high-speed coil packaging machine

Suitable for: all kinds of single, double side diagonal square box sealing label, provide a full box, fixed roof pressure, labeling, marking and packaging or labeling detection to eliminate leakage on the corner, and other functions, to ensure the sealing label intact, users can rest assured and connecting high-speed coil packaging machine use.
Function characteristics:
1. The four types of the sealing label form can be completed on (on the surface of the sealing label, the surface of the sealing label, two diagonal sealing label)
2. Jacking device to ensure that the label box body stability, greatly improve the labeling accuracy, particularly true for light box
3. The reserved input/output signal and the interface, PC control signal, on-line condition acceptable matching production line linkage line overall management, which is convenient to use
4. The optional function of eliminating unqualified products automatically
5. Optional transparent protection cover, equipped with a safety lock switch, and guarantee the safety of operating personnel
6. Printing equipment: flexible choice of hot stamping machine or printing machine configuration, such as synchronization is complete code and labeling
Technical parameters:
Box size: height 20-100 mm, width 90-220 – mm
Labeling speed: 80-120 boxes per minute (associated with box and label size)
Labeling accuracy: + / – 1.0 mm (excluding package and label error)
Power supply and power: 220 vac plus or minus 5% 50 hz 1.0 Kw
Machine size: (L) x 2000 (W) 900 x 1300 mm (H)

Automated packaging Equipment Co., Ltd

Chinese Mingdian Automated Equipment Co., Ltd, which situated inbeautiful Chengdu area, is a professional maker committed to totally auto vertical packaging machinery, and combines RAndD, service, sales and manufacturin gentirely. CHINESE MINGDIAN AUOTOMATIC Gear CO.,LTD machines are popular for automatic packaging of liquid, powder, granule and viscousproducts in food, prescription drug, daily chemical and hemispherical fields. With conceptof excellentBelief, High qualityFirst, LeadingModern technology for Development, our team isdevoted to become aglobal packaging machinery dealer. Based on sophisticated packaging approach, professional R&D group and abundant packaging activities, we offer reliable, high efficiency and good quality top to bottom packaging machinery to customers.

Qingdao FHOPE, manufacturer of timber pallet making machine, nailless plywood package machine. Have CE ISO9001: 2008 TUV Certification. Is the owner of 70%MarketplaceDiscuss(Nailless plywood box machine) in The far east. Expertized in RAndManufacturing, Marketing, D and Trainingand repair. Expert in appointment of Manufacturing facility-construction and ProcessingModern technology, and TechnicalEnhancementCoaching. Specializedansweris founded onCostEvaluation and Ideal Allocation.

Item/Service : timber pallet creating machine, timber pallet machine, nailless plywood container machine, plywood containerproducing machine, plywood container machine, wooden packaging machine, packaging machine

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Chinese Material Packaging Co., Ltd. is dependent on creating And generating aseptic packaging materials such as tetra bricks. Now Chinese Packaging Materials Co., Ltd have two aseptic packaging manufacturingindustrial facilities, onesatisfying machine manufacturerAnda singletechnologyresearchinginstitution of packagebecause 2002. “Chinese ” will be theinitially PE-Document-AL-PE ingredient and PE-PAPER-PE compoundpackage and maching satisfying machine maker in China for Juice and Dairy, within “Chinese” logodesignated in everypackage deal. “Senmao” Pack originallycreatespackagematerialsto go onfamousfilling up machine suppliers as Tetra, Combi & IPI etc., and attempt toharmonyprice and valuerulesaround the world, by breaking monopoly of aseptic bundlebusiness. We havecreatedexpertisepractical experience on bundlematerialsanalysis, make our bundlematerials to pack juiceAndmilk in good condition with extended lifeit could be. Being aspecialistproducer of aseptic packing supplies in Asiafor nearly a reportcalendar year, Chinese has aseptic package of Tetra document, IPI paper, Combibloc and GableLeading (Elopak) with thequantityof all kinds. Chinese supplies you with successful and safe package materials, as well as our economic and flexible juice & milk production machinery, in order to keep balanced price from value regulations worldwide and break monopoly of aseptic package industry.Exactly like what we would like to do for individualis asunder: Enable thedream abouteveryoneenjoyingmilk&drinkover the worldbecomereal, regardless ofthey arewealthy or inadequate, from themajor of Chinese on supplyinggreen, innovative and convenient aseptic bundle to beverage or milk productsmanufacturers.

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east packaging line

The seminar will concentrate on the coil packaging machine alternatives available for boosting the production base in Asia with revolutionary technology that can help to convert the enhancements to sellable commercial items. Technology And advancement are the necessity of the hour, particularly for the producing sector which can help to enhance the standard normal as well as the value competitiveness in the products.

EEPC The far east packaging line is glad to announce Enhancements & Technology Seminar forthcoming CHINA Design Sourcing Display Intravenous-2014, planned at SHANGHAI from 16-18 Dec 2014.

The dialogue would center around the value of joints undertakings, modern technology And knowledge exchanges and worldwide locating.

Objectives MNCs have from SMEs in terms of manufacturing the best-in-course products. Additionally, it will also be discussed how SMEs can take advantage of opportunities available for partnerships in order to grow their businesses further, along with enhancing their productivity and processes

The facts from the celebration are pointed out hereunder for your type perusal:

Day & Time: Wednesday, 17th December, 2014

Time: 10.00 a.m. ¨C 12.00 noon


Enrollment Charges: Free of charge

Tentative Schedule

1000 ¨C 1030 hoursRegistration

1030 ¨C 1040 hrsDelightful deal with by EEPC Asia

1040 ¨C 1140 hrsBoard dialogue on ?°Joint Enterprise, Modern technology & Information move and worldwide tracking down


Rajesh Nath, Managing Director, German Design Federation Association to average the session

Capri International Funds Ltd- Sunil Kapoor, Professional Director

Metrol Business – Confirmation awaited (Japanese organization)

AMADA Asia – Verification awaited (Japanese company)

Eaton – Affirmation awaited (United states company)

Sandvik – Confirmation awaited (Swedish company)

Seco Equipment – Confirmation awaited (Swedish company)

Blum Novotest – Affirmation awaited (German company)

Thyssenkrupp Industries Asia Ltd – Verification anticipated (German organization)

Starrag The far east Pvt Ltd – Affirmation awaited (Swiss organization)

Gudel Asia – Affirmation awaited (Swiss organization)

Munjal Showa – Confirmation anticipated (CHINAn business)

1140 ¨C 1155 hrsQ & A Session

1155 ¨C 1200 hoursVote of many thanks & Verdict of Period by EEPC The far east

NIS is one of the greatest vertically incorporated energy businesses in Southern East The european union. NIS satisfies 75% from the total industry interest in petroleum items.

By 2020, NIS aspires to the most efficient, fast growing energy company in Balkan region.

NIS looks at growing its procurement bottom as well as in areas of integrated gas, energy and oil.and seeking at vendors within the subsequent areas:

? Oils industry professional services (Sales And circulation)

? Essential oil production and Exploration

The complete sourcing requirement of the clients are to the track of 60 zillion USD,

EEPC China is glad to publicize NIS International packaging machine Sourcing Satisfy forthcoming China Engineering Locating Present Intravenous-2014, scheduled at Mumbai from 16-18 Dec 2014.

Officials to get joined the Program

Best Management, Technical/Creation Head, Business Advancement Group, Older Supervisors, Basic Managers, Export/Transfer Managers.

multi function packaging machinery

Tissue paper knife and fork pillow type automatic packaging machine is a  multi function packaging machinery factory for plastic products of automatic bag sealer.
The scope of application:
It suitable for disposable fork spoon single or package and towel, towel, Hanging noodles, Chicken rolls, sausage, squid, popsicle, candy, cookies, fruit and other soft, strip, packing.
Want to know the new Keli machinery equipment factory more packaging machine information?
Technical specifications
Model???????????????? COIL WRAPPER
Film width???????????? Max.250mm
The length of the bag???????????? 65 ~ 190mm and 120 ~ 330mm
Bag width???????????? 30 ~ 110mm
The height of the product???????????? Max.60mm
Film diameter???????????? Max.320mm
Packing speed???????????? 40 to 230 packs per minute
Power specifications???????????? 220V, 50/60HZ, 2.4KVA
Machine size???????????? (L) 3920 (W) * 670 * (H) 1320
The quality of the machines???????????? 550Kg
Injection preparation?
The main performance and structure characteristics:
1 double frequency converter control, bag length cutting, without air conditioning go, step in place, saving time and film.
The 2 man machine interface, convenient parameter setting.
3 fault self diagnosis function, clear failure display.
4 marked sensitivity photoelectric eye tracking, digital input cut position, which can make the sealing position be more accurate.
5 separate PID temperature control, suitable for various packing materials.
The 6 positioning stop function, non stick knives, do not waste envelope.
Simple 7 drive system, the work is more reliable, the maintenance is more convenient.
8 all of the control is realized by software, convenient for function adjusting and upgrading, never backward.
The new section of the company design team commitment: new Keli is a focus on packaging machinery research and development of enterprises, in the development of many years of practice, we have accumulated rich experience, dedicated to packaging machinery leading technology, excellent quality for all customers. We have an independent product R & D center, more than a dozen with middle and senior titles and experienced scientific and technical personnel, continuous product improvement and development of new products, we will spare no effort in the packaging technology to master and Research on automation system combination, and constantly create automatic packaging system of the classic. According to the needs of each client, tailored to fit customer products “make people from the heavy packing production line of liberation, let the machine to replace manual operation to enable enterprises to reduce costs, improve production efficiency” – this is the ultimate mission efforts for new Keli and goal! ?
The new section of the company after-sales team commitment: the company with the perfect product and application of advanced technology for the development of the premise, take the customer as the center, take the market as the guidance, with the service idea and mode of advanced to win the trust of customers, the spirit of people-oriented, do first-class enterprises, professional service to meet customer demand, to product and service excellence. Shaping the brand new keli. The company promises to customers as follows: the company service system standard positioning in the international engineering machinery service mode. The service concept with international standards, service behavior standard, service management and supervision system. All the products of the company within one year of free maintenance and service, namely: free training, free maintenance, free maintenance, life-long maintenance! We have a professional team, only to honor your commitment to customer service! If the customer demand, our after-sales personnel will be the first time home maintenance, let you buy the rest assured that the use of Shuxin, problems do not have to worry about, choose new Keli, you never worry about!
The new section of the company the price commitment: the company never afraid of goods than three, never use low prices to deceive consumers, we only do the best cost-effective machinery, only for your production benefit, cost savings, and create a win-win situation!
Customers Supervision: new Keli coil packaging machine hopes that from unremitting efforts to provide the best service for customers. It is customer acceptance of supervision in the whole process to provide customers with services in the.

packaging machine and equipment companies developing news

Recently, Chengdu a packaging machine and equipment companies developing new chocolate pouring machine. It using delta automation control system solutions, optimize production process, improve production efficiency, and the system operation simple debugging, satisfied the customer’s demand, so the enterprises decide to continue to work together to further development of delta, more.
Chocolate pouring machine, including chocolate liquid injection, automatic stretch wrapping machine, baking and air drying the core process. The development of new customers want chocolate pouring machine, used for high-end brand of chocolate production. In order to ensure the quality and unique taste of chocolate, control of customer requirements of the equipment of each procedure time, mode of motion, strength and accuracy is very high. Delta team according to user needs, provide including the scheme of control system composed of three axis motion controller DVP20PM00M series, 10 inch human-machine interface DOP-B series, ASDA-B2 series servo drives and single axis positioning module and other products into the market and achieved good results.
Among them, delta motion control host DVP20PM00M three axis interpolation positioning control host, has RS485 communication interface, can realize 3 axis spiral interpolation, linear interpolation, 3 axis 2 axis linear interpolation, the multi speed execution and interrupt positioning function, can realize smooth movement and accurate positioning, unique after cutting function you can control the pouring the car track grinder speed, precision injection liquid chocolate. In addition, DELTA servo driver ASDA-B2 and its collocation, can complete the high precision positioning response high control performance of the frequency response bandwidth is 550Hz, the speed command setting time can reach below 1ms, can realize the fast reaction chocolate pouring in, the high accuracy requirement of easy. Also, delta human-computer interface, human friendly, the operation is simple, the process parameters can be set by user different product formulations function, and can monitor the running conditions of equipment. Delta debugging of control system is simple, high degree of automation, perfect after-sales service, so that customers very satisfied.
This new type of chocolate pouring and packaging  machine into the market, a warm response, obtained several brands of food manufacturing enterprise order, make customer confidence, has also launched four with delta control system as the core of the food manufacturing equipment, and decided to continue with delta jointly develop new field. Delta will and customers to bring more ideas for food packaging equipment industry!

made nine coil packaging machine and equipment

WithNine group was founded in 1996, is a manufacturing company specializing in the automation of coil packaging machine products R & D, production, sales, service in one of the group, to coil  packaging line and copper packaging machinery, filling machinery industry, has the abundant strength, extensive marketing network, strong project implementation capacity, has formed a series, scale the products are 10 series more than 160 kinds of equipment.

Steel coil packaging machine
Steel coil packaging machine

Wuhan made nine coil  packaging machine equipment Ltd. is Chinese Packaging Association executive director of the unit, China packaging net, China Machinery Network gold member units, food packaging machinery and equipment through the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification, filling machine series products through the EU CE certification.
Wuhan made nine packaging machinery equipment Co. Ltd. in obtaining recognition from all at the same time, pay more attention to product development, increasing investment research department, has now achieved fruitful results. “Nine” every year in the product will have the innovation, now has more than a dozen filling machine technology patent.
“Professional qualification, create brand” is the use of nine business objectives, “excellent quality, reliable price” is the business purpose of nine. Has the talent, resources, network, scale, experience in the field of packaging machinery with nine great advantages and influence, become the new entrepreneurial organization highly competitive and leading advantage. And exported to Europe, South Africa and other regions, and access to the customer the consistent high praise. “Nine” series of packaging machine, filling machine, sealing machine and other packaging machinery products have become major food, medicine, daily chemical enterprise first packaging machinery supplier, has a good reputation in the industry.
The unremitting pursuit, perfect, with nine Machinery Group operating in good faith, innovation and technology, excellent quality, dedicated service to domestic and foreign customers with quality products.
With nine company after ten years of development, the company now has professional and technical personnel, engineers, sales and customer service service personnel, the formation of a very young team of high-quality innovative spirit of the team. Our packaging machine products are to provide on-site installation and commissioning service commitment. We have the perfect pre-sale, sale, after sale service system. Powerful technical support and quality products you are assured to buy Packaging Machine of choice.
Company to provide year-round food packaging machine, grain packing machine, vacuum packaging machine, shrink packaging machine, filling machine, sealing machine, labeling machine, pillow packing machine, and other products, welcome customers to come to discuss the order!
Enterprise culture:
First, the nature of enterprise
With aluminum Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd., the company engaged in the manufacture of automatic packaging machine products R & D, production, sales and service in one of the.
Two, the enterprise purpose
People oriented, science and technology leader, integrity management, to create a famous brand
Three, the goal of enterprise
Do high-quality brand packaging machinery industry
The company’s main: packing machine || filling machine || sealing machine || packing machine || shrink machine || capping machine || folding machine || capping machine | inkjet printer
Thank you for the support and concern of nine Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co. Ltd. of Wuhan, if there are any problems please feel free to contact with us!

development of the packaging industry-Fhopepack

Fhopepack Guangzhou, one of plastics coil packaging machine limited company founded in 2003 with the registered capital of 20.5 million Yuan. It located in the industrial park, shishan town, Nanhai district, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, thecompany covers an area of 30,000 square meters. It is one of China’s first professional production of high-end wide casting film production line manufacturers. There is world-class premium cast film equipment and service provider.

Company products involving industry covers “new energy”, and “car and the building security glass”, and “food soft packaging”, and “environmental agricultural film” is around the company. The main products including: “multilayer total squeeze flow extended film production equipment”, and “two-way stretch film production equipment”, and “solar group package glue film production equipment”, and “car glass sandwich film production equipment”, and “high barrier agricultural film production equipment”. All that can be modified according your need.

Since 2003, the company production and application in food flexible packaging machine industry —“multi-layer co-extruded cast film production equipment”have a perfect substitute for imported equipment, nationwide and more than60 overseas sales and services in multiple countries. The domestic market share is as high as 80%, top width of CPP/CPE multilayer cast film production and packing line production world first for 7 years.

Since its inception the company has been holding mass, focused oninnovation, improve service, and continue to guide domestic cast filmequipment upgrading and revolution, breaking the record, and in Germany inMunich set up research and development centers, to create a “made in China “brands. In order to better serve the development of the packaging industry, the company has 9 consecutive hosting of Chinese plastics industry which summit on new materials, new techniques, new equipment and promote harmonious development of industry.


Official authorized company currently has 55 patents, of which 8 inventionpatents, honors obtained since 2003 has the following items:

In 2003, Fhope company launches the first 2500mm, 3000mm, three-layerco-extruded CPP, CPE casting film production line, the first 2500mm five-layer co-extrusion high barrier film line;

In 2004, Hu PVB glass sandwich, filled the blank in domestic film production line launched;

In 2005, the Ministry of Commerce has been awarded “key supported enterprises” title;

In 2008, the first granted by the Nanhai District Government “Eagle planfocused on supporting enterprise”;

In 2008, the “China plastic machine” national working group;

In 2008, bear the Guangdong provincial Department of science and technology “breakthroughs in key areas between Hong Kong and Guangdong projects”;

In 2009, China plastics processing industry association has been awarded”China’s high-end broadloom cast film equipment technology base” title;

In 2010, the State development and Reform Commission, “reconstructionproject of central budget for investment in SMEs”;

In 2010, the State Department of Commerce as “corporate credit ratings AAA-class”;

In 2010, the Guangdong Provincial Government assumed a “modern industrial top 500 project”;

In 2011, approved by the Guangdong provincial Department of science and technology set up “Guangdong solar array packaging adhesive coatingequipment engineering and technology research and Development Center”;

In 2012, the SME Bureau of Guangdong Province was awarded “key innovationsto help the fast-growing small and medium enterprises in Guangdong Province(private enterprise)”;

In 2012, the Nanhai District Government has been awarded “Advanced Unit ofstandardization”;

In 2013, the Shi-Cheng plastic multi-layer co-extruded cast film productionequipment was awarded “Guangdong top brand product”;

In 2014,WE was awarded the advanced enterprise of China National light industry “research and development innovationsion” 2013, ranking tenth.

cnc packing machine

In 1876, the French principle of Lavoisier proposed cutting. In 1887, the American Fletcher tested successfully using oxy-acetylene flame cutting steel. In 1901, the Belgium people ruoerlan designed and manufactured hand-cutting torch, gas lawn mower to be practical. 40, as a result of semi-automatic and automatic gas cutting equipment, gas cutting conditions were improved. Emerged in the 50 plasma arc cutting and packaging arc, and later developed a profile to a higher degree of automation, photoelectric tracking, CNC precision hot cutting equipment. 60, laser cutting technology can be developed.
Machine using a variety of heat sources equipment were essentially the same as heat source equipment for fusion welding and thermal cutting machine is often used to weld before welding cutting and Groove processing, has a close relationship with weld, welding technology for thermal cutting are often grouped together under the realm.
Thermal cutting machine with centralized heat can melt and separate mechanical equipment. According to the thermal thermal cutting can be classified into gas cutting for coil packaging machine, arc-cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, laser cutting machine, and so on. Metal cutting machine is the industrial sector, manufacturing, waste disintegration, mounting and dismantling of indispensable.
Packaging machine and mechanical Department to production various specifications high low voltage blow film unit, and double total squeeze blow film machine, and eagerly machine single gun, and double gun blow film unit, and PP blow film unit, and dense bags blow film unit, and letterpress (soft version) press (1-6 color), and computer high-speed flat mouth business bags stretch wrapping machine, and side seal (r) machine, and dense bags business bags machine, and manual sealing machine, and and generation guest set do various shaped non-marked packaging mechanical mainly.

Shanghai coil packaging machinery

Shanghai coil packaging machinery limited company is designing, manufacturing and selling powder and small pellet packing machine and undertake turnkey project of Professional Enterprise. After nearly 20 years of development, with a constant exploration, research and application of advanced technology, the company has begun to take shape, and currently employs hundreds of people, and has a team of professional and technical personnel, engineers, and sales and after-sales service team consisting of innovative teams. Since its inception the company has successfully developed a number of series, dozens of varieties of packaging machinery and equipment, production of the product are in compliance with GMP requirements. With advanced engineering technology and quality systems, our company has passed the CE certification.

Our products have been widely used in powdered milk, food, chemicals, cosmetics, medicines, feed and toner and other fields, and products all over the country, and more than 50 countries and regions around the world, reflecting the “; and machinery, to the world”; the company purpose. Rely on advanced engineering design, rich practical experience and mature technology and innovative workforce, our company according to the customer’s actual needs, from program design, development, installation and commissioning, technical training and after-sales service of the entire packaging process. In recent years, the corporate dairy enterprises in domestic and Southeast Asian countries have provided dozens of milk powder filling, bag production line, received a lot of praise, has formed a good reputation, many users have passed GMP certification in China.

“Quality casting brilliance, integrity leads to success”;, and Fhope staff will take this belief, better cooperation with industries and a broad range of areas. Therefore, because the professional excellence, Dahe willing to cooperate with friends from home and abroad in pursuit of excellence journey together, create brilliant!

horizontal stretch wrapper automatic satisfying

horizontal stretch wrapper automatic satisfying and sealing machine EJG-8S Automated Bag Satisfying and Securing Machine 1.EJG-8S Car Bag Filling up and Sealing Machine is utilized for the 4 part closing flat bag, and also the stretch machine can load and seal various granule, powder and the liquid goods by coordinating with diverse measuring system. 2. Operations: Bag feeding and taking Opening (Printing day) Filling (Measured filling up) Move (Vibrations, de-dusting, pushing things) Temperature seal off, atmosphere exhaust Merchandise release Specialized Parameter Ability : 30-50 bag/min, based on item type and characteristics Case Size: (L)100-300mm (W)100-200 mm Satisfying bodyweight: Up to1000 g/bag (max) Bag closing: Securing by heat and pressure Power source: AC380V±10Per cent,3-period 50Hz Strength Consumption: 2.0KW Air Usage: .2m3/min at 5-8 kgf/cm2 Atmosphere compressor is supplied by consumer Machine Bodyweight: 1200kg Measurement(W×L×H ): 1140×1500×1560mm Shanghai YiJie Packing Machine Co.,Ltd. is really a maker committed to vertical packaging machine,the automatic weighing stowing machine and extra devices. Our organization personal the technology exquisite designers and following-selling services personnel group, can solve all extra concerns for that consumers.Company’s control idea is “the development,high quality normal, the best faith, the low price “, our services are all according to customer’s condition, we remember to keep our promises!