stable and reliable machine

This Ampoule Filling and Sealing Machine is really a stable and reliable item, not only will load and seal off regular or specialform ampoule, can also generate alone and produce in line. Lately, our manufacturer has performed several enhancement in modern technology and substance, making it better.

Principal enhancements as subsequent for the packaging line:

1) The deliver jar of period motion adopts stainless steel linear Germany and rod linear glide limit.

2) The element of containersplit use bearing.

3) The length of send bottles, reduce the broken bottles and block containers.

4) Varied regularity legislation can use to create many different types of merchandise.

5) This range has four types; you can select what you needed.

The advantages of the coil packaging machine:

The transfer construction of deliveringbottle adopts chain. You will find a new clutch put in hopper, consequently, the transmit of ampoule could be ceased anytime whilst the machine remains working, which decreases the waste significantly.

Inside the part, the machine can quit satisfying when there?ˉs too little bottles or without bottles, it adopts electro-magnetic mechanised switch, which can be trustworthy and durable.

1.Computerized touchscreen display, easy to modify and operate, as well as simple to modify items,easily and rapidly to repair

2.Servo travel film supply system,electronic positioning and changing

3.Might be immediately to complete makingsealing and bags, printing.Optionally available features: attached bags method,

Western type hole punching, nitrogen system, and so on;

4.Design with scary for cutting materials, door unclosed, rolled film on incorrect placement, no print out tape, no rolled

film and so forth;

5.Might be adjusted on the touchscreen display for that film running deviation

6. It can be combined with a number of automatic metering equipment home and abroad.

Inquiry for door

Its Ing.M Anwaruzzamn , Head of International Business Ashrafia Group Bangladesh, bear a 45 years track record in Bangladesh : in Electronics, Publications, , Printing & Packaging , Trading, sector..


Currently we would like to expand our business in the rapidly growing UPVC Door and Widows fabrication sector, by establishing a Greenfield project by February 2015. And door packaging machine is need.


Though on-line media and International magazine I have noticed your company has made a strong foot prints in such fabrication machinery sector, which is really draw our attention, and makes us quite enthusiastic to communicate with you, for finding out some possibility to integrate your machinery solution into our approached project.


In this consequence, at the preliminary stage, I’m requesting you to check the attached
pdf file and let us your least possible price offer ( in USD) inclusive payment procedure of your equipment that you think might fits with our project equipment/machinery list.


Hope you will find our proposal interesting enough to offer us your price as an earliest possible time, in order to take it to the next level.

Please feel free to contact with me either  or 008817321313899 if you need further clarification.


Thanks again for your time and looking forward to your assistance.


Bonne journeé;

Ing. M.Anwaruzzaman
& head of International Business,
Ex Researcher EPFL Switzerland
EX R&D Engineer Renault SA, France
Ashrafia Automatic Offset Press Ltd and Secretary General Ashrafia Group
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New century for the manufacturering

Germany recently signed “industrial 4.0” strategic partnership framework, the industry view, signing of the above-mentioned cooperation framework. It showing top 4.0 upgrade to the machine manufacturing sector with strong support, and that industrial rose 4.0 to a national strategic level is the probability of the event.
“Industrial 4.0” is not a neologism. Before 2011, three Germany, Professor at the Hanover fair presented “industry 4.0” initiative next year, Siemens and Germany enterprises involved, full featured and actively participated in last spring, the Federal Government released the industrial strategic planning white paper recommendations 4.0, tries to ensure Germany manufacturing industry’s leadership in the future. A few days ago, in equipment innovation in China enterprises in 2014 annual meeting, Germany officials assured Conference participants detailed the latest 4.0 technology development in industry, caused a huge reaction.
Industrial core 4.0 is a system: physical information system CPS; two themes: intelligent factory intelligent production; the three integrated: the value of horizontal integration, across the full value chain network end to end digital integration, networking projects of the vertically integrated manufacturing system.
“Industrial 4.0” is seen as boosting Germany powerful catalysts for manufacturing, and is believed to be the direction of the future development of global manufacturing. As the demographic bonus disappears, reduced labour supply, rising labor costs and a new generation of labour decline in manufacturing employment intention, on the international competitiveness of China’s manufacturing industry is a great constraint. “Industrial 4.0” is using the Internet to activate traditional industrial processes, greatly reducing dependence on labour in manufacturing, more meet the user’s individual requirements, reduced the circulation cost low.
In industrial 4.0 topics, “intelligent factory” focuses on intelligent production systems and processes. And implementation of the distributed production facilities. “Smart” mainly related to production logistics management which across the enterprise, human-computer interaction, 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology application in the industrial production process.
From the “industrial 4.0” sorting out the chain, the middle reaches of the intelligent plant General contractors promising, mastering the core know-how, but also intelligent direct beneficiaries of the rise of the factory pattern, and coming from the packaging and printing industry has listed companies in succession before the various announcements can be seen, many packaging manufacturers have layouts in advance “industrial 4.0”.
1, June 23, orient Seiko announcement, Jia Teng robotic automation company and the Guangdong company limited and its 6 shareholders entered into an investment agreement, plans to own funds 49.12 million Yuan Jia Teng robot 20% equity subscription. Subject matter promised over the next three years is not less than 10 million, respectively, in net profit of 16 million dollars, 35 million dollars, and will be available until the end of 2019 achieve. Orient Seiko focus on the smart design of the corrugated packaging plants, research and development, production and sales, Jia Teng robot in robot Intelligence leader in logistics.
2, and June 29 evening, suspension two months more than of Jingshan light machine released set increased plans displayed: intends to cash and issued shares combines way, total 450 million purchased Wang Wei, and Ye Xinghua, and Dai Huanchao, and contact, and Jin Xuehong, and Chi Zewei, and Shenzhen City Rui de letter investment management limited total holds of Huizhou three Association 100% of equity, which issued shares purchased 86.5% equity, remaining 13.5% equity to cash paid, and raised supporting funds 150 million. Statistics, Huizhou Sankyo was established in 2001. It is mainly engaged in industrial automation, product development, production and sales of precision devices.

New develop for some company

The evening of August 18, suspended three months later, leader in rotogravure printing and packaging – Matsunori shares news on the announced. It proposed cash and buying a stake in Daewoo jingdiao technology limited, Shenzhen 100%. And issuing shares to raise matching funds. After the restructuring is completed, the company will be involved in automation, intelligent dedicated equipment and industrial robots, service.
4, the night of November 26 announcement again Orient Seiko Corporation on November 26, and Foshan new Schindler robot systems Ltd and its shareholders signed a framework agreement on investment both Schindler 20% equity share of the company profits for the initial consultations and signed a letter of intent. According to the announcement, the subject of our company produce and automatic polishing robot, automatic welding robots, automatic packing robots, automatic handling robots and automatic metal processing equipment. Products are widely used in polishing, grinding, welding, handling, painting, Assembly and other fields, accumulated a include Nissan, Fuji Kang, midea group, gree and so many customers.
In addition, cloud printing manufacturer Evergreen shares the same adjusted to 4.0 earlier transformation industries, also in terms of intelligent equipment is in the forefront of the industry. Throughout the industry, removing Bobst, boké overseas giants such as machinery, such as Shanghai Dragon, Shanghai Shanghai Yao Chang, Xu Heng Seiko, and Taiwan Ming guangwei, mainland China and Taiwan’s main leader back in the intelligent equipment, including carton production line has been successful, integration of prepress production.
In the area of intelligent plant, production control systems, logistics systems, and product quality inspection system would be a very important part in industrial 4.0, manufacturers of these systems will be more and more attention, especially in recent years, online testing equipment products rise like mushrooms, and is developing rapidly.The quality of equipment is also increasing, which have a tendency to catch up with overseas packaging equipment.

Fhope packaging machinery equipment limited company

Guangzhou Fhope  packaging machinery equipment limited company is a professional manufacturer of metal packaging machine screws, furniture parts and packaging machines, electrical parts and packaging machines, metal hybrid automatic packaging machines, fan spare parts hardware bag automatic coil packaging line and machines manufacturing plant, located in Sha Liang on development zone, danzao town, Nanhai district, Foshan City, way on the 8th, is a manufacturing, technology research, development and sales of integrated enterprise. Factory was founded in 2006, which belongs to the automatic packaging machine industry. For more than 10 years focused on engineering research and manufacturing number.
Logo Qingdao okay de company professional production drawing machine, and stainless steel drawing machine, and surface drawing machine, and aluminum Board drawing machine, and wood drawing machine, and floor drawing packing machine, and sand with polishing machine, and flat pressure film machine, and watermills polishing machine, and stainless steel Board mill sand machine, and plate grinding machine, and metal Board polishing machine, and flat surface reply film machine,, this factory has years of production experience, by production of machine quality reliable, price reasonable, delivery timely, get general customer of praised

Our main product and coil packaging lines include:
Stainless steel, and aluminum Board surface silk lines mill sand, and drawing equipment: main for variety models stainless steel with, and plate, and aluminum Board, and aluminum Board, and copper, surface silk lines processing, as NO.4 (and said snowflake lines, and short silk, and broken silk, and snowflake sand,), and HL (and said long silk, and straight silk, and hair silk, and sent lines,), and SB (and name nylon round drawing, and Duan Si, and broken silk, and hair lines,), and variety silk lines of combination. Threads processed plate aluminum, elevators, facade panels are widely used in the electronics industry, food processing, medical equipment, stove stove, a variety of surface decoration, and so on. Due to different processing technology, the machines can be broken down into: stainless steel drawing machine aluminum wire drawing machine belt drawing machine nylon drawing machine wet abrasive belt grinding machine, wire drawing machines and other general support flat panel laminating machine, transfer platforms, washing drying machine, fan, anti-fingerprint treatment equipment and more.

Metal flat, and artifacts surface processing mechanical: main for plate, and aluminum Board, and copper, and iron, and alloy Board, and various sheet metal gold pieces hardware pieces, flat surface grinding, and mill sand, and sand light, and polishing, and brushed,, specific of function including quantitative grinding, and whole Board mill flat, and removal rust traces designated marks, and removal Burr fly side, and repair blunt side, and polishing, and increased rough degrees,. All abrasive or heat in different ways, the equipment can be divided into: polishing machines, water mill, metal  packing machine, grinding machines, polishing machines, stainless steel plate steel plate metal deburring equipment.

Wood, flat surface drawing mill sand equipment: main for floor, wood plastic Board, Panel, plane fine processing,, due to machine specific configuration select different, main function can while or alone fine is divided into: set thick grinding, and late surface sand light, and duplex sand light, and primer sand light, and polishing, and brushed, and drawing,, main should for Panel, set thick sand light, and paint surface polishing, and real wood drawing, and wood skin polishing, and wood plastic Board surface brushed, field. According to the different Max broadband, can be: 400mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1300mm,1600mm,1800mm, or other models.

Food processing and packing equipment

Accompanied by 2014, closure of the coil processing and coil packaging machine exhibition boom in Jinan, China, September 18-21st, food processing and packaging machinery exhibition in Shenyang to strike while the breeze began in earnest, starting from April, Shenyang exhibition organizers will formally apply for exhibitor exhibiting work from around the country. The only professional exhibition of this exhibition is to expand the market in Northeast China, strong channels of communication to ensure your participation benefits.
Food packaging machinery industry is an important industry in providing equipment for food industry, plays an important role in the development of the food industry. Food packaging machinery and technology, is an important sign ability of food industry equipment. No modern food packaging machines, there would be no modernization of the food industry. The next 5 years, is the development period of building a well-off society in China, China food and packaging machinery industry development in the important period of strategic opportunities, market competition will become increasingly fierce.
Strong promotional channels, allowing you to maximize the return on investment:
Promotion: more than more than 200 industry media, text, picture, LOGO and other aspects of the full report. Industry over more than 500 QQ Group, timed to promote the app platform, more than 45,000 industry professionals know to show information at any time.
Peer show publicity: with the help of North Canton and other cities the show platform, distribution of tickets and invitations, inviting exhibitors and visitors to visit.
Invitation full of customer service: customer service has more than 20 employees, through years of established ways to a variety of calls one to invite professional buyers in the database and do the bakery market, VIP customer groups work, this is ensure that the high rate of professional visitors the best protection.
Exciting events attract audience: decorating plug-in, Mr Asmus, chocolate, bakery, etc.
Exhibitors invite visitors: launch enterprises in the same industry as well as by the Exhibitor’s own customers, to visit us.
The “exhibits”
Food processing and packing equipment: leisure, meat processing machinery, food processing machinery, flour product processing machinery, food processing machinery, food processing machinery, machinery for processing of fruits and vegetables, bean product processing machinery, beverage processing machinery, canned milk and dairy product processing machinery, food processing machinery, confectionery machinery, processed seafood processing machinery, the baking equipment, refrigeration equipment, and so on.
Food packaging equipment: Ink Jet machines, labeling machines, packaging machinery, printing machine, sealing machine, packaging machine, packing machine, wrapping machine, packing machine, assembled machinery, filling fast-food processing machinery and packaging machinery control equipment, washing machines, secondary packaging equipment, packaging materials, such as color printing, color box.
Supporting equipment and the equipment: starch and the starch wrapping products processing mechanical, and water treatment mechanical, and sterilization machine/dry machine, and cooking equipment, and hotels equipment and the kitchen mechanical, and instrument instrument, and sensor, and empty pressure machine, and frequency device, and hydraulic pneumatic components, and measurement drive device, and hot Exchange device, and Automation control, and weighing equipment, and fittings/valve/pump, and speed mechanical equipment, and other drive and control equipment.
2014 in China (Shenyang) poised for food processing and packaging machinery exhibition, sincerely welcome peers went to Shenyang to open up the market, gold booth awaiting the scheduled! Successfully opened up the national market.

packaging exhibitors and exhibition report

Zhejiang Province is printing packaging industrial developed provinces, output ranked national forefront, printing packaging industrial in Zhejiang economy in the occupies is big proportions, has became Zhejiang Province of pillar industry is one of, Zhejiang printing packaging industry categories complete integrated strength strong, province existing various printing packaging enterprise 20,000 over, printing gross near billions of Yuan, number, and output, and tax are home national second, accounted for national one-eighth strong, printing packaging industry has became province important industry, many transnational Enterprise giant of Asia-Pacific Center, and Global purchasing Center have moved eastward into Zhejiang, and bring global packaging printing business has great potential.
Hangzhou as “the province with printing and packaging”, the capital city, is an important regional center in Yangtze River Delta city wide competitive, as the Asian packaging Center, CPMC headquarters located in Hangzhou has been further enhanced the status of the printing and packaging industry in Hangzhou. Along with the rapid development of Zhejiang’s industrial economy, Hangzhou, printing and packaging industry has maintained a strong momentum of development.
Published by the printing Association of Zhejiang Province, Zhejiang Province printing materials Corporation, packaging and printing industry association of Zhejiang Province, jointly organised Hangzhou promise exhibition, Ltd hosted this exhibition will promote the development of printing industry of Zhejiang Province, welcomed the new and old friends actively participated.
On May 5, 2015-6th (9:00-17:00) exhibitors and exhibition report
Opening ceremony of the exhibition on May 7, 2015, at 9:00
On May 7, 2015-May 9 (9:00-16:30) merchants trade negotiations
Closing of the exhibition on the afternoon of May 9, 2015, exhibitor dismantle
Exhibition content
Prepress equipment
Proofer, plate, grilled version machine, punching machine, machines, scanners, output, engraver, printer, imagesetter, CTP systems, printing systems, colour cards, etc
Printing machinery and equipment
Digital printing machine, label printing machine, rotary presses, monochrome offset, double-color offset printing press, flexographic printing machine, label printing machine gravure printing machines, printing machines, special machines
Labels, flexo gravure printing, silk screen printing and packaging, special printing, functional
Label, and trademark printing mechanical equipment, screen and the special printing technology equipment, and sedan technology, not dry glue printing equipment and the supplies, soft printed concave printed version engraving technology equipment, soft printed concave printed mechanical equipment, function sex printing packaging technology equipment, soft packaging printing mechanical equipment, security technology equipment, bronzing machine, and RF recognition label technology equipment, IC card, and notes printing equipment, detection instrument equipment, related material, and ink, and supplies

package material and filling

Tong lixing said, reporting periods, the company’s main packaging and filling customer orders are not saturated, output and sales fell. Coupled with rising labor costs, materials price increases, fixed cost increases affected gross sales dropped significantly, resulted in a net loss of profits.

Tong lixing main customer base, due to significant reduction in orders, new national brand customer orders an incremental decline eased some of the main customer orders, but could not make up for the loss of orders for the main customer base projected fourth-quarter package material and filling orders and no obvious improvement, affect the company’s production and sales plans to achieve. Company also expects fourth-quarter labor costs, depreciation costs, raw material price remains at a high level, and other factors continue to influence, fixed cost allocation difficulties, packaging and filling the sales decline in gross profit margin of the company. It is expected in 2014-range 18.3214 million to 6.1071 million yuan in net profit. Net profit of 61.0713 million dollars in the same period a year earlier.


Deep petrochemical company formerly known as Star Cruises limited, years dedicated to the packaging machine manufacture and sale of high-grade plastic packaging for cosmetics, as well as supporting the research and development of mold. As the first in the country’s most advanced packaging equipment, product quality is the best five-layer composite plastic hose production enterprises, the company’s core product cosmetic plastic composite tube production and market share among the forefront of the national manufacturers of similar products, now has become a leader in cosmetic plastic packaging industry segments. Companies, including Procter and Gamble, Unilever, l ‘ Oréal, the world’s leading cosmetics and food manufacturers to establish a long-term and stable relationship of cooperation, and even became a global supplier, and has been awarded the Procter “business partner of the year award for” Avon “Avon suppliers of supply chain strategic partnership in China” and “product quality inspection” and other honors.

Manufacturer of coil packaging machine in China

Modern industrial packaging machine industry in China the overall level is not high, self-development ability is still relatively weak compared with high levels of other industrialized countries, there is a big gap. Reflecting this gap is one of the main symbols, is an industry-wide level difference – the current standard rate of China packaging standards using international standards only about 50%, “standard is not reasonable and perfect standard is not systematic enough coordination between emphasizing form and poor maneuverability.”

Manufacturer of coil packaging machine in China is uneven, this mold is a significant impact on the accuracy and quality of and the country has a very large gap, China’s packaging industry standardization level needs to be enhanced. Analysts said that China’s packaging industry demand is relatively large, needs to accelerate the pace of adjustment of product structure, so that China’s packaging industry to overseas markets remains to be deepened.

Industry persons also revealed, currently, China are planning construction “world packaging industry Center”, construction world package headquarters, and civil-military fusion development, and science development, and trade logistics, and culture creative, and packaging equipment, and packaging materials, and agricultural processing packaging, focus base; implementation world package Institute, and world package University, and high-end packaging products, and advanced packaging equipment, and packaging materials, 18 a focus project, which by world packaging center group led of “world packaging industry Center” will joint private, and foreign and SOE common investment, For the global investment, investment expected to exceed 120 billion yuan.

Center for China in the future to become a truly global packaging industry, on the need to pursue “green package” in addition to increase the voice of China packaging industry in the world and rule-making authority.

The clear space static

The clear space static complete box adopts SUS304 stainless because the materials for inside, and cold rolled metal or SUS304 for exterior product entire body as well as the two doorways. The density of the stainless is 1.0mm. On the other hand, the merchandise comes with the Taihu ultraviolet light with the strength of 10W and the wavelength of 254nm. It could obtain the perfect sterilization effect. In addition, the inserted kind installing of ultraviolet light fixture can reduce the get in touch with chance of provided posts and uv light pipe to ensure safe use. 

Technological Specifications coil packaigng


KindExterior Dimension (W×D×H) (mm)Inside Aspect (W×D×H) (mm)Comment


Digital Interlock






Vibrant Type


Material: Stainless steel SUS304


Front door Management Technique: Technical/digital durable, interlock and stable


Higherpressure centrifugal enthusiast specialized for purification is set up on the top of pass package.


Provide/give back air program with stainless-steel packagingatmosphere shower nozzles on top, .45-.65m/s of air flow velocity.

5. Tertiary

purification with pre-filtering, medium sized filtration system, and low-clapboard Hepa filtration system.Effectiveness: H14, ≥99.995Percent @ .3 micron particles.


Air flow provide on top and atmosphere come back at the base, cleaning away from dirt and debris particles from materials exchange. It permits supplies to be transferred involving the clear area along with other elements without damaging the hygiene amount of the products or supplies, and in addition guard the surrounding region clear.


Soft switch control over UV fan, power and lamp door open up, and establishing.


Point of view house windows for both sides of doorway, exceptional surface area flatness and smoothness without welding place. Power source: 220V/50Hz; Complete Strength: .35KW

9. Arc

formed internal bottom part which is to prevent developing dirt, assures the beautifulness and simple maintenance.

10. This

air shower successfully pass box includes one differential strain measure.