stretch wrapping machine adopts micro

This stretch wrapping machine adopts micro computer control. Stepper motor to pull material.
The arbitrary fixed length, photoelectric tracking, smooth, label lost three bags of automatic shutdown.
Automatic air pressure punching. Automatic constant temperature, automatic stop dragging material.
The automatic counting, and can set the counting alarm. .
The photoelectric discharge control, discharge of automatic error correction.
The bottom roll type by ultrasonic welding, particularly strong, stable.
The feeding and clamping device with flatulence axis,
It is equipped with automatic cylinder and unloading device
To this stretch wrapping machine has added magnetic powder tension control, tension control cloth problem easily
The bag features: This machine can make the bag, non-woven vest bag, nonwoven flat pocket, three-dimensional non-woven bags, non-woven fabric wearing rope bag.
Web dimensions: the width of 1150mm, the maximum roll diameter 600mm
Bag making speed: less than or equal to 40 pieces per minute
Bag width: less than or equal to 14000mm
The total power of the device: 17.6KW
Source: 0.65MPA
Weight: 1400KG
Dimensions: 5400 x 2400 x 1480mm
The first advantage is that the device to different weight paper bag bottom, can satisfy the bottom width of 6cm 40cm of various specifications of paper bag cover production, different paper bag bottom shape comprises 4 bottom cover, the bottom cover, the bottom cover sharp generous, strong sealing performance. And the paper bag sealing machine on the market for almost all fonts glue, not suitable for paper bag bottom wide paper bag production, such a font glue distance was opened, a bag bottom Yitong open, and touch the bottom of the bag is not producing special-shaped.

This stretch wrapping machine

One, overview:
This stretch wrapping machine can be equipped with various filling device, a filling device of intelligent combination weigher screw weighing device, metering device, liquid paste filling device for filling device, pickles, cup filling device and other special products, can be a simple combination to other external equipment
Two, performance and characteristics for stretch wrapping machine
1, convenient operation, using the German Siemens with PLC control, touch screen man-machine interface control system, convenient operation.
2, variable frequency speed regulation, the machine uses the frequency conversion speed regulation device, can optionally adjust speed in the specified range.
3, the automatic detection function, if not open the bag or the bag opening is not complete, not feeding, no heat sealing, bag can be used again, do not waste material, for the user to save the manufacturing cost.
4, safety device, when the working pressure is not normal or heating pipe fault, it will alarm.
5, the rapid replacement of specification packaging bag, conversion of the mechanical hand device width can be adjusted quickly and easily handle complete spacing.
6, a random distribution of organic glass security door, to protect the operator function.
7, part of the use of imported engineering plastic bearing, without refueling, reduce the pollution to the material.
8, with no oil vacuum pump, avoid producing environmental pollution.
9, the zipper bag opening stretch wrapping mechanism, specifically for the zipper bag characteristic design, avoid the bag deformation or damage.
10, package material loss is low, the machine is the use of preformed bag, packing bag pattern perfection, good sealing quality, so as to improve the product quality.
11, in line with food processing industry standards of hygiene, machines and materials or packaging bag contact parts adopt stainless steel or other materials meet the processing requirements of food hygiene, food hygiene and safety guarantee.
12, packaging a wide range, by selecting different metering device, packaging operations can be applied to the liquid, paste, powder, granule, irregular lump material.
13, packaging bags to adapt to a wide range, for multi-layer composite membrane, monolayer of PE, PP and other materials of prefabricated bags, paper bags can be applied.
Technical parameters
The model RL6-300B RL8-250B RL8-200A
Station eight station
The bag packaging material composite membrane, PP, PE etc.
Bag type self-reliance zipper bag
W:180-300mm L:200-450mm W:150-260mm L:150-350mm W:80-200mm bag size L:100-350mm
The speed of 10-40bag/min 20-45bag/min 10-55bag/min
The weight of 1500KGS 1400KGS 1200KGS
Voltage of 380V 3phase 60HZ
Power 3KW 3KW 2KW
Compressed air every 0.6 cubic meters (provided by customer)

Cold Rolling Mill for Sale

320mm X 1.2mm Used 6Hi Cold Rolling Mill for Sale


Maker : JAPAN
Built :
Latest Modification Date :2001
Conditon :Good Operation

Mill Specifiaction

Input Gauge : 1.2 mm
tput Gauge : 0.08 mm
Max Speed : 150 M/MIN
Max Tension : 2.5 K/N
Material Width Max : 320 mm
Material Width Min : 80 mm
Coolant Type : MINERAL OIL
Max Coil Weight : 3.0 TONNES
Coil ID : 408 mm
Coil OD : 1300 mm
Coiler Mandrel Dia : 408 mm
Gauge Control : Vollmer Gauge
S.P.C. : Not Fitted
Mill Motor : 130 KW
Left Tension Motor : 120KW
Right Tension Motor : 120KW
Screw Down : Geared Motor Driven
Work Roll Size :120Ø X 400mm
Inter Roll Size :136Ø X 400mm
Back Up Roll Size :300Ø X 400mm
Drive :Back Up Roll Drive
Electric Power : 380Volts X 3PHASE X 60Hz

Supply Equipment

Uncoiler With Snubber & Drive Unit
NO1.2 Recoiler With Drive Unit & Coil Car
Entry & Delivery Mill Guide
Flying Thickness Gage( Volmer Gage)
Mill Body With Mill Drive Unit
Roll Changing Rail
Mill Coolant Oil Filtering System
Mill Fire Fighting System
Hydraulic Control System
Lubrication Tank For Reducer
Electric Control Panel
Operation Desk
Recoiling Spool(400Ømm) 29PC
Spare Work Roll Chock 1SET
Spare Back –Up Roll Chock 4SET
Spare Work Roll 16PCS
Spare Back Up Roll 12PCS
Back-Up Roll Bearing 15PCS

Product features for the stretch machine

Semi automatic granule bagging packing machine, the device can automatically measure, filling, tolerance alarm work, suitable for packaging of granular, powder and granular, easy crushing, extrusion puffing granular, strong moisture absorption and specific gravity of irregular change material. Such as weighing, washing powder, salt, sugar, MSG, rice seed, feed, Coffee, sesame and other daily food, condiments small granular, powdery materials.
A, technical parameters:
Metering mode
Weighing type (three 4.5L volume bucket measurement)
Weighing type (three 2L volume bucket measurement)
Feeding mode
Double vibration feeding, feeding
Single vibration feeding, feeding
Packing weight
Packaging accuracy
Less than 0.2%
Less than 0.2%
Packing speed
15-25 / min.
15-30 / min.
Power Supply
220V 50–60Hz
220V 50–60Hz
The feed box volume
The complete machine power
The volume of the whole machine
The weight of the whole machine
Two, product characteristics:
1, three independent weighing hopper: weighing and bags separately, fast working speed.
2, the feeder can be adjusted to achieve higher accuracy by themselves according to the proportion of the material in the work, the faster.
3, independent single weight sensor: work more stable, higher sensitivity.
4, the time can be set automatically memory current packing times shifts, easily pass the handover, and timely feedback the product qualified rate.
5, Chinese and English operation interface, with the operating time can be set, the operation more intuitive and convenient.
6, a calibration procedure with the weights can be conveniently calibrate, effectively solve the long time no weight drift.
7, organic glass door, effectively reduce the pollution of the workshop.
8, the stretch wrapping machine has the advantages of beautiful appearance, convenient to remove residue, weighing hopper with hook type can be directly disassembled for cleaning.
Product features:
1, adjust the product specifications without the need for tools, a variety of products to adjust the parameters of formula can be stored, backup.
2, the entire Chinese (English) display, touch screen clearly show the working state, operating instructions, easy to operate.
3, don’t stop can be adjusted directly sealing and cutting position, rectification, in touch screen sealing smooth, neat incision.
4, using intelligent temperature controller, temperature difference can be controlled within 3 DEG, with tooth type sealing device, the sealing more firmly.
5, the packaging function of many types of bags, such as: flat bag, three-dimensional bag and hand bag etc..
6, the closed structure, low noise, anti dust, especially for the dust packaging.
7, using spiral rotary filling machine head can increase the weighing function feedback tracking.

Fhopepack model machine

This Fhopepack model is used for expanding production, application integration packaging equipment in the bottle body and the bottle body and single row double sets of standard synchronized. And the shrinkage effect can fully highlight the perfect packaging bottle. All parts of this model used are imported equipment, the distinguishing feature is the use of bottle feeding mechanism of the model is divided into the bottle screw, ensuring the bottle conveying stability. Secondly, the difference of this type is the head tilt, whether round bottle, square bottle or flat bottle bottle feeding direction is which side, head direction can be adjusted according to the requirements of your company.
Sets of standard machine host size: L3000mm * W850mm * H2000mm
5, divided into the bottle screw:
To set standard bottles do equidistant apart, enter with bottle group.
6, with a bottle of group:
On the both sides of the synchronous transmission, height and a bottle clamping positioning just a handwheel adjustment, to make the bottle conveying not shaking and the control sleeve label height.
7, three colour warning lamp:
During normal operation of green warning light, ready for the yellow flashing lights, the host is not normal flash a red light.
8, the center column:
Label stretch wrapping film material set into the open, so that the film material is transferred and cutting.
9, eye frame group:
The use of optical fiber electric transmission signal, a control system is provided to do fixed size delivery, electric eye position can be adjusted in height.
10, brush set:
Using the retaining strip or a rubber band will be set into the brush into the bottle label location.
11, the brush set:
By using the synchronous adjustment mechanism, the brush two group transmission wheel to adjust to the center column lower roller slight contact, to label at high speed through the label set into the bottle.
12, double frame group:
Save the reload time, discharge by a group of transmission wheel deceleration motor pressure feed feed.
13, the conveyor belt:
The use of frequency converter to adjust the conveyor belt speed, to apply to all capacity speed matching, this packaging machine with synchronous control will be divided into the bottle screw group, with a bottle of group, the conveyor belt the three into a single knob speed.
14, according to a bottle of eye:
Monitoring the bottle to a proper position, the output signal to make the host automatically set into the label.

standard packaging machine is successful

The sets of standard packaging machine is successful innovation of mechanical principle and electric control principle in the field of packaging equipment. When the bottle pushing electric eye found the bottle over and think that it is necessary for continuous production of bottle feeding screw, began operation push the bottle (bottle feeding screw role is not equidistant to the bottle from the initial velocity of new equidistant separated bottle), the core unit bottle into sets of standard system, when the set of label sensor induction to there is a bottle to come over, immediately will transmit the information to the control center through the PLC PLC, and in turn, continuous issued 4 directives: give mark, location, label cutting, dart, dart ends when, a bottle sets of standard process is completed, after entering the labels finishing, shrinkage of single element.
Sets of standard machine as one of high technology content packaging equipment segment, we from the mid 90’s, has started and set Holland, Japan, Britain, Taiwan and other countries and regions labeling machine manufacturers have the cooperation and exchange of technology, and in 2000 in cooperation with the Japanese company PP, assembly production in Shanghai Wordie factory. The excellent performance of high-speed stability, smart design unique, safe mode of man-machine Union, has been fully affirmed the majority of customers in the mainland market, the price of similar models still no out its advantages. ….. application areas: food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, spices, fruit juice, milk, refined oil injection needle, etc..
Sets of standard machine as one of high technology content packaging line equipment section, mainly used in: food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries, spices, fruit juice, needle, milk, refined oil fields. Set of standard principle: when the bottle after bottle eye detection on the conveyor belt, driving group servo control will automatically send a label, and brush feeding wheel group will brush a label, the label will be set into the bottle. If the positioning detection eye position is not correct, will not be able to smoothly set into the bottle label.
Sets of standard machine structure and function:
1, a knife disk group:
The eccentric linkage mechanism, driven by a stepping motor, in the absence of a bottle of induction without rotary motion, and increasing the service life and safety, at the same time the cutter which adopts the ordinary paper cutting blade and easy replacement, and the economy.
2, the machine group:
The whole stretch machine is made of stainless steel body, used for supporting the host and fixed conveyor belt.
3, the contracting furnace:
The use of electric heating or steam heat will be set into the bottle labels shrink uniformly attached to the bottle.
4, drive group:
Adopt double drive feeding mechanism, it is the central post fixed indispensable components, both bottle bigger or smaller, simply rotating the handwheel can change the size needed transmission function is completed by a gear set.

speed of the bagging machine and coil

[solving Fhope-300 back sealing method, tablet automatic packaging machine imitation]

1, must be market system to give enterprises the appropriate guidance and support, packaging machinery industry now, close to the enterprises to solve their own problems is not enough, need to give the market the leading;

2, on the other hand is the need to regulate the corresponding market system, provide motivation and direction to the development of the industry, to ensure the packaging machinery industry to have a healthy and orderly development.

[FhoPe-300 back sealing tablet automatic packaging machine features]

1, the hose packaging machine, full stainless steel exterior, conforms to the requirements of GMP.

2, the computer controller is a patent product of domestic initiative, the selection of CPU chips and advanced, imported power switch. So the function adopts the key operation, digital display.

3, tracking precision, in 50-100 bags per minute speed range, the error is less than 0.5mm.

4, the computer sets the length of the bag, change gear, the pain of adjustment bag length.

5, output the auto alarm function, set the automatic display of packaging speed function.

6, optional wheel code printer, the 1-3 lines code, shelf life.

[FhoPe-300 back sealing automatic tablet coil packaging machine specification]

Ear hanging coffee packaging machine started late in China, so the packaging machine level and abroad compared with a big gap. But in recent years, with the rapid development of ear hanging coffee packaging machine, hanging ears coffee packaging machine from the technology and performance has been replaced by a foreign lugs coffee packing machine in China in China’s packaging industry market. Chinese lug coffee packaging machine has been in continuous innovation, there has been a continuous improvement in the quality of automation and control products on the. Ear hanging coffee packaging machine has now firmly occupied the domestic packaging industry market, go out of the country to foreign sales packaging machine will be a new market.

[development of ear hanging coffee packaging machine]

All kinds of coffee in the unceasing increase, constantly upgrading. At the same time, the coffee packaging has become one of the indispensable in people’s daily life topics, however, hanging ears coffee packaging machine with the times of the continuous development and continuous service for people with. Its appearance by many people a warm welcome. But as people level unceasing enhancement, the previous packaging has been unable to meet the requirement of people now. On the other hand, automation technology is still in our country gradually rise, in order to solve this problem, in order to let the ear hanging coffee packaging function have a piece of its own space in the market, Shanghai people and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd started R & D, on the ear hanging coffee packaging machine for innovation, start from the automation technology. So in order to be able to have their own advantages in the fierce competition of the market, has its own uniqueness.

[lug coffee bagging packaging machine advantages]

Simple operation, automatic measuring, bag making, filling, sealing, printing, cutting and counting all the work; automatic completion of particle type, fluid and semi fluid, powder, tablets, and capsule packaging category.

[usage] ear hanging coffee tube bagging packaging machine

1, granule: particles drugs, sugar, coffee, Guo Zhen, tea, monosodium glutamate, salt, seeds of fine particles.

2, the fluid and semi fluid: fruit juice, honey, jam, tomato paste, shampoo, liquid pesticide etc..

3, powder: milk powder, flour, spices, wettable powder and other pesticides.

Full automatic coil packaging machine is changing

Full automatic coil packaging machine is changing with the rhythm of our life. Because in our lives, powder products come into contact with many need. So regardless of any kind of powder kind product has a huge market demand, and when the market demand increases, automatic powder packing the machine is fully utilized their fast and efficient mode of production to meet our market needs. And when the market demand reduction, reduce the production speed automatic powder packing machine will be appropriate.

[structure characteristics of automatic coil packaging machine]

Powder automatic packaging machine of screw powder filling device is a set of independent metering filling system, the device adopts high precision stepper motor driver, screw filling. On machine measurement range can be composed of several different screw size complete different measuring ranges. The operation is simple, convenient and accurate.

[automatic powder packaging machine suitable places]

Automatic coil packaging machine suitable for food, medicine, daily chemicals, pesticides, veterinary drug products in powder material automatic packing, for example: milk powder, soy milk powder, starch, veterinary medicine, pesticide powder, wettable powder, mask powder, enzyme preparations, premix, glucose, flavoring, Hu hot soup, five powder, Hu Lafen, garlic powder, flavor spices, coffee powder, seasoning powder and powder.

A variety of liquid packaging system now in soy sauce and vinegar, fruit juice, milk, coke, wine and other various liquid packaging products, have a wide range of applications. The equipment shaping, bag making, quantitative filling, ink printing, sealing and cutting process of high efficiency, packaging in the packaging film before UV disinfection, comply with the requirements of food hygiene.

Liquid and hose packaging system in mechanical function, more varied. Liquid packaging system will measure, filling, sealing, code functions gradually integrating innovation, achieve high efficiency in machinery. Modular technology provides technical support for this, with the development of technology is mature, liquid packaging machine will be more advanced appear on the market. We also look forward to liquid packaging system to bring to market a higher quality goods.

packing machine is more higher

The passage of time to retain people pace, the birth of a new era of high-tech brand stop technology forward one more step leap. Because of the level and quality of people’s life continuously improve, people also began to gradually change their requirements for goods.  let the customer packaging requirements on powder packing machine is more and more high. Therefore, the people gradually began to enjoy life, at the same time, also continue to inspire the powder packing machine in the industry competition, so that enterprises in the market share of more extensive. Powder packing machine as a commodity in the production process is the most widely used equipment, packaging equipment mechanical CIMC advanced technology he is also many in a body. Thus for the development of powder packing machine in the industry, automation technology coming, not only for the enterprises in the market, more rapid, more is to let the powder packing machine in China can always walk in the forefront of science and technology.

Packaging machine from one generation to another, is also advancing with the times. Powder and coil packaging machine industry as the products of the new era, caused by the rapid pace of development and extensive application of space makes many enterprises feel the shock in the development of economy, it is because of the convenience and power giant powder packaging machinery industry in the development of social economic development and people’s daily life brings, have modern life today. Industry visible powder packing machine for the development of modern life and society plays a very important. Powder packing machine is now in is not the sole, based on the original powder packaging machine has been developed to a fully automatic tube packaging machine, powder packing production line and other high-end powder packaging machine equipment, of course, was born the main benefit these powder packing machine in the technical innovation. The visible science and technology is the first productivity being come ture.
Automatic particle back seal door packaging machine adopts the international most advanced microcomputer chip control, photoelectric eye tracking detection, two bag can be cut, coder and choose equipped with clamp gas or air charging device. [1] bag system with stepping motor subdivision technology, making high precision, the error is less than 1 mm; heat sealing mechanism of parts using four way temperature control, temperature control accuracy, good heat balance, to ensure the sealing quality, also can adjust packing capacity during machine operation process, reduce material loss, improve work efficiency. Mainly used in granular peanut, melon seeds, beans, such as beans, seeds, popcorn and other material automatic packing of various.