Automatic bearing packing machine and wrapping machine

Autoamtic bearing wrapping machine 

l 1. The device could be hooking up with production line with automatic bearing wrapping.bearing packing machine

l 2. PLC & HMI are adopted for automatic operation in automatic bearing packaging.

l 3. Automatic centralized positioning for bearing packaging

l 4. Sensors for checking position from the wrapping position.

l 5. Automatic conveyors for loading and unloading.

l 6. Manual and automatic bearing packing mode could be selecting for different packaging goal.

l 7. Indicator sensors instantly when trouble happens. Trouble could be proven instantly.

l 8. Soft stop & start to protech the machine and package.

l 9. Ring reset for manually opeation.

l 10. Ring jog and positioning.





Automatic bearing packaging machinery could be extensively used in outdoors horizontal packing bearing, which solves using the hefty and inconvenient things of vertical packing. Furthermore, it may be utilised to pack other coil objects, for example steel belt, bronze belt, wire materials, aluminum coil, hose coil, rubber tube, bearing, tire, electric wire cable, stainless steel, plastic tube, PE tube, PVC tube, electrical wire cable, rubber tube, wire rod etc.We will provide reputable solutions of custom-made automated bearing packing line which includes strapping, stacking, wrapping, overturning in accordance to actual needs of shoppers. The bearing packing line may also be equipped with the customer’s present manufacturing line.

Big Bearing packing machine and wrapping machine

Bearing packing machine


Operation for bearing packing machine:

l1. The converters adopted to regulate the overlap from the stretch film and paper packing tape based on requirement.

l 2. Speed from the turning ring and rollers are adjustable by converters for adjusting the packing speed and overlap

l 3. Simple operation by imputing OD. ID. width & remedied parameter of coiled metal. Other parameters is going to be set instantly.

l 4. Guardrails, soft starts and prevent for safety operation.

l 5. It can be interact with conveyor and production line for auto bearing packing with paper, tape, film…

l 6. Packaging material tension can be adjusted.

l 7. Special brake for that tape release device to prevent material folding.

l 8. Automatic material cutting the feeding system to easy the bearing handling and packaging process.





Mounted Ball Bearings packing machine
PACKING MACHINE modular bearing assembly includes sealed and lubricated inch or metric ball bearings. It really is contained inside many different housings varieties, locking mechanisms, mounting designs, and housing materials.
Sealmaster  Mounted Spherical Roller Bearings wrapping machine
Wrapping machien for Mounted spherical roller bearing assemblies consist of a sealed and lubricated inch spherical bearing with setscrew or adapter mount locking procedure. They are combined within a variety of housings kinds, mounting designs, and housing resources.

plastic hose coil stretch wrapper and packaging machine

Good afternoon. Thank you for your reply.
Regarding to your concerns:

1) Rubber hose not like tire with fixed position, is this model suitable for use ?
——-Suitable. Please see attached picture.
2) Whether your technical personal need to visit our factory have more understanding on product and process?
——-It is a fool style operation machine. We got rich experience in similar coil packaging solution. Our team capable design by your offered size. So please send me your whole coil size list if possible.
3) Your product been sold to which rubber hose manufacturer in Malaysia?
———This coil stretch wrapper machine has helped many countries in the world, last week just delivered to Uruguay, not much in your country. Our clients in Malaysia like Surfmep Extrusions Sdn. Bhd, Hengah Paper Product Sdn Bhd.
4) The wrapping materials can it be change for various width ?
——–Can be changed. 50-70mm available. The right wrapping material size is affected by coil size. If the ID is large, the film is large too.
5) Is there any agent or distributor in Malaysia ?
——Sorry, no distributor in Malaysia yet.

Actually, we are producing vary sizes of rubber hoses ; the most common type as per yesterday list.
It’s better for our technicians to have your whole size list, so that they can design the hose coil stretch wrapper machine by your hose size totally and targeted, and know your coil clearly. Please send me all the sizes. Thank you in advance.
Coil No.     Hose size (mm)      OD (mm)         ID (mm)            Width (mm)         Weight (kg)

Would you able to offer us with better terms with 30% of down payment , 30% of copy B/L received and balance 40% after test run with no problem.
———We would like to offer you 50% down payment, 50% after successful checking in our factory.

Just like you, we do believe to have a good start! Thank you.

Best regards


pipe wrapping machine coil wrapping machine hose coil wrapping machine

FPH200 Hose wrapping machine

FPH-300 Hose wrapping machine FPH-400 hose wrapping machine  FPH-500 hose wrapping machine

wooden door packing machine and stretch wrapper

door stretch wrapping machine

door packaging machine and stretch wrapper
TECH DOORS the goal of proving a unique and complete range of doors products, hardware and related product. With its team of highly professionals who have been operating in the doors sector for the last decades and a high tech manufacturing facility equipped with the latest technology in production lines, TECH DOORS prides itself of offering its value customer with the most complete range of doors products and a unique expertise in the region..

The strategic alliances and partnerships with international brands and manufacturer such as AMBICO in CANADA ( market leaders in Security & Specialty Doors) and leading hardware & accessories manufacturers enables Techno Doors to offer a Total Solution Expertise to its customers..

Our offer products are tested and certified by international recognized laboratories and third party certification bodies such as UL, Intertek ITS, WEAL, RAL, AWS, NRC, ATI, BOSIK, AMWELD, Warrington, BM TRADA, DNV, SDI, CHILTERN in compliance with American Standards, (UBC,UCL,NFPA,UL 10B, UL 752, ANSI, BHMA, DHI,ASTM, HMMA, FEMA, FSC) or European Standards (BS/EN, CE)..

Product & Services;


  Orbital stretch wrapper
                              Door shrinking machinery                              Door wrapping machinery

May we request to your good office to please quote us your bottom price CIF DOHA for the Packaging Materials as mentioned as follows;

Model: As per attached

If you can provide more High Quality of Machine for STEEL DOORS Packaging, please provide also. We required Vertical Purpose.

pallet stretch wrapping machine inquiry


supplying company of industrial pallet stretch wrapping machine

products was founded in 2007 and strengthened and expanded to operate in 2016 in Baku.

We are supplying company of electrical and electronic components, tools, testing equipment and related items and other industrial pallet stretch wrapping machine products.

We have recently been looking for new suppliers and are very interested in your product range. It is our desire to offer our customers the widest selection possible of industrial products. We would like to know more about the products of your company and would appreciate receiving your information regarding terms and ordering policy. Would it be possible for you to send us the catalogue of your pallet stretch wrapping machine products and current price list? This would help us to introduce your products to our customers.

Please inform us whether you can allow us any special discount over and above the usual one allowed to others, in case we place a large regular order with you.  turntable pallet stretch wrapper

We would like to clarify our business principles:

We ask you to send us the catalogue of your products and price list. After receiving your approval we will place the images and the information of your products on our website, what means we will somehow advertise your products in Azerbaijan and not only. As we find the customers we will order from you (we will send to you request for quotation).

If above mentioned conditions applicable to you we will be very happy and glad to work with you about pallet stretch wrapping machine .

Furthermore, we are interested to be your Representative in Azerbaijan. We will fulfill required responsibilities of the Representative. Please let us know if you are interested in this proposal.

Waiting for your reply,

Cable packaging line and PV film payment term


cable wrapping machine & cable packing line

The quote which u sent is same as previous cable packaging line.

Plz send us Perfoma Invoice as per below which we already have agreed.

1 Please use word Performa Invoice instead of quotation
2 In the performa invoice plz add 7 MT PVC Film at agreed price USD 2.31/KG
3 Revise the payment term which is 40 % at the time order and balance 60% after checking at factory.
4 Make total figure of USD in the last.
5 Technical person will be provided for installation and commissioning at Zambia, air ticket room and boarding charges will be in buyer account.


We are accepting your counter offer asper below  except price of PVC Film for cable packing line
We are suggesting  to consider USD 2.5/KG means USD 2500/MT.
Kindly confirm and send us PI along with consumables so that we can process advance.


stretch wrapper business

Good Day
We are contacting you with reference to your post/comment on the internet concerning funding of your stretch wrapper business project .My names are Mr. Ryan Rogers the Independent Financial Consultant We are interested to partnership with your company as we are seeking to diversify our financial portfolio into viable and lucrative business projects that worth it,

We are most interested in partnerships stretch wrapper business ventures such as Medical and Health care projects, Real estate projects, mining projects, agricultural projects renewable energy projects, start-up projects and business expansions / Loan with lower rate,

Your swift response is highly needed.
Best Regard,
Ryan Roger




Pallet Stretch Wrapping Machine-A100

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coil packaging line solution

ich hab ein paar Firmen angeschrieben.
Hier die erste Antwort.
Du kannst dir ja die Produkte ansehen.
Die bieten genau das an was wir benötigen. Allerdings nur als komplett Lösung.
Aber vielleicht kann man da was machen…..

I’ve written a few coil packaging line companies.
Here the first response.
You can watch yes view the products.
The offer exactly at what we need. However, just as a complete solution.
But maybe you can not do what …..


a. 工厂全景图
b. 厂房图
c. 车间图 (整体+局部)
d. 生产工艺流程,

Automatic PC wire packing line质检

e. 设备图
f.  生产工艺流程
g. 质检
h. 办公室图
i. 人员图片(车间人员,办公室人员)
j. 仓储图
k. 发货图
主题: 展示公司形象,公司软硬实力,团队
视角: 有全局有局部
数量: 尽量多拍,可换多角度拍同一事物,多中选优

cable coiling and wrapping machine in exhibition

It’s reference for the participation in Wire and cable.

Make sure youMake certain toYou will need toMake specific to uncoverlocateuncoverencounterobtain connected our organization qualifications for that form search.


We now haveWe are in possession of carried out stalls for Maillefer Extrusions ,Mitsubishi Electrical, Schneider Electrical, Dubai electrical functions works performs properly(DEWA), Maillefer Wire extrusions(Norwegian) at Elecrama and connected relevant linked similar shows.

Some from theMany of theSome of theMost of theMany in the solutions that we could provide are outline provenmentioned

pointed out beneathlower below

Property Primarily based Style Firm:

Our In-house Style company outfittedis providedis provided with latest newest most as a lot as datemost up-to-datemost well-liked visualization laptop or computer computer software to make excellentoutstandingsuperb stylesdesignstypesmodelsdesigns and designsitems to achieve workpossibilitiescareers verifying to world wide needs specification santicipatio nscriteriabe nchmarks.

In-house Manufacturing Device:

ten,000 sft workshop with on roll quantity of skilled specialistsspecialistsprofessionalsexperts from craftsmen electrician/artists for perfect exhibition shipment.

Comprehensive fledged automation device with latestnewestmost as significantly as datemost up-to-datemost common hands sourcesequipmentinstrumentsprograms, gigs as well as other devicesproductsgizmos make certainensureguaranteeassurebe positive precise and fastfast implementation.

Computerized graphic and signs necessity for electronic vinyl prints, acrylic letters, neon lights, Introduced letters and flex boards.

Stall Household MaintainingProtectingHolding and kitchen solutionsitems and solutions.

Storage from the person’sfrom theof the particularin your stall for multicity execution.

Workshop at Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata

60% within the stall fabrication of cable coiling and wrapping machine is completed at our workshop, prior toahead of your time ofbefore it’sreally ready to turn out to be come up with inside the place, enables you to undoubtedly definitelywhich enables you retain track ofkeep close track ofwatchobserve your stall development at our workshop ,from wherever you areyou might beyou will beyou’ll bethat you might be sitting lower . In addition toAside fromApart fromFurthermoreApart from guaranteeing you against the shipment, this removeswill get eliminateeradicates mistakesproblems prior toahead of one’s time ofbefore the ideal established up at place, conservingprotecting substantialsignificant money and time.

Workshop at Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata

60% within the stall fabrication of cable winding and wrapping machine is completed at our workshop, prior toahead of the time ofbefore it’sreally prepared to grow to be come up with inside the place, enables you to definitely definitelywhich enables you retain track ofkeep close track ofwatchobserve your stall improvement at our workshop guaranteeing you from the ideal shipment . This removeswill get eliminateeradicates mistakesproblems prior toahead of the time ofbefore the most beneficial established up at place, conservingprotecting substantialsignificant time and money.

Occasion BuddiesAssociates

Our capacity capacity potential skill means to help keep a greaterl arge substantial significants uperior quantity of creativenesscreativenesscreativity, services & execution remains compensated with repeat business enterprise out of one’s Clients. We are empanelled vendors with multinational companies -Panasonic, Canon, Mitsubishi Electrical ,The brand new the new sony Epson and possess carried out many stalls on their own account on pan India degree .

Every year we serve our Clients with impressive booths for cable coiling and wrapping machine in many corners inside the World.

We behave as the neighborhood & anchorman of contact ? we style, comprehensive all techniques & procedures, as nicely as make certainensureguaranteeassurebe sure the entire setup. The most effective implementation inside the Stand setup inside the host country is finished through our buddiesassociates, who generate local expertise & understanding. You might be guaranteed from the easy, effective & fully reliable solutions around the globe.

Make sure youMake confident toYou need toMake specific to let me know exactly how should we take this forward

Searching forward perfectly right into a mutually rewarding association

I anticipate doing exhibition booths around the pan India degree

Make sure You need to have toMake certain to let me know the way you take this forward

Searching forward perfectly right into a mutually rewarding association