Iquiry for orbital stretch wrapper and coil transfer car


coil tranfer car in packing line
coil tranfer car in packing line


My name is Miguel Freire, I am the Technical Manager of Salta, Argentina.
We need the technical info & commercial terms of your Stretch Hood Pallet Packaging machines.
Please send me the info urgently.
We are manufacturer of PVC BRAIDED HOSE PIPES in india. We are interested in knowing your product “Automatic Cable Wrapping Machine”.
We request you to send us the details of orbital wrapper as well as the price for the same.

I would like to inform you that we are one of the biggest steel wire ,bonnell spring , bonnell spring units , pocket spring units ,zig zag spring producer on the Europe.

Orbital stretch wrapper
Orbital stretch wrapper

And we areEqare FPW 800 AND FPW 400

I would be glad if you inform us about the prices and more technical details of these orbital stretch wrapper machines .

Automatic orbital stretch wrapper or panel


Orbital stretch wrapper for panel
Orbital stretch wrapper for panel


Doyouneed EyeWrapping (or) Coil Wrapping?     Coil Wrapping


Materialofwhichgoodsaremade     Strip & Foil



Shape for orbital wrapping          ProfileB




OuterØmaximunD  1000                   mm            OuterØminimumD    300           mm InnerØmaximun  d  460                                 mm            InnerØminimumd      100         mm Width  Bmaximun    430                                mm           WidthBminimum          5    mm

Weightofcoil  max.   250                 Kg            Weightofcoil  min         4         Kg


WidthofpackagingmaterialB   75      mm           WidthofoverlapU  40     %  50     mm


DiagonalQmaximum                            mm          DiagonalQminimum                        mm



We are the manufactures of copper brass strip & foils in Rewari distt.
Haryana India we are looking for automatic coil wrapping machine for our
finish goods Please find attached file for our requirement
Actually we need horizontal wrapping machine with conveyer system. Coil comes
through conveyer from slitting line & wrap automatically by wrapping machine
one by one.


steel tube bundling and strapping machine
Steel tube packaging line with strapping machine

You are kindly requested to quote your best Price for supplying Pipe Tape Wrapping Machine to the above mentioned project in Kuwait.


1- Pipe Material: Ductile Iron

2- Pipe Diameter: 1600 mm

3- Tape Width: 225 mm

4- Type of Operation: Motor Operated

5- Quantity: ONE Machine

Please attach technical catalogue for the quoted machine along with the commercial proposal.

Your immediate reply will be highly appreciated.

Automatic Strapping machine for panel

PET strapping machine
PET strapping machine for panel

I would appreciate if you could send me all the specifications and costs of your Stretch Hood Machines and orbital stretch wrapper capable of covering beverage can pallets 2740H x 1420W x 1120L. I also require the thickness of the bags or film that would be necessary to use on the machine.

Please include best cost for the panel strapping machine, delivery time and commissioning cost.

Thanks and Regards,

Ally Nicoll,

Plant Manager,

orbital stretch wrapper ,spiral wrapper
orbital stretch wrapper

is an Italian Manufacturer of Packing Machines:


Please find here enclosed a short company profile showing some images of sectors where we are involved.

According to requests received from our customers, we would like to highlight the increasing interest in STRETCH HOOD TECHNOLOGY of companies working in all different sectors.

Wrapper’s STRETCH HOOD TECHNOLOGY does not use any gas to pack goods on pallet, allows to obtain a better aesthetically result on final packing and brings savings compared to traditional shrink hooding system.

I stay at your disposal for further information for orbital stretch wrapper.

Aluminum tube and coil packaging machine

automatic coil strapping machine
steel coil packaging line and strapping machine

Please quote the Packing machine
Coil width- 100- 500 mm.
ID-508 mm
Max OD- 1350 mm
Max wt- 5000 kg- 5Ton.

Orbital stretch wrapper for aluminum tube
Orbital stretch wrapper for aluminum tube


Having any distributor’s /dealer in Maharashtra, INDIA.?

Aluminum Continuous Strip Caster Line
Ǿ 1020 / 1750 Caster – Under construction
 TURKEY – Aluminum Continuous Strip Caster Line
Ǿ 660 / 1680 Standard Caster – Under construction
 VİG Metal Kütahya Plant – Aluminum Continuous Strip Caster Line
Ǿ 660 / 1680 Standard Caster – 2011
 IRAN / Aluminum Continuous Strip Caster Line
 660 / 1450 Standard Caster with Melting, Holding Furnaces – 2009
 TURKEY / Aluminum Continuous Strip Caster Line
 660 / 1450 Standard Caster – 2008
 VİG Metal Kütahya Plant – TÜBİTAK TURKEY
 Magnesium Continuous Strip Caster Line –  1120 / 1660 Colossal Caster – 2007
 NIGERIA Aluminum Continuous Strip Caster Line
 660 / 1680 Standard Caster – 2007
 TURKEY / Two (2) piece Aluminum Continuous Strip Caster Line Modernization
 New Pinchroll, shear, winder, coil car, spray system units – 2006
 TURKEY / Aluminum Continuous Strip Caster Line
 660 / 1660 Standard Caster – 2006
 SOUTH KORE A- Magnesium Continuous Strip Caster Line Project Participation
 620 / 675 Standard Caster – 2004
 TURKEY – Aluminum Continuous Strip Caster Line
 546 / 750 Standard Caster – 2002
 TURKEY / Aluminum Continuous Strip Caster Line
 660 / 1448 Standard Caster – 2001

Automatic hose coiling machine and pipe coiler

automatic coiler and strapping mcahine
Automatic hose coiling machine and pipe coiler

We are Spanish company, we are interested by automatic Shrinking machine with a quick film loading system like your model Board shrinking machine for Aluminum profile,….

the maximum packing size (mm) (L x W X H) is 6500 X 400 X 300 .

Can you send information and quotation ?


when the machine wrappe a copiers and reach to top , it stop beacuse it is done
But I want the top of the copier also be wrapped.
Do you already has a machine which does that? or need to develop one?


I represent pipe coiler Technologies in U.S.A. We produce many types of plastic ducts and hoses. We are interested in packing some of our product using this packing method. Please provide pricing and delivery for your FPH 300, FPH 400 and FPH 500 packing machines. Please be aware I do not plan an immediate order of a packing machine. I am only in planning phase of this project. The actual purpose of a orbital stretch wrapper packing machine will not be until 2nd half of this year.

Automatic pipe coiler and coil stretch wrapper

coilmaster for aluminum coil
Aluminum coil stretch wrapping machine, aluminum packing machine
 need an offer for one of your product , pipe  coiler and packing machine.
As we have big range of pipe coil, PE water and gas pipe, from 16-125 mm coils we would like to make packing on all diameters , so we need an offer for packing coils with the characteristics of coil:
1. pipe packing machine for coil : ID of coil min 450 mm ,and OD of coil 1400 mm, and width of coil min 270- max 550 mm
2. pipe packing machine for coil : ID of coil min 1000 mm ,and OD of coil 3100 mm, and width of coil min 500- max 800mm
Packing with stretch foil.
If you have solution for both option , please send me an offer and table with characteristics of the machine.
Best regards

This Request for Information(RFI) needs your prompt attention.
We have the following message for you:

automatic coiler and strapping mcahine
hose coiling machine and coiler

Dear sir:

according our call we are staying in hotel its phone. no. (021-589059555) room no.711

we are egyptian company for copper products it’s located in Egypt

we are producing copper rod 12.5mm a s coils its weight 2mt its purity 99.9% please check our catalogue

if you interested to buy it contact me to meet you through our staying in Shanghai and complete first transaction together

we can provide you with at lease 100mt monthly

also we can provide you with copper wire 3mm its purity from 95%to 98% weight of coil 300K.g


Automatic horizontal orbital stretch wrapper


trunking packaging machinery
automatic trunking packing machine

More information:


I represent the company Russkaya Trapeza – the supplier of food equipment in Russia.

At the moment we have the client who needs the horizontal packing machine for packing sunflower seeds. The picture of the product is in the attached file.

Please give me the price offer for doypack packing machine with zip-lock system. With multihead weighting doser.

The inquired speed is 40-50 packings.

The size of the bag is:

Width – 160 mm

Height – 240 mm

Width of bottom – 60 mm

Weight – 250 gramms

The client found himself the producer – model S260.

I do not know their price, but if we offer something cheaper, they will buy from us.

Do you produce such type of equipment in your company?

Can you please make me your best offer?

Orbital stretch wrapper for aluminum tube and staniless tube

Orbital stretch wrapper for aluminum tube
Orbital stretch wrapper for aluminum tube

more information:

Technical Specifications of Melting & Holding Furnaces
 Capacity between 15 -100 MT Melting and Holding furnaces
 For aluminum and aluminum alloy melting & holding
 Fuel: heavy oil, natural gas, electricity
 Regenerative burner
 EMS (Electromagnetic Stirrer) to improve melting rate and reduce the dross
 Porous plugs (RHI) for degassing.
 Dust collector to reduce environment pollution.



Annealing T are supplied for aluminum coil heat treatment processes. These heat treatment processes are done in controlled temperature and atmosphere environment. Indirect heating is done in the furnace by heated radial tubes. Recuperative burners are employed for heating radial tubes. Circulation fans distribute the temperature in the furnace uniformly and increases convection heat transfer coefficient. Turbulence flow is introduced at the sections where the aluminum coils are placed. These type furnaces have special charging cars again operating between different furnaces lined up.

Orbital stretch wrapper for aluminum tube

Technical Specifications of Annealing Furnaces
 Annealing furnace for aluminium coil and slab
 Annealing furnace for aluminum foil
 Protective gas annealing furnace for aluminum coil
 Type: inert gas protection, negative pressure degrease
 Fuel: electricity, natural gas
 High precision temperature constancy

Automatic Aluminum coil stretch wrapper and packaging system

Aluminum coil packing machine
Aluminum coil packing machine



Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster Equipment:
Motorized Tip Table: Positioning of tip is maintained during the casting operation, allowing flexible operation.
Twin Roll Continuous Strip Caster Rolls: Caster cores are specially treated to lower the corrosion and deformation in the grooves. After the shell and core are combined via shrink fitting; turning and grinding operations are performed on the caster rolls.
Graphite Spraying System: Fully automated spraying system can be offered if requested.
Pinch-roll, Flying Shear, Winder and Coil car units are manufactured in harmony with the caster line properties.
Edge Milling is offered to provide smooth edges of the strip which would reduce the edge trimming operation in other processes.


The furnaces produced are related to Aluminum profile packing Industry. For continuous strip casting, billet casting, slab casting or any other related aluminum casting operation manufactures Melting, Holding Furnaces. Annealing furnaces are manufactured for aluminum coil or foil heat treatment processes. Charging cars and launder equipments can be supplied as well.
Melting furnaces is where the ingots are melted for any casting operation. The burner capacities are high enabling 1,5 – 7 mton ingot per hour to be melted in the furnace. These furnaces can be stationary type or tilting type. The molten aluminum bath capacity of the furnaces that Factory manufactured has been up to 60 mtons. According to the preference of the customer, furnaces can be supplied with regenerative burners, cold air burners or duel-fuel firing burners from various burner manufacturers.
HOLDING FURNACES of the aluminum packing system:
Holding furnaces are where the molten aluminum is transferred for more controlled operation. Holding furnaces are not mandatory for some of the casting operations, for billet or slab casting, casting can be done from directly melting furnace. Aluminum alloying can be done in holding furnaces. In addition level control in the launder prior to casting can be controlled from the holding furnace. These furnaces can be as well stationary type or tilting type. In any operation that requires a fast and steady casting operation, tilting furnaces are preferred. According to the preference of the customer, holding furnaces can be supplied with various types of burners for various fuels available.

Aluminum tube packing line with strapper

automatic steel tube bundle packing line
automatic aluminum tube bundle packing line and strapping machine

more information:

Standard type continuous casters have 660 mm diameter rolls with split out gearbox and single drive motor. These types of casters have proved their reliability through the years and still perform well in means of power consumption and operation easiness. They also have smaller investment costs because of smaller diameter rolls and post sizes. Their drawbacks are that have slower casting speeds compared to the bigger rolled casters and the casted strip width is up to a limit.
– Caster Roll Diameter range: 600 – 660 mm
– Maximum strip width: 1650 mm
– Strip thickness range: Minimum 5 mm, maximum 10 mm.
– Casting speed range: 0,8 – 1,5 meter/minute (acc. to alloy)
– Aluminum alloys: 1XXX, 3003, 3005, 5005, 8011 series.
– Hydraulic gap control is available
– Edge milling is available
– Average casting speed up to1.5m/min


Colossal type continuous casters have higher roll diameters starting from 850 mm; mostly supplied at 960 mm. VIG manufactured Twin Roll Casters with up to 1120 mm diameter rolls. These type of casters are distinguished by the bigger caster rolls which are driven by planetary gearboxes and two separate motors. It is argued by many authorities that the strip quality from Colossal Twin Roll Caster is better from the strip quality of the Standard Twin Roll Caster because of the increase in hot rolling in the casting process.
Caster Properties:
– Caster Roll Diameter range: 850 – 1120 mm
– Maximum strip width: Can be designed up to 2200 mm by VIG.
– Strip Thickness range: Minimum 5 mm, maximum 10 mm.
– Casting speed: 1,6 – 1,7 meter/minute
– Aluminum alloys: 1XXX, 3003, 3005, 5005, 8011 series.
– Average casting speed up to1.5m/min
– Hydraulic gap control is available
– Edge milling is available