wire coil compacting and handling system

Coil dealing with technique, Wire coil compacting and strapping machine

Wire coil compactor and strapping line

More information for wire coil compactor: http://www.fhopepack.com/Wire-coil-compactor-strapping_machine.html

Reform Station

Coils are been given onto the pallet by implies of an straightforward down process.

Pallet Conveyor Line
The conveyer line is designed from the pursuing parameters: capacity, number of operating stations, coil weight and buffer desire.

Trimming Station
Trimming of coil top rated and base waps is also doable in the vertical process (not proven on the photo).

Coil Compactor variety, PCV-P
The Coil Compactor is developed to accommodate a assortment of coil heights. The Compactor can be outfitted with possibly wire or strapping models.

Weighing Station and Tag Marking
The weighing and tag marking are intended to comply with the customer’s demand.

Unloading Station
Different kinds of unloading stations are available Storing Rack, Going for walks Beam and storage Auto.

Electrical Control Technique – Monitoring
As for the horizontal system, the finish technique is PLC managed. Tracking of the coils is based mostly on hook identification audience interconnected to mill computer method.

Hydraulic Process
Exactly where important, the movements are hydraulically operated with oil offer from a SUND BIRSTA central power device.

Strengths OF Wire coil compacting and strapping equipment
– Reduced financial commitment due to the simplicity of reform station wherever the coils are formed straight onto the pallet.
– Straightforward layout with belt drive and direct shaft driven motors ensures very low servicing and expenses.
– Simple to increase due to standardised wheel sections.
– The Coil Compactor and the four wire/strap binding models are developed for easy obtain to very important factors.
– Open up look at from the operator station, which simplifies the procedure.
– Very low noise amount thanks to the belt drive of the wheel sections.
– Negligible ground place needed for a finish conveying program.


Greetings for the day!!

We received your offer. Thanks for the same.

Actually there are certain queries in relation to the subject matter ,which I would like you to address in order to proceed further as below:

1. Could you please send the sequence of operation identifying the various stations required . Brief description of the entire set up is required.

2. Wrapping process details ( If possible certain pictures ).

3. Automatic Material Feeding & Cutting Unit à Work process required.

Hope you could respond at the earliest for further proceedings.

It’s a machine in North America that my customer wants to view , can you set up a visit for a horizontal wrapper ?

It doesn’t need to be wrapping wire, it can be steel or piping .


Dear Mr VIncent,

Thank you for your kind invitation.

Can you please give me your factory full address and where we will meet, as I need to make arrangement with the travel agent, for plane ticket and hotel and if you can suggest a nice hotel close by so we can book it in case I need to stay overnight.

With reference to the subject, due to circumstances we are pleased to declare a revised tender submission date as follows:

Original tender closing date: 15th August, 2015

Revised tender closing date: 25th August, 2015


– This extension is applicable only for Ducab ITT # 201507/000001/220 – supply COIL TILTER for Ducab aluminium company (DAC)

– Bidders whom have already submitted their offer may ignore this notice; or re-submit if they wish to bring any changes to their offer.

– Bidders whom have not yet submitted their offer please ensure submission of your tender, latest by revised announced submission date.

– The quotations must be submitted in a SEALED ENVELOPE. Any quotes received by fax, email etc., will NOT BE ENTERTAINED and WILL BE DISQUALIFIED

And please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further enquiries.

enquiry Steel coil wapping and upender packing line

Pls forward your offer with detailed catalogue or video by tomorro morning, with del time, for :=

COIL WRAPING MACHINE for Steel wire rods =

Max dimensions = 50” outer dia x 25” inner dia x 25” wide (1.2 tons wt)

Min dimensions = 25” outer dia x 18” inner dia x 18” wide (0.5 tons wt)

Wrapping material = Jute

Frequency of use = 3 coils per hr. 20 hr operation per day

No of machines reqd = 1 no

Pls read Bekaert purchasing terms on

enquiry Steel tube and upender packing line

Coil sizes and dimensions are below,

Outside diameter min (950mm) + max (1350mm) + usual range (950mm – 1350mm) (90% of products)

Inside diameter (508mm)

Single coil width min (200mm) + max (495mm) + usual range (230mm – 440mm) (90% of products)

Delivery would be Rotheram UK

Let me know if you need any further information?

We are a large format printing digital factory in Canada.
We wrap about 15-30 skids per day on 6 days a week.

Do you have differents kinds of machine(s) to wrap about 3 sizes of skids.

1-) 30’’ X 40’’
2-) 48’’ X 96’’
3-) 60’’ X 120’’

Thank you to send us a quotation as soon as possible.
Francois Bouchard

Steel tube and upender packing line

Thank you for your fast response.

But in close revisión of the quotation we notice that the mechanism Works with a power grid of 380 V-50 Hz. We dispose of a powergrid of 220V-60 Hz in the Factory so i would like if its posible to re issue the quotation with this power characteristic.

Thank you for your attention.

excuse myself for this long absence, but the decisión for the purchase of the upender has been long delay for the board of directors.

The decisión has been taken this week at last.

Today i want to ask you for and update in the quotation for the upender for a capacity of 4500 Kg in the interest of presenting it.

I would be very thankfull if you could help me with that.

Steel tube packing line

steel pipe packing line
steel pipe packing line
steel tube packing line

Dear Sirs,

we are Italian manufacturer of welded tubes mill and for one of our customers, we need your best offer for a bundling system for the welded tubes mill that we are going to offer.

The Welded tubes line is for steel St 37 welded tubes round, square and rectangular and they asked us
for an automatic bundling machine.

Diameter of tubes from 25×1 mm up to 63×3 mm with derivate square and rectangular.

Hexagonal package is requested.

Line speed Max 150 m/1′.

Please let us have your kind offer with your possible solution.

We await for your kind reply.

Steel tube packing line

eco-friendly merchandise by package deal layout

The emerging searching behaviors of millennial consumers—including product analysis, assortment, and channel preference—are possessing a considerable influence on deal layout. Their interest in objects that are pure, organic, and/or tied to a cause are not only driving package deal physical appearance, but also the messages conveyed. As a result, there are a number of things you ought to take into account when making offers for the “green” products in demand from customers by today’s purchasers. Subsequent are some of these factors:

• The Principal Show Panel: Viewed as to be the at-shelf billboard, the entrance of the package—or the Principal Exhibit Panel (PDP)—should command the most consideration through the imaginative method. Listed here, graphics and text are essential for communicating the normal factors of the product or service. Aspect panels have become the storytelling place of the eco-friendly offer. These panels are wherever you can make clear your history, values, enthusiasm, and lead to. And the again panel of the package, no matter if it incorporates the Drug Information panel or a much more artistic ingredient listing, is the spot to emphasis on what’s inside of and how a solution operates. Don’t forget about the prime of the deal, which for products put reduced on the shelf, can act as awareness-grabbing ad room.

• Colour: For “green” items, shade is arguably the style and design component that will get the most dialogue. Intuitively, designers lean towards normal color palettes that characteristic greens, golds, and browns. When these tones reflect the far more organic and natural nature of the solutions, traditional brand managers often wrestle with their assortment mainly because they really don’t go the “five-foot test”—meaning that the far more muted colors are less visible to the shopper standing at the shelf. Designers are encouraged to seem at imaginative methods to replicate a product’s pure roots, whilst bringing in secondary hues to grab the consumer’s interest in the course of product or service selection.

• Graphic things: Graphic aspects that convey a organic truly feel are being utilised more and additional commonly. The Mentholatum Business saved this in mind through the style of its Nighttime Vaporizing Rub carton. With lavender becoming a essential ingredient in the merchandise, Mentholatum incorporated pictures of the sprigs of the plant on the PDP as properly as a scratch-and-sniff panel infused with lavender so that purchasers can encounter the fragrance appropriate in the aisle. New packaging for Zarbees Naturals, a line of dietary health supplements, uses a exceptional design and style that leverages total-bleed photography of crucial elements these as honey, tea leaves, berries, and far more.

• Icons: Icons also perform an essential part for eco-friendly bundle style and design. Including the word “Natural” on a merchandise package doesn’t assure that the item is natural—and the phrase is definitely not controlled. Consumers are actively petitioning the governing administration to call for much more reality in foodstuff and item labeling. This consists of phrases these kinds of as “non-GMO” and “Free Assortment.” Consumers who are genuinely in tune with the pure and natural and organic room know to seem for icons on product or service deals as a speedy way to decide if the contents within just the package deal are the merchandise for them. Most recognized—and essential to characteristic, if applicable—is the USDA Natural brand. This, and other people that can be confirmed, this sort of as “Certified Vegan,” keep the most fat. Equally, with an raising quantity of folks currently being identified with sensitivity to gluten, additional and much more customers are wanting for the “Gluten Free” image on packaging. This signifies that the merchandise is not just obviously gluten free, but that it has not been matter to contamination in the course of the production method. By checking its social media feeds and customer feedback, Softlips Lip Balm was capable to establish that numerous of its clients ended up seeking for confirmation that its goods were being each gluten absolutely free and cruelty absolutely free. As a end result, Softlips additional equally of these icons in the course of its package deal redesign approach.

inexperienced merchandise by means of package deal design and style

The emerging buying behaviors of millennial consumers—including item analysis, assortment, and channel preference—are obtaining a considerable impact on package deal style. Their desire in things that are normal, organic, and/or tied to a result in are not only driving deal overall look, but also the messages conveyed. Therefore, there are a amount of factors you must think about when generating packages for the “green” products in desire by today’s consumers. Pursuing are some of these factors:

• The Principal Screen Panel: Considered to be the at-shelf billboard, the entrance of the package—or the Principal Exhibit Panel (PDP)—should command the most consideration through the artistic procedure. Below, graphics and text are critical for communicating the all-natural facets of the product or service. Side panels have become the storytelling area of the inexperienced bundle. These panels are where you can explain your record, values, passion, and trigger. And the back again panel of the package deal, no matter if it includes the Drug Facts panel or a more creative component listing, is the area to concentration on what’s within and how a merchandise will work. Don’t forget the top rated of the package deal, which for merchandise positioned reduce on the shelf, can act as awareness-grabbing advert area.

• Coloration: For “green” solutions, color is arguably the design ingredient that gets the most dialogue. Intuitively, designers lean towards natural colour palettes that characteristic greens, golds, and browns. While these tones mirror the more natural mother nature of the goods, regular brand administrators frequently wrestle with their variety because they do not move the “five-foot test”—meaning that the much more muted shades are a lot less visible to the customer standing at the shelf. Designers are encouraged to search at artistic strategies to mirror a product’s organic roots, while bringing in secondary colors to get the consumer’s consideration in the course of product selection.

• Graphic elements: Graphic elements that convey a pure sense are being employed additional and additional often. The Mentholatum Company kept this in intellect in the course of the style and design of its Nighttime Vaporizing Rub carton. With lavender getting a crucial ingredient in the product or service, Mentholatum integrated images of the sprigs of the plant on the PDP as well as a scratch-and-sniff panel infused with lavender so that consumers can expertise the fragrance right in the aisle. New stretch wrapper packaging for Zarbees Naturals, a line of dietary nutritional supplements, works by using a special design and style that leverages whole-bleed pictures of essential components these as honey, tea leaves, berries, and more.

• Icons: Icons also perform an important role for environmentally friendly package deal style. Like the phrase “Natural” on a merchandise deal does not assurance that the item is natural—and the term is surely not controlled. People are actively petitioning the authorities to have to have a lot more truth of the matter in foods and solution labeling. This incorporates phrases such as “non-GMO” and “Free Array.” Buyers who are really in tune with the organic and natural room know to look for icons on product packages as a swift way to figure out if the contents within the package deal are the goods for them. Most recognized—and crucial to function, if applicable—is the USDA Natural and organic emblem. This, and some others that can be confirmed, this sort of as “Certified Vegan,” hold the most fat. Equally, with an growing amount of men and women getting diagnosed with sensitivity to gluten, much more and additional shoppers are wanting for the “Gluten Free” symbol on packaging. This signifies that the product is not just normally gluten free, but that it hasn’t been subject matter to contamination in the course of the production procedure. By checking its social media feeds and client comments, Softlips Lip Balm was capable to establish that many of its shoppers were searching for affirmation that its solutions were being both gluten totally free and cruelty totally free. As a final result, Softlips added the two of these icons through its package deal redesign process.

Dealing with the issue about packing and improves productivity

The worldwide chemical sector has witnessed considerable advancement more than the last ten years, reaching a file $five.2 trillion in 2014, in accordance to the American Chemistry Council. With exports accounting for just about $two trillion in 2013 (as documented by statistica.com), world-wide harmonization and standardization of chemical labeling has become increasingly critical.

In 2012, the U.S. set into place The Globally Harmonized Technique of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), necessitating chemical product companies to undertake the normal by June one, 2015. GHS is an internationally agreed on process developed by the United Nations to swap the a variety of classification and labeling criteria used in unique countries by making use of regular conditions on a world wide level.

For Shoreview, MN-based mostly Multi-Clear, a 68-year-outdated company of commercial cleaning and floor routine maintenance merchandise, the prerequisite for GHS packaging compliance activated a comprehensive overhaul of its labeling method. Partnering with Lofton Label, the organization redesigned the labels for most of its 345 SKUs as properly as updated its label printing and software procedures to raise efficiencies.

Redesign supplies compliance, aesthetics

Central to GHS packaging compliance is the inclusion on merchandise labels of a purple, diamond-shaped define with a black pictogram inside signifying one of 9 distinct dangers as properly as a merchandise identifier, a sign word, hazard statements, precautionary statements, and the identify, tackle, and cellphone amount of the responsible party—all of which had to be accommodated on Multi-Clean’s new labels.

The organization released the GHS venture in Oct 2012, starting with the generation by a 7-member inside staff of a new GHS-formatted Basic safety Facts Sheet for just about every SKU. By June of 2013, all of the company’s item formulation had a Security Information Sheet. This info was then utilised to make label copy.

Whilst redesigning its label graphics to contain the GHS things, Multi-Clear took the opportunity to create a new product brand method by shade-coding each and every of its main product or service strains, going its product graphic from a far more generic seem to 1 with retail enchantment for its distributors.

Points out Jim Kellar, Promoting and Communications for Multi-Clean up, “Training and safety compliance is designed simple with coloration- and amount-coded containers along with matching spray-bottle labels. Multi-Clean has generally differentiated its item lines working with color, supplying more variety to dealers’ exhibit cabinets. With the redesign, Multi-Clean was capable to grow on that. Color is one particular of the strategies we support conclude customers identify products, due to the fact English isn’t always their 1st language.”

These new multicolor labels required a new printing process—a welcome modify, in accordance to Kellar. In the previous, Multi-Coloration UV monitor-printed bottles in one shade, or utilized preprinted labels by hand. “The UV ink-printing approach we applied expected a curing time that developed a bottleneck in our filling line,” he claims. “Containers could only be filled as quickly as the printer velocity. UV inks essential several special handling specifications, this kind of as static electrical energy elimination, solvents, thickeners, and curing agents. Cleanup was viewed as hazardous squander this turned a high-priced chore.

“It was essential for us to carry on our print-on-demand technique to stock. At the similar time, we have been interested in automating some of our manufacturing procedures. We knew our days of display screen printing one particular color on containers, or hand-making use of labels had to conclusion in purchase for us to shift ahead.”

With redesigned label graphics in-hand, Multi-Colour purchased 52 label styles from Lofton, printed on a Mark Andy flexo press. Static data is preprinted on the labels in up to three colors—including the crimson GHS diamond—plus a distinct polypropylene laminate that shields the label from chemical compounds. Variable facts is overprinted in-home in three hundred-dpi employing Zebra 220XiIII In addition and 220Xi4 industrial printers, applied for different label measurements. The printers use a thermal-transfer ribbon with ink intended exclusively to bond to the laminate.

Outstanding productivity gains

The next action was to automate Multi-Clean’s label software procedure. The new products wanted to accommodate several plastic bottle dimensions, which includes one-qt carafe, .five-gal F-design, and one-gal round containers as nicely as a special rectangular two-L container patented by Multi-Thoroughly clean.

The labeler suggested by Dave Sachs, Tools Income Expert for Lofton Label, was the Universal CP1000, aspect of the Contract Packager Series, from Common Labeling Techniques, which gives a top rated-rated pace of one,five hundred in./min. The technique gives effortless changeover of products and labels, and uses two Common SL1500 stepper pushed wipe-on label applicators. Multi-Clean even now applies by hand labels for its 5-gal pails, fifty five-gal drums, and 275-gal totes.

In July 2014, Multi-Clean rolled out its new GHS-compliant labels—far forward of the June 2015 deadline. In accordance to Mike Tarvin, Vice President of Multi-Clear, there have been a lot of optimistic effects from the partnership with Lofton Label. Amid them, the chemical corporation has enhanced over-all production by 250%.