shrink packing machine for carpet roll, curtain roll



The packing solution for carpet roll with different length, OD, weight.

Curtain roll packing machine is available too.


The new roll packing machine for carpet and curtain are available both as offline machines and integrated into a automatic packing sytem for online packaging system. It works for the small space for roll covering and film covering. This is a multiple function machines have following advantages:

  • Automatic roll feeding, sealing, cutting, shrinking;
  • easy operation and high flexibility of the plant;
  • labor cost, packing material and energy savings;






The client of Fhope stretch wrapper

3°/ Commercial References :

Principal suppliers and subcontractors of your company:

Corporation name, address and phone number of the supplier Products or services
GPD Motor
Schneider Electric switch
Omron Time relay

Principal Customers of stretch wrapper:

Line of business Name, address and phone number of the customer % Turnover
Pipe production INES

Steel manufacturer Add:AHL LOUGHLAM, CASABLANCA,

Steel wire production LADA SPRING WIRE
Add:ndustrial Area of Akouda 4115 Hammam

Steel manufacturer TATA STEEL LIMITED
Datapara road borivil east Mumbai 400066 India
Home products,retail
Emke Group
Add:P.O.Box 60188,Dubai-United Arab Emirated

Furniture GL DOORS LTD
Add:Unit 56 Thorpe Hill estateUnited Kindom
Tel: 44-113-3934666
Fax: 44-113-3934644

Principal works (References)

Designation of works realised or services Customer Date
Packaging line desinging  KME 2014-06
Coil master production  Novelis
Tube packaging line  Polycab 2014-02


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Stretch film and stretch hood film for pallet wrapping.

Company information of FHOPE

1°/ Identification sheet :


Date of creation : …………………1998……………………………………………………………………

Legal position : ……… Development Zone,
Songjiang District, Shanghai, P.R China, 201619

Capital : …………RMB 20,000,000…………………………………………………….

Adherence to a group : No Which one : ………………………………………
Contact :
Products / Services

Products or Activity Previous New % Turnover Market Share in %
Morocco Europe World
GS series coil wrapping machine **

2 8
FHOPE series horizontal wrapping machine **

2 8
FP series pallet wrapping machine **

2 8
CT series coil tilter **

2 8

Stretch film and stretch hood film per year

** Check appropriate box

board packing machine and shrinking machinery

board packaging machine
board packaging machine

The new board packing&shrinking machine is range of automatic shrink wrap packers, which is designed per some key concepts such as easy operation, high technology, safety… This is totally a new, a kind of revolution in the board packaging history of Fhopepack products.

The new board packer rather can be pointed as safety equipment quickly due to  the movable safety guards. It allow to cover all the movement parts inside of shield.  The new heat-shrinking tunnels of the BOARD PACKAGING machine with circle heating technical solutions that allow to save energy consumption alot. That ensure the utmost environmental friendly and green compatibility of the packaging processes. The shrink wrap solution is so improve the packaging surface and provide a strong packaging per stocking.

The BOARD PACKING MACHINE series is including following parts: automatic film sealing machine, board shrink wrapper machines and conveyors. It is also work for packing plastic,stretch film, metal , cardboard ,profile, panel… We providing solution depends on the specification and packing goal.The automatic machine also can be designed to pack board in film only, cardboard pad + film…

The speed of the board packaging machine is upt0 15m per minute.The shrinking tunnel size depending on the board product to be packaged. The temperature and the speed of conveyor is adjustable per different board size.  All board packaging machine are equipped with PLC&HMI program control system with respect to the quality mechanical for high speed packing.

Delivery time for the multi coil packaging line


Coil stacking system in packaging line
Coil stacking system in packaging line

Due the today situation we need to make a new statement for the delivery:
agreed delivery on Contract
合同日期 New agreed delivery dates from KO meeting of 25-10-14
10月会议日期 Delivery of Foundations Drawings

Packaging line 21/10/2014 15/01/2015 10/11/2014
Multicoil line (welding) 21/10/2014 20/12/2014 29/10/2014
Pallet wrapping machine 07/10/2014 20/01/2015 29/10/2014
internal weighing system 23/09/2014 20/12/2015 29/10/2014
cartoon cutter unit 07/10/2014 20/12/2015 10/11/2014
The deliveries dates were deeply discussed and these final agreement must be consider as the new and last target date to be strictly respected before the Contract penalty will act.


Orbital stretch wrapper with stretch film for your long shape package wrapping automatic.


Progress for the copper coil packaging line

coil downender and packing line
coil downender and packing line

Packaging line
 Review of construction drawings :
• The final position of control desk has to be decide later and so consider the length of cables acceptable for left or right position.
• The electrical connection to the turnstile will be done on site
• Jinling has to advice KME what need regarding signal from Turnstile unit.
• Nose position is controlled trough linear encoder

Steel coil strapping machinery
Steel coil strapping machinery

• Jinling ensure the perfect running of the copper coils without produce any wave on the material due the distance (54 mm) between rolls, Jinling has long experience on it.
• Make note about possibility to have deformation during strapping machine , Jinling ensure this operation due the already supplied to together company for 8 mm width and with positive successful.
• Regarding the possibility to insert the keeping mandrel completely inside the height of coils Jinling will design and realize it.
• Jinling will receive a fix stand frame by end of November.
• Jinling will try to provide a sample coils with stretch film to test the line in house
• The weighing stations must have the output signal by RS232

Automatic coil stacking system for palletizing and packing

Coil stackign machine
Coil stackign machine
Coil stacking system in packaging line
Coil stacking system in packaging line


Multicoil (welding line)
 Review of construction drawings :
• The vacuum production and tank in coil stacking system will be place on the top of crane unit and move together.
• Now it is not possible to see on drawing the composition of vacuum plant production
• Deep discussion regarding the vacuum ring diameter which are now clear respect to the technical specification and to the proposed dimensions from shjlpack, at the end the final shape of GASKET rings will be, considering external dia of coils 1500 mm :
1st sector from 450 mm dia to 640 mm dia
2nd sector from 680 mm dia to 850 mm dia
3nd sector from 890 mm dia to 1120 mm dia
4th sector from 1170 mm dia to 1350 mm dia
• Confirm that we need the inside the vacuum plate the coils finger to keep the first strip row as per KME Drawings already delivered.
• In case of electricity fault the autonomy of vacuum clamp will be ensured in 5 min.

• movement of crane is confirmed as the coil stacking system technical specification.
• The sliding movement of the plate support will be modified adding some antifriction bushes and make it longer (at least 200 mm)
• Is confirmed the needing of one weighing system of 5000 Kg under the receiving platform.
• Weighing system with RS232 sock



stretch film and paper for coil packaging in this automatic control system?

UPVC pipe bundle packing machine

pvc tube bundling machine
pvc tube bundling machine

Our intention of the process is to make
• Plastic pipes from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and un-plasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC)
• Plastic pipes accessories from high density polyethylene (HDPE) and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC)

We are requesting a Packaging system for final products for the followings:
1. PVC piping accessories packaging system
2. HDPE piping accessories packaging system


carpet roll packing machine with shrinking tunnel

carpet packing machine carpet bag packing and shrink machine

Two machines shows the carpet roll packaging solution with different bagging methods.

1. Automatic bagging machine is a kind of roll flow wrapping machine, which is with high speed is bag making and sealing.

2. It is a size sealer for material sealing and cutting the redundant material.


Following is the client’s inquiry for the carpet packing machine.


Hello Vincent

I was wondering if you can produce a shrink wrapping machine for carpets upto 10 feet long.

The second link sealing + shrinking would be very interesting our carpets go up to 9 feet long dimension up to 11 inches and total weight 70 pounds, and the plastic we will be using it would be heat resistant

Best Regards,

Bien à vous,


Logistics Analyst / Analyste de la Logistique

380 St-Louis, St-Jean-suk,– Canada


Insulation board packaging machine for

board packaging machine
board packaging machine


It is a automatic board shrinking machine including: pushing device, material roll, heat cutter, conveyor shrinking machine for board packaging.

The program control with PLC for online packaging.

Shrinking tunnel with max. temperature upto 200 Degree.

It works for light board with nice film covering and good package protection.