Aluminum packing line and coil upender


coil upender
Aluminum coil tilter and coil upender, Prfessional manufacturer

Technical Specifications
Material to be rolled
 Slab thickness range from 300mm to 720mm
 Strip width range from 600mm to 2200mm
 Strip gauge from 10mm to 3mm
 Coil weight up to 25 ton
 Rolling speed up to 480m/min
 Mill power up to10000kw
 Loading force up to 45000KN
Equipment Parameter
 AC frequency drive or DC drive for main motors and coiler motors.
 Electro-mechanical screw-down and fine hydraulic adjusting
 Thickness gauge
 Sectional lubrication and cooling spraying
 Positive and negative roll bending system
 Efficient roll brushes
 Universal foil rolling mills for the strip thickness range of 0.7 mm – 6 μm and low tonnages
 Foil roughing mills with strip thicknesses between 0.7 mm – 0.02 mm
Foil intermediate mills with strip thicknesses between 0.08 mm – 0.01 mm
Foil finishing mills with strip thicknesses between 0.05 mm – 0.006 mm
Technical Specifications
Material to be rolled
 Strip thickness range from 0.7m-2×0.006mm
 Strip width range up to 2150 mm
 Rolling speeds up to 1500 m/min
 Coil weight up to 25ton
Equipment Parameter
 Mill power up to 1500KW
 Loading force up to 8000KN
 Hydraulic AGC system
 AFC system for automatic flatness control
 Roll cooling systems
 Mill automation system

Steel tube packing and strapping machine
Aluminum tube packing and strapping machine

Tube packaging system manufactures twin roll continuous strip casters lines. A feasible and optimum process is suggested according to the needs of the customer. Tube system can offer horizontal or tilting designed continuous casting line.
Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster Line includes:
– Charging Car
– Melting furnace
– Holding furnace
– Launder Equipments
– Ti-bor Unit
– Degasser
– Filter Box
– Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster (Standard (VIG-S) or VIG Colossal Caster (VIG-C)



Aluminum coil packaging system for rolling mill

Rolling Mills
– Aluminum Cold Rolling Mills
– Aluminum Hot Rolling Mills
– Aluminum Foil Rolling Mills
 Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster
– Aluminum Continuous Caster
– Magnesium Continuous Caster
 Industrial Furnaces
– Melting Furnaces
– Holding Furnaces
– Annealing Furnaces
– Launder Equipments
– Charging Cars
 Modernization of the used equipment

coilmaster for aluminum coil
Aluminum coil stretch wrapping machine, aluminum packing machine

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COLD ROLLING MILLS: Aluminum Cold Rolling Mills the facilities to process material that has been processed by hot mill or continuous caster and following numerous rolling actions.Aluminum Group mainly involved in the many cold rolling mill modernization projects in Turkey and lately manufactured its own design cold mill at VIG Metal Kütahya Plant (4 hi Non-Reversible Cold Mill – W:1600)
Technical Specifications
Material to be rolled
 Strip thickness range from 8mm – 0.2mm
 Strip width range from 600mm to 2200mm
 Coil weight up to 25ton
Equipment Parameter
 Rolling speed up to 1200 m/min
 Rolling force 7000 – 20000 KN
 Reduction: 30% – 60%
 Mill power up to 5000KW
 AFC system for automatic flatness control
The commissioned its preused (Robertson 60” 1968) Hot Mill located in Plant. In order to modernize the line, a pinch-roll unit, coiler mandrel, belt wrapper and coil car has been added to the line. The total conveyor length is also increased. Aluminum coil manufactures hot mill with below specifications.

Orbital stretch wrapper for haevy load
Orbital stretch wrapper for haevy load

Aluminum coil packing system


coilmaster for aluminum coil
Aluminum coil stretch wrapping machine, aluminum packing machine

Aluminum coil Projects Division is designing, manufacturing, and installing metal processing machines, particularly focusing on aluminum processing. With over 30 years experience Aluminum coil packaging system has the knowledge on manufacturing of the rolling mills, twin roll continuous strip caster (for aluminum and magnesium), melting furnaces, holding furnaces, annealing furnaces, and as well as complete turnkey plant services mainly for aluminum flat rolled production plants. Also modernization and/or of partial equipment supply can be done for aluminum processing machineries.


Projects Division has its own project design office. The design is realized by a 3D CAD program. Critical designs’ solutions are approached by static and dynamic finite element analysis programs. The machine manufacturing plant is located in Gebze / Kocaeli which is only 50 km away from Istanbul.



Coilmaster for aluminum coil and copper coil

coilmaster for aluminum coil
Aluminum coilmaster, aluminum packing machine

Aluminum coilmaster:



a. Responsibilities of aluminum coil packing

–          Provides layout drawings.

–          Provides utilities; any request relating to the utilities may be solved depending on the technical possibilities.

–          Ensures the manpower necessary to install and commission the facility.

–          Ensures the laboratory tests in order to test the product quality in accordance with the requirements comprised in this document.

–          Provides transport means and lifting equipment.

–          Provides any other technical data necessary to design and install the facility.


b. Responsibilities of the supplier

–          The offered strip casting facility shall be state-of-the-art.

–          Provides complete technical documentation including detail engineering and list of components.

–          Offers technical assistance during the facility installation and product testing in order to ensure that the conditions specified in the layout drawings, the constructive conditions and performances requirements have been met.

–          Provides technical consultancy in the future, for any issue related to the casting facility and performance thereof.

–          Offers the list of spare parts codes with correspondent suppliers.

–          Further to the aluminum coil packing equipment erection, the supplier shall take part in the commissioning tests in order to ensure that the requirements of this document or any other document provided by the manufacturerand addressing issues of performances and constructive conditions have been met.

–          Provides training for personnel regarding the facility operation and maintenance.

Provides the list of references.


Big Aluminum coil stretch wrapper

Aluminum coil stretch wrapper,coil wrapping machine
Aluminum coil stretch wrapper,coil wrapping machine

More information:

g. Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster

able to provide aluminum coil stretch wrapper:

  • Casting capacity = min.20.000 t/y;
  • Casting of alloys listed under item III b (please see above);
  • Casting parameters set for different widths, alloys and thicknesses;
  • Cast strip shape characteristics:

–       Coil width: 800– 1800 (-0/+6) mm

–       Coil thickness:6,35 (-0/+0,04) mm

–       Longitudinal gauge variations over the coil length below +/-2%,

–       Longitudinal gauge variations over one roll revolution below +/-1%,

–       Cross profile between 0 and 1%, tilting between two edges limited to 1%,

–       Transversal flatness : 0,4 – 1%

–       Longitudinal flatness: 1 – 1,5%



No hollow centre is allowed.

  • Coil characteristics:

–    Coil outside diameter:max. 2000 mm

–    Coil inside diameter:610 ±10 mm

–    Coil shape: the coil obtained shall have a cylindrical shape. Edges shall be straight: 10 mm maximum wrap to wrap variation, 25 mm maximum coil telescoping (oscillation)


– Coils in the shape of barrel or wraps not winded uniformly shall not be accepted.   

–    Flat edges to reduce material loss and time for the edge cutting operation.

  • Chemical composition characteristics:

–       Uniform chemical composition in the entire cast strip section;

  • Uniform internal structure in the entire cast strip section: fine grain size shall be uniformly distributed across full transversal cast section on both sides

–       phases uniformly distributed;

–       smooth, clean and compact rolling surface

–       no segregations or minimum segregation and no grain size variation across strip centre line (very limited centerline segregation);

–       no hard phases;

–       no surface segregations;

–       low roughness and oxide level surface;

–       free of casting surface defects such as: protruding metal, cracks, lubricant or handling marks, corrosion, scratches or gouges severe enough to be apparent to the fingernail, visible dents, roll shell patterns etc.

  • uniform mechanical characteristics across full cast strip section, in terms of:

–       elongation

–       yield point

–       tensile strength



Aluminum coil packaging system with strapping machine


aluminum coil stretch wrapper
Aluminum coil packing machine, aluminum coil stretch wrapper


a. Melting furnace

  • Capacity: 40 tons;
  • Pieces: 1;
  • Tiltable;
  • Automatic burners control system depending on the metal bath temperature;
  • Metal bath temperature reading and monitoring equipment;
  • Gas fired;
  • Combustion – burner system able to provide:
  • Packaging material: stretch film, VCI film

–          low fuel consumption;

–          melting rate ensuring the casting flow;

  • Gas/ fumes exhaust hood;
  • Door sealing system.


b. Holding/ casting furnace

  • Capacity: 20 tons;
  • Pieces: 2
  • Tiltable;
  • Combustion – burner system able to provide low fuel consumption;
  • Automatic burners aluminum coil packaging system control system depending on the metal bath temperature;
  • Gas fired;
  • Door sealing system.

Note: items a) and b) will be decided by the suppliers in order to ensure the maximum productivity of the strip continuous casters


c. Transfer launders system

  • Lined with good insulating material.
  • Consisting of removable sections for easy maintenance/ repairing.
  • Covered to ensure temperature uniformity and to limit heat loss.


d. Grain refining system AlTiB

  • Automatic AlTiB wire rod infeed speed control


e. Liquid metal degassing system

  • Capacity and parameters able to provide H2 = max.0,15ml/100g liquid in the cast strip, when measured with Alscan


f. Filtering system

  • Filter box lined with good insulating material, made of sections and covered
  • Cover fitted with filter heating equipment
  • Filter parameters able to provide a maximum inclusions level of 0,05 mm2/kg in the cast strip, when measured by Podfa method.

aluminum coil packing by stretch film and VCI film


aluminum coil stretch wrapper
Aluminum coil packing machine, aluminum coil stretch wrapper

More information:


c. Facility components

The strip casting facility shall comprise the following components:

  • Charging machine
  • Melting furnace
  • Holding/ casting furnaces
  • Metal transfer launders system
  •  Grain refining system AlTiB
  • Liquid metal degassing system
  • Liquid metal filtering system
  • Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster


  1. Twin Roll Continuous aluminum coil Strip Caster minimum requirements

Twin Roll Continuous aluminum coil  Strip Caster shall comprise the following components:

  • Casting housing (including tip table) with hydraulic gap control (AGC)
  • Tip and roll preheating equipment
  • Roll cooling system
  • Roll spraying system
  • Strip edge milling equipment
  • Pinch rolls
  • Travelling shear
  • Deflector roll unit
  • Threading tables
  • Coiler with push-off plate
  • Coil car for coil removal
  • Coil weighing equipment and aluminum strapping machine
  • Coil packaging equipment
  • High pressure and auxiliary hydraulic power units
  • Process control and SCADA system for aluminum coil stretch wrapper.
  • Metal temperature reading system before and after the solidification
  • No-contact liquid metal level control system, with ±1.0 mm accuracy
  • Traversing X-ray profile and thickness measurement gauge (optional)
  • Capacity to store the process parameters from the PLC to a data base.


The casting line shall be equipped with sensors and actuators monitoring and controlling the entire process in terms of: metal level, process/ water temperature, casting/ roll speed, pressure, metal level/ water flow, torque etc.

All the control/ monitoring/ regulation instrumentation shall be accompanied by their calibration certificates as per the applicable international standards.

aluminum coil stretch wrapper and packing machine

aluminum coil stretch wrapper
Aluminum coil packing machine, aluminum coil stretch wrapper

More information:


a. Overall layout size

The dimensions of the space available for the installation of the two facilities are:

L x l = 103.000 x 30.000 mm

b. Available utilities

Power network:                               380 V, 50 Hz

Natural gas network:                      Plant network pressure = 2 bar

Water:                                            Industrial water

Argon Station:                                   Network pressure = 6 bar

Chlorine:                                        Cylinder pressure = 200 bar

Compressed air:                            6 bar

Ambient temperature:             3 – 40°C



a. Charge  

The coils casting facility shall cast strip of aluminium and aluminium alloys produced from electrolytic metal + aluminium/ aluminium alloy strapping machine scrap, min 50% of the melting furnace capacity.


b. Types of alloy

The types of alloy intended to be cast on the facility are alloys of 1xxx, 3xxx, 5xxx, 8xxx series.


Alloy 1xxx 3xxx 5xxx 8xxx
1. 1050A 3003 5005 8006
2. 1100 3004 5050 8011A
3. 1200 3005   8079
4. 1235 3103    
5.   3105    


The chemical composition of these alloys observes the applicable international standards.



Aluminum alloy strip strapping and packging line


steel coil strapping machine
copper coil strapping machine, aluminum coil strapping machine






a. Overall layout size 3
b. Available utilities 3
a. Charge 3
b. Types of alloy 3
c. Facility components 3
d. Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster minimum requirements 3
a. Melting furnace 3
b. Holding/ casting furnace 3
c. Transfer launders system 3
d. Grain refining system AlTiB 3
e. Liquid metal degassing system 3
f. Filtering system 3
g. Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster 3
a. Responsibilities 3
b. Responsibilities of the supplier 3



we request the purchase and commissioning of two complete casting facilities for aluminium coil packaging line and aluminium alloys cast strips, with a minimum capacity of 20,000Mt / year for each.



The investment target is to purchase casting facilities able to provide:

  • Short technological flow;
  • Low CAPEX investment;
  • Low maintenance costs;
  • Low technological costs;
  • Low utilities consumption;
  • Short technological time;
  • Ease in switching from one type of product to another (product thickness and alloy)
  • Long service life
  • Stable process – constant product quality

Automatic aluminum coil strapping machine


automatic coil strapping machine
steel coil packaging line and strapping machine

Automatic aluminum coil strapping machine:

1 Buffer Loading Stations
2 Width and OD measurement
3 Weighment station
4 Indexing roll station for Manual Application of Layer (Spl type)
5 First & Second layer application by Auto ( Coil master) OR by manual (For Auto single station/ For Manual two stations – All are indexing rolls)
6 Buffer Station
7 Particle board Application – Indexing Roll (Auto/ Manual)
8 Top Sheet Application – Indexing Roll (Auto/ Manual)
9 Side disc Application/ID Sleeve application
10 ID and OD Circle Application/ Taping
11 Taping Application
12 Circum strapping
13 Eye Strapping
14 Label Application
15 Weighment station
16 Buffer Station – 4 nos


As we have big range of aluminum coil strapping machine, PE water and gas pipe, from 16-125 mm coils we would like to make packing on all diameters , so we need an offer for packing coils with the characteristics of coil:
1. Aluminum coil strapping packing machine for coil : ID of coil min 450 mm ,and OD of coil 1400 mm, and width of coil min 270- max 550 mm
2. Aluminum coil packing machine for coil : ID of coil min 1000 mm ,and OD of coil 3100 mm, and width of coil min 500- max 800mm