Automatic pallet wrapping machine


Automatic stretch wrapping machine for pallet for light and heavy pallet load packaging. It can be connect with strapping machine and palletizing equipment for online stretch film packaging. It is an online packaging system to connect with end of your production line.

More technical information:

1. Conveyor in the turntable.

2. Height level adjustable for different pallet

3. Pre-Stretch rate from 100%-200%

4. Wrapping reinforce and position adjustable by program.

5. Max loading upto 2000kg. for more information.


Stretch wrapper packing machine for coil

coilmaster stretch wrapper
Coilmaster stretch wrapper for steel coil protector packing

Solution 1

GS400 for all 5 items

The wrapping station could be movable. The heavy wire coil could be loaded and introduced on the roll base via electrical hoist. And the wrapping station moves to the working position for packing. It is easy to install. No installation pit is required.


Price: USD   FOB Shanghai

Solution 2

GD400 for all 5 items

Commonly it needs a installation pit. Like the photo below, the unloading roller is close to the ground. So do you accept digging a pit for this machine?


Price: USD  FOB Shanghai
Solution 3


For better wrapping effect, we suggest using two machines.

Use GS 300 for item 1, 2, 3, 4


Steel coil packaging machine
Steel coil packaging machine


For horizontal orbital wrapping Item 5, we recommend using GD400 like solution 2.


Price: USD