packing machine for steel strip

steel strip packing machine

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coil wrapping machine for copper coil packing machine for steel strip automatic hose packing machine

Basic description

1. Name, model, quantity

Equipment name:Steel coil wrapping machine

Model:GD500 with two trolley

Quantity: 1set


2.Basic parameters of the machine

The basic parameters are as follows, but not binding to this:

2.1 Steel coil wrapping machine form

²  Hoisting in and out the object.


2.2 Basic features of the machine


l  PLC&HMI for program control.

l  The machinery special designed for big wire coils packing.

l  Two Trolleys for loading and unloading.

l  Manual and automatic working mode can be choosing.

l  The converter is adopted to adjust the overlap of the packing tape according to requirement.

l  Guardrails, soft starts and stop for safety operation.

l  Convenient for hoisting, safe and reliable.

l  Overloading protection.

l  Both Electric limitation and mechanical limitation for operation system.

l  The friction between wheels and ring is adjustable.

l  Height of the turning ring could be adjusted for different OD by motor.


l  Supportive rolls derived by motors for wrapping protecting.

l  Difference packing material can be choosing.

l  Packing material fix on the ring for wrapping.

l  Special tension control designing provide a consistent packaging tension for coil small and big.

l  The rollers are wrapped by polyurethane

l  Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs. Trouble can be shown automatically.



Option: Interlock Safety Guarding


Basic features:


l  Height of fence: 1800mm

l  Electrical inter lock brand: Frotress

l  The whole operational area will be protected by security fencing according to design.

l  Bases in pillars for anchorage of the same safety fencing.

l  Light gates for safety operation.




wire coil packing line automatic

The system is composed of coil car, coil tilter, coil taker, platform, coil wrapping machine, coil tapping machine, stacking machine, for automatic wire coil packaging.

Operation process:

  1. Loading the wire coils on coil car in vertical type.
  2. lifting the bare wire coil from coil car, shifting to coil tilter.
  3. Coil tilter turning the wire coils from vertical to horizontal.
  4. Move coil to wrapping machine and infeeding to wrapping position
  5. Automatic wrapping with layer: stretch film+stretch+paper + paper.
  6. Shifting the packed coil from wrapping machine to conveyor
  7. Automatic coil OD tapping + three places tapping.
  8. Move coil to stacking position
  9. Turning the coil form horizontal into vertical
  10. Coil taker lifting the coil on tilter and storage on coil car one by one.
  11. Unloading the coils on coil car while it is full.

The solution special designing per wire coil packaging requirement.

It including tapping machine, wrapping machine, wire tilter…


wire coil packing line
automatic wire coil packing solution

handling equipment and packaging process


Reducing operational costs whilst increasing effectiveness & throughput

Kitting Procedure Highlighted
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Selection Process Illustrated
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