wire coil compressing machine


Following is the compressing machine with manually sstrappign.

Before offering a solution, i’d like to know, what is the wire height before strapping?


Following is the wire strapping installation in the workshop.



We have three different height (it depends on cardboard height. We use three type of cardboard.


1.Cardboard with 750 mm height

  1. Cardboard with 500 mm height
  2. Cardboard with 250 mm height


Cardboard lengths according to wire weight;

250 mm cardboard length, Ø450 mm cartoon diameter, wire weight 150-200 kg

500 mm cardboard length, Ø450 mm cartoon diameter , wire weight 450-550 kg

750 mm cardboard length, Ø450 mm cartoon diameter , wire weight 700-750 kg.



Before strapping bundles must be 250 mm height,500 mm height and 750 mm height. Min height is 250 mm  height.


I hope this information will be enough, but don t hesitate to ask if there will be open questions





Automatic Panel Packaging Machine

Easy to operate the control of many different packaging machines that are used to set or operate these machines. From button control to switch setup to touch screen, every machine manufactured by liquid packaging solution is designed to make device operation as simple as possible. Although most of the automatic packaging equipment will include a main power switch and emergency stop and reset button, different types of devices will be controlled in different ways. Let’s get a quick look at the control of some of the most common machines built by LPS.
Turntable and conveyer
Loading turntables, accumulating turntables and power conveyors are simply machines to operate, and it can be controlled in a number of rows or turntables or conveyor belts itself. The operator only needs to flip the switch to open the device and use a simple speed pan to adjust the speed of the desktop or belt movement. In addition, the control can be connected to the control panel of another packaging machine. For example, the control panel of a filling machine can include a turntable, a power conveyor, or both power and speed control. It is helpful to improve the operation efficiency of the packaging line by concentrating the control of multiple machines on a control panel.

Container automatic cleaning equipment will include more detailed than the control discs and conveyor. These machines will include a control box with the touch screen operator interface. On the interface screen, there will be menus, allowing operators to manually control some functions of rinse equipment, as well as screen setup time, index time and other functions of the machine. In general, the delay time and duration of index and flushing will be set in the initial use of the machine (or the internal test machine). All the relevant information of the production operation is called the formula. Once all the data has been entered a specific container, formula can be recorded and stored in the PLC for future use. Therefore, instead of finding and setting the bottle time on every occasion used on the packaging line, the prescription screen is allowed to be set at once, then simply review the future settings, make the transformation as simple as possible, and significantly reduce downtime.

Semi-automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine

fhopepack professional semi-automatic stretch packaging machine and automatic tray packaging machine production.
Over thirty years of experience have brought us a full stretchfilm packer. We have completed the revolution of the force swivel arm from the high speed ringwrapper Omega OMEGA mode and model synthesized from the mytho-a model of the rotating platform.
If you are looking for durable equipment to meet your industry needs, check out the Atlanta pull model as our packaging is manufactured and installed to meet the needs of more than 4 customers worldwide in thousands and belongs to every department.
Powerful and effective stretch film machinery has been manufactured to help you and protect your every product.
Eliminating risks, every product you produce is safe and reliable to meet the needs of your customers.
We always tend to say, “The last thing you want to do is put it in a tray, which is the first thing your customers will see.”
So you’d better be the most effective, the most economical and the best way to do it!
In this complex packaging world, Atlanta Stretch is a leader in the industry with its high quality, efficient, professional organization and advanced design, technology and manufacturing methods.
We are proud of our leading companies in the fields of logistics, paper, cardboard and paper towels for food, beverage and multinational corporations as well as an important partner for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
When you choose our automatic packer and tray packer, you will get the durability and reliability of every use.
Semi-automatic packaging machine
In semi-automatic tray packers, the use of film is done by the operator’s supervision and intervention. In fact, the operator must position the tray and attach the film to the tray. The wrappers will then automatically execute the program wrapping cycle, which is ultimately done by the operator or by an optional simple cutting device. At this point, the operator can remove the tray from the packaging position.
Automatic packaging machine
The automatic tray packaging machine does not require operator intervention, whether in the film connection stage or the last cycle, the system tray transport machinery, packaging tray here; machine packaging tray in accordance with the preset operating procedures, or select the automatic feed line . Once the process is complete, the pallet will be sent to the customer at the unloading point or automated warehouse.

Pipe coiler for Online automatic winding

Automatic pipe coiler

The video is about the strong pipe winding and coiling machine for big and tough pipe coil winding.

It is able strapping the coil too which can be connected with horizontal coil wrapper for stretch wrapping.




Following informaiton required for automatic coiler quotation.

Pipe No. Pipe OD (mm)  Pipe wall thickness  (average in mm) Meter /coil Coil ID coil OD Coil Width



The leading automatic coiler for hose in China.




Automatic Coil Tilter with Slide Table

Our FZ Series Automatic tilter are used for turning coils or other heavy objects, such as aluminum rings, dies, travelers, etc., from horizontal or vertical to vertical. It can also be attached to a line package or some other application.
1, Adopt special double chain drive helical gear reducer.
2. Four-roll device wrapped with polyamide glue.
three. Using frequency control, the work process is fast, stable and safe.
4, independent control panel control, simple and safe operation.
5. Electromechanical stop device used to ensure safe operation.
6, the machine can stop at any time.
7. Emergency stop and lock functions to avoid rotation.
Technical Parameters:
Marx: 8 tons loading
Flip speed: about 10% 60 seconds +
From a 90 degree angle: one-way transfer
Output power: about 3.0kw
Transmission: double chain / four-roller / helical gear reducer
Working mode: semi-automatic / remote control
These machines can be designed and manufactured according to your specific requirements.
If you are interested, please contact us.

The rotating coil assembly includes a pair of oppositely-disposed.parallel side frame panels 51, parallel, spaced, offset curved parts 51B 51A and adjacent rear edge plates (see Figure 1 and Figure 6). Each plate has a pair of angle setting and “projectionsslc in plane and extendelectric motor 37 and installed at the top plate 34 adjacent motors.” An output shaft of the decelerator 38 is provided with an elastic coupling to drive a worm gear 39and Jack 40 fixed ear plate 33. One
The fixed rotating screw jack 41 provides longitudinal motion in the worm Jack. Periodical 33A to avoid jack screw for the center line of the 41 longitudinal axis of the screw jack is combined with the ear axis component 32. it

Pallet Stretch Wrapper & automatic wrapping machine

Fhope provides semi and fully automatic stretch wrapping equipment in several configurations, able to wrap practically anything. FHOPE’s pallet stretch wrappers can wrap both stable and unstable pallet loads at speeds of up to 30 RPM. Our stretch wrapping equipment is capable of running a wide variety of sizes, and handle all standard stretch film widths. With load capacities ranging from 3,000 lbs. to unlimited weight, you are sure to find the right system to fit your needs.

Pallet Stretch Wrappers in Many Configurations


FHOPE pallet stretch wrappers are available in a variety of styles including platform, rotary and orbital. Through our unique WRAP-N-WEIGH® option, wrapping and weighing are combined into one operation by integrating a precision scale and digital controls with either high or low profile turntables. This brings greater economy and efficiency to any wrapping operation that requires weighing. FHOPE systems also feature the Rockwell Allen-Bradley control platform.

FHOPE has standard models in stock for quick shipment, yet specializes in the design and development of custom machinery. We will apply our industry expertise, which includes 30,000 installations, to create pallet stretch wrapping equipment tailored to your exact needs.

Typical Applications for our Stretch Wrappers


FHOPE stretch wrapping equipment is widely used to wrap pallets and horizontal loads in the household care, construction, food, beverage, and personal care industries. We have deep experience developing stretch wrappers for countless products including metal bars, re-bars, lumber, molding, rolls and carpet. Other items typically wrapped include bottles, jars, cans, cartons and more.

Fhope’s Commitment to You


From sales through installation and ongoing support, FHOPE is your experienced and dedicated partner in product packaging. FHOPE stretch wrappers come with free for-life training, aftermarket phone support, and remote diagnostics technology. Not sure what solution is right for you? An FHOPE applications specialist will be happy to assist you in deciding which stretch wrapper best fits your needs.

Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine with Rotary Arm

A range of market-leading semi-automatic tray packers and tray packaging supplies from the stock market. Whether you need to pack small or tall pallets, light or heavy, weird shapes and sizes, we have a model to meet your needs.
Our entry-level pallets are packed in a reliable, easy-to-replace manual package, which helps increase load safety and increase productivity, reduce labor and extend film usage. In ideal small to medium sized environments, staff can better serve other tasks, wrapping around packaging trays and the models are simple to function. The worker simply glues the film to the tray and presses the start button to let the machine finish the rest of the job.
Our midsize has more advanced features. These applications are pre-stretched with a series of gear control rollers, so as you pack more trays you can minimize the amount of film while maintaining load integrity. These models also include weight scales and a simple top-level sprinkler.
Our partner Fhope heavy equipment is designed for harsh environments, including brick and aluminum work, outdoor use and fast-paced warehouses and distribution facilities.
Fhope Hill was authorized last year by the factory and controlled by ergonomics, making it the easiest to operate in the world.
Fromm and Fhope Stretch Wrappers are ISO-standard, safe and durable.

automatic packing machine for reel and coil

automatic packing machine for reel and coil




it is a whole size wrapping machine for online stretch wrapping which works for reel, pipe, tyre, bearing…

It is able covering the coil by the stretch film in the whole package. And the solution is online packing and dispensing.

Adjustable Coil Upender for Steel Coil

fhopepack is one of the main producers of tilting coil chassis can be divided into inclinaison.le tippler hydraulic rotating machine and a turnover roller winding machine machine according to different modes of conduct. the power of the hydraulic coil pump for reversal of the winding machine, it is products 90% of cases and 180 of the strong and stable. the device and of the materials and components of machine using high qualité.le reversal roll hydraulic machine programming, we will see a reversal of the hydraulic machine of volume strictly, the process of establishment and care of defect ts can cause problems for sécurité.le turning the machine with hydraulic volume, iso certification, to enter the european market, convenient and quick.
never fhopepack lifting and sub titles, don’t feel safe, or dangerous operation can be taken advantage of by the client. as a professional r & amp; d team, the experience, the spirit of innovation, equipment and technology for any type of rolling machine to optimize the production technology, improve the efficiency and productivity of the production line.

Mold turnover machine, the mold on the main application of the mold of the object. It is also widely used in the end of the module, coil rotation, module subversion subversion, roll… The above is the steel coil, the coil, the aluminum coil. We offer this cost benefit to our customers, which in turn is a “value for money”. Advanced technology and experienced manpower, we have the most advanced technology and high technology turnover machine and turnover machine, achieving good results, ensuring efficiency and product quality.