LLDPE Stretch film and shrink wrap film manufacuter

Automatic stretch wrapping machine www.fhopepack.com

door packing machine

Assists in keeping shipments safe and sound

Shields your storage place stock from dirt, dust and moisture.

Self-adhering, higher-tensile-strength film clings to itself. No requirement to use adhesive tape or heat closing.

Made in the The far east

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Business office Depot  Company Stretch wrap Film, 20″ by 1000′ Roll, Very clear Product # 445013

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Workplace Fhopepacl Brand Stretch Place Film, 20″ x 1000′ Roll, Very clear

$ 20 .59 / each

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Office of stretch film Company Stretch Place Film, 20″ by 1000′ …(10)

Workplace with  Brand Stretch Place Film, 20″ by 1000′ …

$2059 / each and every

Workplace Depot? Company Stretch Cover Film, 5″ by 1000′ R…(8)

Office Depot? Brand name Stretch Cover Film, 5″ by 1000′ R…

$1529 / each and every

Cost for two items : $35.88

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Helps keep deliveries safe and sound

Protects your storage place supply from moisture, dirt and dust.

Personal-adhering, high-tensile-power film clings to by itself. No need to use tape or heat closing.

Made in the United statesA.

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Merchandise Information

Product #445013

OfficeMax #25187397

Maker #32007-OD

name brandBusiness office Depot

supplierSwinton Method Trading Ltd., Inc.


size20″ by 1,000′

packing materials sortstretch out film

different supplierMinority-Possessed Enterprise; Business

shadevery clear


grade listuniversity

Stretch film for pallet load wrapping

stretch film
stretch film, LLDPE FILM


We provide you with a diverse stretch film of security options in areas that vary from the customer packaged items marketplace, to medical and private care, to industrial use. Our ability to go over the expectancy of consumers and customers is related to our designers in depth product and film industry information along with the information of stretch film industries and product or service application form obtained by way of our tactical acquisitions.

We produce various deterioration control and prevention film package that include the types of cathodic defense, self-recovery deterioration avoidance and closing, tape-based defense, heat shrinkable technological innovation, and water securing. Seal off For Years Businesses is a significant player and partner across quite a few market place industries and sectors. The quality stretch film allows us to take on a continuous selection of complex and fascinating obstacles in deterioration insulation, waterproofing and prevention.




Stretch film for pallet load wrapping

stretch film
stretch film, LLDPE FILM

Stretch film Data:

Materials: 100% LLDPE

Fullness: 7-80micron

Duration: under 6050m

Size: 3-210cm

Tensile strength: 20*50mpa

Elongation at break: 210%-500%

Angle tear power: 110-160N/millimeters

Tackiness: 3.1N/cm

Color: black, blue, yellow, green, white and red clear for alternative.



1, the PE stretch film could be imprinted for many kinds of colors, and may be published colors by customer’s ask for.

2, the film could be published numerous sort of styles and client’s emblem

3, it can be covered with PP nonwoven

Item feature

Excellent normal water evidence efficiency

Select actual physical work

Non-harmless, tasteless and toxic to human being

Extremely gentle and silk hands sensing

Outstanding pringting performance


PE stretch film is certainly one specific practical film dependent of PE Resin with surface

Treatment (Extinction). With Specific molding skillfullness, PE film have the specific

Actual performance and also the specific surface area and coming in contact with sense of

smoothly, gently and Soft.


Dough sheeter and dough sheeter machine

dough sheeter and dough sheet making machine




dough sheeter

and dough sheeter machine




It  is a high-performance mechanical dough sheeter for food factory, hotels, canteen, restaurants, pizza house , and bakeries shop with large quantity dough sheet making.

A. Dough sheeter Specification

Model Automatiac dough sheeter
Product Weight 50– 20g
Power 380V  3P   1.20KW
Machine Weight 280kg

Machine size


Dough Sheeter Machine

* The dough sheeter is adjustable for sheet with different width and thickness.

* The dough sheeter machine using sensor induction system for high speed and pricise production.

* The equipment can keep consistency sheet in weight,size reduce the molding error.

* Stainless steel structure design and is very easy to clean.

The dough sheeter quality are the same as our high-quality food making machine products. The 60% market share in China shows the successful production of dough sheeters. It was base on our unique combination of expertise and experience in designing and manufacturer. Our dough sheeters will benefit your in day and day sheet production. As a manufacturer, we are capable providing customize solution per your sheet making requirement.

Encrusting machine and food forming equipment

automatic encrusting machine and filling machine
automatic encrusting machine and filling machine


This encrusting machine will encapsulate the satisfying and form every person item to the appropriate dimension and form condition.

This machine is simple to operate, clean, assemble and maintain.

Changing different creating moulds allows different goods to be made

Components that are in contact with the product are made of meals safety and sanitation normal stainless steel steel and plastic.

Filling method can also work with mince small, vegetable, meats and cheeses chunky substances.

Filling item measurements should be no greater than .8 by .8 cm.

This machine can proficient to different types money from all of-objective flour, higher gluten flour, semolina flour, corn flour, and other sorts of starches.

The mdough thickness and satisfying quantity are changeable in encrusting machine.

Items made from this ecrusting and foring machine have been steamed, fried, boiled and baked.

orbital stretch wrapping machine & strapping machine for MDF Panel



Automatic Strapping machine
Automatic Strapping machine
Automatic Strapping machine
Automatic Strapping machine
PET strapping machine
PET strapping machine for pane


Many thanks for your answer and for the information.

Although they have decided to postpone the project, do you know if they have analyzed the offer? Do you receive their feedback about the technical and commercial aspects of the offer?

Your answer will be highly appreciated.


Dear Xabier,

We heard from our customer that the project was delayed. If there is any development, we will get back to you.

Kind regards,


Dear Alfred,

Have you got any development in the project for MDF panels? When do you expect you can take a decision about the strapping machine?

Best regards,


Dear Mr. Xabier,

Thanks for your talk with me. I am sorry I was at the workshop when you were calling me. I cannot hear you clearly. I mistook you as our another customer.

I am sorry. Actually we are still working on it with our customer. We will take our final decision according to the project situation.

We are also very busy these days. Thanks for your help.

Your sincerely,


Dear Mr. Alfred,

According to the conversation we had by telephone you told me that next week, on Monday, you will send me the contract for the automatic strapping machine. Is that correct?

Best regards,


Dear Mr. Alfred,

First of all sorry for delay sending the offer but we are very busy during these days.

Attach to this e-mail I send the offer 1227/16 for the supply of #1 Automatic Strapping Machine for PET strap with introduction of wood battens, cardboards and strapping table with rotary system. To elaborate the offer we take into account all your specifications mentioned by e-mail. Also with the offer I send the drawings of the offered solution.

If you have any question about the submitted offer, please feel free to contact with us.


Para: x.artieda
CC: talleres; vincent
Asunto: Re: RE: strapping machine for MDF Panel

Dear Mr. Xabier,

How are you! Could you tell me the estimated cost of this machine first? Many thanks.

Kind regards,


Subject: RE: RE: strapping machine for MDF Panel

Dear Alfred,

Many thanks for your prompt reply. We have all the information in order to proceed with offer.

Please be patient with the offer, during these weeks we have many commitments, but as soon as we prepare the offer we will send it to you.

Best regards,


Dear Xabier,

Thanks for your quick response. The following is our reply:

· How is the MDF panel placed in the strapping position and how is evacuated?

The product is delivered to the packing line auomatically using conveyors.

· Does the strapping machine need to be movable and the package is in a fix position or the package is movable and the strapping machine is in a position?

We prefer movable package and the strapping machine in a position.

· They require PET strap, but which size of strap (16, 19, 25, 32mm)?

Strap width : 16 – 19 mm Thickness : 0.8 to 1.3 mm

· Which is the production flow of the customer (Package/hour)?

Strapping speed (packing) : 25 to 30 packages per hour

· Maxium weight of package

Weight of packages : Range from 600 kgs. to 2.400 kgs.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks.


Dear Alfred,

Many thanks for sending a new inquiry.

Yes, we have an automatic strapping machine for MDF panel that can meet with the requirement of the customer. But in order to elaborate the offer I need the following information:

  • How is the MDF panel placed in the strapping position and how is evacuated?
  • Does the strapping machine need to be movable and the package is in a fix position or the package is movable and the strapping machine is in a position?
  • They require PET strap, but which size of strap (16, 19, 25, 32mm)?
  • Which is the production flow of the customer (Package/hour)?

Awaiting to your kind reply.

Best regards,


Dear Sir,

How are you! We are now looking for a kind of automatic stretch wrapper & strapping machine for one customer.

Strap material : PET


MDF Panel Size:
Length= 2440 mm
Width=1220, 1530, 1830 and 2150 mm

See the attachement for details. Do you have some machine to meet the needs?

Kind regards,



new emcrusting machine developed by food machine

Automatic Encrusting Machine
Automatic Encrusting Machine
CA is the new emcrusting machine developed by PROFESSIONAL TEAM for the production of packed shortbread biscuits. Because of its construction in stainless steel and aluminium, MAGICA is actually a solid and trustworthy machine. The engines at variable pace and also the many equipment make achievable producing a variety of biscuits with product or jam filling. 


Metal, stainless steel and aluminium structure, assembled on wheels

Stainless-steel panelling amd structure parts.

Dough extruder with two toothed rollers at adjustable velocity

Pump motor system equipment kind for satisfying at varied speed

Shuttingslicing gadget 1-row shutter kind at variable pace and Goods electric outlet belt at variable pace

Auto discharging in the items on trays by retractile belt program. Auto modification of the quantity of lines as well as the phasing from the goods discharging on to holder and Containers conveyor in stainless steel and aluminium with adjustable standing up ft and trays piling device

Max production: 3800 pieces/hour -Electro-pneumatic

operating: 220V 60Hz

Electrical n: 1.5 kW

The machine special inteams:
Flexibility: without or with some optional accessories which is a variety of items can be recognized;

Simplicity of use and maintenance: because of a basic manage panel with a multifunction show;

Foods hygiene and safety: encrusting machines created with no edges or “lifelessfactors and in accordance with the rules in force 

concerning the use of materials in touch with meals stuff; possibility of complete or partial disassembly from the components for cleaning;

Steady technical modernizing: testing and use of more and more powerful and reliable electronic parts and 

continuous improving of the technicians. Designs expecting the regulations concerned with machinery for handling meals 

things and with basic safety gadgets.

orbital pallet stretch wrapper &spiral wrapper

Orbital stretch wrapper for panel and tray
Orbital stretch wrapper series
Thanks for your inquiry about our pallet wrapping machine.
Attached please find a quotation of our pallet wrapping machine. And you can get machine features and technical data in the quotation clearly. After going through it, please let me know if you have any questions.
We got the motor vibrator last Saturday. Attached please find some photos for reference.
Note: This silver one (cooper) is better than the orange one (aluminum) which I sent a picture to you before. The model and function are the same. Please don’t worry. The only difference is the material of shell, cooper VS aluminum.
Additionally, as you can see in a pic, there is a dent on the cover due to transportation. If you don’t mind it, we can arrange the delivery within today or tomorrow. Or else, we will require the supplier to change a new one. It will cost about 2-3 days. Please let us know your idea.
FYI: The packaged motor vibrator is about 7KG.