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Steel tube packing line and wire coil compactor industry

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  1. Well Drilling Contractor 11) Oil & Natural Gas Company
  2. Plastic Bag Supplier 12) Pipe Supplier
  3. Welder 13) Professional Services
  4. Electronics Repair Shop 14) Construction Company
  5. Manufacturer 15) Plastic Fabrication Company
  6. Steel Fabricator 16) Wholesale of other machinery and equipment
  7. Metal Finisher 17) Mechanical Engineer
  8. Pipe Supplier 18) Manufacture of metal forming machinery
  9. Warehouse 19) Industrial Equipment Supplier
  10. Welding Supply Store 20) Electronics Equipment Manufacturer

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machine lists


Sr.No. WORK CENTRE M/c Description Nos. Type Details
1 WC-1 Battery Operated Fork Lift 6 m/c
2 WC-1 Weighing Scale 2 m/c
3 WC-2 Automatic Tube Preparation Machine 6 m/c Refer Annexure-1
4 WC-2 Laser / Plasma Cutting Machine 2 m/c Refer Annexure-2
5 WC-2 Continuous Hydraulic Press Machine 8 m/c Refer Annexure-3
6 WC-2 Air Compressor 2 m/c
7 WC-2 Hydraulic shearing machine 1 m/c
8 WC-2 Voltage Stabilizer and Isolation Transformer 12 m/c
9 WC-3 High Force air blower 1 m/c
10 WC-3 Voltage Stabilizer and Isolation Transformer for each unit 3 m/c
11 WC-3 Air Compressor and local piping arrangement 1 m/c
12 WC-4 Auto Fume extractor 60 m/c
13 WC-4 Air Compressor 2 m/c
14 WC-4 Pneumatic Dressing, Deburring and grinding machines 300 m/c
15 WC-4 Welding Manipulator

Maximum Length-8000mm
Drive-25kW VVVF
Maximum Tube Dia-100mm
Minimum Tube Dia-4mm
With Three pad graphite or Gunmetal steady rest
Total steady rest 4 Nos.
Total drive-1 No.

24 m/c
16 WC-5 CNC Mill turn and turn mill centres 1 m/c Refer Annexure-4
17 WC-5 CNC lathe Machines 15 m/c Refer Annexure-5
18 WC-5 CNC Milling Machines 10 m/c Refer Annexure-6
19 WC-5 Tool Presenters
Maximum Tool Diameter- 300mm
Maximum Tool Height-600mm
with auto shrink facility
4 m/c
20 WC-5 Air Compressor
Tank mounted 42CFM, with Air Dryer and Filtration Unit
2 m/c
21 WC-5 CNC Carving Machine (Plastic/Fibre) 1 m/c
22 WC-5 CNC Fabric Cutting Machine 1 m/c
23 Tool Room Drill point grinder 3 m/c
24 Tool Room Tool and cutter grinders 3 m/c
25 Tool Room Normal Wheel type grinder 23 m/c
26 Tool Room CNC Surface Grinding Machine
Table Length-1000mm
Width-450mm, magnetic locking system., wheel swivel of +- 45 deg. Includes profile-grinding attachments.
1 m/c
27 Tool Room Spark Erosion 1 m/c
28 Wood working Copy Milling Machine
CNC, width-1000mm, length-1500mm, depth-450mm, with CNC controlled profile cutting
1 m/c
29 Wood working Band Saw Machine
size: 500x 500 mm envelop sized with 8000mm length handling. This machine can cut tube with the change of blades.
1 m/c
30 Wood working Cross Cut Machine 1 m/c
31 Wood working Thickness plainer 1 m/c
32 Wood working Grinder double ended 1 m/c
33 WC-6 Air compressor 2 m/c
34 WC-7 Air Compressor 4 m/c
35 WC-7 Hearing Aid analyzer 3 m/c
36 Maintenance General Cutting and Grinding Machine
Pneumatic Operated machines of AG-7, AG-5, AG-4 sized, also these are buffing machines and polishing machines.
6 m/c
37 Maintenance Pedestal Drill Machine 1 m/c
38 Maintenance Pedestal Grinding 1 m/c
39 Maintenance 2000 KV DG set 1 m/c
40 R & D 7 axis CNC machine
3D Modeling capability of 800x800x800mm volumetric envelop. Maximum weight is 600 Kg can be loaded on machine. This machine is CNC controlled and can work in any axis.. This machine is considered from MAZAK or DMG Morieiki.
Machine X-800, Y-800, Z-800
360-degree swill head in all axis. spindle HSK63, spindle RPM-15000, spindle power-45kW, CNC Siemens with air conditioned control room.
1 m/c
41 R & D 3d printer
Rapid Proto typing machine
this is a machine to generate prototype with Di
ProX 800-production grade SLA 3D printing designed with operatinal and cost efficiencies in mind. Mould Capacity of 150x150x150mm. This has capability to print a prototype of Metal, Plastic, Synthetic, Raisin, Polymer.
Theis machine is considered from EURO MOULD.
1 m/c

pipe and hose automatic coiling machine

Automatic hose/pipe coiling machine


HQ requirement calculation

1st wheelchair 40 mins
Subsequent wheelchairs 1 mins
Total wheelchairs annually 192,600
Electronic assembly per table per hour 5
Total requirement 2022 1,80,000
Work bench requirement 12

1. Assembly Line-1
a. Designed for assembly of wheelchairs and tricycles
b. The conveyor will run at the speed of 1 rotation per 40 minutes. The speed is configurable
c. Complete assembly is divided into 40 Logical steps
d. 20 stations or work zones per side
e. Width of station: 700mm
f. Magnetic swivel fitting at 1 meter, which will allow a quick rotation of frame
g. Station 1 will have a quick change feature for running tricycle on same track
h. Frame loading is manual and but unloading is automatic
i. Overhead tools with quick access facility
j. All tightening and assembly tool will be pneumatic
k. 4 work station will have MIG welding facility
l. All the sub assembled parts or B/O parts will be kept on the left and the right side of work station
m. KANBAN / Bin system will be used for storage and shortage assessment
n. There will be working light/alarm and emergency button at each work station

2. Assembly Line-2
a. The purpose of this assembly line is to have one person doing a complete assembly
b. There will be typical work benches with bins kept on left and right side of the table
c. These bins will have the parts that need to be sub assembled
d. Tools will be over hanging for quick access
e. The work station will be ergonomically designed to take care of efficiency and human fatigue
f. The benches at APC’s will be bigger size to accommodate assembly of wheel chairs and tricycles

3. Assembly Line-3
a. Similar to assembly line 2
b. Smaller work benches
c. Each station will have special bins for electronic parts
d. Each station will have basic electronic assembly and testing facility
e. Kit Boxes will be used for transfer of RM
f. KANBAN fixtures will be used for Finished goods transfer
g. Electronic assembly will be under controlled temperature conditions
h. Enclosures will be dust free

Machine and coiling

Design basis for automatic hose coiling machine


  1. Workpiece
Tricycle andWheel chairframe
  1. Material
Steel & Iron
  1. Maximumhanging sizeforeachhanger
1200mm × 500mm × 800mm
  1. Loadingcapacity
  1. Suggested interval between 2hangers
  1. Conveyorspeed
1m/min (Adjustable control)
  1. Output
200-250pcsper hour
  1. Spraying method
4 autosprayguns & 2manual sprayguns
  1. Heating source
Electricityor Oil
  1. Units




ü  Heatpressurized alkalinewash.Washsolutiontemperature:100to130degreeCelsius.Dwell time 3to4 minutes

ü  Cold pressurized clear rinse.Dwell time 2to2½ minutes

ü  Heated pressurized IronPhosphateBath

ü  Cold pressurized clear rinse.Dwell time 2to2½ minutes

ü  SealerRinse or Heatedpressurized clear rinse.Dwell time is 2to2½ minutes


Process flow


  1. Feed frame of tricycle and wheelchair
  2. Degreasing stage(50-60Celsiusfor2mins)
  3. Rinsing stage(Room temperaturefor1 min)
  4. Phosphating stage(50-60 Celsiusfor2mins)
  5. Rinsingstage(Room temperaturefor1-2mins)
  6. Drying off oven to remove surface moisture(100-120 Celsiusfor10 mins)
  7. Powder application with spray guns
  8. Powder curing (200-300Celsiusfor20mins)
  9. finished product discharging


Robotic station

RoboticWelding station



Weldingwill be done throughrobotsforspeed. The weldingmachine specificationswillremainthesame.Robotswill have to set andconfiguredframe wise.

Eachframeis keptinafixture. Thefixturelocksdifferent partspneumatically.Thefixturegoes througharoboticweldingstation, where each robotperformspre-configured weldingsequence





InjectionMoulding Machine


This facility is designed to make parts of different material through binding and heating process.Thisprocessuses methodologyand createsfinalshape based on the mould made for product.





Automatic Hose coiling machine

Workcentre 3


Volume to be handled Number Batchsize Batches
  1.  Smallparts
2382000 200 11910
  1.  Mediumparts
1305000 100 13050
  1.  Large Parts
1191000 50 23820
  1.  TotalBatches(A+B+C)
  1.  Batches Per Day(D/260)
  1.  Batches per hour ( E/13)
  1.  TAKT Time foreach parttofinish(60/F)

Based ontheTAKT time, the numberofelectroplating, anodizingandnickel platinglineshas beendecided


  1.  Requirement
  1.  PerDay
  1.  Per Hour
D.   Perminute 24.5
E.   RPMofConveyor 4
F.    Stations required 6.1
Note EXF=D


Machinespecifications –Autoplating


Platingcategory Automatic electroplatingproductionline
Platingtype Automatic
Application Nickel, Chrome, Zinc,Tin,Cobalt,Titanium, Copper,Gold,Silver
TankSize 2,000 mmX  1,000 mm,eachTank
Controlsystem Computer
TAKTtime adjustment 20-60 s/TAKT

Machine specifications – AutomaticAnodizingUnit


Platingcategory Automatic anodizingproduction line
Platingtype Automatic
Application AnodizingAluminiumparts


TankSize 1,200 mmX500 mm
Controlsystem Computer
TAKTtime adjustment 20-60 s/TAKT



Equipment with CNC


CNC Lathe Machines


Machine type Lathe
Work area  
AdmitBetween Canters 1000 mm
ChuckDiameter 150 mm
TailStock 50 mm
Speed 350 rpm
CNC Siemens
Portfortransfer ofprogram Standard
ATC-Turret 40







Xaxis 1250 mm
Yaxis 1150 mm
Zaxis 850 mm
Table/palletsize 800 mmx 1000 mm
Radialfacingslide ±35 mm
Torque S1 1700 Nm
Drilling/millingspeed S1 3500 rpm
Turningspeed 500 – 1200rpm
Drive power S1 35 KW
ATC 40 Tools
Spindle HSK-A63
CoolantPressure 40 Bar


working center of wire coil compactor

Working center of automatic wire coil compactor.


  1.  Tube Consumption per wheelchair/tricycle
12 meters
  1.  Average tube size
6 meters
  1.  Wheelchair/tricycle(80% target)2022-23
  1.  In storage atanypoint50%(aggressive estimate):C/2
  1.  Monthlyrequirement:D/12
  1.  Totaltube length E*12
  1.  Totaltubes F/B
  1.  Numberof tubes in a bundle
I.    Bundles:G/H 1,639


Automatictube Handling System


ShapesConsidered Tube – 250T Plate-50T Angle &Channel-50T Wood work– 10T
Size ofmachine 5, 000 mmX17,500


Number 2      



Bonfanti,  Italy

PARIor otherautomationvendors    






Workcentre 2


Tube preparation capacity


  Straighten Cutting 90


R Bend Punch Pressing Drilling WEP
  1.  Minutes perwheelchair/tricycle
1 17.4 2.2 16.2 3 5.7 3 14.7
  1.  Wheelchair/tricycle(80% target) 2022-23:A*2,36,000
236000 4106400 519200 3823200 708000 1345200 708000 34692


  1.  Total hours:B/60
3933 68440 8653 63720 11800 22420 11800 57820
  1.  Divide bytotal availablehours: C/13
302 5264 665 4901 907 1724 907 4448
E.     Divide bytotal availabledays: D/260 1 20 3 19 3 6.5 3 17
Work centers requiredpostautomation 1 18 1 17 3 6.5 2 15


Work centres required for tube preparationarea sumof straightening, cutting, bends, drillingandWEP, Hence


Total work centersrequired 54
Work Stations per machine 8
Number of automatic tube preparationmachines required 6.75

Hydraulic press machines will take care of both punching and pressing operations simultaneously.Hence accountingfor efficiency“Max(punching, pressing)-1” is used ascalculatingparameter





  Cutting pressing Punching
  1.  Minutes perwheelchair/tricycle
25 2.5 2.9
  1.  Wheelchair/tricycle (80% target)2022-23: A*2,36,000
6000000 600000 696000
  1.  Total hours:B/60
100000 10000 11600
  1.  Divide bytotal available hours:C/13
7692 769 892
E.     Divide bytotal available days: D/260 30 3 3.4
Work centers requiredpost automation 30    
Lengthofeachplasmawithtwogentryandtwotorchoneachgentry 15    
Noof PlasmaMachines required 2    


Hydraulic press machines will take careof both punching and pressing operations simultaneously.Hence accountingfor efficiency“Max(punching, pressing)-1” is used ascalculatingparameter




Totalhydraulicpressmachines = 5+3= 8

Allother recommended machineryand equipmentnumbers have been derived fromthe quantumoftube preparation machines,cuttingmachinesand hydraulic press machines


 Wire coil compactor in working center

Heattreatment Furnace


Thepurposeofthis furnaceisto take careofheattreatmentof Tools andalso some smallparts


This heattreatmentfacilityisaelectricalheatingtype with automatic temperaturecontrolsystems andthermocouplesto controlthe temperature.

Thisfurnacecan generate cycle chartanditis PLCcontrolled for controltime temperature of furnace.


This heattreatmentfurnacealsohas Oil andWaterquenchingbath with filter system.


Size:-Furnace– 1mX1mX1mType:-BatchType

PLC controlledWith Automatic Graph Recorder.


Wire coil compactor



Wire coil compactor—

Continuous wire coil Hydraulic Press Machine


Machinesrequired 12
Working area  
Pressureforce 500t
Table dimensions 2500 mm X 5000 mm
Stroke 500 mm
Ram-plate size 2500 mm X 400 mm
Stroke speed 3 mm/s
Rapid feed 2 mm/min
Measures and weights  
Overall dimensions 1.500 X 2.200 X 3.000 mm
Weight 12t
Machine Equipped with preprogramed forces to have fast work  

Siemens Control



CNC Mill Turn Machines


Machine type Millturn
Work area  
X/Y/Z-axis 600mmX700mmX600mm
Millinghead horizontal 20 – 620 mm
Millinghead vertical 120 – 720 mm
Millinghead horizontal 150 – 550 mm
Millinghead vertical 250 – 450 mm
NC rotarytable  
Milling/turningtable (milling/turning) 50 /1,200 Rpm
Table workingsurface ø 700 mm
  1. tableload
600 Kg
NC-controlled swivelmilling head(B-axis)  
NC-controlledswivelmillinghead (B-axis) Standard
Swivelrange (0 = vert. /180 = horizontal) –30 /+180 degrees
Rapidtraverse and feed 30 Rpm
NC-controlledswivelmillinghead (A-axis) Yes
Rapidtraverse and feed 6000 Rpm
5Xtorque MASTER – NC-controlled B-axis witha gear spindle
Swivelrange (0 = vert. /180 = horizontal) 0 to 180 degrees
Main drive  
Integrated motor spindle HSK-A63 12,000 rpm
Power(40 /100 % DC) 29 /19KW
Torque(40/100% DC) 130 /87 Nm
Toolreception HSK-A63
Toolmagazine 40 /chain
Linear axes(X/Y/Z)  
Feed /rapidtraversespeed 60 m/min
Acceleration 06/06/05 m/s2
Feed force 10 KN
Machine data  
Spacerequirementofthe basicmachine 18.3m2
Machine height 3,058 mm
Machine weight 12,000 Kg
Table options  
RS5 / RS10 multi-pallet APC, including 5 / 10 additional pallets  
Tool holder  
HSK-A63 / BT40 / CAT40 (HSK with the milling / turning machines, FD, standard version)


Automation / Measuring / Monitoring  
Infrared measuring probe: Heidenhain TS640 / Renishaw

PP60 (OMP 60)

Tool measurement in the work area Mfg. Blum Laser NT-Hybrid Yes
Tool magazine has built-in mechanical tool breakage monitor  
4-colour signal lamp  
Coolant medium / chip removal  
Production package cooling device 980 litres, paper band filter and internal coolant supply 40 bar Yes
Coolant tempering for the internal coolant supply unit 980 litres Yes
Rinsing pistol with a pump 1 bar / 40 L/min Yes
External minimum quantity lubrication with the spindle centre positioned over the jets Yes
Oil and emulsion-mist separator Yes
Options Siemens 840D solution line  
Electronic hand wheel Siemens 840D Yes
Control cabinet for the load station Tool magazine Yes
3D-operation, 3D-tool correction with the surface-normal vector Yes
TRANSMIT-Lateral surface transformation (Milling of cylinder tracks)


Comp Cad compressor function for high-speed machining Yes
General options  
Shatterproof safety glass for the viewing glass Yes
Operating mode 4 “Process supervision in production” Yes

Information of automatic tube packing machine


Automatic tube preparation machine


Maximum TubeDiameter 48mm
Minimum TubeDiameter 4mm
Bending Direction 360 degree
Speed 10mtr/min
Force 20Kn
Programmingsoftware 3D ProgramCapability
Tube Length Infinite
Finished tubelength 1500mm
CompletelyHydroStaticwith lasercutting attachment Yes
Number of centres 8





















Laser/Plasma plate cuttingmachine



Machinesrequired 3
Shaftlength 1,07 -1,08 µm
Beampower 400 – 4,000 W
Pulsefrequency 5.000 Hz
Powerconsumption 16 kW
Cuttingcapacityinstructuralsteel 25 mm
Cuttingcapacityinstainless steel 12 mm
Cuttingcapacityinaluminium 10 mm
Cuttingcapacityincopper 10 mm
Cuttingcapacityinbrass 10 mm
Working area  
TravelX-axis 4.100 mm
TravelY-axis 2.100 mm
TravelZ-axis 200 mm
Tabledimensions 4.000×2.000 mm
Maximumworkpiece weight 2,2 kg/dm²
Axis acceleration 10 m/s²
RapidfeedX-axis 85.000 mm/min
Rapidfeed Y-axis 100.000 mm/min
Positioningaccuracies ±0,05 mm/±0.002″
Repeat-abilities ±0,05 mm/±0.002″
Measures andweights  
Overalldimensions 13.100×4.800×2.530 mm
Weight 20.000 kg