thermal baffle Board packing machine

thermal baffle-Board-packing-machine
thermal baffle-Board-packing-machine


Automatic thermal baffle packaging machine with automatic sealer and shrinking tunnel for automatic shrink wrap packaging.


The sealer is able cutting the film length upto 1200mm.

Control by PLC

Invertors for speed adjustment and motor protection.

Automatic mode for products infeeding and package outfeeding online.



drawing of coil upender

1) I would send photo sensor’s brand, model No & elec power as the attachment.
Please provide elec circuit diagram drawing which is added the photo sensor by tomorrow.

2) Even though we adjusted support roller of tilter correctly, the tilter still move to diagonal direction
and make big thrust force. Please advise us how to adjust it correctly.

In advance thank you for your cooperation.


coil upender and drawing
coil upender and drawing

From: susan
Sent: Friday, March 4, 2016 3:24 PM
To: 김선교 ;
Subject: Re: Re: VREY VERY URGENT!!! Need control panel circuit diagram drawing.

Dear Mr. kim,

Good day!

Following are the reply of your requirement for coil upender:
1) Elec circuit diagram drawing including Magnetic contactor part. (See the attachment)
—- It is shown in our “electrical circuit diagram 03”, pls refer to attachment documents.

2) Add photo sensor on the end of roller conveyor of coil upender to the elec circuit diagram (See the attachment)
—- Pls refer to attachment document.

3) Detail drawing of coil tilting M/C to be provided. We have to know machanism of the coil tilting M/C to adjust the No.2 M/C.
— Pls refer to attachment drawing.

4) Operation manual of Inverter on the control panel. (See the attached coil upender photos.)
—- Pls refer to attachment user manual.

Two inquiry for horizontal and pallet wrapping machine



Hi I am looking for an orbital / horizontal wrapping machine. Just a idle roller case in feed and out feed, needs to be able to wrap up to 1000mm-1200mm wide. 90% of the of the time it would be wrapping 600-700mm wide x 50mm thick x 1990mm long.

door orbital stretch wrapper
Door orbital stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapper


It’s a pleasure to meet you and also introduce myself.

My name is Jhennifer Arismendiz collaborator to the company PERU, which has a solid experience and positioning in northern Peru to provide our packaging customers polyethylene high and low density, that is why we need of a pallet wrapping machine, given the measures of a pallets 1.00mx1.30m and weight of reel the polyethylene – 350 kg to more.

I waiting for your reply


Aluminum profile packaging system

Hope this email finds you well.
Have you watched these machine working videos I sent in my last email? Are you ok with the machine running? Any comments will be much appreciated. If you have any concerns or special requirements about the machine with stretch film,  please let us know. We are able to modify it accordingly. As long as it is according to our contract, we won’t take any charges.
We have tested them for weeks and made some necessary modifications on the aluminum profile packing line and orbital wrapper, so we can ensure that these equipment will run properly at your facility with the help of our engineers after installation. Please do not worry. Honestly, we have been in this line over 18 years, all equipment produced by us at clients’ facilities are working well. What if there is any problem, our after-sales department will handle it well as early as possible by assisting technical support or sending our engineer.
As this aluminum packing line and orbital wrapper belong to customized, our boss doesn’t agree to change the payment terms. Normally, we get full payment before delivery. On this case, I tried my best to apply to our boss for keeping rest 10% after installation and commissioning for both wrapping machines last year. Now please follow the payment terms on the contract and let me know your arrangement. Thank you very much for your understanding and kind support. We warmly welcome you to come inspect the profile equipment again if possible.
Stretch film Packing material for aluminum profile wrapping