Automatic Ingots strapping machine, automatic PET strapping machine
Automatic PET strapping machine designing for aluminum ingots pallet strapping, which connected to the aluminum ingots stacking machine. There is PET roll stacking and feeding device with automatic strapping head.

The customized solution is available for different size and strapping requirement.

Our professional team specializes in high speed handling systems connected to your production line, such as steel coil, steel tube, wooden, sheet and pallet… Our automatic strapping packaging systems are flexible and can different kinds of strapping and handling. 


shrink packing solution for panel and board

The machine of the link is automatic sealing and shrinking.
If you like semi-automatic, it just has the shrink tunnel.
If you need the sealer, it must be automatic.
So, please help me know your choice.
Automatic or semi-automatic?
And, please kindly confirm with me.
1. what’s your product?
box, case…?
2. what’s the product weight?
Look forward to your reply.
panel strapping machine

Please find bellow our request for a packaging machine (Semi- automatic )


– Hot air blowing on all sides
– Adjustable sealer
– The type of product to be packed: plastic items PP, PE, PVC
– Max packing Measure: H450mm x Width 700mm x Length 800mm

Automatic cable strapping and shrinking machine packing line

Automatic cable strapping machine

Automatic cable strapping and shrinking machine packing line
This is the new packing line for cable packaging which including cable palletizing machine;cable strapping machine; cable shrinking machine;cable packing machine. It is and automatic solution for your cable coil packaging solution.

The packing material required:

A. Strapping—PP belt

B. Shinking—PE, POF, PVC

Welcome to contact with our team for more information.

box/case sealing and shrinking machine

automatic film sealing and shrinking machine film seal, shrink tunnel, customized conveyor

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cable coiling machine and packing machine

We are terrible sorry to make the delay again for cable coiling machine and packing machine.
It is our wrong assessment on the production solution for the OD:800mm.
According our technical team’s  initial solution, the machine will be enlarged base on standard machine OD:700mm. So it can be done within 70days.
As you know, for the failed testing, we had to change starndard machine into customized machine.
And the production schedule for such a customized cable coiling and packaging solution requires upto 100-110 days.
—–This is the coiling machine structure in painting
—-Feeding device
—-Coiling station
—-finished wrapping sation
We are not making delay on purpose. If the delivery is the only factor care about, the modified machine base on standard equipment already finished at last month.
As a manufacturer need the equipment is not only same as technical data in offer but also in high level quality for long time using.
Please give us few more day, the machine will prove it worth.
The production deptment manager in meeting give me the date is before Dec. 20th