Door packaging machine and full size panel shrinking machine

We are providing automatic door shrink wrap machine for full size sealed packaging. it works for wooden door, steel frame door, windoor, panel, board…

The door packing machine included two sealing stations, one is with length 2.2m, one is with 1.2m. It is able sealing the door, panel packaging with full size sealed package. And  door shrinking machine is length 2400mm.

We can help the end user cusomtized the handling and packaging solution per requirement.


Panel strapping machine and wooden strapping machine available for your strap packaging from fhopepack


Coilmaster stretch wrapper delivery

Is the coilmaster stretch wrapping machine disassembled and ready to ship now? If not, what is the earliest date you can have containers delivered to your factory?— It will ready for shipping 5 days after receiving the balance.
Do you need us to provide the B/L?—-Not need, after shipping, we will have the B/L from forwarder. And than we are making all document to you.
Will you send us electrical drawings as well? We need the mechanical and electrical drawings of the coilmaster stretch wrappe in AutoCAD format—-Yes, we will give it to you during two days.
For the invoice, can we hold back 10% until commissioning is complete?—-I am sorry, it is unacceptable by our financial dept.

1. Please check the PL attached.
2. Certificate of Origin availabe after delivery only. It needs provide B/L.
3. HS code: 8422400000
4. Please check the final drawing in PDF attached

For the manual, it takes app. 6-10 days.

Let’s go forward for the shipping, and we will providing the stretch wrappaer manual soon.


Automatic pipe coiling machine

Automatic aluminum packaging line and strapping machine

The aluminum profile packing line in video includes following parts:

1. Sub-bundle strapping by film.
a. What is the shape of the aluminum profiles
b. What is the size of the Aluminum profile or sub-bunlde of profiles
Package No. Width Height Length Weight

2. Sub-bundle wrapping machine
a. What is the packing material for wrapping?
3. Big Bundle making machine
a. What is the bundle size
Bundle No. Width Height Length Weight

4. Big Bundle wrapping machine

Besides, we’d like to know what is your packing speed requirement roughly. How many pcs sub-bundle need to be packing per hour.

Waiting for your reply.


automatic strapping machine in Fhope

1, 我方输送速度约30米每分钟,封口收缩能否达到?—–可以
2, 包装材料宽度40mm建议加到60mm,窄了易断。—-ok,可以加到60mm
3, 对长度1米的速度没有界定,将来会不会有争议?—-客户同意1m速度无强制要求,到时候能到达多少就多少
4, 缠绕的位置在两端,是否有明确离端面多少,还是说无严格限定?—最好可以平齐包头,但无严格限定。
5, 颜色?输送面高度?我方为850mm.–客户无颜色要求,收缩机为白色,色卡近期提供,输送线高度为780mm
6, 技术要求后面的与套装热收缩机相关的内容要删除。—ok
7, 余厂长确定了为三段式设计,即采取三条输送线,内含两台包装机,两台包装机由同一电控箱统一控制。—ok
8, 怎么包装?装木箱送到港口仓库?还是集装箱到厂装货?—-集装箱到厂拉货
9, 若安排我方人员现场安装,时间超过一周的每天按800块计算(这是现有人员工资及补贴标准)—-ok
10, 套袋收缩我们可以帮忙,但不能保证。—–可以。收缩机调试主体工作由供应商完成。我方只是配合客户验机时运转及客户现场简单安调。


  1.  头尾平整,左右平整。
  2.  在收缩炉中跑偏。
  3.  月底交货
  4.  什么时候调机,几人?

automatic roll packing machine and carpet packing machine
We are providing automatic roll packing solution such as paper roll, film roll, carpet roll. The size of packaging is adjustable per OD of roll and length of package. It can be connected with your production line for online handling and packaging.

There are different type carpet roll packing solution from






Automatic strapping machine for ingots pallet packing

hanks for your email.

We at our factory have machine which prepares the bundles after casting. We are looking forward to mechanized solution of strapping.
We need a small say 1.5 Meter roller table at the same height as our bundling machine, there after we need a mechanized strapping machine.

Following are the details

Ingot size – Width 95mm (+/- 5), Length 555.75 mm (+/- 5), Height 47 mm (+/- 5)

Ingot weight 28 (+/- 4 ) Kg

Bundle – 6 Ingots in each layer and for some customers its 6 layers in a bundle and for some 5 layers in a bundle.

Rate of Production – Maximum 18 Bundles per hour

Hope this information is enough for you to propose some solution

Dear Mr.Singh,

Glad to reveive your inquiry.

As a manufacturer for automatic PET strapping machine we got solution for ingots packing.

Before offering a solution, i’d like to know following information.
1. the size your your ingots pallet and Max.Weight?
2. What is the packing speed requirement, how many pallet per hour?

I will sharing the video later.


Glass packing machine

packing machine GLASS for windows
glass wrapping machine
stretch wrapping machine for glass[yframe url=’’]