Big coil packing requirement from steel service center

coil wrapping machine for copper coil packing machine for steel strip automatic hose packing machine

Dear Mr.Alejandro,

Learing from your coil size, there is able provide solutions per your packing requirement.

1. Ring wrapper
OD:700-1830mm ID:508/610mm Width:31-400mm
coil wrapping machine for copper

copper coil packing machine and wrapping solution

coil stretch wrapper and coil wrapping machine

Packing material: Stretch film, paper, HDPE,VCI…

2. Coil master
OD:700-1830mm ID:508/610mm Width 400-1600mm

coil master stretch wrapper and wire rod coil packing machine

Packing material: HDPE, VCI film, stretch film

Paper is ok, but it needs to be reloading in very short time. Because of the machine allows the Max.OD of material is 250mm only,
As you know, OD250mm is not able to finish a big coil package.

Besides, the coil master solution is in hight price, if it not in your budget, there is able provide solution:

a. Ring wrapper
Width: 31-800mm even 1000mm

coil wrapping machine for steel coil

b. Roller station for manually coil packing

Roller station for big steel coil packing and strapping

Waiting for your reply.


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Date: 2016-11-29 23:58
To: info
Subject: Re: Information
Good morning Mr. Randal:
I’m sending you the answers you kindly asked about our product:

1.- We process steel coils from master coils (we are a service center)
2.- Our range of dimensions are
ID: 508mm & 610mm
OD: from 700mm and up to 1830mm
Width: 31.75mm and up to 1524mm
3.- We currently use VCI reinforced paper (PP) but open for discussion of alternative materials (VCI film)

Hope to hear from you soon.

I’m very interested in your product (Steel coil packing machine).
Can you send me the required information about our product so we can start a quotation process?.


Horizontal stretch wrapper from professional manufacturer

Roller station for big steel coil packing and strapping

Roller station for big coil packing with steel sheet covering and strapping.
There are more coil packing machine and steel strapping machine available from fhope.
Our team is able offering a solution per your steel coil handling and packing by H protector, steel sheet covering, paper wrapping…




aluminum proflie and section automatic packing machine


We did not make it to China yet.

Automatic aluminum profile Paper Puller.
I noticed that the automatic paper/foil sheet feeder is not included in your offer. This provides the pre-cut paper for the aluminum bundles. You can see this on my Concept drawings called “Paper puller”. Can you provide this – price for 8m and price for 14m? I have specified 800mm wide, but 600mm is acceptable.

For the 8000mm line I am considering one at the infeed side for spiral wrap and one at the outfeed side for box work. See Concept 2A.
For the 14000mm line I am considering one at the infeed side for spiral wrap and one at the outfeed side for box work. See Concept 3A. Please note that I changed this to a 14m length paper puller.

End taping aluminum packing machine.
Also, do you have a aluminum tape machine for taping the ends of the spiral bundles immediately after spiral wrap. This keeps the end of the profiles tidy and stops the wrap from becoming loose.

Please provide updated quotation for the revised Concepts 2A and 3A.

pallet shrinking machine

It’s a kind of pallet shrinking machine.
The load is fixed on the pallet with bagging firstly, and then shrink by a four burners in a frame from top to bottom.

[yframe url=’’]

automatic board sealing and shrinking machine

It’s automatic board sealing and shrinking machine.
Application: wooden board, wood sheet, MDF board and so on

[yframe url=’’]


Wrapping machine and strapping machine

orbital stretch wrapper for panel










We are a trading company working in different fields of industry.

We are searching for wrapping and shrinking machine.

Please notice the attached file, this door is 1000x600x25mm, do you have machine suitable for it? if it was smaller, can we use your machine for it also?

We are waiting your quotation.

I need one machine now.

FOB or Ex-work prices is ok.

Does your machine has any guarantee?

What is your delivery time?

If you have many types, you can send me many quotations.

We have a requirement of coil master for wrapping of steel coils as per dimensions below:-

ID: 508/610mm
OD: 600 to 1300mm
Width: 500mm to 1300mm
Weight: 1 ton to 10ton
Machine required with twin shuttles for wrapping of HDPE fabric and Stretch film simultaneously.

Also advise do you have any ring type orbital wrapping machine which can work for these dimensions. If yes, please send the details for this as well.

Brief about us: We are serving the packaging industry in India for last 5 years and are running large packaging contracts at major steel industries.

Please send your most competitive offer with all technical details.


orbital stretch wrapepr& spiral wrapping machinestretch film for orbital wrapper  conveyor of orbital wrap machine

Different size machine                             Different packing material                              Different conveyor


film carriage of orbital stretch wrap machine



Aluminum Coil stretch wrapper and packing solution

aluminum coil packing machine

Thank you very much for your prompt reply.
We inform you that before your response we have already seen your videos on your website.
Our interest now focuses on your equipment on packaging aluminum coils of various sizes and diameters (OD & ID).
So, we have asked you to have ASAP the technical brochures (detailed catalogue) of the aluminum packing line equipment (machinery) referred to our previous mail.
We want to next contact with our customer  ALUMINIUM INDUSTRY in which will give the technical leaflets for his knowledge.
In addition we would like to supply us with your customer reference list in the specific sector in order to inform relatively our client as above.

Thanking your in advance we remain,

Thank you very much for your Quotation, but as you know we did not asked you an offer for this machine (GT2000) because don’t know yet the data of the products (aluminum coils) and the client’s needs.
We ask you to suply us ASAP all technical brochures and descritpion of your machines listed in our mail dated 18-11-2016 only.
Therefore please send us as soon as possible the above information material in order to contact our client interested and discuss the matter.

We hope to have been understood for the case.

Stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapping machine per packing goal


Automatic PET Strapping machine with bundling machine

Thank you so much for the warm welcome.. I copied our production manager Mr. Dexter Peter in the email for more comments.

As we discussed you need to do the below corrections before sending the automatic strapping machine  and bundle making machine.

1. The panels in the bundle to evenly stacked (see the attached photos for the uneven packing).
2. The packing speed seems little bit slow. To be improved. You may increase the panel picking speed.
3. Currently the pneumatic picking is at rest till the bundle completely enter the sealing section. You need to modify the machine so that the panels picking without any stop.
4. While holding the packed bundles at the end, the L-shaped full length support to be minimum 6mm thick. And the holding plate should have extended guide rails to hold the bundles without falling down.

Thanks and best Regards

coil stretch wrapper and wire wrapping machine



Here is a summary of my meeting with Candice yesterday for wire coil packing machine:

1) The chain guards on the blocker rolls must be painted yellow.
2) The cabinet and operator station must be painted orange (the color chip was provided previously by SES).
3) Toeboards must be added to the hand railing. They must be 3mm thick X 100mm high.
4) Foundation drawings have already been issued to the customer in September. SES is checking to see if the foundation has been installed.
a. Candice gave me revised foundation drawings yesterday. However, the drawings do not match what is on the factory floor. Jinglin must verify and ensure the wire wrapping machine foundation matches the drawing.
b. The foundation bolt plan for both blocker roll stations must be the same. Candice indicated they are different. This does not agree with the foundation drawing that was submitted to the customer. Jinglin must verify and ensure both blocker roll foundations are the same.
c. The rear track does not match the drawing nor does it’s style of construction match the front track. It is also painted the wrong color. Is this track being re-used from the floor model stretch wrapper? Jinglin must verify and ensure the track matches the drawing and foundation.
5) It was noted that all motor voltages are 380V and that a step down transformer is being utilized. SES must confirm with the customer that this is acceptable and does not violate any local electrical code.
a. Jinglin must confirm the frequency of all motors. The specification was 460V 60 Hz.