plastic film packaging machine

automatic cartoning stretch wrapping machine
The main structural properties:
1, the use of automatic open (suction) box, folding instructions, feeding, feeding, batch number, box sealing, the detection rejecting processes, smooth running, low noise.
2, use PLC and man-machine interface operating system automatic control, stepless variable speed, high degree of automation, easy operation.
3, adopt international famous brand electrical components, performance is stable and reliable.
4, automatic wrapping machine shutdown function by mechanical overload, ensure that the man-machine safety.
5, packing product automatically reject lacking of the packaging or lack of specification, to ensure the quality of the finished product packaging.
6, with fault display, alarm and finished counting function, convenient maintenance and fault treatment.
7, automatic feeder and a conveying mechanism according to customer design requirements of the various devices.
8, optional hot melt machine uses the hot melt adhesive sealing adhesive or hot melt glue brushing device design.
9, with plastic packaging machine, pillow packing machine, filling machine, soap making machine, printing machine (or supervision code system), labeling machine, online weighing instrument, three-dimensional packing machine, shrink wrapping machine, stretch packaging machine, band strapping machine, other production lines to achieve docking linkage production.
Technical parameters
Power supply: Ac380v three-phase four wire 50HZ
Total power: 1.5KW
Production capacity: the running speed of 50-100 / host box
The running speed of 50-100 / box folding machine
Gas consumption; 20m3/h (pressure 0.5-0.7mpa)
Packaging materials; carton quality; 250-300g/m2 (see box size)
Specification: the maximum size (LxWxH) 250170x60mm
The minimum size (LxWxH): 5020x15mm
Description: the quality of 55-65g/m2 paper
Specification: the maximum size (LxW) 260190mm
The minimum size (LxW): 100100mm
Size: 33001350x1650mm
Weight: 1.2 tons

Full automatic cartoning stretch

The stretch wrapping machine description:
Full automatic continuous motion cartoning machine implementation level shipping carton and quick change format. The machine is equipped with a display device is used to control the material, control products on the tray, tray and the existence of packaged products. Electrical safety device product propeller, by organic glass protection. Emergency button, automatically simple stop display.
Application field:
The pharmaceutical, chemical, food, cosmetics, food, medical equipment etc..
The main features:
Full automatic cartoning stretch wrapping machine is suitable for a wide range of products, from single to multiple products, packaging and sealing the flexible and non flexible carton ends. The wrapping machine is compact size and efficient for blister packaging, strip, cartons, bottles, bags, extruded tube, soap and other products. Carton eliminating system installed in the height adjustable feet. Material used: a small cardboard box fold and glue weight from 220-400g/m2. Hook type: slotted or heat; carton capping: carton the same side from lower / upper, from one side of the mobile / fixed side lid etc.. Folding machine: GUK FA 21/4 cartonac 81
Technical parameters:
Net weight: 2200kg
Power supply: 3.7KW
Air consumption: NI/min 17
Pressure: 5/6bar
Voltage: 280 Volts
Frequency: 50Hz
Maximum yield: 225 boxes / min.
Machine dimensions: length * width * height (4050*1530*1670mm)
Size range (minimum): 20 x 12 x 55 mm
Size range (maximum): 120 x 70 x 200 mm

characteristics of horizontal stretch wrapper

The characteristics of horizontal stretch wrapper:
1, the PLC automatic control system, frequency control, electrical components adopt international famous brand.
2, using man-machine interface operating system.
3, mechanical overload automatic shutdown.
4, automatically reject lacking of package product and leaflet.
5, fault display, alarm and finished counting.
6, stable performance, easy operation.
Technical parameters:
Packing speed
30-120 box /min
Paper box
Quality requirements
250-350g/ square meters [regarded carton size and decide]
Size range
(L * W * H)
(65-125) mm x (30-85) mm x (12-50) mm
Quality requirements
60-70g/ square meters
The unfolded size range
(L * W)
(80-250) mm x (90-170) mm
Folding size range
(L * W)
[1-4] fold
Compressed air
The pressure of work
Greater than or equal to 0.6MPa
Gas consumption
Electric source
220V 50HZ
The main motor power
Overall dimensions (L * W * H)
2150 mm x 1140 mm x 1800 mm
The net weight
About 1100kg
Z-90 horizontal stretch wrapper,automatic cartoning machine is set light, electricity, gas, machine integration of high-tech products. It is suitable for bubble capsule and tablet forming, with plastic packaging global automatic box cover plates and similar articles. Transfer the working process is medicine board or goods (once a or a plurality of plate adjustable); drug instructions transmitted (1-4 can be folded automatic folding device stack); automatic carton forming and transmitting, medicine plate joint folded instructions at the same time into cartons; and complete the automatic batch, at both ends of the paper sealing tongue complex packaging process. The stretch wrapping machine can and blister packaging machine line is a kind of forming packaging line (SOL machine capable of heating).

The scope of stretch application

The scope of application:
A, use
Automatic box stretch wrapping machine is suitable for all kinds of goods. And chocolate, cookies and other materials pillow type packing after similar box packaging, and pillow type packing machine automatic line.
Two, characteristics
1, intelligence
Centralized control of the whole mechanism by PLC
Touch screen display various working status, fault display, operating instructions, production statistics, simple operation.
The material into the box in place of automatic shutdown
Material quantity is not enough, the automatic rejecting
Packing speed, when empty not wrap carton, reduce waste, improve production efficiency
3, durable
Easy to change the spare parts, the mechanism of durable design
4, security
The main drive with overload protection device
Three, the main technical parameters
The maximum production capacity
100 boxes per minute (according to the box size and decision)
Carton quality
250-300g/m2 (as the carton size dependent)
Maximum size of carton
Carton minimum specifications
Specification of power supply
Current power
Compressed air
More than 0.6MPa optional 2.2Kw air compressor
The shape size
The total weight
About 1.5T
Four, supporting language: A, B, English Chinese
Five, it can provide supporting device: device 1, date printer 2, and pillow type packing machine automatic line 3, automatic glue machine
Note: if users have special specifications, the company can be customized.
Cartoning stretch wrapping machine is set light, electricity, gas, machine integration of high-tech products. So that the equipment performance and the work efficiency is improved to a great extent. It realizes the quick box packing requirements, and still remains stable, reliable running state in the express.
The model is suitable for various specifications (also can be arranged in plastic bottled version) automatic feeding and box packing goods. Feeding mechanism of automatic adjustment, convenient in operation can be arbitrarily set the number needed to screen version of packaging box. Online material conveying, manual folding (1-4 fold set) and transmission, manual detection, carton forming and transmitting, and absorb the material into a box, carton, printing batch number two ends of paper tongue package (also can be used hot melt adhesive), lack of material removed and finished product output and the whole process is automatically completed.

automatic packaging machinery and film

This stretch wrapping machine is mainly applied to plastic film, paper, aluminum foil, insulation paper, self-adhesive photosensitive material cutting, the machine adopts mechanical and electrical integrated control, automatic correction, automatic meters and preferences meters parking, constant tension control, stepless speed regulation, has the advantages of fast speed, cutting neat features.
The main technical parameters:
The maximum width of cylinder
800-2000mm according to customer requirements
The maximum diameter of tube material
Max rolling diameter
Cutting speed
Error correction accuracy
+ 0.5mm
The total power
The shape size
The weight of the machine
Double head automatic liquid filling machine
The purpose of the product:
Mainly used for quantitative filling of liquid. Liquid filling for the cosmetic, food, medicine, cereals and oils, pesticide industry.
Applicable objects
Fruit juice drinks, carbonated beverages, alcoholic drinks, yogurt, milk, oil, hair care, skin care category, cosmetics, toothpaste, soy sauce, liquid medicine, the liquid alcohol
Double head automatic liquid filling machine product specifications:
The filling speed: 60 bottles / minute;
Filling weight: 5-600 grams;
Filling accuracy: 1%
Power: 380V, 50HZ, 2.2kw
Pressure: 6 kg / square cm
Double head automatic liquid filling and wrapping machine features:
1 economy: automatic filling, can automatically adjust the volume and speed, greatly reduced the cost of labor;
Filling accuracy is high, almost no leakage of liquid, reduces the loss rate;
The machine is composed of a PLC automatic control, simple debugging;
Guarantee the machine quality, long service life, maintenance of low frequency, reduce the cost of maintenance.
2 environmental protection: the machine is made by stainless steel, in line with the GMP standard; safety and sanitation, convenient maintenance and cleaning.
Note: the Company filling machine has two types: double full automatic filling machine, linear multi head automatic filling machine.

analysis of the packaging problems

According to the analysis of the above problems, we can know, equipment failure in the measurement error in terms of the problem, should first distinguish is static or dynamic error error, according to the fault situation of the field show, solutions with the working principle of the equipment for the corresponding. Such as:
1, as long as the replacement of a batch of material is to modify a control parameter can be used for normal metering control work, the situation can be summarized as the dynamic error, because the material causes. If the replacement of material varieties are not the same for varieties of PACKAGING materials should be set independently working class group separately control. If it is the same variety replacement of different batches of words should check whether the whether the material in the process of replacement density, liquidity has changed. If there should be to carry on the investigation to the direction of.
2, work of a few times have to re set the control parameters in order to continue to work. This is the phenomenon of dynamic error. Because of the same material the same batch, so generally do not appear to flow density, proportion, change. After exclusion of each component of fault should be to check the measurement mechanism and a bag clamping mechanism of the existence of the phenomenon of sticky material, because of sticky material will make the measurement of materials can not be completely emptied or the next quantitative together when shorting, causing the error.
3, the replacement of varieties of materials will be re quantization calibration to work correctly. This kind of situation can be classified into static error, should check whether the material is different and because the liquidity stress change generated gravity center offset makes the sensor produces a disequilibrium phenomenon of formation of angle difference in enters the measuring barrel, whether it is because of the different materials, the air content resulted from the change of negative air pressure change impact force sensor unbalanced forming angle difference.
4, to replace the material or replace the measurement target value after the emergence of error, the need to re run only after the use of quantitative calibration. This situation will arise static error or dynamic error in two cases.
(1) static error: the static error is caused by different material properties are also different, measuring target value for different amount of accumulation of the material into the measuring barrel is also different, in these cases, the center of gravity of its material enters the measuring barrel also will shift phenomenon and stress point shift to sensor generates angle difference phenomenon.
(2) the dynamic error: because of the different materials, the proportion is different. The air quantity produced by different target value (column) are also different. So these conditions affect the calculation of slow addition amount in advance by the proportion of air volume (volume or column) material weight change and cause measurement error.

Problem shoot for stretch wrapper

For the quantitative stretch wrapping machine and pallet packing machine, packaging scale is the key. We will appear error or big or small in practice, quantitative scale measurement accuracy error. It is divided into static error and dynamic error two phenomena. In the presence of measurement error when we first have to determine which are a kind of error phenomenon, so that we can accurately identify the root causes of failure, solve problems of fundamental. Below, we began to analyze the static error and dynamic error is how to produce, how to deal with:
A static error: static error numerical instrument display and the actual checking value to a. Through the re demarcation of proofreading and then can use normal measurement. The main causes are:
(1): sensor deformation due to sensor after long-term use, metal structure parts of its external appear normal mechanical fatigue phenomena to a certain extent, it will cause deformation, in the deformation process, the resistance change of fission resistance will affect the sensor, the sensor feedback MV this case number will be change, resulting in the original calibration values appear in the proportion calculation error caused by measurement error. At this time, as long as the re quantization calibration can solve problems.
(2) sensor damage: affected by external forces or voltage instability impact factors, damage, due to the special structure of the sensor, we do not have the conditions for on-site repair of sensor. This situation can only replace the sensor.
(3) sensor has angle difference: sensor generates angle difference will influence the balance of fission resistance sensor angle fission occurs angle offset and affect the normal feedback signal caused by static error. Such a situation as long as the re of metering mechanism for the overall level of proofreading, so that each of the sensor angle by pressure balance can solve the problem of fault.
(4) the instrument A/D converter fault, not normal acquisition sensor signal transmission. Under this circumstances, as long as the replacement of the new A/D conversion module can solve the problem.
After removing the instrument A/D conversion module and sensor fault can be determined, is due to external factors caused by static error. From the force balance of mechanism, whether the measuring barrel wall stick material, soft connection material sticking, negative air pressure and other reasons one by one investigation to solve.
Two. The dynamic error: measurement instrument in the complete measurement work after the display of the obtained value is not a value set to target measurement, re setting control parameters can continue after normal use. The main factors causing the dynamic error:
1, the control part:
Control parameter or the basic working parameters to control the setting of the instrument is not reasonable.
Control components in the received command signal whether the instrument output according to schedule the action reaction, whether it will be fast and slow to make the action reaction.
2, the implementation of components:
Cylinder or motor whether because of damaged or overloaded and influence its response speed, power and etc..
Mechanical execution part whetherwear or due to foreign object reader the reasons affecting the response speed. Such as joint bearings because of the lack of lubrication card or dust pollution, the transmission shaft handle due to mechanical fatigue bending deformation caused by etc..
Because no installation index reasonably produce connection error of each component installation will cause the running accuracy of execution unit card effects of movement speed or increase the mechanical fatigue wear parts and reduce the life of the assembly, the impact of the component should have ability to work, affecting the hair Hui should be working efficiency.
3, the material factors:
Whether working operation procedure control parameter or mechanical components are according to the nature of the materials and the set, by the proportion of the material, mobility, density measurement, weight and other characteristics play an important decision. So, the change of dynamic accuracy of different materials affect or big or small. It should according to different varieties of materials or different measurement target value for setting corresponding to the working class to the targeted control parameter and settings in the debugging process.

packing materials and stretch wrapper

Automatic stretch wrapping machine and pallet packaging machine equipment fault type and the solutions:
Packaging equipment failures generally reflected in three aspects: material and product transmission fault, fault and lack of fault product delivery.
1, transmission fault
Transmission fault performance is a system failure, loss of synchronization mechanism operation etc.. This failure is usually due to improper operation, equipment vibration make fasteners loose cause, once a fault occurs, often causing significant damage to equipment, long downtime. Therefore, such a failure to resolutely put an end to happen.
The main measures are strict rules, strengthen equipment maintenance and equipment pre repair, eliminating the trouble in the bud.
2, packing materials and product delivery failure
The main products include fault fault block in the conveying channel. Reasons for this kind of fault reasons in addition to the front about raw and auxiliary materials, itself, and the channel size adjusting device, dirt improper operation channel. When fault occurs, the equipment can be automatic stop control, manual operation, during a security risk.
This type of failure can not be eliminated, therefore, strengthen equipment maintenance and pre repair, improve equipment adjustment precision, improve the staff’s operation level etc..
3, the lack of product failure
Due to the adaptive reasons of raw materials and products transportation and package itself, in the packaging does not cause equipment downtime, but packaged product is missing or increased, then in the post process to layout a plurality of line control, at the same time between between the equipment matching and motion coordination is to adjust to the synchronous state, the working principle of repair personnel should be familiar with the equipment and good adjustment, and do regular revision, do effective work in the fault frequency occurred before the.
Three, fault management:
1, by understanding the causes of the deterioration of equipment technology state: strengthen the technical level of the repair team to enhance the training, to strengthen the exchange of experience in repair, improve the repair level, discuss and carry out technological transformation, technology to eliminate the deterioration of the source.
2, find the weak link of stretch wrapping machine equipment management work, strengthen the equipment environment for attention and improvement, to strengthen the operation staff clean maintenance, repair personnel to strengthen the regular maintenance, adjustment, and from the system to define and supervise the implementation.
3, grasp the equipment failure and wear law; strengthening the recording and analysis of abnormal information of every employee of spot inspection, strengthen staff repair operation record standard statistics, implement the task of the equipment and spare parts to declare the quality inspection work, the full implementation of equipment failure repair personnel housekeeper responsibility, reach its ownership of equipment fault management and mining on the wear law, as far as possible to eliminate faults in the bud, as soon as possible to reduce the equipment failure rate of strength.
4, the formulation of the maintenance cycle, maintenance plan and improve spare parts work; combined with the actual production, according to the daily equipment information, formulate the maintenance cycle, maintenance plan and improve the repair work, make full use of the production gap, other effective use of time for the implementation of production organization in the organization.
5, find out the fault influence on production and economic loss.

Automatic high speed packaging machine equipment

The cause of the fault, automatic stretch wrapper packaging machine equipment fault type and management scheme
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Automatic packaging machine equipment although is high efficiency, automation high production of packaging machine industry equipment, but such and such failure is inevitable, we all know that failure will not only disrupt the order of production, but also cause adverse effects in different degree on product quality, cost, safety and other aspects, causing economic losses to the enterprise. This article is the two reason Ji’nan quick Xiaobian fault of packing machine equipment to solve this problem are analyzed, and summarize the fault type and management scheme, help prevent or reduce the fault, improve the automatic packaging machine equipment technology state.
One, fully automatic stretch wrapper packaging machine equipment fault reason:
(a), packaging machine equipment production site environment is not good
1 Effect of temperature, high humidity, on the machine (22 – 2 DEG C is the best temperature, relative humidity is 55~60%). If the temperature is higher, the humidity of the environment, change the original fit because parts of the expansion, cause with loose or aggravate the wear, the service life of the machine will be greatly affected, especially made of non-metal materials slide etc.. In parts of relative motion due to deformation are prone to malfunction, serious still can damage some components and parts, and may even cause shutdown repair.
Effects of 2, more dust on the machine. If the stretch wrapping equipment for a long time and more dust in the environment, when the dust component relative motion between components, easy to produce wear, machine movement parts with the loose will cause incoordination.
(two), caused by the fault of packaging materials
Packaging film of poor quality, tension is not up to the requirements, resulting in forming overlapping wideband enough, loose packing, appearance is not up to the requirements.
Packaging film of poor quality, the cutting edge of Mao, heat sealing is irregular in shape, not close to the heat shrinking, shape error and can not accurately conveying in place, the passage blockage, resulting in downtime caused by fault, the transportation.