horizontal orbital stretch wrapper and guarding

Stand-up pouches with reclosable zippers have turn into more and far more popular in latest yrs. Typically these have been manufactured on horizontal pouch devices. Bosch Packaging has turned this strategy on stop.

At first look, the Product SVE252 from orbital stretch wrappersPackaging, aka the Doy Zip bagger, looks like a regular vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) bagger, and there are similarities in the content route and filling. The variance is that this just one makes a correct Doyen-design pouch with a zipper.

Advantages include velocity (a hundred bags for each minute) and diminished footprint (six sq ft) when when compared with a horizontal orbital wrapper poucher.

Movie is unrolled and fashioned above a specific mandrel that also provides the V to the bottom for stand-up gussets. The movie extends to the entrance of the mandrel, a zipper is fed involving the seals and it is all welded jointly to sort the “top” of the completed pouch. As the pouch pulls down, a horizontal bar seals the sides and cuts the pouches apart.
A new way of feeding and placing up cases on the 30 Collection scenario erectors from Wexxar/Bel speeds up the course of action. What utilised to just take about 7 minutes can now be done in about 4 minutes.

Situations now are loaded horizontally in strapped bundles. When the bundle is in queue in the journal, the strap is easily removed. Situation blanks are then fed on a belt from the base utilizing gravity and, the moment very clear from the stack, are stood up for vertical opening (just like ahead of). See the process work in the movie clip previously mentioned.

At Pack Expo Las Vegas (booth three), countrywide account manager Peter explained that case dimension changeovers are simple. You loosen the hand-cranks, slide the guides in (or out) until finally they contact the new circumstance dimension and then tighten the handles back up. No equipment wanted.

Since the design makes use of gravity to help feed the cases, the program can take care of a wider range of circumstance styles and elements. Plastic cases, for case in point.

With this new feeding technique, the total device footprint is a very little little bit broader and a very little longer. The journal segment could also be prolonged to minimize the frequency of replenishing the case supply, but that would increase a small bit additional to the length of the device.

In addition to easier case loading and speedier established up, this new design gets rid of any likely pressure troubles with vertically horizontal orbital stretch wrappers loaded and stacked cases.

We also confirmed a option to carton-feeding stress problems from Kliklok-Woodman on its CertiWrap Elite system, which debutted at Pack Expo Las Vegas. The challenge is the same—controlling materials feeding pressure—but the answer was diverse and was for cartons rather than circumstances.

orbital stretch wrapper and guarding

Not every orbital stretch wrapper packaging procedure operates at high pace with prime-of-the-line systems that have all the bells and whistles. Decreased and medium-quantity output traces require economical products that offer the important level of automation. In this article are four new merchandise that do just that, and will be on display this 7 days at PhillyPack (Oct. seven-eight Philadelphia).

Our first new merchandise is the Zanasi Z4700 small-character inkjet coder (image above) with easy-to-use Orkestra software that can personalize the consumer interface for a one operator. The orbital stretch wrappers system—which can be integrated or connected via Ethernet, USB and serial ports—prints up to 4 traces of text, bar codes or pictures at speeds up to one,320 feet for each moment on main and secondary offers working with a wide variety of inks, which include soy-centered ink.

Gary’s mobile phone phone caught me as I was coming into the office environment. “I can’t see my new equipment,” he instructed me.

“What does that even mean?” I questioned.

“When I glance at my equipment, all I see is the mesh guarding,” Gary stated. “I can not see within with out halting and opening the guarding.”

“That does not sound fantastic,” I instructed him.

“Not good at all,” he replied. “How quickly can you get in this article?”

It was before long ample and then Gary was exhibiting me the machine, brand name new with all the modern day features. The guarding was shiny expanded stainless mesh. I advised him, “This is a pretty trustworthy equipment. You should be equipped to enclose it in a major black box and never ever look at it.”

“Yeah, but not being capable to see a machine operating is a recipe for catastrophe.” We the two agreed there.

“In any celebration, Gary, fiddlesticks on obfuscatory guarding. All you will need is some black paint.”

“Black paint? Will not that make it even significantly less transparent?”

“Not if you use a flat black paint,” I discussed. “The shiny stainless looks genuinely good but it methods the eye. Simply because it is so noticeable, our eyes emphasis on the metallic relatively than searching through to focus on what is behind it. That’s why it is so really hard to see by. A flat, non-reflective, black paint hides that focal place for the eye and you will locate it much less complicated to see what is going on behind the guarding.”

Occasionally it is good to go above to the dark facet.

stretch wrapper and end of line

Each packaging line and warehouse is exclusive, but acquiring the right tools—suited for your business, operate space and/or application—is 50 % the fight. It enables an productive and effective packaging line—the best purpose.


When it will come to conclude-of-line packaging, a lot of of today’s producers and packaging warehouses use pallets to distribute merchandise competently. Extend film and stretch wrappers are typically used to bundle these pallets for shipment. There are numerous normal extend orbital stretch wrappers wrappers available, and there are several methods to personalize them to accommodate your small business requirements that could ultimately pay out off in phrases of performance and productiveness.

How do you know when to seek out a customized stretch wrapper and when a regular stretch wrapper will do? Customization is clever when precise elements of a generation line tumble outside the house normal limitations.

Let’s take a seem at some of all those motives:

Efficiency and speed: The first issue to ask is this: How numerous pallets are you wrapping each and every day? How many per hour? This will ascertain what amount of overall performance is required in a extend wrapper.

There are numerous substantial-carrying out extend wrappers (both automated and semi-automatic designs) that provide incredible overall performance and pace to a manufacturing line. There are normal (conveyorized) extend wrappers that can wrap up to one hundred twenty hundreds per hour. If your wants are on the reduced stop of the quantity spectrum, even just 10 pallet loads for every working day can justify the introduction of a stretch wrapper to a line.

Customization factors occur into play for functionality and pace when manufacturing is even higher for instance, when a numerous stretch wrapping method requirements to be made and integrated into the overall creation line. Numerous meals and beverage distributors have this kind of substantial volume.

Semi-computerized extend wrappers or automated stretch wrappers can be grouped jointly to accomplish higher efficiency. A number of in-line stretch wrapping methods work well for warehouses with enough house (pictured above). There are alternate options as very well for illustration, one of our customers did not have sufficient area for numerous extend wrappers, but experienced substantial quantity, so we intended a one semi-automatic rotary arm stretch wrap device that wraps a few hundreds one right after another.

Place constraints: Warehouses come in all styles and dimensions. With stretch wrapping becoming at the end of the line, quite often it is a little bit of an afterthought.

If place is an situation, non-conveyorized stretch wrappers can frequently be moved close to a warehouse with a forklift, allowing overall flexibility for placement and movement dependent on generation cycles. Conveyors and conveyorized extend wrappers demand additional room, but can be customized for house. For case in point, a proper-angled conveyor coupled with a two-legged computerized extend wrapper can pack a good deal of packaging punch into a smaller space.

Merchandise and software: Is your solution perishable? Is it heavy? Is it gentle? Is it stacked tall? These are just some of the reasons you might want to find out a specialized extend wrapper.

There are regular stretch wrappers than can cope with some of these apps. For illustration, an automated rotary arm extend wrapper may well function for weighty or light loads simply because the load does not rotate. The pallet stays stationary and the rotary arm circles the load although implementing the stretch film.

Film carriage customizations to match distinct applications are feasible as properly, such as large obligation film software (pictured down below) or banded extend movie that allows perishable merchandise to breathe for the duration of transportation. Tall pallet loads could demand more top to be designed into the body.

Other customizations are feasible that are distinct to a solution or type of load. For case in point, incorporating a locking system on a stretch wrap machine’s turntable make it attainable for a corporation to wrap wheeled carts. Or a top sheet dispenser can be integrated into the wrapping approach to give a pallet five-sided security from the factors.

Final ideas

A custom-made extend wrapper is not constantly important to obtain generation objectives or an successful conclusion-of-line. There are quite a few stretch wrappers on the market that can get the work done for several programs. Nevertheless, there are circumstances wherever a custom extend wrapper can conquer certain troubles within just your manufacturing line, and can boost productivity and boost all round good quality in packaging.

Do your analysis internally to understand what’s really required and then talk about your distinct troubles with several extend wrap equipment sellers before settling on a stretch wrapper. It’s a big determination that will impression your organization for a long time to come.

Expo Packing tips to aid your production

ntroduced in August, the e-Cube “void-reduction packaging” engineered for order success uses market regular typical slotted scenario (RSC) blanks. Like the FloWrap, the program handles a variety of size shipments and is developed to alter in actual-time, with the e-Dice instead adjusting on-the-fly to the box contents. The e-Dice normally takes precise measurements of the peak of the contents, scores and folds the excessive corrugated and seals the flaps mechanically to generate a ideal match for numerous heights of loaded goods for numerous SKUs.

Chrisman says the system, which targets customers packaging three hundred to 3,000 boxes everyday, can decrease void-fill specifications by 60%.

Notably, the technique provides the most in payback for return-on-expenditure (ROI) to buyers by way of the resultant freight savings—10 to 30%, he says—than for content financial savings due to the lowered box measurements configured by the e-Cube’s per-purchase, on-demand operation.
orbital stretch wrappers
In accordance to Chrisman, the substantial-speed program is able of offering an ROI of a lot less than a yr for functions packaging 250,000 containers or much more per 12 months.

The physical appearance of the e-Dice program at Pack Expo Las Vegas was alone a rapid turnaround: Sealed Air obtained B+ Equipment, the France-primarily based maker of the e-Cube process, just a thirty day period earlier.

“A single of Sealed Air’s goals is to have our buyers working with considerably less packaging,” Chrisman claims of these developments.

For more info about the company, check out Sealed Air’s webpage.

A lot more ecommerce assets

We also desired to position you to an ecommerce answer that delivers all-paper, one hundred% recyclable packaging that eradicates the want for void fill. Read about WestRock’s “Meta e” packaging program listed here.

We have also just lately posted this beneficial tutorial, Best 3 adhesive guidelines for ecommerce packaging.

Packing tips to help your production

With the new Folded-Edge Technologies, this tape sealer routinely creates an effortless-open characteristic so cases can be opened without having a knife or other perhaps unsafe cutting resource. As seen in the online video above, which was shot at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2015, both horizontal edges of the tape are folded over to produce mini flaps on equally sides of the tape together the length of the case. Customers can pull up on possibly of the flaps to rip off the tape and achieve access to the inside devoid of any problems to the contents. No unique tape is necessary and the seal remains protected in the course of distribution.

Also, with the two-portion PrimeLoc tape applicator—which can be retrofit on to current scenario sealers—users can promptly and easily swap out tape heads on orbital stretch wrappers scenario sealers when the roll operates down and desires to be changed. Changeover can be performed in ten seconds or less by basically replacing the tape head on the machine with a next one particular that has been pre-threaded with a new roll.

In the second aspect of the one-minute video, Shurtape’s packaging current market supervisor Invoice DeWitt demonstrates how effortless it is to swap out the tape heads.
The growth and curiosity in ecommerce was apparent at Pack Expo Las Vegas, exemplified by these cost-conserving solutions to make the packaging method speedier and additional efficient when reducing the use of packaging.

I seasoned a fortuitously auspicious start to the three-day Pack Expo Las Vegas last week on an impromptu pay a visit to initial issue Monday early morning to the booth of Sealed Air. In actuality, my arrival at the show’s 9AM begin coincided with the completion of a preshow “pep talk” from Sealed Air president, item treatment, Kenneth Chrisman. To my good fortune, Chrisman was quickly accessible as my in-booth tour guidebook.

When I asked him about the company’s involvement in packaging for ecommerce, Chrisman responded that 25% of Sealed Air’s world-wide small business is ecommerce. He then said that 20% of all ecommerce is for apparel as we walked to the company’s brand new FloWrap Automated Mailer system (revealed earlier mentioned).

Centered on the venerable Shanklin circulation-wrapping platform, the equipment is engineered for apparel and other products that can be poly-bagged. Using a preset width of film, the FloWrap gives real-time, inline measurement of merchandise height and length to custom- and proper-dimension the packaging for that particular item at charges to 30 packs per moment or far more.

A print-and-apply labeling technique delivers a crucial contact, resulting in what Sealed Air promises is a thoroughly-scanned, labeled, manifested and validated bundle that’s ready for expedient shipment with out an inch of wasted substance or void space.

Orbital extend wrapper in filling line

New auger filling improvements help allow rapid changeovers (to lower downtime), simple cleaning (to ensure food items security) and product or service cost savings (to boost profitability). This trio of improvements from Speed orbital stretch wrapper Packaging Equipment was noticed at Pack Expo Las Vegas 2015.

1. Break up hopper: Obtaining within the hopper of orbital stretch wrappers an auger filler to switch out the screw or make sure it is adequately cleaned has been tricky at very best in times earlier. Now, a new split-hopper layout provides you effortless access to crucial areas. Not only is it easier to access these locations for cleaning, but you can now see them to visually affirm that they are, certainly, clean—something that was practically extremely hard to do ahead of.

Timm Johnson, Spee-Dee’s vp profits and marketing, demonstrates in the video previously mentioned just how swift and effortless it is to open the two-piece hopper.

Designed of Fda-compliant, foodstuff-grade molded urethane, the split hopper is lightweight—about just one-third the body weight of the company’s earlier stainless steel hopper. This tends to make it simpler to manage and install. The urethane can be molded in any coloration to complement or match model colors of present or new gear (this kind of as type-fill-sealers).

A safety interlock swap prevents the process from working when the hopper of orbital stretsch wrapper is opened. Furthermore, the hopper can open to the still left or proper, based on what is ideal for your certain operation and packaging line layout.

Silicone gaskets are chemically hooked up to the best and base of the hopper to provide safe sealing and easy wipe-down cleaning.

2. Quick disconnect on the screw: A sliding essential acts like a fast-disconnect noticed on a lot of components applications this sort of as drills. This software-a lot less element lets you effortlessly get rid of the auger for superior cleansing or to change the screw for an additional product established-up.

3. Vacuum tooling: You may well assume drips or stringing between auger revolutions is just something you have to set up with in powder filling. But now you can cease the mess and the merchandise giveaway to support increase your operation’s profitability.

With this vacuum tooling, which is engaged routinely orbital stretch wrapper at the stop of the filling cycle, item circulation is cut off cleanly.

It functions this way: A central funnel fits within an outer vacuum funnel. This twin-funnel technique has a sintered mesh stainless metal multi-layer screen in the central funnel at the bottom of the auger. Vacuum is activated through this monitor, which densifies the solution and stops its circulation.

Enjoy a movie clip of the vacuum tooling in motion in this article.

Orbital stretch wrapper for producer

Packaging machines—large and small—make most consumer packaged items possible. If a item are not able to be proficiently produced, its revenue will be minimal and its daily life will be cut quick. Computerized packaging lines—and the machines linked with each other to produce a line—produce items at a rate that makes them viable in the marketplace.
Automated packaging inspection throughout 5 creation strains at an worldwide food and beverage corporation in Brazil will increase good quality assurance, expedites shipments and raises buyer pleasure.

FhopePack, a big Teledyne DALSA spouse in Latin The united states, gives innovative inspection options to assist its buyers in the foodstuff and beverage, beauty and pharmaceutical industries guarantee the quality and integrity of solution packaging. 1 of FhopePack‘s most significant buyers in the area is an international foodstuff and beverage firm that manufactures, offers, and ships cookie or biscuit products from a creation facility in Brazil.

The cookie company, which ships countless numbers of containers of its solutions every day, approached FhopePack to talk about approaches it could leverage automation to minimize the time essential to inspect deals before they have been boxed for cargo. It wished to increase excellent handle and assure that the packaging for every product shipped satisfied the company’s substantial criteria.

Based on the particular cookie or biscuit created, the buyer operates amongst four and five output lines exactly where deals endure a remaining inspection before they are placed in cartons for shipment. In the past, these inspections—and the boxing of deals for shipment—was concluded manually: Personnel visually checked to validate that the finishes of every single offer were completely sealed, that seals were being folded appropriately, and that seals ended up intact (without having tears or holes) as the packages were being put in cartons for transport.

Robotics increase inspection challenges

Much more lately, as the purchaser automated the closing phases of its generation process utilizing robotic engineering for orbital stretch wrappers packing and shipping, inspection grew to become an even greater problem.

“Inspecting offers prior to cargo was a critical move in our customer’s production process, but the guide inspections they used had been time consuming and very unreliable it was practically extremely hard for personnel to verify each package deal. This intended that the final levels of the production method were slow and cumbersome, rising the time involving packaging and when a merchandise reached store shelves,” explains Marcelo Cozac, orbital stretch wrapper Pack director. “Once production was thoroughly automated and workers have been no longer wanted to box the goods for shipment, manual inspection wasn’t even achievable. This increased the probability that deals that hadn’t been sealed correctly could be brought to industry. At a time when customers have so many options, guaranteeing a high level of purchaser gratification and preserving model loyalty was vitally significant to our client, and they commenced to think about selections for automating package deal inspection.”

FhopePack orbital stretch wrapper has a connection with Teledyne TapTone that spans almost a decade and, through their business contacts, discovered about Teledyne wrapper’s automatic vision inspection programs. “Our buyer was hugely enthusiastic, but the idea of employing automatic inspections in the closing levels of manufacturing was new for them, so we required to supply a process that was straightforward to run, but would produce highly exact final results,” Cozac notes. “Teledyne DALSA has a verified monitor file with equivalent applications deployed for other companies that manufacture meals solutions for customers. Teledyne DALSA’s level of encounter with these inspections was crucial to us and our client.”

Intelligent cameras with embedded eyesight software program

At the manufacturer owner’s production facility in Brazil, fhopePack and Teledyne DALSA collaborated to design and style and deploy two various inspection programs to accommodate the special packaging specifications of equally sq. and spherical cookies or biscuits. The very first automated process was produced and deployed to examine rectangular packages with square ends and incorporates Teledyne DALSA BOA wise cameras with embedded Sherlock vision method application.

A BOA digital camera is positioned on every facet of the generation line—across five traces in all—to seize color images with 1024 x 768 pixels’ resolution of each ends of each and every package. As each package deal crosses the discipline of see, the BOA cameras are brought on automatically. The embedded Sherlock computer software assesses the illustrations or photos of the seal on every end of the offers, examining for the precision of folds and seals, as properly as for tears or holes. The statistical inspection knowledge is despatched through an Ethernet change from the wise cameras to a central computer for operators to see. Operators can keep track of inspection benefits, altering inspection parameters and tolerances as essential.

“Packages are sealed employing a heat-based mostly method, so in addition to assuring that the seals are intact, the inspection course of action also checks for wrinkling in the deal wrapper, which can indicate that excessive warmth was utilised to seal the offer, threatening the integrity of the seal,” says Scott Montgomery, senior apps engineer at Teledyne DALSA, who labored with MCPack to design and style and apply the software. “All packages verified to fulfill inspection parameters proceed down the line for packing and cargo any bundle that does not meet requirements is tagged as faulty and discarded.”

Throughout five output traces, Teledyne DALSA BOA cameras seize colour images of the seals on both package deal finishes as they cross the industry of see, and then embedded Sherlock software assesses the pictures: regular coloration suggests an accurate seal whilst white parts display possible flaws, such as tears or holes. Faulty packages are discarded.

Second application for tubular pack seals

With the success of the very first software, Teledyne DALSA and MCPack formulated a 2nd software to examine the seals on tubular offers with round ends. Teledyne DALSA Genie cameras with 1024 x 768 resolution are deployed throughout four generation traces and integrated with the GEVA300 embedded eyesight process and Sherlock Expert eyesight system software program. In a deployment comparable to that of the initially application, Genie cameras are positioned on every single side of the manufacturing line to seize images of each and every package stop on the other hand, in this application, the Genie cameras transmit illustrations or photos to the GEVA300 vision process to be processed and analyzed with Sherlock Expert.

“We deployed this second application a year following the very first,” notes Montgomery. “For the initial software, just one of the customer’s main objectives was comfort, but in this 2nd case, we wanted to accommodate a considerable amount of high-high quality, shade illustrations or photos, which would be produced by eight separate cameras across four production strains. To ensure more productive image logging and viewing, we have incorporated a localized vision processor—the GEVA—into the design.”

Done at speeds of two for each second

Considering that the very first automated package inspection answers have been in location, MCPack’s international consumer has observed significant results. With both equally purposes, deals are now inspected at a fee of two offers for each next, for quicker, additional accurate top quality assessment. “Operationally, the customer has realized elevated manufacturing costs, as effectively as labor and time personal savings,” Cozac concludes. “Products are packaged for cargo considerably additional rapidly than ever ahead of. A one inspection process operator now does the function of many staff who applied to be necessary to check out offers manually, which significantly lessens manpower fees. Ultimately, our client can be assured that their top quality manage efforts are operating and know that all the offers of these goods on store shelves satisfy their large requirements. The purchaser believes that their prospective buyers will observe the large high quality stretch packaging and this will consequence in larger consumer pleasure.”

The intercontinental foods and beverage organization is presently thinking of the prospective of utilizing additional automated systems on other creation lines to inspect the packaging of merchandise this sort of as candy prior to they are transported. In addition, fhopePack has started to design and build very similar inspection systems for other manufacturers in the region.

Steel coil packaging line and packaging system

Coil stackign machine



Coil packaging line helps improving the packaging speed and lower the operation risk for heavy coil handling and packaging.


It including turnstile, wrapping machine, strapping machine, palletizer…


The more information for the coil packaging machine for copper strip packaging and aluminum foil handling…


Packing style and new look

Because its beginnings in 1969, has prided alone on becoming an innovator in the specialty tea classification, in no way articles to just “sit and sip,” as Vice President of Income and Advertising and marketing Tom Arcuri suggests. That’s why in August 2015, the organization rolled out revitalized carton graphics for its main tea objects, consisting of 70 SKUs, that modernize the glance and really feel of the brand name, when incorporating the common figures and illustrations that buyers have occur to love.

Relaxation certain, tea drinkers, Steel coil Seasoning’s Sleepytime Bear will proceed to loosen up in his straightforward chair with stocking cap and dressing robe on the Sleepytime tea pack, and the Bengal Spice tiger will nonetheless lounge regally on the Bengal Spice carton. But a modern new brand, current typography, a thoroughly clean, white track record, and new shade codes supply a refreshing new viewpoint, letting for simpler product or service differentiation on shelf and attracting new tea drinkers to the manufacturer.

“We’re fired up to introduce our refreshed steel coil packaging to buyers, given that we believe the new bins are an even superior reflection of the Celestial Seasonings’ goodness within,” claims Arcuri. “We stored the components that our people liked from our prior packing containers and built on them to appeal to an at any time broader viewers.”

See the orbital stretch wrapper situation packer function as one particular Econocorp
Pegasus with confinement»Pegasus cartoner with confinement system is ideal for crackers Econocorp
Far more evolutionary than innovative

The redesign of the packaging for Celestial Seasonings—a brand of The Hain Celestial Group, Inc.—was a collaborative work among the company’s in-property Creative Department and branding and style company Tether.

Prior to the workforce undertook the project, intensive shopper research, carried out by two external corporations, verified that the Celestial Seasonings manufacturer was sturdy and nutritious. “Our takeaway was that our packaging refresh must be a lot more evolutionary than groundbreaking,” says Arcuri. “Consumers also responded positively to packaging that conveys simplicity and calm—which are consultant of the tea encounter as a whole—so which is the place we took the new style and design.”

Arcuri points out that the most important purpose, and the greatest obstacle, was to guard the brand’s heritage even though at the same time infusing the style and design with modernity. To do this, the staff incredibly carefully evaluated all of the heritage artwork and things. In the conclusion, they held most of the traditional illustrations and people from the prior bins, among the them the Mint Fhopepack, the Stress Tamer girl, the Sweet Cane Lane polar bears, and the Early morning Thunder Buffalo, in addition to Sleepytime Bear and Bengal Tiger.

“In fact, we intended the new packing containers to highlight the characters even additional than just before, due to the fact we know that a great deal of shoppers shop for our teas a lot more by the character than the taste identify,” states Arcuri.

Exactly where artwork necessary to be modernized or manufactured far more related, the design and style workforce commissioned new illustrations. For instance, graphics for Orange Spice have been transformed from a feminine Japanese figure with easy operation.

Steel tube packaging line and strapping machine

automatic steel tube packaging machine


More information: http://www.fhopepack.com/Automatic-pipe-bundle-packing-line.html

Steel tube packaging line/ steel tube bundling and strapping machine

It works for bundling and strapping for the steel tube, steel pipe

Various styles of pipe packaging are available such as round, square and rectangular tube with hexagon or square size. Automatic or manual wrapping and strapping options are available. We also offer automatic counting device, layer lifter,. Automatic conveyors are used to accumulate strapped and wrapped bundles for pick up by fork truck or overhead crane



A–For Steel pipes/tube packaging

    tube packaging line        tube strapping machine steel tube packing machine
Steel pipe tube bundle machine

Automatic steel tube bundling and strapping lines for automatic tube counting, aligning, bundle making… It is work for shape of Hexagon, square, triangle, trapezoid bundle requirement. Fhopepack produce different function of  packing lines based on the specification.

Steel tube strapping machine

It is automatic steel strapping machine connect to tube bundling machine with tension Force 15,572 – 19,576 N. Automatic Control Mode for pre-set program strapping. Strapping process for bundle Shape Hexagon, square, triangle, trapezoid…

Tube packing machine

Automatic steel tube bagging machine is able filling the tube into bag. The packing speed is upto 70m per min. with POF/OPP film. It can be connected with tube feeding system for online tube bag packing.