Automatic PET Strapping machine with bundling machine

Thank you so much for the warm welcome.. I copied our production manager Mr. Dexter Peter in the email for more comments.

As we discussed you need to do the below corrections before sending the automatic strapping machine  and bundle making machine.

1. The panels in the bundle to evenly stacked (see the attached photos for the uneven packing).
2. The packing speed seems little bit slow. To be improved. You may increase the panel picking speed.
3. Currently the pneumatic picking is at rest till the bundle completely enter the sealing section. You need to modify the machine so that the panels picking without any stop.
4. While holding the packed bundles at the end, the L-shaped full length support to be minimum 6mm thick. And the holding plate should have extended guide rails to hold the bundles without falling down.

Thanks and best Regards

coil stretch wrapper and wire wrapping machine



Here is a summary of my meeting with Candice yesterday for wire coil packing machine:

1) The chain guards on the blocker rolls must be painted yellow.
2) The cabinet and operator station must be painted orange (the color chip was provided previously by SES).
3) Toeboards must be added to the hand railing. They must be 3mm thick X 100mm high.
4) Foundation drawings have already been issued to the customer in September. SES is checking to see if the foundation has been installed.
a. Candice gave me revised foundation drawings yesterday. However, the drawings do not match what is on the factory floor. Jinglin must verify and ensure the wire wrapping machine foundation matches the drawing.
b. The foundation bolt plan for both blocker roll stations must be the same. Candice indicated they are different. This does not agree with the foundation drawing that was submitted to the customer. Jinglin must verify and ensure both blocker roll foundations are the same.
c. The rear track does not match the drawing nor does it’s style of construction match the front track. It is also painted the wrong color. Is this track being re-used from the floor model stretch wrapper? Jinglin must verify and ensure the track matches the drawing and foundation.
5) It was noted that all motor voltages are 380V and that a step down transformer is being utilized. SES must confirm with the customer that this is acceptable and does not violate any local electrical code.
a. Jinglin must confirm the frequency of all motors. The specification was 460V 60 Hz.



Automatic wire packing machine


Following is my question:


Coil No.
OD (mm)

1.Paper wrap
2.Metal wrap
3.PP Sheet
4.Edge protector
5.Bore protector
6.Bore insert
8.Strapping wire.

Above material and packaging requirement is normally for jumble coil( big coil) packaging. So is above coil stacking together?
a. It is one coil one package or same coil stacking together for packaging?
b. can you show me the picture of the product need to be packing?
c. if it is one coil one package, following solutions are ok.
d. if coils stacking together, please provide the whole coils Min&Max.Width.


 Horizontal wrapping machine for different package and packing goal.

We are an engineering company based in Malaysia. We would like inquire the steel wire wrapping machine from your organisation. Please refer to the attached document and provide us a reasonable quote for us to proceed further.


heavy designed inverter and upender

Pallet inverter, mold inverter

We are providing handling equipment for handling the heavy loading.
The video shows the inverter for steel sheet tiltering.

It works for pallet tiltering, mold upendering.

It helps end user safety the heavy loading handing and operation.

Strong designing and powerful driving

Heavy designing

Hydraulic system

Easy control

Easy infotainment and long life using.


orbital stretch wrapper for panel


automatic aluminum profile stacking packing machine


No.1 Machine (printer)


Transfer belt   Infeeding & outfeeding table   Printer       Stacking machine                Out feeding table for big bundle


No. 2 Machine  (manual packaging)




aper Puller       Free roller table           Stacking machine           Stretch film machine         Out-feeding table


Question: Paper puller along this machine (adjusted to use 2 polyethylene film of 620mm width and 30 to 60 um thick)

1. Do you mean paper puller both working for paper and PE film. What is the paper width?  1400mm?

2. What is 2 PE film for? Can you show me the pictures or video?

3. Where is the paper/PE film? It is place above each layer of aluminum profile?


Two stretch film strapping to be localted one of them at 1m at the left of the center of the table and the other 1m at the right.

For catching this goal, we will choose one film strapping machine which is able strapping the bundle according the position seeting.


No.3 Machine (automated wrapping)


Queations:  Where is the position of the automatic wrapping machine?

aluminum profile packing machine and banding machine

Automatic aluminum packing line and banding machine

The Company located in South America. We are aluminum extruders for many years looking for the aluminum packing machine

We are providing automatic machine for meeting their goal to automatize our profile packaging. “We are looking for a machine that puts stretch plastic to the profiles in a few parts, so that the sub-package is made before packaging.”

Please find attached a video.

We are offer this type of machine…


Wire wrapping machine and testing requirment


wire wrapping machine        wire coil stretch wrapper wire wrapping machine
Attached is the steel coil packing flow chart , Finished packing steel coil and cutomer factory packing line area for your reference.
Steel coil  having variable sizes ,weight .
Weight :   lowest 2500KG     Highest 5000KG
size : 1500mm W   1200mm dia    Inner dia: 500mm
I hope above information is enough to make proposal for us .
We are looking for fully packing automation wire wrapping machine system also partially packing automation system.

I have attached a PDF of things that I want to see during testing of the wire stretch wrapper.  This does not replace your testing procedure, so please use your plan for that.

I have allocated three days to be at your factory for wire wrapping machine testing.  The dates will be November 16, 17, and 18.

I am saying in Shanghai near Jing’An temple.  I’m planning on taking Subway Line 9 to Dongjing Station and taking taxi from there to your factory.  Will taxis be available at the station?  Is that the closest station to your factory?  What time in the morning should I arrive?

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper for reel packaging


 orbital stretch wrapper for panel

Tech Industrial Solutions is an Indenting Company formed to help International manufacturers and suppliers to penetrate into Pakistan market, by utilizing our high level of relationship and contacts with the key people of the client industry.

One of our client is looking for automatic Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper  and reel packing machine for their final product in reels as per following specs.

Dia meter 1200 -1600mm

Deckle 500 – 1850 mm
Your quotation should be on FOB basis with Freight charges to Karachi Pakistan mention separately.
Kindly acknowledge receiving of our request.
We will look forward for your earliest response in this regard.






Brass sheet coils packaging machine for copper coil

steel,hose,wire,coil wrapping machine

Thank you very much for your kindly attention. The characteristics of our products are as follows:

Material: Copper and Brass sheet coils

Coil weight: 200-5000kg
Coil width: 200-700 mm

20% of our products:
ID:300 mm OD 500-700 mm

80% of our products:
ID:300-500 mm OD: 700-1300 mm

Please send me a proper offer based on your vast experiences in this field.

Please send me your quotation including price and data sheets.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.


wire coil wrapping machine Wire coil compactor and packing line
Wire coil packing machinery–FPW-600 Wire coil packing machinery–FPW-800 Wire coil compactor&strapping machine

Two enquiry for horizontal stretch wrapping machine

Dear Sir,

This refer to your attached Quotation for horizontal Packaging machinery required by us.  As we seen your quotation technically as well as commersialy and found it is on very much higher side.

So you are advised to come with the best offer for us considering longterm business association with us.

Looking for positive response at the earliest.

1) We have check your technical dtls attached in mail .
2) Our valued buyer need only shrinkage heating part , bcz  Film will be lapping over the PVC Door then carton .
3) Pls find the attached file , the table will little bigger for ( front side and delivery side )
If you need any things further pls do not hesitate to let us know .
Your quick action will be highly appreciated  and hope to established business order soon about the horizontal stretch wrapping machine .