Rubber pipe packing machine and wrapping machine video


Rubber pipe packing machine and wrapping machine video works for rubber hose, hydraulic hose packing, PE corrugated pipe packing, HDPE pipe wrapping…


This is a kind of coil wrapping machine with ring speed 100r/min. Packing speed 20-30 sec per pcs.

PC wire packing machine video


It is a PC WIRE packing machine video, which works for PC STAND wire coil packaging.

Trolley for loading and unloading in packaging to handling the heavy wire coil.

Cardboard box door packing machine



The video is the solution to get rid of following packing problem caused by film packaging:

Customer’s feed back:

Thank you for your mail , the size of the doors is 650 mm to 1220 mm in width X 1950 mm to 2440 mm in length . Thickness is from 32 mm to 50 mm . Weight is 25 kg to 65 kg .
Also , currently we are using a film which we apply manually , we need your machine to use the same film as it is a glue film and does not come off easily .
It is able to get rid of the above problem for custome looking for an automatic packing solution for nice door packaging.
Hope the door packing machine is able get rid of the problem to increase our packing speed.

Orbital stretch wrapper and horizontal wrapper price


Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile


Good morning.


These two sealing systems with orbital stretch wrapper are different for you choosing.

Sealing machine 1: $36000. This sealing system can only cover both ends of the bundle.

Sealing machine 2: $7900. This sealing system covers the whole bundle from head to tail end.

Compared with sealing machine 2, Sealing machine 1 needs two sealers for sealing bundle head and tail ends respectively. It is much more sophisticated on design, mechanism, control, etc.


Regarding covering the bundle with kraft paper, it is difficult. Normally, the film is sealed and welded by heat. Though we can come out a solution to do it, the machine price will be high. Perhaps, you can make some small bags and bag both ends manually before wrapping.


Please feel free to contact us for anything.


Best regards,



主题: RE: RE: Wrapping machine request


I was thinking in the prices you gave me about both sealing systems with orbital stretch wrapper and I am quite confused because there is a big difference between both systems. In the first system (cover the ends of the bundle) costs 38.000$ and the second system of orbital wrapper (cover whole bundle) costs 7.500$. So please confirm that is that way and there is no any misunderstanding from my side.

Regarding the kraft paper the wrapping machine can cover the tail and the end or the whole bundle with this material?


orbital stretch wrapper for panel
orbital stretch wrapper for panel



Orbital wrapping machine for panel with profile

Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile

Many thanks for sending the offer. I suppose that the bar bundle orbital wrapping machine can choose automatically with which type of material can wrap or has the possibility to use both materials at the same time.

Another point to take into consideration is that, will be any problem with the wrapping material when the bundle is stopped to perform the strapping? I want to say that for example if it is going to lose any force or the material is not going to be as fix as it should be.

To calculate the prices, do you take into account the Profibus connection or the Automatic panel wrapper? Or I have to add the price you mention me in a previous e-mail?

Could you send a video of the application, or just of the sealing system?

The prices we quoted are FOB SHANGHAI. Regarding shipment for panel wrapper, you can ask your local forwarder to deal with it; Or we can confirm with our forwarder about the shipping cost and then quote you CIF OR CFR XXX port, Romania.

corrugated pipe coil and hose packing machine




You can find corrugated pipe coil and hose packing machine from Fhopepack.




Please be kind making us a quotation, we need coil wraping machine, for a PE CORRUGATED PIPE COIL. Data sheet attached.

High 900 mm

Diameter 1200 mm

The packing material is stretch film (LLDPE FILM).

Please let us know the quotation as soon as possible.






Glad to receive your inquiry.
Learning from your information for corrugated hose packaging rrequirement,we are capable providing several type packaging solution both semiauto and automatic.
Vertical coil packaging:
Horizontal wrapping:
Autoamtic coil packing:
Base one my experience, the machine suitable for your packaging requirement may be following:
Before offering a quotation i’d liket to know the information following:
1. What is the Min&Max. OD, ID and Width
2. What is your packaging material, such as stretch film, paper…?
Waiting for your reply.

automatic Encrusting Machine

Automatic Encrusting Machine
Automatic Encrusting Machine
Automatic Encrusting Machine


ST-168 Automatic Encrusting Machine

Type ST-168 Automatic Encrusting Machine
Products weight 10-250g
 capacity 30-100pcs/min
Machine dimension 178*86*130CM
Power 1.3KW 220V (1P)

2,the automatic Encrusting Machine features:

ST – 168 Encrusting machine is a multi-function food filling and making machine which can automaticallyfilling stuffing packets into the product.  And filling the stuff into shape of ball, rod and strip shape.

The producing speed is upto 100pcs per minute (below 50 grams), whic is a high production speed for automatiac making baked cakes, biscuits, cookies and meat fish paste… Food processing prepared familiar with manual work.  Our technical team providing various device per your needs, such as: double filling device, powder spraying machine, solids device. All thess component is make user capable producing food with stuff into the tomato, chestnuts, egg yolk, strawberries…by  various special rotating mold, suc as twist roll, flower borders, etc.. It makes the products making with more diverse is taste and form. In addition, our company can customized all kinds of cake and devices for the consumer, and enhance the additional value of buying the machine for you

  1. The body is made of stainless steel material quality, the clean health.
    2. Use PC board control, convenient operation.
    3. The knife is point contact, not knife surface contact, can reduce the friction. To prevent the knife stuck phenomenon.
    4. A knife can avoid industry now cut out products up and down in the book.
    5. Cutting knife molding is impending knife molding mode.
    6. Have the top device, convergent more beautiful.
    7. The advantages of filling machine is a blend of Japan, the different face stirring strength differentiation, can satisfy the requirement of the customer to MianPi organization.
    8. Multi-functional encrusting & filling machine from Japan, can also add a triple filling device (powder), solids device, equipped with, such as secondary forming different by changing the moulds can make different pastries, and shapes of filling food.
    9. Single multi-purpose, can globular shape, rod forming, continuous rod shape.
    10. The fluctuation dusting device to prevent the face on the conveyor belt.

Third , advantages of automatic Encrusting machine
1. In view of the small products, the machine is in high making speed. It is a equipment suitable for flax potato a high grade product, skin filling ratio, size, length can be adjusted according different setting.

2. Easy to selects the import high quality materials, making with unique shape. Stainless steel make the cutter that is a long-term rapid operation state, operate freely. The special designing cutting device is able working for different size and shape food.
3. The food is very nice by our encrusting machine,  small space required for installation for save the factory.
4. The current market for special type of the hemp potato. Stretch hemp potato photos (seal and not seal) (cut and not cut in the shape of a) speed of satisfying customers’ needs, quantitative filling and uniform, skin smooth, rounded.
5. Filling of fish balls, meat balls, special models. Fish balls meatballs leather moisture content is higher, soft, hard to finalize the design, can be overcome

Fourth ,content of the products
Baking foods: moon cake, pineapple cakes, color twist roll, cakes, biscuits and double peak, open pizza, sun cake, Japanese fruit, cream biscuits, dry soft pie, pies, oil bag pastry, hemp agency, ox tongue bread, and cakes.
2. Class food: crystal bag, ice cream, hemp  department agency, red turtle fruit, glutinous dumplings, Yu circle, meat pies, mince pie, meatballs, meat, cheese cake, taifook, sesame balls.
3. There are many kind of products cam be makig by our encrusting machine such as fish paste food: hot pot, fish ball, crystal balls, eggs, fruit, fuzhou pill, ball, fish balls, meat balls, crystal dumplings


coil tilter for 10t mold copper and alloy stell


mold upender,tilter
mold upender,tilter

Thanks for the info.

Here you have more info about the coils we would be tilting / coil upender:

Max Coil OD: 65″
Max Coil width: 15″
Max loading capacity: 20,000 pounds



Dear Arturo,
Good day!
This is Tracy from Fhopepack Packaging Machinery Co.,ltd,a professional manufacturer of packing machines&handling machines for 18 years.
We have received your inquiry for the coil tilter.
Since I don’t know the size of your objects,I’m sending our coil tilter (for 10 tons’ loading) quotation for your reference.
If you have different coil size or requirement,the solution can be adjusted.
Please check attached quotation and kindly let me know your opinions.
Thanks and best regards,
Estimado Arturo,
¡Buen día!
Se trata de Tracy de Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., un fabricante profesional de máquinas de embalaje y máquinas de manipulación durante 18 años.
Hemos recibido su consulta para el volteador de bobinas.
Dado que no sé el tamaño de los objetos, que estoy enviando nuestro sistema de basculación de la bobina -10 (para la carga de 10 toneladas ‘) presupuesto para su referencia.
Si usted tiene diferente tamaño de la bobina o requisito, la solución puede ser ajustado.
Por favor, compruebe la cita adjunta y amabilidad de dejarme saber sus opiniones.
Gracias y un saludo,
Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile

Orbital stretch wrapper for hose, tyre, motor tray package

Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile
Following are email reply about how to wrap hose, tyre, tray by orbital stretch wrapper.
Reply of machine best price, delivery period of your email sent to you on last Satuday, have you received it?
After simulating your pipe coils’ packing effect by our engineer yesterday, the work ring will be easy collision with coil inner with regular design.
For regular pipe coil, hose, tyre package, min ID is 200mm. But your corrugated pipe coil ID is only 125mm. So there are some technical problem need to
solved for orbital wrapping.
In order to solve this techical problem of the orbital wrapper, we should open a new work ring mould and make a special design for it. Except this, the max film roll width can be used is 50mm,
max film roll OD is 70mm. In this case, for coils’ package, it needs to change packing film roll frequently. It is not economic.
Last time, the price i quoted you is with regular design. After complete considering your pipe coils’ specification and packing effect,
we need to make a special machine for you, best price of it is USD12, 580/set.
There is another kind of horizontal entire pipe coil wrapping machine maybe suitable for you, it is lower than orbital pipe coil wrapping machine. The pipe coil is full packed with this machine.
Attachment is the video of horizontal entire pipe coil orbital wrapping machine operation. If needed, quotation of this machine will be sent for you reference.
Any question, pls feel free to let me know.
orbital stretch wrapper for motor
orbital stretch wrapper for motor and gear

Orbital stretch wrapper inquiry reply

Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper for wooden, panel, profile
Question:  Thank you very much. Do you think we will have no problem to use this machines with chairs?
Dear Jose,
How are you?
It is no problem to wrap your chairs, tables and boxes with our big pallet wrapping machine. Our company is a professional manufacturer
of pallet wrapping machine more than 18 years in Shanghai, China. The pallet wrapping machine and orbital stretch wrapper are customized to meet different customers’ requirement.
As to your products, they are large, light and irregular. Based on this situation, we will make a big size turntable and machine frame accordingly. What’s more,
The machine will equipment with “top platen” device to fix and protect your products from out off turntable during package.
Attachment is the video of orbital stretch wrapper and pallet wrapping machine with top platen package for your reference.
big pallet wrapping machine top platen
Any question, pls feel free to let me know.
Best regards,