Stretch film machine

We are looking for the below possible stretch film making machine. We are sending our choice of options in which what is possible from your side you can quote for the same keeping in mind our requirement.


Thickness – 9 mic (minimum thickness possible in your machine)

Layer – 3 layer to 5 layer

Width of the clear film – 600 mm or 1100mm or 1600mm (minimum width possible in 3 layer or 5 layer)

Stretchability – 100% to 300% stretchability

Film – LD / Biodegradable / Stretch / Cling

Winding – Automatic Winding of 500mm roll on 72mm id core

Aluminum profile packaging line automatic


In my aluminum packing line,The “printer” (machine n°1) is for marking pieces so the stacking system should accumulate from 10 to 30 or even more pieces to complete 1.4m of width, which is the same width of our racking boxes. In the case of the packing machines (manual n°2 and automatic n°3) the stacking system should accumulate from 7 to 14 packages to complete 1.4m width as we use the same racking boxes to store the packaged material than we use to store the printed pieces or the non printed pieces. You should keep in mind that our pieces go from 1 to 15 kg per piece and we package the pieces in a quantity correct to make packages from 20 to 30 kg per aluminum profile package. Hope this explanation helps you. Please check previous email were dimensions were informed.