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Thank you for your mail.
This is Lily Liu to help you.

1) Horizontal flow pack machine:
According to your plotter’s specification, there are two solutions for you.
a. Shrink wrapper
Please see the picture of our shrink machine.

b. Flow wrapper
Please see the video of our shrink machine for your reference.

Besides, how about your packaging speed and which solution do you prefer?

2) Vacuum machine
It’s a pity that we don’t manufacture vacuum machine, while I would like to purchase it for you.

3) Pallet wrapping machine
Here I attach some pictures and video for you.

pallet wrapper with pre-stretch and top platen

pallet wrapper with top platen

pallet wrapper with wide film

Also, you have automatic and semi-auto pallet wrappers to choose. And, may I know your length, width, height and weight of a pallet? Like the below picture.

And, the newest freight is listed.

Look forward to your reply.
Thank you
Best regards,
Lily Liu

Dear Sir or Madam,

we are looking for three machine to pack our products. Below I am sending some details:

1) Horizontal flow pack machine:

– length of our product: between 297mm – 1400 mm
– diameter of our product: between 90mm – 180mm
– weight of our product: between 1kg – 13 kg

We would like to pack in for example polyetylene foil plotter reels (please see in the attachment how does it look – picture “plotter”)

2) We are looking for also two chamber vaccum machine to packing 3D printing filament on spool (please see in the attachment how does it look – picture “filament”)

-diemnsions: 20cmx7cm
-weight: 1 kg

3) Mchine to wrap the pallets in strech foil

Please for the offer, conditions of cooperation and freight costs do Poland (harbor on Gdańsk, Gdynia or in Szczecin)

波兰 格但斯克 拉丁尼亚 什切青
Kind regards



Bearing Packing Machine Solutions

Bearing packing machine

more information:


Bearing Packing Machine Solutions

According to the minimum& maximum bearing size already provided, we classified the bearings into four size range to be wrapped by four different machines independently. It’s for reference only at present; adjustment can be made based on the listed size range.

1. ZC200 Small bearing wrapping machine: (roughly $22000)
Bearing Height: 30-200mm
Bearing OD: 250-500mm
Bearing ID: 200-400mm

2. ZC200 Middle size bearing wrapping machine: (Roughly $29000)
Bearing Height: 30-200
Bearing OD: 500-900mm
Bearing ID: 300-700mm

3. ZC300 Middle size bearing wrapping machine: (Roughly $33000)
Bearing Height: 30-300
Bearing OD: 900-1400mm
Bearing ID: 600-1200mm

4.ZC400 Large bearing packing machine:Especially designed for large bearings: (roughly $35000)
Bearing Height 30-420
Bearing OD: 1400-1800mm
Bearing ID: 1200-1600mm


More orbital stretch wrapper information:

coil packaging and wrapping machine solution



steel,hose,wire,coil wrapping machine


Solution 1
Price: USD121,500 FOB Shanghai
GS400 for all 5 items

Item OD Inch ID Inch Width Inch Weight kg
1 23 14 10 100
2 30 22 6 100
3 32 19 10 250
4 25 18 5 100
5 41 31 16 500

The wrapping station could be movable. The heavy wire coil could be loaded and introduced on the roll base via electrical hoist. And the wrapping station moves to the working position for packing. It is easy to install and maintain.

Solution 2
Price: USD91,980 FOB Shanghai
GD400 for all 5 items
Item OD Inch ID Inch Width Inch Weight kg
1 23 14 10 100
2 30 22 6 100
3 32 19 10 250
4 25 18 5 100
5 41 31 16 500

Commonly it needs a installation pit. Like the photo below, the unloading roller is close to the ground. And it also can be just installed on the ground.

Solution 3
Price: USD18,300+USD19,980=USD118,280 FOB Shanghai

For better wrapping effect, we suggest using two machines.
Use GS 300 for item 1, 2, 3, 4
Item OD Inch ID Inch Width Inch Weight kg
1 23 14 10 100
2 30 22 6 100
3 32 19 10 250
4 25 18 5 100

For wrapping Item 5, we recommend using GD400 like solution 2.
Item OD Inch ID Inch Width Inch Weight kg
5 41 31 16 500

All above for your reference. Personally, I highly recommend solution 1 as your choice. Because it is easy to install. For small item 1,2,3,4, the coil could be easily pushed by operator. And the wrapping is movable for heavy coil lifting and loading easily.


Flow wrapping machine for steel tube

Dear Mateusz,


Good morning.


About flow wrapper

A. The roller transporter can be customized for you, which includes push device with air cylinder, collector and so on. It’s about $1532.



B. PE is ok.

C. Please see attached pictures of package welding.


Small bagging



Big bagging



About pallet wrapper

A. It’s ok to have weigh scale. Please see the picture. The weight will be on the screen of instrument. The weigh scale with instrument is about $1225.



B. Please see the movie of pre-stretch.


About forklift

We can manufacture the pallet wrapper with forklift design, like the below picture. It will be convenient for your forklift.




And, please see the below details of your forklift. Its price is about


Load capacity: 1000kg

Load center: 500mm

Raised height: 3000mm

Lowered height: 85mm

Fork dimensions: 1150*160mm

Fork width: 680mm

Turning radius: 1380mm

Wheel type: Poly-on-Steel


Overall size: 1785/800/2075mm

Travel speed (w./w.o.load): 3.5 / 4.0 km/h

Gradeability (w./w.o.load): 3% / 6%

Power source: DC 24V / 70Ah

Traction motor: 0.75kW

Lifting motor: 2.0kW

Net weight: 580kg


Any concern of the forklift, please feel free to contact with me.


About the cost of our technicians visit to your factory

Every day of first week is $80 per person. After first week, it will be $100 per person everyday. Round trip tickets, board and lodging is taken by you. But training and technical support is free.


Thank you.

Best regards,



Tilter and upender’s invertor



一:access authority change

  1. Press ”P“ access data
  2. Press  “Δ”  selecting P003 (access authority)。
  3. Press “P” into six parameters.
  4. press “Δ”  or “ᴧ” selected P000 3 TO 4 (4level access authority)


二:Ring reset speed amend   (C modify way as above)

  1. Selected P1001(reset speed)
  2. If speed is high, reducing figure in P1001.


三.Reset time amend


When the ring reset is not in the right position.


  1. Selected P1061

2. Adjusting the figure more or less accordingly.


Note:For ring gap in botton,pls try to reduce the figure.

Pallet wrapping machine with top press in Fhopepack

turntable pallet stretch wrapper    rotate arm stretch wrapper

semiauto rotary arm stretch wrapper    rotate arm stretch wrapper

Stretch wrapping machine on the market to work pallet film packaging which is a end of on-line system.

The conveyer, stocker and wrapping system is a group and basic unite.

You can get more information from 

The video and technical information both manually and automatically work is here:

Rotate arm stretch wrapper with strapping machine

[yframe url=’’]

It is a automatic rotate arm stretch wrapper which connect to the manually pallet stacking station and automatic strapping machine.


It is a solution works for packaging goal about saving labor in end of line. The finished pallet package can be unloading by crane from conveyor.


Wrapping is one of function of the packing line, which can be add to production station, palletizing station…



automatic rotate arm stretch wrapper for pallet

[yframe url=’’]


Automatic pallet wrapping machine–rotate arm stretch wrapper for your pallet online packaging.


Fhope providing custom built for your different pallets, such as bottles pallet, boxes pallets, can pallets…

All solution are provided with high standard for wrap packaging.The professional team with over years of application knowledge and experience  in designing and production to ensure the first level quality.