strapping machine for steel

I would like to introduce our company, n Co., that has been in the business of supplying consumable products and high-tech machines for industrial factories, for the past 15 years.

Would you kindly give us detailed information about your “Automatic steel strapping machine”. We need this machine for our upcoming project in a large steel producing factory and we are interested in working with your company to help us. We may need to install the line of strapping.

I would be grateful if you could send me a quote of your products as well as their technical specs and catalogs.

We are looking forward to hear from you.

packing machine for cable coiling and strapping

Cable coiler machine

Automatic packing machine information to help you better understand the solution
cable coiling packing MACHINE is disclosed for use in CABLE packaging which compacting various types of materials such as cable wire or hose and pipe coil into large air-tight tubes or bags. The shrinking and strapping machine include an auger for packing the materials which is supported by roll and sealed by heating. The coiler head in part by bearing means located outside of the material for flow wrapping and in part of packing line by an extended section supported by the stretch film material.


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Horizontal wrapping machine shipping

horizontal wrap machine

Thank you for the email advise below. Please submit final payment invoice so we can get that ball rolling (as noted in email below, balance payment requires 3-4 working days for processing and we have scheduled cheque run dates to adhere to as well).

Please note we need to get this Horizontal wrapping machine in house as soon as possible, we have projects pending due to not receiving this order, and everything is getting delayed. We were counting on May 1st ship date which didn’t happen so whatever we can do to minimize any potentially wasted days we would really like to try and would appreciate your assistance.

Regarding shipping, it’s not the amount of sailings a week I am concerned about, my concern is the congestion we’ve been hearing about at the Shanghai port which is delaying sailings by two weeks in some cases. That is a concern.

Anyhow, please stay in touch and keep us posted on the progress of Horizontal wrapping  machine, this order is being watched closely now and we need to provide daily updates on this order. If there are any other delays pertaining please advise, better to know ahead of time than to be surprised or unadvised.




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Automatic pipe winding machine and strapping machine

The automatic tube packaging line is for offline tube packaging. It is able counting the lengths of tube, automatic cutting, coil making, strapping with PP & automatic shrinks wrapping by film. All conform to CE guidelines and have been designed using the latest technology and design criteria for industrial use.


Substance Business extend wrapping packaging line is made up of High quality Conveyors (String conveyors or Roller conveyors) , Completely Automated Stretch Covering Equipment(FHOPE turntable extend wrapper or even TP90), alternatives( Leading page accessory, Pallet lifter, Pallet move, Ninety degree turntable etc)

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