steel tube bundling and packaging system

The autoamtic steel tube packaging line for handling following steel tubes.


steel tube bundling and strapping machine
Steel tube packaging line with strapping machine
Material for  Fabrication of  Reflux Condenser  (FFC) Tube Bundle
S.No. Description Material Unit Quantity Required Unit Price
Inclusive of GST
Total Price
Inclusive of GST
1 3/4″ PL x 8 3/8″ x 7′-3″ LG-Tube & Plug Sheet SA-516-70N No 4
2 1/2″ PL x 4 3/4″ x 7′-3″ LG – Wrapper Plate SA-516-70N No 4
3 1/2″ PL x 4 3/4″ x 7′ 1/8″  LG – End Plate SA-516-70N No 4
4 1″ O.D x #14 BWG x 16′-0″ LG. Tubes C/W 5/8″ High x 10/IN. L-Footed Fins SA-179 No 150
5 1- 1/8″ O.D X 3/4″ LG. Hex Shoulder Plug SA-105N No 300
6 1- 3/8″ O.D x 1-1/8″ I.D x 1/16″ t Gasket Soft Iron No 300
7 4″ – 150# RFWN FLG.  (SCH. 160 BORE) N2 SA-105N No 2
8 4″ – SCH.160 (0.538″) Pipe x 5 7/8″ LG-N2 SA-106B No 2
9 1″ – 6000# NPT SCRD Full Coupling C/W Plug-C1A/B SA-105N No 2
10 3/4″-6000# NPT SCRD Full Coupling C/W Plug-C2A/B, C3A/B SA-105N No 4
11 14″ BRK’N CHAN X 1/4″ THK C/W 3″ FLG’S x 15-9 1/4″ LG-Side Frame SA-36 No 2
12 1/4″ Pl x 6″ x 6 1/2″ LG-Front & Rear Header Clips SA-516-70N No 4
13 1/2″ Dia x 1 1/2″ LG. Hex Bolts C/W Nuts SA-325 No 16
14 L  2″ x 2″ x 1/4″ THK x 7′ -1″ LG- Upper Brace SA-36 No 3
15 3″-1 Beam @ 5.7  #/FT x 7′-1 1/2″ LG. Lower brace SA-36 No 3
16 #12 GA Pl Formed Angle 3″ x 4″ x 7′-1 1/2″ LG SA-36 No 1
17 #12 GA  Pl Formed Angle 3″ x 2″ x 7′-1 1/2″ LG SA-36 No 1
18 #12 GA Pl Formed Angle 4″ x 4″ x 7′-1 1/2″ LG SA-36 No 1
19 #12 GA  Pl Formed Angle 3-1/2″ x 2″ x  7′-1 1/2″ LG SA-36 No 1
20 1/2″ PL x 5″ x 7′-2″ LG- Pass Plate (Front Header) SA-516-70N No 1
21 Name Plate Bracket C/W S.S Thermo Tech Name Plate SA-516-70 No 1
22 1/2″ DIA. x 1 1/2″ LG Hex Bolts C/W Nuts SA-325 No 8
23 1/4″ THK x 2 1/4″ x 6″ LG – Brace Bolt Plate SA-36 No 4
24 6″ – 150 # RFWN FLG (SCH. XH BORE) N1 SA-105N No 1
25 6″ – SCH . XH (0.432″) PIPE X 5  1/2″ LG -N1 SA-106B No 1
Remarks:- standard material as per specification is required.
In this regard strict compliance to high quality standard material needs to ensure. MTC is also required.

tilter and upedner for coil mold spool

mold upender,tilter

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Heavy objects handling machine to easy your operation.

mechanical upender gives an simple and effective way to upend metallic coils, molds, dies and other hefty and bulky hundreds. Mechanical upenders, at times known as coil positioners, rotate metal, aluminum & other non-ferrous coils and other loads through ninety degrees. They are used in a selection of production and upkeep applications.

Capacities are available up to two hundred tons alongside with a selection of choices.

Mechanical upenders are obtainable in normal configurations or may be customized engineered for your particular application.

Mechanical upenders have a 3/4 round-formed cradle that is placed on four machined steel rollers. An electrical-driven equipment motor driving a single or twin chain sprocket gives the capability to rotate.


plastic packing and handling info

The Federal Trade Fee has introduced six enforcement steps, such as 1 that imposes a $450,000 civil penalty and 5 that for the very first time deal with biodegradable plastic statements, as part of the agency’s ongoing crackdown on false and deceptive environmental promises.

The plastic cases consist of a complaint towards a company that markets an additive it promises tends to make plastic goods biodegradable and four issues and proposed consent orders in opposition to companies that promoted various plastics with allegedly false and unsupported claims that their products were biodegradable.In the civil penalty situation, the FTC filed a complaint and consent order towards a company for violating a 1994 FTC buy that prohibited it from making unsupported eco-friendly promises for its paper plates and bags.
All of these cases are element of the FTC’s plan to make certain compliance with the agency’s not too long ago revised Inexperienced Guides. The FTC publishes the Guides to aid companies marketplace their goods accurately, supplying advice as to what constitutes misleading and non-misleading environmental promises.

“It’s no magic formula that consumers want goods that are environmentally friendly, and that organizations are attempting to meet up with that need,” states Jessica Prosperous, Director of the Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Buyer Protection.“But businesses that really don’t have proof to assistance the environmental promises they make about their products erode consumer self-assurance and undermine these organizations that are taking part in by the guidelines.”

FTC files grievance in opposition to additive maker

Based in Ohio, ECM marketplaces its additives (which allegedly make plastic goods biodegradable) beneath the trade name MasterBatch Pellets. It advertises its additives on its website and through marketing supplies, this sort of as fliers and brochures that are accessible to distributors and manufacturers that incorporate ECM additives into their items.In accordance to the complaint, ECM also issues its very own “Certificates of Biodegradability of Plastic Products,” which ECM allegedly utilizes to persuade its customers and stop-use consumers that its additive makes plastic products biodegradable.

ECM allegedly claimed, for example, that “plastic goods created with [its] additives will crack down in roughly 9 months to 5 years in nearly all landfills or wherever else they could finish up.” The criticism alleges that these purportedly biodegradable plastics do not in reality biodegrade within a moderately short time period of time right after disposal in a landfill.Moreover, the complaint alleges that ECM has no substantiation to support its promises that its additive makes plastic biodegradable.

The fee grievance charges ECM with violating the FTC Act by misrepresenting that: 1) ECM plastics (plastics produced with ECM additives) are biodegradable and will completely split down within a fairly quick time period of time right after customary disposal 2) ECM plastics are biodegradable in a landfill 3) ECM plastics are biodegradable in a said qualified timeframe and 4) that various scientific exams show ECM’s biodegradability statements.Lastly, the criticism charges ECM with supplying its consumer and impartial distributors—through the distribution of its promotional materials—with the implies to deceive customers. The discover order attached to the criticism would, amid other issues, prohibit ECM from engaging in each violation alleged in the complaint.


Misrepresentation of products’ biodegradability

The FTC’s complaints in opposition to the following companies cost them with misrepresenting that plastics treated with additives are biodegradable, biodegradable in a landfill, biodegradable in a certain timeframe, or shown to be biodegradable in a landfill or that various scientific tests prove their biodegradability statements.The FTC also alleges that the companies lacked dependable scientific exams to back up these claims.

American Plastic Production Based in Seattle, WA, American Plastic Manufacturing was an ECM consumer till at least December 2012.The FTC alleges that APM advertised its plastic purchasing luggage on its web site as biodegradable, and offered them to distributors nationwide.APM’s marketing and advertising supplies claimed that its items had been biodegradable based mostly on the use of the additives sold by ECM.
CHAMP, situated in Marlborough, MA, also was an ECM customer, and advertised on its website that its plastic golf tees had been biodegradable.CHAMP marketed the tees each on the internet and in brick and mortar retailers during the U.S. The company’s marketing and advertising materials claimed that the ECM additive made its items biodegradable.
Very clear Selection Housewares, Inc. primarily based in Leominster, MA, was a customer of an additive producer referred to as Bio-Tec Environmental.Distinct Option marketed what it claims are biodegradable, reusable plastic foods storage containers on its web site, as nicely as in retail shops nationwide.Distinct Choice’s advertising materials claimed its products were biodegradable based mostly on the application of a Bio-Tec product known as Eco Pure.The FTC alleges that Distinct Option produced fake and unsubstantiated statements that Eco Pure created its items “quickly biodegradable in landfills.”
Carnie Cap, Inc., primarily based in East Moline, IL, integrated Eco-A single, an additive produced and marketed by Ecologic, into its plastic rebar cap addresses. Carnie Cap marketed the caps on its web site and offered them through various distributors nationwide. It claimed, with no qualification, that the Eco-1 solution makes it plastic rebar cap addresses “100 % biodegradable.”
The proposed consent orders settling the FTC’s complaints are basically the same.They prohibit the four organizations from creating biodegradability statements unless of course the representations are correct and supported by capable and reliable scientific proof. Consistent with the Green Guides, the companies must have evidence that the whole plastic product will completely decompose into elements discovered in nature inside of one yr right after customary disposal (defined as disposal in a landfill, incinerator, or recycling facility) before producing any unqualified biodegradable declare.
For competent promises, the organizations need to condition the time needed for contend biodegradation in a landfill or the time to degrade in a disposal environment close to exactly where shoppers who acquire the solution reside.Alternatively, the companies might state the charge and extent of degradation in a landfill or other disposal facility accompanied by an extra disclosure that the mentioned rate and extent do not imply that the solution will proceed to decompose.


Packing and Market information

proposed consent orders also make it clear that TSTM D611 (a check normal generally utilized in the additive market for handling equipment) cannot substantiate unqualified biodegradable claims or promises past the final results and parameters of the check, and that any screening protocol used to substantiate degradable statements need to simulate the situations found in the mentioned disposal atmosphere.

$450,000 civil penalty

Also included in the FTC’s recent enforcement actions is AJM Packaging Corporation. AJM manufactures paper products, such as paper plates, cups, bowls, napkins, and luggage, for sale all through the U.S. Based in Bloomfield Hills, MI, the company touts alone as a “leading producer of these products,” and refers to its lunch bags and Inexperienced Label paper plates as national brand name leaders.

In accordance to the FTC, through its latest marketing practices, AJM violated a July 19, 1994, Commission consent order that barred it from symbolizing that any solution or bundle is degradable, biodegradable, or photodegradable unless of course it experienced capable and reliable scientific evidence to substantiate the claims.The buy defines the phrases “competent and trustworthy scientific proof,” as well as what constitutes a “product or bundle,” including plates and baggage.

In spite of the terms of the order, AJM began producing new environmental claims for a quantity of its papers goods, including statements that they had been “biodegradable,” “compostable” or both.AJM produced these claims for some of its most well-liked items, such as:Nature’s Very own Green Label and Gold Label papers plates, AJM lunch bags, AJM grocery baggage, and Bio-Save Lawn & Leaf Bags.The packaging and handling equipment for AJM’s paper plates also prominently said that they are “recyclable.”

Primarily based on this carry out, the FTC’s grievance expenses AJM with violating the 1994 order by failing to have qualified and dependable proof to substantiate claims that:its items will biodegrade inside 1 year when disposed in a landfill its products will compost in a protected and well timed method in a home composting pile and its paper plates are recyclable.

In settling the FTC’s current complaint, TJM agrees to vacate the prior commission
order and enter into a new buy that contains new language and definitions that reflect updates to the Eco-friendly Guides that were finalized last year. Specifically, the updated order bars AJM from creating unsubstantiated claims that a item or package deal is biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, or offers an environmental benefit and demands AJM to disclose information needed to qualify particular eco-friendly claims to avoid deception.

The court docket buy also demands AJM to spend a $450,000 civil penalty for violating the 1994 buy and enjoins AJM from violating the new purchase. The FTC can seek out extra penalties if AJM violates the new buy in the future.
Eco-friendly marketing consumer and business training

The FpC-300 lately introduced a number of enterprise and buyer schooling assets designed to help consumers realize its Inexperienced Guides and environmental advertising in general. These consist of:

“Environmental Promises – Summary of Eco-friendly Guides,” a 4-webpage summary of the changes in the Guides
A new webpage on the FpC-300 Company Middle, with hyperlinks to authorized paperwork, the Guides and other “green” content
A Business Center website publish
Related customer info
In addition, the FTC-300 has posted a new weblog for customers, referred to as “Green” Declare Examine, to aid them comprehend the problems bordering biodegradable plastics statements in purchase to make knowledgeable acquiring choices. The fee also has new information for businesses, “Grading your degradability statements: The most recent for green marketers.”

The market of the packaging

operation of packaging tools

The National Affiliation of Manufacturers assignments the skilled employee shortfall at 2,000,000 over the next ten many years. With that in brain, plenty of PACK EXPO Las Vegas focus was turned to the matter. Routines surrounding the topic began on Sunday, even just before the present opened, with educators from throughout the country spending the afternoon with PMMI employees to go over common concerns and solutions for instruction staff in the multi-disciplined locations of industrial upkeep and mechatronics. All of the educators concur that these abilities are in higher demand. Mechatronics and packaging machinery programs normally have 100% placement rates and colleges concur that they could location 3 instances the number of graduates in jobs if only they experienced that numerous much more pupils. Educators had been supplied with guided excursions of the present floor on Monday, opening working day.

Throughout show hrs, the Education and Workforce Development Pavilion was energetic in the South Hall with school students splitting their time in between going for walks the display flooring, competing in competitions, and staffing their booths. Competitions integrated The Remarkable Packaging Race and PACK Answers Challenge for school students and the Robotics Showcase in which large school teams shown their robots’ competitive natures.

The Remarkable Packaging Race, sponsored by Emerson’s ASCO Numatics, had teams of college students racing by means of the present to total challenges designed and scored by participating exhibiting companies. A crew created up of a few pupils from Michigan Point out, Cal Poly, and Virginia Tech gained the race, every getting an IPad.

The PACK Solutions Problem, sponsored by B&R Industrial Automation Corporation, was received by Cal Poly. The 5-particular person crew shares a $4000 prize, with the second location group from Michigan State obtaining $2000 and the 3rd place crew from Rutgers obtaining $1000. Groups had been challenged to get ready a venture proposal to resolve a certain packaging problem for a mythical pharmaceutical organization. A team of market judges chose the winner.

The Innovation Showcase was also concerned in the workforce agenda, with a session I presented entitled Experienced Staff Coming to a Plant Around You. This session was based on the The Manufacturing Workforce Advancement Playbook, the second edition of which was released at PACK EXPO, and highlighted an in-depth search at PMMI’s Mechatronics Certification system. This certification takes on new importance inside the packaging and buyer items industries due to the fact that freshly-enacted legislation demands that federal funding for workforce improvement and training only be provided to plans that guide to market-identified qualifications.

wire coil stretch wrapper
wire coil packing

A greatest follow in exhibitor efforts to remedy the workforce obstacle was seen in the Omega Design and style Company booth. Go through about that in the piece entitled: Combining show prep with workforce advancement.

Combining display prep with workforce improvement
Omega Design Company, like many other machine builders at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, experienced a robot on display in their booth. But what helps make this robotic special, is that it is element of Omega’s efforts to assistance their nearby high college system in getting ready the producing workforce of tomorrow.


The Chester County Intermediate Device (CCIU) operates with a amount of high schools about Omega’s home workplaces of Exton, PA. 1 of these is the Specialized University High School (TCHS), Pickering Campus which bought a Baxter collaborative robot in conjunction with Omega. This robotic will become element of the high college curriculum in the existing Electronics and Robotics plan and in the Superior Producing system scheduled to open in 2017 with guidance from Omega Design employees who serve on its occupational advisory board.

Pupils from CCIU and from the neighborhood Penn State Fantastic Valley campus worked with Omega to get ready Baxter to function in a pharmaceutical case packing application for display at PACK EXPO. TCHS college students have worked with standard robots prior to, but this is their initial opportunity to function with a collaborative robot. Students also compete in the Initial Technical Challenge.
Students will proceed to be challenged by Omega Design to full true work jobs using the robotic as it moves into its new home at the higher school. Glenn Siegele, President of Omega explained, “This will enable college students to comprehend some of the distinctions between finishing a activity for efficiency and efficiency versus just displaying off the great jobs it can do. Professions in advanced manufacturing are great satisfying careers. They are neat, protected, challenging and satisfying – the two monetarily and intellectually. In the end, the Baxter’s most essential occupation is to get college students thinking about their future and the many prospects and career pathways that are available to them.”

This was a fantastic instance of the collaboration required in between schooling and industry to solve America’s workforce advancement problem.