For many years, M has been trying to solve the problem of sustainable development for customers. Our company has been working tirelessly to help customers use minimized films, including eliminating load losses and increasing productivity. Optimizing customer operations throughout the supply chain can be ensured by our system solutions.

Although reduce the utilization rate of primary packaging materials and increase the cube, is a major embodiment of local packaging sustainability, but in order to achieve the best product delivery and reduce waste, at the end of stretch packaging process is also very important. As one of the supply chain which links, the enterprise also cannot ignore it, as companies also need to meet the needs of industry to gain greater overall production efficiency, it easier for him to achieve sustainable development, from film, equipment and technology progress, cost and at the same time can be greatly reduced. The best solution to us together with our customers to provide, and insert an alternative solution to understand cannot fully achieve greater sustainability, want to do this we need to really understand each application.

In 2011, we received a green environmental impact from M reward, for 3 swivel ST machine octopus, used in packaging machinery optimization of stretch packaging for its won the prize, “green” recognition of the five top class innovation, are related to the sustainable packaging. The verifiable data must be included in the submission to reduce greenhouse gas reduction, life-cycle impact and other environmental impacts

The Wrapping machine station

The Wrapping machine station

Yellow jacket stretch packaging design can complete safe shipping and protection products, to meet the customer’s every demand, manufacturers of the machine can’t do other things soon discovered the value of improved productivity and diversity, and good safety operation and ease of use also has a lot of benefits

A durable and effective means of product transport is our stretch packaging provided by our customers, choosing the options that meet your needs and budget. These are little or no physical labor. For example, choose options that match your needs and budget to ensure that all sizes and shapes are transported quickly

Before the transportation need multiple employees, hand packing tray is very time consuming, every day, has been in use automatic pallet packaging method, bring benefits to the company, the cost has been reduced, because they only need an operator, but also improve the production speed,Wrapping machine station does not need additional resources, different size of the tray can be guaranteed

The news of the yellow coat

The benefits of aWrapping machine station can be announced through its orbital packaging, including time and savings

With the help of the 87mWrapping machine station’s rail stretch wrappers, thousands of dollars per year of Labour costs can be saved by theWrapping machine station’s customers.Wrapping machine stations increase the integrity of the product while reducing other hidden costs. And supersize and strange shape load to the forklift can also be ensured.

In 2013, in F, M shows theWrapping machine station orbit packaging machine is one of the most innovative technologies will be show, 8.7 millionWrapping machine station orbit stretch wrapping machine, is in F company in 2013, is located in Chicago, Illinois, booth # S. Innovative stretching packaging equipment and high quality stretch film, so he as a leading manufacturer, the market needs complex manufacturing and heavy metal parts and assembly can also be well solved by him

The benefits of theWrapping machine station over M in 2012 are highlighted by time and money

Machine lockpop music

All the company’s products, serious economic, environmental and customer satisfaction issues need to be considered. Because transportation costs more than $1 billion a year. Consumer satisfaction has also had a significant negative impact because of damaged goods and delivery delays.

So how do you solve this problem? Machine lock’popular! L N ‘POP for their use of slide, Angle plate, packing bag and stretch film, allows the company to reduce or even to eliminate, at the same time increase the stability of the pallet load has also been improved in the process of transportation, lock N’ P can be used alone, can also work with the stretch packaging, is a kind of environmental friendly adhesives, more cost effective, this also let it heat melt more security, it is to use the compact, cheap, almost no free maintenance equipment, the safety of each box can be locked to ensure that P, parcel from inside to outside can easily POP up, simply ascend, transport damage also is almost eliminated, because P shear strength is produced to make the package from lateral to the other side, it will not tear the packing because five formula designed for box, bag, and frozen packing design, and work on most types of surface, and can not leave any visible or sticky residue.

The role of locks is to protect your goods as well as protect our environment. Machine lock’P is environmentally friendly, and less energy can be produced without the need for post-processing byproducts. Reduce the loss of profits and employee injury of extra time, all of us can continue to help you, is because of the simple application method, the characteristics of low material cost and environmental friendly, drop box and the impact of transportation damage, correct formula and equipment are all we have, so no matter your business size, no matter you use which kinds of carton, also can realize, each kind of type and size of operation can adapt. Save the product, save money, save the earth is the natural log. P wants to help and realize

slit steel coil strip packing machine   




Fhopepack offers whole coil packaging systems. We are professional at strapping, wrapping and film sealing of machines and materials industries. Fhope offering will not only provide you extremely high quality packaging materials but also a kind of art technology,in order to fulfill our goal that ensuring the manufacturers could enjoy responsible, reliable, efficient skill with the lowest cost. At the same time, we are offering has a full range of manual, electricity, and pneumatic packaging equipment, so that you could make a proper choice between them based on your own requirement. To make sure the goods will be safe throughout all the supply chain, we provide the best combination of good quality steel or superior strength and elongation PP/PET strap.

coil packing machine forbearing die

Characteristics of the part with which it is part to quote
Maximum weight of 450 kg of the forged part
Material of the piece: Titanium alloy
The initial interest is to handle work pieces with the following characteristics:
Outside diameter: 1335 mm
Inner Diameter: 1000 mm
Thickness: 12 mm
Height: 390 mm
Maximum weight: 350 kg (forged ring)
In the future we would like to handle ring-shaped workpieces with the following characteristics
Outside diameter: 800 – 1550 mm
Internal diameter: 625 – 1450
Thickness: 20 – 140 mm
Height: 46 – 600 mm
Max weight: 450 kg (forged ring)
Material: Titanium alloys

Características de la pieza con la que se parte para cotizar
Peso máximo de 450 kg de la pieza forjada
Material de la pieza: Aleación de Titanio
El interés inicial es manejar piezas de trabajo con las siguientes características:
Diámetro exterior: 1335 mm
Diámetro interior: 1000 mm
Espesor: 12 mm
Altura: 390 mm
Peso máximo: 350 Kg (anillo forjado)
En el futuro nos gustaría manejar piezas de trabajo en forma de anillo con las siguientes características
Diámetro exterior: 800 – 1550 mm
Diámetro interno: 625 – 1450
Espesor: 20 – 140 mm
Altura: 46 – 600 mm
Peso máx .: 450 kg (anillo forjado)
Material: Aleaciones de titanio

Forge packing machine and coil packing machine detail size requirement as above.


Trouble shooting for the profile packing line

Dear Dileesh and Ratheesh,

Good day.

1. sucking
There are several reasons affect the sucking performance.
A.Suck broken, air leakage
B.Movable drag chain will probable make the wire of magnetic valve.
C.Please make the every suck on the same level, make sure the sucks flatness.
D.Make sure the external air source stability.
E.The suck pressure adjustment.
Please kindly check the above points and find the reason.

2.sealing and cutting
The performance is affected by the temperature, speed, sealing time, film material, item height and so on. The machine is required to clean the waste and maintain regularly.
We will test your shrinking film with our cutter, and the results and improvement solution will be sent you as soon as possible.

We have prepared the new tubes for free change. It’s a kind of consumable items.
The curtain has good warm keeping effect. If it’s short, the outside cold air will go into the tunnel
and result in slow heating and temperature instability.

4.the staking
We will provide the conveyor to replace the stacking machine as last discussion free of charge. Please confirm, we will arrange design and manufacture.

5.the whole packing line
We suggest it’s important and required reasonable operation and timely maintenance. Professional technicians, deep understanding, adaptive adjustment by the real site condition timely. We will try our best to help you with our hearts.


Horizontal stretch wrapper can be a part of profile packing line

Online pallet turntable stretch wrapping machine

Automatic  turntable stretch wrapping machine for online palletizing and wrapping.



















The safety and safety of products can be ensured in the transportation process. We achieve the purpose of this process, once the pallet is packaged and the workers need to do something just tear the stretch film off the roll and then leave and drive their car.

Forklift driver will be fpc1 tray is loaded into the machine and the orbit of the fpc2 stretch wrapper is allowed, and the loose end of the stretch film are attached, it is attached in the tray, and then quickly with the hand control, which is to film around the product and tray distributor. The track pack moves quickly to fix the product on the tray, and the entire pallet – product and all products need to be quickly made through thin film packages.



Steel Stud & Track Roll forming Machines

Light steel stud is made of high quality raw material of continuous hot-dip galvanized sheet. It is made of cold bending. They are used as non weight bearing structures of light decorative boards, and are suitable for the decorative design of various building ceilings. They can also be used as basic materials for walls inside and outside buildings. Because of its safety, firmness and beauty, it can be used as support for various kinds of plate construction. Based on their purpose, they can be divided into studs and partition columns; in their cross-sectional shapes, there are U bolts, C studs, and so on. Widely used in building materials.
The first-class high-speed double head roll forming machine is the core product of a city Xin Zhaohua. Its design and manufacture is a high level of research and development by city Xin Zhaohua. The highest production efficiency and the best performance price ratio in China, and its product quality and reliability ranks first in the world.
The molding machine line is user-friendly in terms of design, manufacture, sale and training.
We are pleased to work with you to establish your product system and share with you the long-term glory of mutual benefit!

  • The advanced concept of manufacturing fits our product to high-precision assembly with good control of the form and location tolerances, so the machines can operate stably and produce high-quality products.
  • The machine racks are heat-treated after welding for stress relief to guarantee deformation-free.
  • With all the processing of the machine racks completed at one time and the reliance on advanced machine tools to ensure precision in fitting the dimensions and positions of the parts, our forming machines hardly need repeated calibration and have little reliance on personnel.
  • Incorporated with the leading control system technology, parameter setting is easy and convenient with high-level automation for the system to become powerfully self-learning. All control components come from top international brands with high efficiency and stability as well as user-friendly HMI.


Steel Stud & Track Roll forming Machines