resistance to stripping shear.
Easy to install
Binding system easy to install Z-20 pre-installed mp-44 system competitive strapping machine.
Cut bands in union
Cut the Z-20 shoulder joint at the joint to remove the junk.
Polyester plastic strapping is the first choice for OSB, MDF, granules, fibreboard, and plywood for the same reasons as natural wood. Anyway, you stack it, it pays the packaging with excellent performance polyester plastic strapping.
Polychem’s high tensile strength polyester tape provides high-quality products, each foot is lower than the steel band. In addition, most applications will be seamless, eliminating the additional cost and inventory of metal seals. Greatly improving the cohesion of steel, with more than twice the lens, reducing the consumption of coil conversion. In order to improve the impact resistance, stain resistance, weather resistance, elongation, recovery, handling and safety, polyester no difference. When you combine all the above with your customers are expensive facts, the choice is clear for the polyester strapping.

Panel Strapping and Packaging Machine

Tyre Wrapping Machine

We can offer a range of total shrinkage and stretch packaging including:
Shrink Packaging Range:
The automatic finishing system of bottles, cans, cans or cartons enables the overall shrinkage before packaging.
Automatic pallet loader is needed.
Fully automatic packaging cover (2 bulls eye opening) or fully enclosed package with or without tray system.
Different types and sizes of shrink tunnels are compatible with all aspects of packaging and product requirements.
Automatic neckband nozzle
Tray shrink packaging machine
Automatic / semi-automatic / manual tray to complete
In the range of stretch winding:
Pallet stretch packing machine.
Automatic pallet stacking, loading and unloading machinery.
Strapping machine and winding machine.
Roll machine.
Radial and axial stretch packaging machines for reels.
Carton stretch packaging machine.
The GS300 Tire Winding Machine is vertical. Tires are manually pushed into the packaging station, easy to operate, easy to maintain. For bicycle tire packaging, should be compressed and bundled before packaging to keep the tire tight and smooth.
Packaging materials for tire packaging are: stretch film, HDPE film, PVC film, woven belt, composite paper, non-woven fabrics, crepe paper.
The packaging material can be individually packaged together. Synchronous packaging saves working hours and protects tires effectively. The packaging tires look smooth, compact, neat, elegant and beautiful. Is conducive to the tire storage, transportation, sales and transportation.
Fhopepack is a professional tire packaging machine with more than 17 years of experience in China. The machine is manufactured according to the type and specification of different customers to meet each customer’s packaging requirements.
In order to provide a suitable solution for your tire packaging, you only need to tell us tire specifications (165 / 55r 14) or use OD, ID, width, weight and packaging materials. Then we will choose or make a special design for you.

Tyre Wrapping Machine

Double drill and cutting tool

DLTUS600 series - General Machining of Stainless Steel

The holes for A Double Margin Drill are used to mounting aircraft engines and landing gear attachments, also fix to install the aircraft door. What is the model of A Tool precision and high quality . Therefore, it is already a special product. Manager of the factory, calloy is a two-decade veteran of A Tool, He supervising the tools making.He fully knows the tolerances of the tool, it is tightly,also the importance of how to meet the demands every time.Every tools need to return back through A tool experts.Whenever it needs to know every hole will be perfect…on every application… on every aircraft…because of the rigor, it can earn the high position of the manufacturer for this special tool on many applications. The holes for A Double Margin Drill are used to mounting aircraft engines and landing gear attachments, also fix to install the aircraft door. What is the model of A Tool precision and high quality . Therefore, it is already special products.
Manager of the factory, P is a two-decade veteran of A Tool, He supervising the tools making.He fully knows the tolerances of the tool, it is tightly,also the importance of how to meet the demands every time.Every tools need to returned back through A tool experts.Whenever it need to know every hole will be perfect…on every application… on every aircraft…because of the rigor, it can earned the high position of the manufacturer for this special tool on many applications.

A major aerospace manufacturing company want to drill and finished the holes of wing skins for their fighter planes in one shot. So the company looks for A Tool to help. AMAMCO master tool grinders cooperate with our customer’s engineers to develop geometries for a custom tool which fits specifically into a countersink holder. It allows the operator to drill, ream, and countersink in a single process.

The customer set the goal through 40 holes in a single tool and sharps of each tool. They pull the A Drill Reamer after 80 holes to resharpening. The tool would have drilled 120 holes will reach a consensus, but due to it had already exceeded expectations by 100 percent, they decided not to risk blowing a hole.

packing material for steel coil packing machine

Please be informed that we are looking for certain packing materials which are going to be used in steel coil packing. You are kindly requested to go through the below table and send your suitable offer accordingly.
Description UOM
1 HDPE white 100gsm (with print) Kg
2 LDPE 100gsm Kg
3 GP ID Ring 1.0x110x508 dia – 2 nos (#) Kg
4 GP – Body wrapping (0.40mm) (#) Kg
5 GP in ID (0.40mm) (#) Kg
6 Metwrapp Grey Side disc( 2 nos)(with Print) Sqmtr
8 GP OD (0.50 x 125mm) Kg
9 Strap – 19x 0.64 mm (R-4+C-3) Kg
10 Seal – 19 mm Nos
11 Rubber Seal Nos
12 Edge Protector Nos
13 HDPE Tape 3″  Mtr
14 Filament Tape 3″ Mtr
15 Bopp Tape Roll
If you have any doubt, Kindly revert us back through email.
And following are the coil packing machine for reference
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