coil wrapping machine and strapping machine

Automatic wire packing line

Please make sure following are considered in your coil wrapping machine and strapping machine offer:

– Warranty for 24Months
– Wear & tear parts drawings & brought out item’s specifications should be mentioned in operation & maintenance manual
– All brought out items make & model shall be available in India
– Please send price breakup for cutting & holding module & remaining machine
– Our preferred makes as follows & items should be standard models:
o geared motor make is SEW / Bonfigioli / Nord
o Sensors: Sick / Schneider / Lueze / Omron
o PLC, VFD and HMI: Siemens
o Bearings: SKF/NTN/IKO/ZKL
o Pneumatics valves & cylinder: Festo/SMC/Norgren
– No brand name of “JINGLIN PACKAGING” will be mentioned on packaging machine

The information of the horizontal stretch wrapper for coil and tyre packaging.



horizontal stretch wrapper with bubble film and strapping machine

Maybe we went a bit large on the dimensions and the horizontal stretch wrapper machine below is not exactly what we are looking for.

Max dimensions – 1200 W x 800 H x 2400 L mm
Min. dimensions – 200 W x 100 H x 600 L mm
Most common sizes – 1000 W x 250 H x 2200 L mm (doors)
1000 W x 300 H x 2200 L mm (cabinets)
Power supply – 230V

The aerothene film using at the moment is 1250 mm wide and all packing is done manually.

Learning fro your size, it need a special solution per you packaging requirement.

Since the width1500 x height 1500 the ring have to upto2350mm

For the bobble film convering, the there is need the bobble film upto 2500mm.

And the film sealer length upto 2600mm.

According my experience the price will upto $66,00.

Do you think it is ok for your packing goal?

automatic strapping machine for panel packaging.


Horizontal stretch wrapper installation required

horizontal stretch wrapper, stretch wrapping machine, orbital wrapping machine

We are going to have some engineers on site in Mexico the week of February 19th to discuss the commissioning of our Tension Level Line. They will also try and determine what the customers plan is for commissioning the stretch wrapper. Can you send me the names of the people you will be sending for commissioning as well as copies of their passports so we can make travel reservations when the time comes? Also, I think you will need to have a translator accompany you’re people. They may also need visas to travel to Mexico.

horizontal stretch wrapper, stretch wrapping machine, orbital wrapping machine
I have some question about the machines from the first request (stretch wrapping machine and pallet wrapper-D) :

– for the maritim transport, how many space needs your stretch wrapping machines ?
– to instal the machine in the customer factory, how many your technicien needs ?
– how much is the cost of your techniciens per day and how many days needs ?
– may I receive the quotation for the spare parts, as the belt of the horizontal stretch wrapper conveyor ?



steel packing packing and strapping machine enquiry

My Steel Sheet  Plant  Industrial Park, Phu My Town, Tan Thanh District, Ba Ria – Vung Tau Province, Vietnam)No.Commodity SpecificationOriginUnitQuantityUnit price (USD)Price (USD)Notes (if any)1Steel Pine Packing Machine- Packing bundles of Round, Square, Rectangular steel pipes under specified forming Set1 0 * 50×100: 40 units/bundle (5 x 8)  * 40×80: 50 units/bundle (5 x 10) * 30×60: 50 units/bundle (5 x 10)  * 50×50: 49 units/bundle (7 x 7)  * 40×40: 49 units/bundle (7 x 7)  * Ø90 : units/bundle (3 to 5)  * Ø76 : 24 units/bundle (4 to 6)  * Ø60 : 37 units/bundle (4 to 7)  * Ø49 : 80 units/bundle (5 to 10)  * Ø42 : 61 units/bundle (5 to 9)  - Complied with the line speed of 80 – 100m/min (Mill pipe machine) - Pine length: 4m – 9m  - Lifting by hydraulic, pneumatic cylinder - Using a drag chain mechanism to load the tube. - Main motor: Using DC or AC (with inverter) - Power supply: 3 phase 380V, 4 wires, 50Hz 2Contractor fee: Set-up, Erection, Erection Supervision, Commissioning, Test Performance and Training Services; all airfairs, food, accomodation and traffic fee for the Seller’s engineers. Package1 0 Total Value in USD – CIF Cat Lai Port Vietnam Incoterms 20100 Note:- This price is for Automatic steel tube Bundling Machine only, not need of Automatic Strapping.
– This price is including but not limited to the fee of designing, manufacturing, transportation (CIF Cat Lai Port, Vietnam Incoterms 2010), supervision of erection, cold and hot run tests, acceptance test run, trainning and guarantee of such machines.
– This price is including all electrical cables from the Seller supplied electrical panels to the Seller supplied machines.
– Technical specifications and steel tube strapping machine drawings needs to be approved by the Buyer before production.Terms and Condition1Commodity- 100% brand new, un-used2Documents- Please specify your Certificate of Origion (C/O), Certificate of Quality (C/Q):
+ Origin or copy?
+ Issued by whom?3Delivery- CIF Cat Lai Port, Vietnam, Incoterms 2010- Partial shipment: Not Allowed4Date of delivery:- Within 60 – 90days from the contract signing date.5Payment terms- 1st payment: 20% of machine value as deposit by T/T within 15 working days after signing the Contract against Advanced Payment Guarantee for the payment amount, which is unconditional and irrevocable, in the Buyer’s favour, and valid until 15 working days after Final Acceptance Certificate (FAC) date;
– 2nd payment: 50% of machine value by L/C at sight against shipping documents;
– 3rd payment: 25% of machine value and 100% of Contractor fee by L/C at sight against FAC and Certificate of Warranty (to be issued by the Seller) for warranty period from the signing date of FAC.
– 4th payment: 5% of machine value by T/T within 30 days after warranty period is expired.6Warranty period months from FAC date.The Seller opens an unconditional and irrevocable Bank Guarantee Bond of 5% of total contract value for warantee time from FAC date in favour of the Buyer.7Validity days from issuing date unless extended.8Others- The Seller provides detailed technical specifications (in both Excel and Pdf format), machine layout drawings (CAD format),… which are attached with your proposal.
– Company profile in English (Overview, Capacity, Contracts of equivalent projects, Financial statement,…) in three consecutive years of 2015, 2014, 2013 are required (please contract us if there is any difficulties).We are looking forward to our cooperation.Sincerely yours,For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Automatic horizontal stretch wrapper also work for steel tube packing.

wall-mounted rotary arm wrapper [yframe url=’′]

semi-automaitc PLC system film carriager

Automatic aluminum profile packing line

Good day.
We had suppied a similar machine per your need.
“The packing line must contains profile strapping machine, bundle stacker, master bundle stretch wrapper, taping machine, weighing system. ”
This is the automatic aluminum profile packing solution including, small bundle strapping, bundle stacker, master bundle wrapper.

For taping machine: i ‘d like to know, tapping for what? for the packing of the master bundle?

Weighing system: it is OK.

Before offering a quotation, i’d like to know following information.

1. Min.&Max. Size of the profile(small bundle): LxWxH
2. Min.&Max. Size of the bundle(master bundle): LxWxH

If possible, please provide the roughly drawing shows your aluminum profile packaging process and packaging goal.

It will help us a lot to understanding your need.


Automatic horizontal stretch wrapper for aluminum packing

Wire wrapping machine and strapping machine

Please check the following answers:

By verifying the dimensions of the products we manufacture with respect to the specifications of the machine, we have the following considerations:
1. In the specification inner diameter we have rolls that exceed the maximum diameter, is there a problem in this situation?——No problem at all, the machine works for all ID shows in the list.
2. In the outer diameter all the products comply correctly——Ok
3. With the width all the products fulfill except one, it is not problem since we can make change of packing—–You are right, width 950mm is not in the wire wrapping machine FHOPE700’s packaging range.
4. In the specification of weight we have products that are below the minimum specification for 20 kg, consider this change in the design of the machine to load from 180 kg to 1000 kg
——It is ok for us.

wire packing machine and wire tilter
wire packing machine and wire tilter

Do you confirm me or do you have any questions?

The machine offered is using stretch film for wire packaging. If you need another packing material please let us know, such as Paper, PE film, HDPE film…
As you know, the machine will be designed according your wire coil size.

Therefore it will be little bit differently with our stanard equipment in size.

The attached one is for reference, we will provide Precise size after machine designing finished when is app. 15 days after receiving the down payment.

For the installation, it is easy to do by your people according the drawing and manual. We are providing, videos and pictures guide too

Sure, our service for installation and commissioning is available for wire wrapping machine and wire strapping machine too.

Air ticket, room and accommendation provided by your company. Besides, the feed is $100/day per engineer only.


Automatic horizontal stretch wrapper and coil packer is working for online horiontal wire coil packing too.

The price of the wire wrapping machine


Please check the quotation Master coil wrapper FHOPE-1000.

Again I need to consult with you technical data, in this last week we have new product developments therefore we are very interested in the WIRE COIL WRAPPER fhw900 model since it is of greater capacity up to 900mm for the roll width, however the minimum width that the machine has FPW700 also need it.
The variety of our products to pack now is wider from 250 mm to 950 mm, you can confirm if we can use the machine GD900 or you can contemplate some modifications for this range of roll width.


Regarding the OD specification of the 900 wire wrapping machine, they can contemplate the range of 700 to 900 mm as the machine GD700


And power supply of 440 V


You can send me the general drawings of the wire compressing machine 900, please.


One more question, are you living in the united states? Or are you living in shanghai ?


Thank you very much


Attached is our standard GD1000 which it will be modified per your wire coil size.


We will providing pricise size and designing for checking before production starting.

It is possible Provide modified STRETCH WRAPPER 1000 for width 950mm. The total price is $49,500

OD:700-900mm is ok.  440V power supply is not problem too.

I am living at Shanghai.  Usually, i was reply email at night time for effictive communication with you.



Wire coil compactor and packing machine

I hope you are doing well by the time you read this e-mail. On behalf of my team I would like to ask you the below information in order to confirm we are acquiring the right machine to our processes.

The most important information on our side to get confirmed are the ID, OD, W and Weight, can you please let us know if the FPW1000 wire coil wrapping machine covers the ranges we show you on the provided image?
As you will be able to see, we need to ensure we get a width range that goes from the 250mm to 900mm. The different products we produce have these width specifications and variations.

The strapping machine and wire compactor is able work for different with wire coil in compressing and packaging.

The plastic we use to wrap has these specifications:

ID Range 74mm until 125mm

Are we good on these ones with the GD1000?

· 440 V

We would like to ask you for the drawing of the wire coil compactor machine to project in our system how it is going to look like in our facilities and in the process. Please send us the quotation and comments to continue with the purchasing process.

Any additional comments or questions please do not hesitate to contact us.


Providing Horizontal stretch wrapper online solution for wire coil too.





Automatic stretch wrapping machine requirement

You are kindly requested quotation in vacuum machine and wrapping machine as per specification in attached file if you are pleased and if you encountered any problem don’t hesitate to contact me, waiting your feedback.

Bidder must be able to provide all parts of the following:
• Wrapping machine: Designed to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet
• Vacuum wrapping machine with shrink tunnel: Suitable for wrapping a single object or combined objects.
Interested Offerors must be able to provide all three parts of this Scope of Work in order to be eligible.
The selected Offeror will provide a Horizontal wrapping machine designed to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet. Film provides extra support while the products are being transported and stored to protect them from being tipped, spilled or damaged. The machine must have:
1.1Control System:
o Photo-eye pallet height sensor
o Reinforced wrap (to allow more wrap to be applied to same location)
o Over-wrap (to provide more wrap over the top of loads)
o Powered pre-stretch film carriage up to 300 percent
o Film delivery variable speed by separate AC drive motor and separate inverter
1.2Turntable & Film carriage:
o Heavy-duty double-chain carriage lift, calm and safety
o Carriage door opens for effortless roll change and thread film
o Film dancer-bar control film output
o Safety stop to avoid foot crushing
o Hinged mast for easy handling
o Transportable by front and rear forklif


Automatic strapping machine work along with pallet wrapping machine