orbital stretch wrapper for coil

Automatic coiler for hose and pipe
Automatic coiler for hose and pipe
This is Steel Strips Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore, We are importers and metal processing company.
We are looking for Steel Strips wrapping machine for following details.
Thickness : 0.20-3.00
Width : 10mm – 80mm
ID – 300 – 500mm
OD – 500 – 1300mm
Weight : 300 kgs max
We look forward for your reply.

My name is Albi , I am an import manager of Russian company .

We are interested in buying coil wrapping machine with the following requirements

  1. Coil weight 20- 150кг
  2. Coils’ sizes:

1st type

– outer diameter -700-750mm;

– inner diameter – 500-520mm;

– width 200 – 500mm.

2nd type

– outer diameter – 500- 520mm;

– inner diameter – 340- 350mm;

– width 300 – 500mm.

3. Manual loading and unloading of a coil

Will be glad to receive you quotation of a machine which could suit our requirements.


Orbital stretch wrapper for your panel and wooden packaging.

automatic orbital stretch wrapper for wooden

Orbital stretch wrapper with film prestretch;
Orbital stretch wrapper with film prestretch;

More information: http://www.fhopepack.com/Horizontal_wrapping_machine.html

l  Modular designing and strongconstructed

l  High packaging efficiency

l  Wide range packaging and working for hing applicability for special size product

l  Safety for product packaging and handlign

l  Extremely low cost of consumable and energy

l  Machine operation at low noise level

l  Reseting easy and imput set-up

l  Modular built and expandable to fully automatic machine

l  Adjustable product advancement speed using inverter

l  Machine is occupied with a quick change dispenser for the wrapping material

l  Tension control variable for different size package.

|  Not damage in packaging for the fragile products.

l  High tension during wrapping by stretch film


Orbital stetch wrapper for wire mash
Orbital stetch wrapper for wire mash


3) Features:

  1. Wrapping Station:

a)        PLC control program is used for automatic wrapping.

b)        Reinforce aluminum cast-solid ring with strong structure makes steady in wrapping.

c)        Strong-ring & double-PU wheel devices make working more safe, stable & energetic.

d)       Friction driving wheels adjustable for the tension ring and long life using.



coil downender and packing line
coil downender and packing line





附件一       合同设备技术参数

附件二       设备构件及功能描述

附件三     卖方供货范围与非供货范围

附件四      设计审查与监制

附件五      技术文件清单及交付期

附件六    备件和易损件清单

附件七     性能保证值及测试

附件八        设备设计、制造和检验标准

附件九     卖方技术人员的服务范围

附件十        买方技术人员的任务

附件十一   合同设备的安装、调试及验收

附件十二   工程总进度表





附件一  合同设备技术参数


1.1 设备名称

序号 设备名称 数 量
1 COIL-TO-COIL包装线 1套







Automatic coiler for hose and pipe
Automatic coiler for hose and pipe


技术参数:Technical data:

²  管子直径:

Pipe diameter:

²  管子壁厚:

Pipe thickness:

²  收卷盘管内径:

Coil ID:

²  收卷盘管外径:

Coil OD:

²  收卷盘管宽度:

Coil width:

²  收卷工位数量: 双工位

Coiling station quantity: 2

²  收卷速度:3~12m/min

Coiling speed: 3~12m/min

²  电源:AC3¢ 380V/50Hz

Power supply: AC3¢ 380V/50Hz

²  气源:6kgf/cm2

Air supply: 6kgf/cm2

²  自动化控制:PLC SETP7-300

Automation Control: PLC SETP7-300



Steel tube Flow wrapper packing list

steel tube packing machine; stainless steel tube packing line
steel tube packing machine; stainless steel tube packing line

More information: http://www.fhopepack.com/steel-tube-packing-machine.html

A-1 tube feeding station 1 package 200 210 L3000 x W650 x H200mm
A-2 tube conveyor 1 1 package 150 160 L6500 x W500 x1500mm
A-3 tube bagging station 1 package 200 210 L1400 x W800 x H1700mm
A-4 Conveyor line 2 1 package 150 160 L6500mm x W 500mm x H1500mm
A-5 Slope 1 package 140 155 L5500mm x W 1500mm x H1000mm
A-6 Small bundling/strapping station 1 package 420 425 L6000mm x W 1200mm x H1100mm
A-7 Conveyor line 3 1 package 150 155 L3500mm x W 600mm x H450mm
A-8 Big bundle bagging station 1 package 180 190 L2500mm x W 1700mm x H600mm
A-9 Conveyor line 4 1 package 140 145 L5000mm x W 600mm x H450mm
A-10 Big bundling/strapping machine A 1 package 160 165 L1200mm x W 800mm x H1100mm
A-11 Big bundling/strapping machine B 1 package 160 165 L1200mm x W 800mm x H1100mm
A-12 Conveyor line 5 1 package 300 310 L6000mm x W 700mm x H450mm
A-13 Small electrical cabinet 1 package 60 65 L800mm x W 500mm x H1100mm
A-14 Big electrical cabinet 1 package 100 110 L1100mm x W 400mm x H1900mm


Steel tube flow wrapper machine

Automatic coiling machine and coiler

Automatic coiler for hose and pipe
Automatic coiler for hose and pipe

more information:  http://www.fhopepack.com/Hose-coiling-and-strapping-machine.html


1)      单个铜管规格:

Copper Tube OD nominal (mm) wall thickness (mm)
Min 4.00 0.50
Max 8.00 0.70

Note: The above details of minimum OD and minimum thickness of covers our maximum/complete volume but sometime we may need to do the coiling of below mentioned sizes, for which volume may be very less, so the winding machine should also have the provision of below sizes:

OD x Thickness

8.00 x 1.00

10.00 x 0.70

10.00 x 1.00


1.    Coil ID – 800mm

2.    Coil OD – Max 1050mm

3.    Coil Length – Max 5000 mtr (Tube size 4.00mm ~ 4.76mm)

4.    Coil Length – Max 2100 mtr (Tube size above 4.76mm ~8.00mm)

5.    Coil height – It will depend on coil length

Our capacity is around 4 million meter tube per month.


Hose coiler

Horizontal orbital stretch wrapper for motors


orbital stretch wrapper for motor
orbital stretch wrapper for motor and gear

More info: http://www.fhopepack.com/Horizontal_wrapping_machine.html

The orbital wrapping machine for motor all conform to CE guidelines and have been designed using the latest technology and design criteria for industrial use.


The fhopePACK provides packaging solutions for the window industry. Our commitment to the industry has resulted in the development of innovative, cost efficient products that address problems like loose, irregular packaging. Our sales, equipment service, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the optimum protective packaging system for your application.


Motor stretch wrapper




1. ID small than 250mm (packing material on the ring is difficult to cross it)

Solution: Custom-built ring and material


The ring and material device in above picture is the machine special for object ID200mm OD400mm

2. Its light (It’s too light to wrapping. because it will seriously shaking in wrapping)

Solution: There need a extra press down device to avoid shake besides the supportive roller.

Press down device as above picture.



Rope packing machine and coil wrapper


automatic hose coiling machine
automatic hose coiling machine, automatic hose packing line,


Following is the information for rope packaging requirement.


Re:  Physical data of rope products for wrapping with LDPE shrinkable film
150 microns LDPE
 WEIGHT KG.  OUTSIDE DIA. mm  HEIGHT, mm  CORE DIA. Width of LDPE Plastic, meters Length of LDPE plastic, meters Plastic Area, m2 Preferred Shrinkpack Time
45 613 457 254 0.91 1.98 1.8  1 to 2 coils per minute
59 680 457 254 0.91 2.19 2.0
88 762 508 254 1.02 2.44 2.5
85 756 508 127 1.17 2.43 2.8
150 900 650 178 1.22 2.88 3.5


We got solution for above packaging requirement.

automatic hose coiling and strapping machine

         Automatic hose coiling & strapping machine

The hose coiling machine together with strapping machine  special designed for hose pipe coil. The automatic machine connecting with extruder for automatic production.


horizontal orbital stretch wrapper for motor

orbital stretch wrapper for motor
orbital stretch wrapper for motor and gear

More information: http://www.fhopepack.com/Horizontal_wrapping_machine.html

  • Simple operation by imputing OD. ID. & width of coiled metal. Other parameters will be set automatically.
  • The encoder is adopted for setting packing position.
  • The turning ring is controlled by converter. Overlap rate could be adjusted according to the requirement.
  • Package height could be adjusted for different OD.
  • Material tension could be adjusted automatically by orbital stretch wrapper.
  • Can setting packing tape & stretch film for wrapping just in one packing process to make the working more efficiency.

Packing Material for horizontal stretch wrapper

  • 1)      VCI Paper not laminated.

Is the VCI paper adopted tape shape or a sheet?

If possible, provide picture for reference.

  • 2)      Stretch film plastic.
  • 3)      HDPE (High Density Poly Ethen) Laminated Fabric.
  • The special design is available for  two material wrapping at once.
  • So according the sequence of packing,there need two times wrapping.
  • We will try to find a solution to wrapping three material at once.


Die wrapping machine and strip packing machine

coil wrapping machine and stretch wrapper
coil wrapping machine and stretch wrapper www.fhopepack.com


Site: http://www.fhopepack.com/Wire_coil_packing_machine.html


But for pipe coil with ID 200-250mm,there need a special design. Because of it’s difficult to get a machine to fit all your pipe coils.

Solution one: Adjust ID to more than 250mm in your winder

Solution two: Custom built a machine for it. (we had designed one for                        ID between 150-200mm)

Object on picture is ID 200 OD400


Horizontal stretch wrapper—  Vertical type

Technical parameter

Object weight: ≥3kg

Package height:80-300mm

Package OD:500-900 mm

Package ID:≥250mm

Roller Speed:2-4m/min

Rotating speed: 30-50r/min

Wrapping speed:30-40s/pcs ( no include preparation)

Overlap scope:30%-70%

Power output:1.5kw

Power voltage:380v/50Hz


orbital stretch wrapper Videos for reference:

 orbital stretch wrapper  

For long shape small objects packaging, such as: Pipe bundle, tube, profile, section, timber wooden…

door orbital wrapping machine

For Wide object packaging, such as:  Door, window, panel, board

For heavy objects packaging: Such as steel tube, steel rod, aluminum profile, motor, reel…

orbital stretch wrapper for panel

For wide&height objects packaging, such as, pallet, panels, doors,