aluminum profile packaging line and solution   aluminum wrapping machine

Please inform regarding the speed of the machine and approximate time to customize the machine.

——Normally, it need extra 5 days for your solutoin.

Also, please clarify the size of the machine >> 20 m ( length ) x 1500 ( width ) :

– 1500 refer to 1500 m or 1500 cm ( 1.5 m )?

——20m length x1.5m



As a manufacutrer, we got rich experience in pipe packaging.

1. Stretch wrapping machine

Following information required for stretch wrapping solution:

Pipe bunle No. Bundle OD Length Weight

2. Bundling machine

Following information required for stretch wrapping solution:

Pipe No. OD Length Extruder speed
(how many meter per min)
how many pcs per bundle Bundle Weight

I’d like to know what machine interest the most, or both.


MDF board packaging line


MDF board and Panel stack packing line
MDF board and Panel stack packing line

MDF baord packing line
隔热板单片高度有不同的大小(10/20/30/ 200/500mm) 宽是1.2米 长是600/1200/2400/4000mm

叉车先将高度为2.4米的单片未包装的隔热板放置在进料输送线上 然后我们的机子开始运转

首先自动进料堆垛 通过吸盘堆垛 当单片10/20/30mm时,堆垛高度控制在100-150mm 当单片在200/500时 要一次一个的进料

其次是封切 因为堆垛分两种情况 所以物料的高度是100-500 长度是最长的 宽度不变 即长4000 mm * 宽1200mm * 高(100-500) mm

最后通过过渡输送线到达后堆垛位置 开始堆垛成捆的隔热板到2.4米




Copper strip requirement inquiry

We received below/attached inquiry from our customer. Please quote for them best FOB/C&F price inclusive of our reseller commission which should be indicated on separate email.

Cooper strip in coils
Sr.N Specification QTY/Kgs
1 0.80×330 mm 2000
2 0.90x360mm 2500
3 0.70x270mm 1000
4 0.50x320mm 1500
Electrolytic Grade, 99.9%
Conductivity CU-ETP-R200 according to EN-13599 composition according to EN-13599 (latest version) properties according to EN 13599 Elongation as for R200 on cardboard core rounded edges with paper and cardboard core 15mm wider for extra protection of the rolled edge.
ID of coil: Min 400mm
Max 500mm
OD of coil: Max 1000mm
Weight of Coil Max 500 kgs
Pallet weight:2000 kgs

Please also clarify below points:-
Packing cost if any:-
Freight cost by sea/air if any:-
Delivery period:-
Validity period:-
Technical literature/data Sheet of quoted items
Country of Origin:-
Pick up Address:-

stretch film price and supplier


stretch film & stretch wrap film   VCI stretch film stretch hood film          PVC stretch film

Stretch Film                      VCI Stretch Film                       Stretch Hood Film                          PVC film

There are different packaging solution along with stretch film and hood film for different equipment.



Please check the following attached for the tube bagging solution with stretch film.
There are two options for tube loading.
a. online feeding: Will be connect to your production line for online bagging.
b. offline feeding: Same as video shows
Note: The trail of end can be sealed or sleeve per your need.
The speical point need to be cleared is that there is need different forming device for different size(HxW) profile.
For example, for there are profile bundles in size, 100×200, 200×200, 300×300… For the best package, we need to change to bagging mold for each.
So if there is lot of size in profile bundle, please let me know. Our team will give your a suggestion for how many bagging mode required by simulate.

Tyre wrapping and packing machine for PCR

tyre packing machine

Fhopepack Tire Packing Machine was designed for tyre film covering by through eye packaging. It is the perfect solution to increasing the speed and designed for cost-effective disposal.


stretch hood film supplier in China

stretch hood film manufacturerstretch hood film

Following is the benifit of stretch hood film:

>Saving your packing materail cost more than 30%

>Higher packing strength and providing strong package.

>Smooth and good surface for marketing sale.

>Package stability in transportation and stock.

>Best tear and puncture resistance for different packages

>Water proof and weather protection

>Higher stretch and good seal

>Less wastage rate and less loading times

Professional Supplier providing stretch hood machine per different package which benifit a lot from cost save, packaging effect. It is idea packing material.

MDF wood board and panel packing machine

The width are as follow : 16cm, 18 cm, 20 cm, 22 cm, 24 cm, 28 cm, 30 cm, and 40 cm.

We adjust these 8 sizes of shrinking plastic to pack all the various size of our aluminum profile bundles.

——–Any change in Height? all 300mm? If height is change, please kind provide a list let me know each WxH.

Also, please give us information regarding following details:

– The country of manufacturer and assembly ( both body machine and engine / spare part )

—-Please check the document.

– The warranty terms


1. 1 year for warranty.

a. Supple the spare parts of machine for free.

b. If needed, it’s able to send the engineer for checking the machine.

c. Change the broken part of electric components for free.

d. Respond and deal with the trouble of wooden packing machine with in 3 hour after receiving

the technical support requirement.

e. A new machine will be sent as a replacement, if the machine doesn’t work after


2. 10 years warranty for structure frame

3. Life time technical assistant/supportive

– Ready stock or not

—–Not, it is a customize solution.
– Size of the machine
Space required: L20mX W1500

– Quality standard ( such as : ISO )

—–Please check the attachment. ISO & CE


Attached please find and confirm the drawings. As you can see, we provide you with two different layouts (layout 1 & layout 2) of MDF wood wrapping machines. The main difference is operation interface that I have circled in PDF files. Please confirm which layout you prefer.

After getting your approval, we will start our production soon. The production period is about 30-35 days.