aluminum coil tilter and upender



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Coil Tilter for Al-foil
Application: the coil tilter is intended to overturn Al-foil coils from side surface on its end.
Main technical parameters of rolling process:
NN Denomination Required technical parameters
1 Coil width 280-850 mm
2 Aluminium alloys
Al 3xxx
Al 8xxx
3 Material thickness: max./min. 110/30 μm
4 Internal coil diameter 76,2 mm/150 mm/152,4 mm
5 Data of coil
Max.coil diameter – 1000 mm;
Coil width-280 mm
Max. Coil width – 850 mm;
Max. coil weight – 1,2 t.
6 Coil starting position
Sidewise on the horizontal surface
8 Required coil position
On end, eye-to-sky (90°)

tube flow wrapper and bagging machine

stainless steel tube packing machine

steel tube packing machine

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The picture shows the automatic pipe and tube bagging by flow wrapper. It provides the bag protection for your stainless steel tube.

Many factory looking for labor safe way to bag pack for tube.

It the picture, it is a type of tube flow wrapper, which is able automatic feeding the tube and put pipe&tube into bag.

The speed is upto 50m per minute which is with higher level in handling packaging.

It is a tube flow wrapper, rod flow wrapper with online solution.

In the transportation, the moving between tube will scratching the pipe surface. If you looking for a safety way and good production– bag packaging is a very good way to help avoiding the damage in stacking and delivery.






Packing list for one set of automatic pipe bundle bagging machine


steel tube packaging line

Packing list for one set of

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  1. Small tube feeding station: L3000mm x W 650mm x H1500mm x 3pcs= 8.775CBM
  2. Small tube conveyor I: L6500mm x W 500mm x H1500mm=4.875CBM
  3. Small tube bagging station: L1400mm x W 800mm x H1700mm=1.904CBM
  4. Conveyor line II: L6500mm x W 500mm x H1500mm=4.875CBM
  5. Slope: L5500mm x W 1500mm x H1000mm=8.25CBM
  6. Small bundling/strapping station: L6000mm x W 1200mm x H1100mm=7.92CBM
  7. Conveyor line III: L3500mm x W 600mm x H450mm=0.945CBM
  8. Big bundle bagging station: L2500mm x W 1700mm x H1600mm=6.8CBM
  9. Conveyor line IV: L5000mm x W 600mm x H450mm=1.35CBM
  10. Big bundling/strapping machine A: L1200mm x W 800mm x H1100mm=1.056CBM
  11. Big bundling/strapping machine B: L1200mm x W 800mm x H1100mm=1.056CBM
  12. Conveyor line III: L6000mm x W 700mm x H450mm=1.85CBM
  13. Small electrical cabinet: L800mm x W 500mm x H1100mm=0.44CBM
  14. Big electrical cabinet: L1100mm x W 400mm x H1900mm=0.836CBM


Total size: app. 50.932CBM

Total net weight: app. 

Upender and tilt for coil and mold


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Packaging and wrapping equipment professionals manufacturer behind Fhope products are special designed for touch packaging solutions, which is help to protecting the load. Their products will be well protected in stand out. That’s the reason manufacture attending to PACK EXPO each year. You can look some tips at a few things shown at PACK EXPO.

Reducing the cost of handling molding and operation has been an important point for all manufacturers. For large quantity, it is especially true for automatic handling, what kind of packaging and wrapping for the coil and pallet is required.

Fhopepack technology is moving “up market,” which is good enough to be used for pallet and coil products. The basic wrapping designing including forming and wrapping uniquely per your demand. It is packing for roll-fed sheet and coil that is typically polypropylene. These operation and handling proceed immediately to wrapping and covering the bubble file.  According to packaging goal many people pack 50-60 pcs per hour online. It can be produced, filled, and wrapping. And now Fhopepack is producing all kind of coil packaging solution with labels and tapping . It is specifically for coil and tube produced on this online system.

The coil wrapper not only have automatic centering device, molder, upender, but also the strapping and stacking from, which the coil and orbital wrapper are formed uses less plastic material and film. Thus, the advantage of the system for upending and packing is significant stretch wrapper. We are providing equipement with additional advantage. It is that the equipment allows easy operation and safety stetching.

upender and titler for pallet load

upender with conveyor

These type pallet handling and packaging for products arrive at the Factory pre-packaged in pallet and cases,which is for easy conveying. Upender turning the pallet and wraps them using stretch film manufactured provided from Fhopepack and purchased through plastic Industrial. The pallet cases also come pre-stretch with 2 d bar codes.The automatic equipment prints and applies load information and printed labels which using label materials by printing Technologies. It was designed by special team.

coil upender for heavy load operation

upender and tiltelr

Upender/tilter + coil wrapping machine

upender/tilter with track and conveyor

Upender/tilter + track

hydraulic tilter, hydraulic upender

Hydraulic upender/tilter for steel coil

More coil upender information:
It Created for handling the heavy-duty load which is special with alloy metal dish for decreases weight and size. Inside of radius there are device to help you to prevent coil damage in handling. Curved coil seat is regular. Guide Manages for easy connect positioning.
Adaptable: Handles a variety of coil widths. Other sizes and capacities can be found at fhopepack per your need. And we provided with recommended support for extra coil protection
Item and special FEATURES:
gravitational pressure.
Quickly and practical method to use coils handling.

Heavy duty disc braking system will quit load in any place.

Reversing Magnetic Basic with 115 voltage pendant management.

Stop move and limit switches.

PRODUCT Functions:

Larger sized sizes, capacities and platforms can be purchased.

V-Prevent can be equipped standard or urethane faced.

180 education horizontal rotation for use from very same side.

Fork raise pickup truck get wallets.

Be aware: centering the load if load is not a coil

Hydraulic tilter and upender

hydraulic upender and tilter


Hydraulic tilter and upender


1. AC motor. 240/380/440 volt three phase voltage.
2.Motor is fixed on the station and most models.
3.Push button for start and stop control standard with color.
4.CE standard drawing.
5. Quality hydraulic gear pump with press level valve filter and velocity fuse.
6. Safety limit switch.
7. Remote box includes in the control panel.
8. Special designed lift table per different load.
9. Floor level adjustment device.
10. Thermal overload and fuses protection.
11. Powered control for 0-90 degree tilt.
12. Color: per your need.

Automatic steel tube stacking and packing solution


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Automatic solution with an initial idea to construct stress hypersensitive marking devices which had been easy to work, very easy to sustain, and cost-effective to buy. This concept remains the main concentrate for packing line today.
Automatic packing line was sold to Presentation area Production Company, an organization involved with the development and manufacturing of packing machinery to pack coil and tube and other generate. The citrus coil packing equipment, along with the citrus fruit labelers from Car Labe, established our Sister Division, Auto Pak.These days, Presentation area Manufacturing Clients are headquartered in Fort Pierce, close to the steel factory. This business park your car free business zone is an ideal location for distribution and manufacturing. The steel tube stacking and packing solution industry name is used for all goods in relation to stress delicate marking machines.Increase of our item in steel tube stacking and packing line is continues developments in the market, which mechanical and electrical components are included as part of the new design and style in labeling machines to boost accuracy and reliability. With new development, a division of Presentation space Mfg. Co. and our sister department Autopack steel tube stacking and packing solution provide advantages for client. It is packing for all their marking equipment demands.

Steel coil stacking and packaging line


Discover A Higher Level of Discovery Whenever You Find out Steel coil stacking and packaging line.Coil stacking Industrial Solutions United states of america is present to significantly progress steel coil and tube item quality and also to ensure consumer basic safety from overseas material inclusions. There is absolutely no better concern compared to safety and security of your own consumers. You are able to be happy with anything at all less than the most effective. For pretty much one half a century, Steel coil stacking and packaging line  has become developing exceptional discovery and assessment devices for steel packaging and processing industries. Around the world, we provide an exceptional return whilst ensuring your company is in concurrence using the most stringent high quality manage plans. No other company can provide much better technology, support and experience to recognize pollutants or quality concerns in your products.With well over 100,000 installations around the world and our progression of strong quality manage connections with customers, Stacking system has verified our persistence for producing coil and steel tube products more secure with a increased quality level confidence than rivals. At the forefront of discovery technology, our by-ray inspection systems, checkweighers, metal sensors and high quality plans supply you with the equipment you should produce products safely and efficiently.
Inspection and Testing Equipment Our

coil downender and packing line
coil downender and packing line

x-ray assessment methods are having a persistence for security and high accuracy and reliability recognition. We really exist to considerably progress coil and tube product with high quality. It is to guarantee customer safety from foreign substance inclusions.