Bearing packing machine and wrapping machine

Dear Mr.Vladislav,
Good day.
We are back from holiday.
I like the bearing packing machine . but whether it can be done without side cabinets (see photo).

—–Yes, no problem

this machine can provide: OD:300-500mm   ID; 200-400mm   Widht:200mm ?
—–The modification is available for above size.
whether it can be done: OD:250-550mm   ID; 150-…mm   Widht:200mm ?
—-Altought, there is able do designing per this size, i do think one bear pack machine for all it is a good solution.
Following is the effect:
a. The packing material width is only 40-50mm
b. Bearing package from 250-300mm not as good as for big bearing.
c. Increasing the price upto 30%.

New requirement for wire packing machine

wire coil packaging line|wire coil stretch wrapper|wire wrapping macchine


There are Wire packing machine  and automatic solution.


Please your support also with this new wire packing machine requirement. We need a hemming and wire  packing machine such as the one in the next video:

Moreover, if possible we would like this machine to adapt and change to another type of roll forming such as the one in the next picture:

Some notes:
– The width could vary so that is why we need a machine as the one in the video since this one can adjust to different widths.
– The thickness of the material (aluminum, aluzinc) could vary from 0.2mm to 0.8mm.

Please let me know if you can provide this machine and the respective quotation.
Can you also provide CIF price for the spare part of wire packing equipment?

——The CIF CALLAO, Peru Cost extra $350 only.

And also about the post sales service: Someone of your team comes to install the machine and also gives training to the operators?

—–Yes, engineer service is available. But roon&board and airticket on you account.

The wire packing machine offered is a fool style opeation machine.

What you need to do is power connecting whille receiving the tilter. So i think your engineer is able handle such a machine by manual, CD,video.

We are providing online, tel, email service.

Wire coil packing requirement with packing material

Following is the note of customer visiting information about wire coil packing in meeting.

Wire coil:
ID: 400 od: 900mm Width: 280/400-800/1000mm Weight: 600-800kg

ID: 357 OD: 680 Width:280mm Weight:

Paper + stretch film+ Paper with PE+ kint belt.

Packing material size:

Paper/ Kit belt/HDPE: NEXT TO THE MACHINE OD: 400-500MM Width: 90-100mm

Stretch film/ PVC: FIX ON THE RING, OD:100-150mm Width;90-100mm

编织带+皱纹纸+夹丝皱纹+缠绕膜+平纹纸 报价

Total dimension of the wire coil packging machine L3.8m W;2m He 2.2m

Autoamtic pancake coil packaging machine

Dear Sir

Glad to receive your inquiry for Autoamtic pancake coil packaging machine.

Learning from your size and requirement, i think following machine is able meet your goal.

It is a solution able work for Max.OD 650mm.

If your are looking for a solution for 950mm, we will provide an another solution.

But i don’t think it is a good idea about pay more money to purchase a packing line per small quantity products.
1. It will cost more money.
2. It will need more running cost.


We plan to purchase the 2016 a line for packing of pancake copper tube. Please prepare and send to this e-mail offer, including technical characteristics, location plan with overall dimensions and price for your equipment for packing of pancake copper tubes.

The main features of pancake copper tubes: diameter of 6.76-32.3 mm; length tubes in pancake – 5000-55000 mm, the number of layers in the pancake – 1-2;


Anyway, we are waiting for your reply for further step discussion.


inquiry for coil upender and stretch wrapper

am afraid that according to the machine table we could have some problems when working on the longest coil (1.5m). Besides the coil we will need to also put a pallet (0.15m) and this will take even more space and there will be around 25cm. of the coil that will be out of the coil upender machine and the potential risk of falling. Please see picture attached.

Can you adjust the table measures according to this? If yes, the price will be the same? Please also provide CIF price to OUR COMPANY

We are from Box wear. We are pharmaceutical traders.
we need Stretch Wrapping Machine. Carton size:
Max. L840mm×W700mm×H610mm,
Min. L490mm×W300mm×H265mm,
Carton weight: Max. 60kg ,
Turntable loading weight:Max. 100kg ,
Turntable speed: 10-14r /min ,
Material: stretch film: Thickness 0.025mm, width: 500mmm Power voltage: 220v, single phase, 50- 60Hz

can u send me product details ?

Waiting for quick response.

Automatic handling packing line

Specifications of Automatic Loading, Assembling and Packing Plant for 12.7 x 108mm (API and APIT)
1.Basis of Planning
i. Capacity required 10 million per annum.
ii. Operating hours 2000 per annum single shift.
2. Features.
a. Complete Ammo assembly
i. Feeding and locating of cartridge case
ii. Insertion of primer
iii. Sealant (primer + mouth) application
iv. Gauging of primer depth
v. Dosing of propellant charge weight (adjustable)
vi. Propellant charge weight sensing
vii. Bullet insertion
viii. Crimping
ix. Gauging
x. Visual inspection
xi. Packing
b. Bullet assembly
i. Lead cup manufacturing
ii. Sheathing of cups
iii. Steel core insertion
iv. Sheathed core baking
v. Feeding of Bullet jacket, sheathed core & Incendiary composition
vi. Tracer + Igniting composition preparation (for APIT only)
vii. Insertion & Pressing of tracer tube (for APIT only)
viii. Bullet Assembling
ix. Tumbling (if required)
x. Weighing & Gauging
xi. Inspection
xii. Bullet colouring
c. Primer Loading
i. Feeding and locating of empty caps
ii. Filling of composition
iii. Pre-pressing of composition
iv. Disc placing and Final pressing of composition
v. Tumbling
vi. Gauging
3. LAP kits to be utilized.
i. Case cartridges
ii. Bullet jacket
iii. Lead sheath
iv. Steel core (API & APIT)
v. Incendiary Composition
vi. Tracer + Igniting composition (for APIT only)
vii. Paint/Sealant
viii. Primer Caps
ix. Primer Composition
x. Propellant
Except sealant all parts 1000 sets would be made dummy and would be dispatched for trail at OEM premises.

Shipping documnet for stretch film and pallet wrapping machine

名 称:
规格型号 单位 数量

上海 增 值 税 普 通 发 票

地址、电 话:

单价 税率
此联 不 允 许 报 销 和 税 凭 证 使 用

名 称:上海港兴国际货运代理有限公司


单 地 址、电 话:吴淞路469号森林湾大厦C座16楼 63094080

2109E MOLU11041862275
ROI 95054-1

cable coiling machine and coil packaging line

We added a few notes and miscellaneous information to your cable coiling machine drawing and submitted it to our customer. We still need the foundation information from you.

At this time, I would proceed with manufacturing, but please send us the foundation information as soon as possible.


I think the platform or cable coiling machine looks ok. I need you to add location dimension to the panel from the blocker rolls as we discussed. This will tell the customer where they need to bring their power feed into.

I also need a plan view showing the foundation bolt locations and foundation bolt sizes.

Sorry for our later,please check the cable coil packaging line attachment.

If any thing need to be change, please let us know.

Since the guidrail with be made by customer, please note thta the guidrail can not installed in the track of the orbital to avoid colliding.


Cable coiling and wrapping machinery
Cable coiling and wrapping machinery

automatic coiling machine for pipe and hose

automatic pipe coiling machine


Please let me know if you could provide an automated coiling machine to produce coils as shown in the attached photos.

These are coils of electrical cord ranging from 50 foot lengths to 150 foot lengths. The coil size is:

Length of cord = 50’ to 150’
Height of Coil = 3.5” to 7”
ID of Coil = 3”
OD of coil = 5” to 12”

The coils are secured by two bands through the eye of the coil. The eye of the coil must remain open for a product to be inserted at a later operation.

I have seen machines for coiling and banding hose and pipe that you have on YouTube that look like they may be able to do this type of product. We would need the line to be able to be run by one operator and produce up to 4 coils per minute.

Please let me know if you can make such coil coiling and winding machine.


Automatic coiling machine for cable is at fhopepack