coil transfer car for steel coil handling and

coil transfer coil and coil car

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It is a coil car works for the steel coil, aluminum coil, copper coil handling, which helps people to transfer the steel coil easily.

The coil car for handling the heavy load from slitting line.

For steel coil handling;

♦ Working condition: on floor level with track;
♦ Operation: by remote and control panel;

♦ Coil car structure with track;

♦ speed:  5-20m/min, inverter for faster or slower adjustable;
♦ Electric powered for heavy objects handling in safety way;
♦ Positioning automatic in coil lifting and unloading.
♦ Easy for operation for connecting with slitting line.






Orbital stretch wrapper for door packaging

door packaging

orbital stretch wrapper for door

door stretch wrapping machine


Door packaging machine


Orbital stretch wrapper from Fhopepack was designed per your need to do what manual no easy to do.By this way, orbital stretch wrapper provides secure shipments and protect load that satisfies customer. Factory easy calculates the value with increased the packaging productivity and lower the material. And also user benefit from better safety packaging and ease handling.


It will help your saved thousands packaging material and labor cost.





Door orbital stretch wrapper in different design

I notice you manufacture doors and windows.

Fine doors and windows products need fine packaging way to protect them well.

Here I attach door/window wrapping machine to help you.

door packaging

a.      Single board

The kind of wrapping machine can pack your window/door one by one with a smooth shrink film.

Also, it can be connected with your production line. The windows/doors can be conveyed directly and automatically to the wrapping machine.




b.      Unitizing windows/doors

This horizontal wrapping machine can stretch the whole stack of doors/windows.

Production line is optional to link together.


Besides, pallet wrapping machine is a nice solution for you.


orbital stretch wrapper for door

Your horizontal sliding, irregular shape, vertical sliding and steel doors/windows are applicable for our customer made packaging machine.

Any concern, please make me know freely.

door stretch wrapping machine

Automatic packing line for steel tube

tube packaging linetube strapping machine


Steel tube automatic packaging line:



Please I need automatic Packing Line

For steel tube ( round, square and rectangular )

Speed line ( 150 mts / min maximum )

ØOD 12,70 minimum and square and rectangular until ØOD 50,80 maximum

Thickness 0,60 m/m until 3,00 m/m.

automatic steel tube bundling and packing line steel tube bundling and strapping machine

Round tube Square rectangular
Dimension Thickness Dimension Thickness Dimension Thickness
Polegadas Máx. mm Máx. mm Máx.
Ø 1/2″ 12,7 0,60 1,60
Ø 3/4″ 19,05 0,60 1,60 15 x 15 0,90 1,60
Ø 1″ 25,4 0,90 2,25 20 x 20 0,90 2,25 25 x 15 0,90 2,25
Ø 1.1/4″ 31,75 0,90 2,65 25 x 25 0,90 2,65 30 x 20 e 35 x 15 0,90 2,65
Ø 1.1/2″ 38,1 0,90 3,00 30 x 30 0,90 3,00 40 x 20 e 35 x 25 0,90 3,00
Ø 1.3/4″ 44,45 1,20 3,00 35 x 35 1,20 3,00 50 x 20 e 40 x 30 1,20 3,00
Ø 2″ 50,8 1,20 3,00 40 x 40 1,20 3,00 50 x 30 1,20 3,00


tilter and hydraulic upender for handling



Coil titler and upender



  • 翻转振动工作台是用于将钢瓶内的灭火剂与氮气进行振动并将其彻底混合
  • 钢瓶将会通过行车被垂直放置到工作台上
  • 翻转振动工作台需装备一个翻转装置将钢瓶从垂直位置翻转到水平位置
  • 翻转振动工作台在往复振动钢瓶的同时,氮气会被加入到钢瓶中使之均匀的与灭火剂混合
  • 单位时间的往复振动频率希望是可调的,估计为每分钟15次
  • 翻转工作台需设有防呆保护装置保证操作者的安全


  • 此设备须在保证安全的前提下适应不同尺寸的钢瓶:

最小直径:  7”

最大直径:  30”

其他可能的直径:  9”, 10”, 12.75”, 16”, 22”, 24”

钢瓶最小高度:  18”

钢瓶最大高度:  75”

最小质量:  20 lbs

最大质量:  2000 lbs

整个系统的最大带载能力应在2700 lbs左右

die tilter and upender for car


Manufacturer for coil tilter and upender.

















ctually the main idea is to wrap the HDPE drain pipe with the non-woven fabric and not of packing it. I understand that your company is more focused in the packing of materials with plastic, but I believe that, for some of your machines, the principle is the same.


The purpose of this is to add a layer of protection to the drain pipe, so it can filter the water without the problem of clogging it.


I believe the photos  and the video will help:


  1. This is the HDPE drain pipe. Diameters would vary between 50 – 100 mm. 
  2. This is the non-woven fabric, also know as geotextile (the color is not important).
  3. The idea is to wrap the goetextile around the drain pipe, like this. Notice that this are pre-fabricated “drain sleeves”. What I had in mind was using your wrapping technology to add the geotextile as it is going into the machine.

    Something like titler (link to video) but instead of the plastic material we would put the geotextile.

  4. The objetive was of inserting the tube already wrapped into the ground, in the process of what is know as agricultural subsurface drainage. Like this:

I will understand if this request is out of your company’s scope.


door stretch wrapping machine in vertical

door stretch wrapping machine


MORE INFORMATION: Door stretch wrapping machine


Automatic stretch wrapping machine for door packaging.


There are two standing structures for door, window loading and unloading.


This is an economic type stretch packing solution for  your handling and packing.


1. Adjust in-feeding & out-feeding tilters tilt during 90 degree and 180 degree. To make your window from 100 degree to 90 degree.
2. We add two sets of guardrails on the in-feeding & out-feeding tilters as below. To protect and fix windows during feeding, and reduce labor force.
Height & width of the guardrails can be adjusted for different sizes of windows’ feeding.
3. We upgrade the top plate clamp and protective hands in the turntable conveyor. The clamp can orientate, lock and fix window for wrapping automatically.
Protective hands controlled by cylinder, can be up and down convenient for wrapping and conveying. Up-fix & wrapping, Down–protect & conveying window out.
During wrapping, the clamp and protective hands will be wrapped together with window. After wrapping, the clamp position will be located not move and
protective hands will be down, easy for window conveying to out-feeding tilter and taking out in 90 degree.
Detail wrapping process like this:
Window feeding in in-feeding tilter, tilt to 90 degree from 100 degree of your booth–> push to wrapping station –> clamp & protective hands oriente and fix window –>
wrapping automatically –> clamp located, protective hands down –> push wrapped window to out-feeding tilter and take out. A wrapping process finished.
In the wrapping end, tilt window to 100 degree and then take out is also available as you need.


Aluminum profile shrink wrap packing machine

—–Wrapping machine


aluminum bundle packaging line


Aluminum packing machine

Automatic aluminum packing solution with wrapping and shrink wrap equipment for full size package protecting.


There are packaging material covering the surface of the aluminum profile by film and paper materials. The Aaluminum company need well protecting packages for the stacking and transportation.


The development of market need new facility and packaging for the growing requirement. The painting surface of the aluminum can not be scratching.“The difference between the wrapping and shrinking package is that the shrinking can do full size packaging. For wrapping, tail and head is opening. Fhopepack custom built the packing equipment for bag packing processes with including sealing and shrinking structure. By this way, the packing material is able covering around which for put aluminum inside of bag,”

aluminum coil tilter and upender



More information : Coil tilter and coil upender





Coil Tilter for Al-foil
Application: the coil tilter is intended to overturn Al-foil coils from side surface on its end.
Main technical parameters of rolling process:
NN Denomination Required technical parameters
1 Coil width 280-850 mm
2 Aluminium alloys
Al 3xxx
Al 8xxx
3 Material thickness: max./min. 110/30 μm
4 Internal coil diameter 76,2 mm/150 mm/152,4 mm
5 Data of coil
Max.coil diameter – 1000 mm;
Coil width-280 mm
Max. Coil width – 850 mm;
Max. coil weight – 1,2 t.
6 Coil starting position
Sidewise on the horizontal surface
8 Required coil position
On end, eye-to-sky (90°)