Pre-stretch rate of the stretch film

stretch hood film
stretch hood film

Portion of Stretch film on the Fill: Here is the ultimate Per cent of stretch calculated in the load. A mixture of the % of

prestretch and also the amount push-to-load (secondarytension and stretch, and so forth). REMEMBER, minus the correct force-toload,

the ultimate dimension could be lower than what you are anticipating.

Possible solutions to not having the anticipated % of stretch on the load :

You might not be getting a genuine reading. When you make a single tag around the roll of stretch film, the label could be put on the stress

too soon and before all the proper settings are reached. Do you have a “legend wheel”? A legend wheel will continue to tag the

film because it rotates allowing you to measure afterwards inside the routine making sure all options have been achieved.

Ensure that you have adequate force-to-fill to keep the % of prestretch after the film foliage the carriage.

Check the “film pressure hold off” environment. Change to and see if that changes the % of stretch on the load. This establishing delays

the force-to-fill for X number of turntable revolutions. If established too high (too many turntable revolutions) it is feasible

the essential force-to-weight to retain the % of prestretch will not be becoming placed on the marks that reach the load.

Possessing completed the aforementioned and you may not have the expected % of stretch on the load using the wanted film with the appropriate

level of push-to-fill for your application, consider transforming the sprocket ratio to some higher prestretch percentage.

Stretch film information

stretch film
stretch film, LLDPE FILM


Industry vocabulary:

1) Portion of Stretch: 10″ to 30″ is 200%, etc, if you stretch 10″ of film to 20″ that is 100% stretch.

2) Portion of Prestretch: This is actually the maximum % of prestretch that the film carriage is tailored for supply.

Be aware: The % can be decreased even before the film leaves the film carriage by a variety of reasons.

– surroundings, background temperature, dampness, etc

– film density

– kind of film…cast, blown, one-sided hang on, and so on

– situation of prestretch rollers

The above mentioned good reasons can deal with almost every existing application but this is correct for all film carriages. Take for example

cast film as being a achievable reason for lowered Percent of prestretch  film departing a film carriage. The bulk of film being utilized nowadays is

cast but you can find a large number of different cast motion pictures. Some differential and one-sided hang on cast movies have very

tiny “stick” and will fall on the pre-stretch  film rollers. Some cast film recipes produce an incredibly powerful film plus it requires

more hard work to stretch the film. Other cast movies acquire more than usual “film recovery” so that you drop some prestretch Percent

when the film simply leaves the carriage (see under).

Our Super Quick Line II film carriage using its unique threading approach and a lot more film-to-silicone roller get in touch with is

designed to provide the best results for the various sorts of movies and varied applications however the final results

are relying on the range of factors in the above list.

3) Force-To-Weight (secondary stretch or pressure): This modification is usually found on the encounter from the management panel and

manages how much extra stretch is released after the prestretched film foliage the carriage. Considering that the fill needs to

move in the film to increase the Per cent of stretch, lighting lots will demand really little or no push-to-weight.

Essential: The pressure-to-weight setting is critical to maintaining the Percent of prestretch. If the prestretched film foliage

the carriage at 200% it wants to go back to its original shape before it is applied to the load. We call this film recuperation,

come back, rubberized music group aspect, etc. if there is no or little force-to-load being applied because you are wrapping light loads

the 200% may be reduced considerably by the time the film actually reaches the stress. If you have a 200, this means that even%

tailored film carriage you may actually calculate something significantly less when determining the Per cent of stretch in the load. You require X

quantity of force-to-load to support the 200 Per cent prestretch. The stretch film from Fhopepack is changeable according to the application.

stretch hood film
stretch hood film

There is stretch hood film available from Fhopepack per your packaging requirement

ขดลวดท่อ เครื่องตัด coil wrapping machine

hose wrapping machine
hose wrapping machine, pipe coil wrapping machine, garden hose packing machine
My friend.
Please let me know what function in automatic packing line required. It is too difficult to give you a price since i don’t konw your requirement in packinag.
I had share drawing and video shows the semiauto and automatic solution.
The price for total automatic solution is upto $800,000 which is a project.
For semiauto solution, i still need to know what is the packaging goal required.
Can you discrib the handling process you are looking for from sliting line to coil care, turnstile…pallet, stacking, ขดลวดท่อ เครื่องตัด …
hose wrapping machine pipe wrapping machine coil wrapping machine hose coil wrapping machine

FPH200 Hose wrapping machine

FPH-300 Hose wrapping machine FPH-400 hose wrapping machine  FPH-500 hose wrapping machine

Stretch hood film for pallet packaging requirement

Whether you are wrapping a pallet

of bare normal water bottles or two loads

of concrete totes, stretch hood

technologies supplies the most comprehensive

advantages when in comparison

to other kinds of pallet unitization

techniques. The Dow Chemical substance

Organization, with its extended, productive

historical past in film, provides a lot more

compared to a single remedy. We use our

broad portfolio of plastics resins

and technologies to deliver formulations

customized to fulfill specific pallet

fill requirements.

The film is fed into a stretch hood machine,

which gathers the film; seals and cuts the very best

side; stretches it past the size of the load

to become wrapped; then draws the hood over the

weight. If the mechanical arms discharge the

film towards the bottom from the pallet, the film snaps

back – conforming towards the model of the burden

and in part wrapping underneath the pallet for

extra stableness.

This productive, totally automatic procedure offers

manufacturers, logistics organizations, and

stores a range of benefits more than other pallet

wrapping techniques – from prospective price

material and savings managing conveniences

to item display options as well as other

value-incorporating advantages.

Logistics administration

and weatherability

Stretch hood film machines can churn out much more

than 100 pallet loads hourly – compared to

approximately 60 plenty each hour for stretch

wrap. Furthermore, a single roll of stretch hood

film is perfect for 800 to 1200 pallets, with a

roll alter each and every 5 to 12 several hours. Through

comparison, one roll of stretch place is

typically good for roughly 150 pallets, with

a roll change every single a few hours. Increased

throughput and fewer downtime equals the

potential for greater efficiency.

An additional crucial benefit from stretch hoods is

five-sided safety, which greatly reduces

the potential risk of injury to items as a result of weather.

With excellent close off power, the best part of

each stretch hood is closed to ensure products

stay dried up and also to offer security towards

super-violet radiation. This provides merchants the

capability to produce much more in-store floor area

by keeping much more goods exterior – even

dampness-delicate products like cement bags.

Because of excellent packag in additione

reliability (that will be discussed in the next

portion), pallets using stretch hood place offer you

improved transport stableness and stackability.

pallet wrapping and packing machinery

Building a Choice-A glance at stretch film packing mathod

Let us consider a close look at unitizing natural items. Refreshing goods drop

their value quickly as their quality and appearance decrease. Protecting item

profits and investment depend on what will happen during shipment and packaging.

The further items journey, the more important breathability and balance become.

Breathable, secure pallet wrapping is important to safeguarding product worth

and expense.

In the unitizing options that provide breathability, by far the most useful is

roped stretch film. Precisely roping stretch film because it exits the film carriage creates

an extremely elastic and strong group that, when twisted round the weight,

produces breathing spaces. Roping provides cost-effective open airflow all through

the load and keep and frequently increasing stableness. Roping the film also increases

general strength from the stretch film, which can lead to less film splits

and a rise in efficiency during creation.

Lacks the ability t, though mesh or netting provides the benefit of free airflowo

pre stretch around traditional machine quality stretch cover film. Netting is

generally used firmly making use of post-stretch/key brake carriages. This post-stretch

method results in utilizing a substantially bigger quantity of film and a significant decrease

in overall weight reliability.

Stretch wrapper End of Line – Roping for Breathability White colored Papers

, when removed, it tend,. That’s another significant drawback with nettings

to deal into blow and balls across the location, potentially getting entangled

in raise truck tires as well as other devices, leading to pricey damage.

Perforated polyethylene stretch film with reduce or punched perforations supply

the tension advantage of pre-extended film and easy airflow. However, perforations-

according to their dimension-reduce the film’s keeping power and regularly

need much more wrapping or even a heavier gauge film. Because perforations

make up just a portion of the film size, the amount of breathability for perforated

motion pictures is not as high as with roped film, which supplies a lot more open area for


On a cost-per-fill netting, perforated and basis film may cost nearly several

instances around roped regular pre-extended cover film.

A less frequent option is the effective use of clear stretch adhesive tape inside a pattern

that secures a pallet weight while allowing airflow by means of it. The clear 1? –

inch adhesive tape substitute does not offer the suppleness of pre-stretched film and as a

result equivalent holding stress on the fill. The quantity of tape required for

to adequately safe organic and natural pallet loads pushes price greater.

The process of roping standard stretch cover film has been shown with

numerous goods to provide superior airflow and load balance as the steering clear of

prospective greater sum total of employing specialized movies or tape. Stretch wrapping with less heavy

measure film compared to what is usually necessary for regular pallet wrapping can further

minimize expenses and allow packers to standardize their film supply.

stretch film wrapping machines


Most pallets package may be efficiently and effectively protecting unitized by high performance

stretch film wrapping machines. In reality, it is standard equipment for most businesses

worldwide which want to unitize and safeguard their pallet package in stocking and throughout transport.

Some kinds of items, nonetheless, existing special problems?asuch as organic and natural

products, developing materials, along with other heavy or volatile lots.

Natural products including fresh-selected vegetables and fruits have to vent

stretch film
stretch film, LLDPE FILM

naturally-occurring gases throughout transportation and storage to preserve freshness

and appearance. This breathability limits weight-loss caused by product

shriveling helping ensure general high quality items from industry to grocery.

To keep up ventilation, organic and natural items are usually stuffed in vented cases or

trays. The challenge comes along with how to unitize complete pallets of organic goods in

a way that keeps sufficient air flow flow and stability through storage space and

carry. Prevents free ai, although full wrapping with stretch film provides stabilityr

flow. Option strategies include implementation of mesh or netting, vented film or

roped pre-stretched film. Each and every offers varying degrees of breathability and load

stability. Only roped stretch film provides the mixed advantages of ideal fill

safety and breathability, while providing significant financial savings and easy


Building supplies, such as bricks and cement obstructs, demand a approach

with significant keeping capability to maintain balance throughout transport, in addition to

one that shields goods from chipping, cracking or busting. Total wrapping

with stretch film provides good protection from cracking and chipping, but requires

substantial amounts of film to secure a load. Alternatives incorporate metallic or

plastic material strapping, wire, and roped, pre-stretched film. Strapping and wire offer

good strength, but have greater potential to cause product damage during shipping.

Automatic stretch film provides the necessary packaging mathod which is durability for loadstability and security. It has good protection from damage, while delivering considerable cost savings and opeartion in simplicity of software.

door shrink wrap packing machine

door shrink wrap packing machine
door shrink wrap packing machine


There are several type Door packing mathod:

a. Door shrink wrap machine

b. Door wrapping machine

c. Door turntable wrapping machine


Fhopepack is capable provide above solutions for your door.


Door feeding from production line>>>Door aligning>>>Door stacking >>>door stacking making layer by layer>>>Shifting bundle to conveyor >>>Door stack strapping (optional)>>>Door stack out feeding.

stretch film for pallet packing for USA


We have been talking with the customer for OR project and there are some changes we have to take into account: · The min/max width of the wire coil will be 400/1100mm. · The stretch film material to wrap has to be as following. Firstly the customer wants to introduce paper kraft and secondly stretch film. But sometimes wants to introduce only the stretch film so the wrapping machine must be able to do this. · The rest of the specifications remain the same. In the case you need further information about the project do not hesitate to contact with us.


stretch film
stretch film, LLDPE FILM


Thank you for your prompt reply very much. Since the smallest ID is 165mm, it is great. We will consider the pressure on rollers for leaving no marks on your components when designing.
Attached please find the revised technical data of coils for this Stretch film wrapping machine based on your new information. Once we finish final design of the machine, I will send it to you for your approval.

Stretch hood film for lachenmeier



Stretch hood film
stretch hood film manufacturer in China

chinese stretch hood machine

For our stretch hoode machine,it is only for domestic market now. Because after service is easy to do in China.
For oversea market, we are offering STRETCH HOOD FILM and it work perfect for lachenmeier,bocedisrl,MSK…
It is only for domestic market now. Because after service is easy to do in China.
For oversea market, we are offering STRETCH HOOD FILM and it work perfect for lachenmeier,bocedisrl,MSK…
Welcome to contact with me for further information.


Thanks for your reply .
Our coil weight will be 1000 kg – 5000 kg pl indicate this stretch hood machine GD 800 is suitable for this ?

—Yes, it works
What will be the civil work required for foundation of machine ?

—–Not foundation required
What is the total dimensions of machine -Length, width and height .

—Rougly: 3000x2500x3000mm
Is there any machine which also do strapping after wrapping?? If yes pl indicate .

—Yes, strapping tool
What will be the production rate is we consider average 3500kg weight of the coils ??

What is the total delivery period after PO??





VCI stretch film for aluminum coil packing

Aluminum coil stretch wrapper,coil wrapping machine
Aluminum coil stretch wrapper,coil wrapping machine by VCI stretch FILM


The picture show the case for aluminum master coil wrapping by through eye coil wrapping machine made in China.


This is automatic kind vci stretch film wrapping for moisture protecting package.




Attached please find the quotation of our horizontal coil wrapping machine ZC200 with VCI stretch film. You can get our machine features and technical data in the quotation clearly. After going through it, please let me know if you have any queries.
Note: Due the minimum ID of coil is 150mm, the packing tape should not be wider than 50mm. Or else, ring with tape storage rollers can not go through the coil ID smoothly.

Regarding the point that in your factory you only have white stretch film, before the acceptance of the offer, as you will understand, we must have the assurance that the machine will work with the blue stretch foil because otherwise we cannot accept the order.