Coil packaging machine instructions

Coil packaging machine instructions:
1. convenient operation, Germany Siemens PLC control with touch screen control system, easy to operate.
2. frequency control, the machines use variable frequency speed regulating device and velocity can be adjusted within the prescribed limits.
3. automatic detection function, such as a do not open the bag or bags when not in full, not charging, no sealing, bags can be reused and not waste material, to save production costs.
4. PLC is used to regulate the temperature according to the coil packaging bag can be arbitrarily changed the touch screen.
5. the machine uses the stop brake function, outages starting safety role.
6. packaging material loss is low, the machine uses prefabricated bags, packaging bags pattern perfect, good sealing quality, which improves product quality.
7. According to the coil packaging material requirements can be matched with auto meter (for example, intelligent weigher automatic screw filling machine, liquid filling machine, etc), can also be performed manually feed for automatic packaging.
8. this machine adopts imported plastic bearings, without refueling, maintenance, reducing pollution of the material;
9. meet the hygiene standards of the food processing industry, machines and materials or packaging bag contact parts made of stainless steel or other material processing in line with food hygiene requirements, to ensure food hygiene and safety.
10. coil packing machine bags adapted a wide range, single-layer Multilayer Composite Membranes made of PE, PP and other materials prefabricated bags, paper bags can be used.
Two-headed grain weighing and packing machine highlights: the particles weighing and coil packing machine by means of artificial bagging, high precision sensor tracking precision, vibratory feeder automatic metering and high-precision packaging, packaging errors can be controlled within 1 gram, keystrokes of the micro-computer control system, advanced technology, easy operation, machine are made of high quality stainless steel, beautiful appearance and easy cleaning.

characteristics of automatic vertical coil packaging machine

characteristics of automatic vertical coil packaging machine: this machine bag making, filling, sealing, printing, punching, count in one, using dual servo motor timing belt tensioned membrane, with automatic correction function. Cutters can be used flat knives, serrated, dashes, one of three ways. PLC control components are used internationally, such as brand-name products, reliable performance. Horizontal servo motors can also be chosen, stable and reliable. Advanced design, ensure the machine is suitable for different industries, adjustment, operation and maintenance are very easy to use. For use and a variety of automatic metering device. Automatic vertical packaging mechanism bags system used step into motor subdivision technology, business bags precision high, errors is less than 1 mm; controller characters displayed; rotating type cut knife, packaging speed fast, can in machine run in the free adjustment cut knife location; hot seal device four road heating control, double side each seal road can alone thermostat; thermal equilibrium good, guarantee sealing quality, applies Yu variety packaging material; smart type photoelectric color marked positioning control system; Visual sex good of side opened type protective bezel, operation security.
3. the classification of automatic vertical packing machine:
(1) automatic vertical vacuum packaging machine, is by changing the packaging of food storage conditions to prolong the freshness and the last stage technology. However, traditional type vacuum packaging machine packaging processes independent are needed by artificial operation is fan lock, packaging process too more artificial intervention very easy caused people, and real cross pollution, not conducive to food health security requirements, and legacy machine exists energy high, efficiency low, and labor more, and integrated cost high problem, restricted has vacuum preservation technology of using and industry development, so, research and development a can from upgrade to material, said heavy, pulled film business bags, filling, pumping vacuum, seal cut type, and conveying one-stop full automation completed of latest models, Became a place in food processing and packaging machinery industry face a major task and pressing issue.
Automatic vertical vacuum coil packaging machine
(2) automatic vertical coil packing machine, this machine is a large, vertical, three-side-seal, Pincushion, intermittent packaging machine. Auto-complete bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, printing, batch number, cutting, counting and so the whole process. Using screw-type volumetric method measurement methods, for particles greater than 200 purpose powder bag packaging. All devices in contact with the material are made of stainless steel and nontoxic wear-resistant plastic, meets the requirements of food and pharmaceutical packaging. Suitable for packing those prone to flow, or least liquid powder, monosodium glutamate, solid drink, sugar, glucose, pesticide, feedstuff, solid medicine, powder additive, fuel, etc. Packaging within the rated range in speed stepless speed regulation. Bag length micro adjustments: using coaxial photoelectric coding control via computer bag-making length, bag-making length is accurate, easy to adjust, easy to maintain, reliable heat sealing dual temperature control: temperature can be pre-set via intelligent temperature controller, temperature control is accurate, suitable for various coil packing materials, good balance to ensure quality seal. Photoelectric automatic orientation systems: using unique optical positioning technology, colour-coded packaging materials printing, can guarantee the full bag pattern. Stepless adjustment amount: using coaxial photoelectric encoder, control by microcomputer in achieving stepless adjustment within the rated range. Simple structure, reliable control accuracy and stability.

Wire & Cable 2015

This is Nathan Shao from Wire & Cable 2015 Organizing Committee in China.

We would like to invite you and your partner to participate at our Wire & Cable Expo packaging China 2015 on May 27-29, 2015 at Tianjin Binhai International Convention & Exhibition Center.

Here I have attached the offical invitation letter and Latest floor plan on the attachment, pls kindly check them.

If you have any other requirements for our event, please let me know or contact to me.


logistics palletizing robot and packaging

Power profile: AC220V50Hz0.75KW
Maximum package weight: 2000KG
Turntable motor power: 0.37KW
Max packing height: 2100 mm
Motor power: 0.18KW
Stretch film inner diameter: 76 mm
Rotating speed: 0-12/min
Turntable diameter: 1500mm
Film frame lifting speed: 3.2 m/min
Turntable height: 80 mm
Control mode: PLC controller, interface control
Film: resistance stretching
Dimensions: L2400*W1500*H2100 (mm)
Weight: 580KG

Control adopts PLC control, human-machine interface set
Photoelectric automatic cargo height
Turntable and turntable uses the frequency conversion velocity modulation of soft startup and slow stop.
Tension adopts magnetic clutch that users can vary according to the characteristics and needs,
Adjust film tension, in order to achieve the best fit, coil packaging line requirements
Advanced Chinese 1, touch-screen control, easy operation;
2, product packaging, printing date once complete. To save you time and cost savings;
3, optimize the design, Assembly and disassembly, cleaning more convenient;
4 independent, transverse and longitudinal sealing temperature control, better adapt to a variety of packaging materials;
5, intelligent design, and without material, do not pack the empty Pack;
Suitable for coil packaging line products
Puffed food, sweets, pistachios, dried fruit, fodder and other solid product packaging.

Packaging materials: OPP/CPP,OPP/CE,PET/PE composite
Bag size: 80-300mm (l), 50-200mm (w)
Measuring range: 150-1200ml
Packing speed: 5-60Bags/min
Elida packaging machinery limited company specializing in the research and development of packaging machinery/materials and automated assembly line.
Main products has: automatically playing Charter, and mobile type electric PET with bundle Charter, and from buckle steel with playing Charter, and pneumatic steel with playing Charter, and manual from buckle steel with strapping machine, and hot contraction packaging machine, and l type seal machine, and automatic cuffs type packaging machine, and portable gas airbrush, and carton opened box machine, and automatically seal box machine, and automatically boxing machine, and logistics palletizing robot, and pneumatic nail box machine, and stretch film winding machine, and tray wrapped Charter, and automation packaging line, and belt conveying machine, and assembly line, and vacuum packaging machine, and outside pumping type vacuum machine, and posted body packaging machine , And sucking plastic packaging sealing machine, and film sealing machine, and automatically origami machine, and automatically spray yards machine, and electric playing yards machine, and metal electrification playing marked machine, and electric corrosion mark machine, and cans seal cover machine, and plastic bottle lock cover machine, and liquid/cream body irrigation installed, and automatically posted label machine, and protection film reply film machine, and automatically posted film machine, and automatically conveying sewing Charter, and portable seal Charter, and buffer cushion manufacturing machine, and site sent bubble buffer packaging equipment, and industrial carton expanded machine, and hot melt glue machine, and steel with scissors, and spring balance device, and vacuum sucking hanging handling equipment, and automatically measurement packaging machine, and Automatically Xia material packaging machine, and electromagnetic induction foil sealing machine, and printed word packaging with, and PET packaged for coil wrapping machine, and printed word sealing glue, and winding film, and hot contraction film, and tape playing Charter, and nylon bundled machine, and pedal back cover machine, and tape cutting device, and Kraft coated water glue paper machine, and high frequency plastic melt received machine, and film bundle Charter, and manual bundle film device, and II unity hot contraction machine, and hand pressure sealing machine, and pedal sealing machine, and pneumatic sealing machine, and label stripping machine, and label distributor, and ultrasonic hose seal tail coil packaging machine, and laser playing marked machine, and laser spray yards machine, and Automatic folding machine, bookbinding machines, electric power-assisted robot, automatic weight detection tape cutting machine, hot melt adhesives and packaging machinery parts.

Coil Packaging machine industry with the times

Coil Packaging machine industry with the times, people in the industry need to pay closeattention to the packaging information, how to choose based on trends in theindustry, will be packaging must face the problem.
Environmental protection, and the function of the consumption conceptiongave birth to a new package, development of industry as a whole lags behindforeign markets new package is based on the traditional packaging,integration of advanced science and technology, traditional packaging interms of functionality, design and environmental protection are moreinnovative. High attention to several new packaging in the industry mainlyfocused on creativity and innovation. Europe, America, Japan and otherdeveloped countries have begun to appear on the market new types of packaging and related products, many listed companies have started production of composite packing materials. Along with the environmental protection requirements for the continuous improvement of the wholepackaging industry, the development of functional requirements for packing,the new packaging will usher in a larger space for development.
While in reserves as well as opportunities, packaging industry to sufferfrom multiple collisions and impacts of the internal and externalenvironment. Impact of the rise of digital media for packaged media, thepackaging requirements of the development trend of slowdown in the domesticeconomy growth slows, the green ban lead to targeted areas of packagingdrop, as well as in the low-end package of market overcapacity foughtcompetition, the packaging industry itself, still need to be solved.
Hot tea market in the recent period, tea market in the near future,increasingly slimming tea bags. Easy to carry, easy to keep, the amount ofcontrol each time you BREW, consumers favor turning the package or a simplepackage. Besides, the individual packaging is especially bright, in style,tea packaging has shifted from luxury atmosphere of simple green andstylish. In more than one booth to see Liu Pao tea brand, past expensivemetal, wood, sand, nixing materials being discarded, kraft paper, specialtypaper, bamboo, rattan and other materials became popular.
In this respect, except for packaging bulk, private custom packaging seems to be destined to become one of the most popular roads.
Due to domestic enterprises in the product technical development conceptwith some developed countries companies have significant gaps, resulting inserious shortage of domestic financial resources for research funding,research and development input, further restricting the promotion oftechnology, missing the reason for restricting technology to enhance high-tech talent. Also, worth noting is that in technology more important motion control technology of packaging machinery, compared to the levels in China and abroad, is making us extremely disappointed. Motion controlproducts and technology in packaging machinery‘s role is mainly to achieveaccurate position control and synchronization of requirements, mainly forloading and unloading, handling, marking, palletizing, depalletizing and other processes. So it is clear, and motion control technology is thedifference between high, medium and low end packaging machinery one of thekey factors. This coil packaging machine upgrading technical support alsobecame the bottleneck of the development of domestically produced high-endpackaging machinery.
Even before this charming carton packaging, as far as technology, cartonpackaging machinery technology, now overall, far behind the level ofadvanced countries for 20 years or so. In product development, performance,quality, reliability, service and other aspects of competition at a distinctdisadvantage. In today’s international market, carton packaging machineryproducts are products of single multifunction and high speed polarizationdirection.

China packaging machinery industry

According to statistics of the China packaging machinery industry Federation, China packaging machinery industry each year to maintain growth of around 16%,this is because the packaging industry as many supporting industries in thefield of the national economy, is to promote consumption and highlight thevalue of industry, its technological advances and services can bringprofound influence for other industries.
Packaging machinery products in China due to less variety, low levels oftechnology, product reliability reasons, faced with fierce internationalcompetition. Particularly in the past 5 years, accelerating the developmentof deep processing of agricultural products, and build a conservation-minded society, develop a circular economy and increase the intensity of technical innovation, resulting in a new round of technology introduction of climax.As for deep processing of agricultural products in recent years with a totalinvestment in China reached more than 32 billion yuan, and import processingand packaging equipment 80% above.
With the improvement of people’s living standards, increased demand for processed foods, fast food, so convenient for food packing machinery, processing machinery, and in high demand. While food packaging machinery inChina, due to the good quality and low price, is most welcome.
It is understood that the China food and coil packaging machine industryassociation in 2005, continues to organize companies in India exhibition and Development India market. Apparently, this will generate profits for thefood packaging industry to develop another village. In addition to India,U.A.E. really need China packaging machinery and food machinery, here is agreat market potential and prospects.
China’s products, especially small and medium food processing machinery andpackaging machinery, more suitable for U.A.E. and the entire market demandin the Middle East. The reason is, is because the U.A.E. ‘s packagingmachinery manufacturing industry has not really started, and the increasingmarket demand for packaging machinery. Second, U.A.E. weak industrial base,the national idea light exists. The China packaging and food processingmachinery into the U.A.E. market sales and manufacturing, offers a uniqueopportunity and a huge potential market.
According to voice of the national network news reports, international coil packaging Association today released in Beijing in the area of food packaging and many security risks, warns consumers at the same time, urging relevant departments to increase efforts to investigate and punish.

enquiry for packaging mateial

This is Sharif, Officer of “Khan & Company” Dhaka, Bangladesh.Kindly be informed that Bakhrabad Gas Distribution Company Limited, A Company of Petrobangla floated an International tender for procurement of Coat & Wrap Materials,closing on 30.12.2014.

Take a moment to visit our website at to know more about our company activities and services we provide to foreign companies participating tenders in Bangladesh.

Our company will submit Bid Bond on behalf of your company. However, The Performance Bond will be supplied by your company after winning the tender. This must be submitted by your company after the Notification of Award will be issued by Buyer in favour of your company.

We generally represent Manufacturers / Suppliers of abroad and work on their behalf on commission basis. If your organization appoints Khan & Company to work as your local agent in Bangladesh market, we are ready to work on your behalf.

Please confirm your interest to participation the tenders. Attach here to complete tender document for your review & confirmation to above. Please first you check the Price Schedule (From G-2) page no 51 and page no 62 to 65 the technical specification & schedule of requirement.

Await your reply soonest.

adaptable stick packaging machine

MultiPack options makes use of Post-It be aware sort sticky to bundle main bundles. Adhesive tape could be client printed out and easily takes away without damaging the principal packages.

RoPak’s very versatile adhere packaging machine can achieve equally liquid and dry features simply by altering the doser. Servo power over the doser, together with distinct forming axes, permit super easy changeover, in reality, the machine is able to do an instrument-less changeover, with only generating pipes, film and suitable machine styles requiring change.

JET’s new high res HR Computer printer takes advantage of HP print out modern technology, trusted by countless customers throughout the world. User-friendly procedures as well as a tactically developed print out go create the process suited to endless commercial durability apps.

Because adding its initial coil packaging machine in 1915 and transforming into a founding part of PMMI in 1933, NJM continues to be setting up its control situation, expanding its merchandise offering and continuous to build its track record inside the packaging market.

Habasit The united states shown a whole new attribute on its established micropitch buckle, the SaniClip. A standard belt requires a screwdriver or some other committed resource to pull a pin. The SaniClip uses a specialised belt pin that could be hand-dragged. Coloration-programming recognizes the features spot in the buckle.

coil Packaging Machinery builds up

The Bosch-Rexroth contra –vibration modern technology, demonstrated with a two-axis delta type robot, makes it possible to improve packaging machinery pace by 33Percent.

The RTLM (Automatic Best Loader) from coil Packaging line Systems includes a Customer Centric Design (UCD) that makeschangeover and setup, and problem solving easier and quicker.

Dorner Developing has partnered with Yaskawa to develop the Clever Speed conveyor, that allows packagers to look for the room among packages’ dimension that could be altered on-the-travel.

The most recent reclosure tape from Aplix is ideal for large luggage and has been utilized in the family pet food group for world wide web weight loads inside the 4-lb array.

Intelligent labeler can create labels of 8 by 11 inches for big physical objects and apply them 90 levels separate.

Offset generating from CardPak is an affordable method to use a number of-coloration method ink for rackable carded packaging line.

The new System Plast 1-in.-pitch 2253 roller leading modular buckle from Emerson Manufacturing Automation will allow toned-bottomed deals to become transferred in virtually any path without using pushers or outside tutorials.

Spee-Dee coil Packaging Machinery evolves a hygienic auger filler for an infant formulation application then looks for 3A certification for that devices, rolling it all out for the food items, pharma, and nutraceutical marketplaces.

A wide range of new food items packaging line products from SealedAir/Cryovac taps into developing consumer wish to be nearer to the meal itself. Darfresh On Dish and tear and rip package deal reduce feature and waste the food on its own above all else.

manufacturing and packaging machine programs

When your company should generate small quantities, or make customized containers, or continue to keep tooling fees manageable, it may wish to think about ingredient manufacturing, often referred to as 3D stamping (3DP), or rapid prototyping.

Even though technology has existed for many years, reduce products costs and press focus on house ink jet printers that could print out delicious chocolate or jewelry have assisted to produce new fascination with 3DP. On the other end from the range, human being genome developments and health care marvels for example 3D-imprinted organs and skin help it become easy to get swept out by its therapy potential. Anywhere during the two program ranges, 3DP offers actual-world benefits for production and packaging machine programs.

Think test features, modest-quantity works, replacing components for devices, and alternatives to creating molds and tooling that can enable multiple changes and adjustments made at far more reasonable prices before purchasing tooling for industrial manufacturing.


These details of talk were elevated through the Nov. 3 display at Pharma EXPO Intl., “Application in Ingredient Production/3D Stamping.” The 90-min demonstration was guided by Carl Dekker, Director, Met-L-Flo, Inc., with displays by Sheku Kamara, Director, Fast Prototyping Consortium, Milwaukee College of Technology, and Don Smith, Supervisor Engineering Technologies Sources at Baxter Medical care Corp.

Pharma EXPO, co-located with PACK EXPO International Nov. 2-5 in Chi town, is really a joint venture of PMMI, The Organization for Packaging and Processing Technological innovation, along with the Worldwide Society for Prescription drug Technology (ISPE).

Smith provided two current samples of how Baxter has utilized 3DP in supplementarycoil packaging machine applications. One would be to carry glass vials that provide safety and security concerns when shipping. Smith stated the organization brought in suppliers to work alongside Baxter employees and created over a dozens concepts, employing plastic-type material, glass, and corrugated components. He explained the corporation experienced several design and style iterations and included an income hinge on the plastic-type system it selected. “For these prototypes, additive manufacturing is successful and permits us to make serious-pocketed elements which can be then vacuum-created for broader creation.”