A orbital wrapping machine to make steel handling operation

In the second part of the packaging line, the single stack of rolls R is released by the fork lift truck 105 onto a conveyor 111 which feeds it according to the arrow f111. In a useful embodiment a first orbital wrapping machine 113, significantly equal to orbital the wrapping machine 71 illustrated in FIG. 6C, is placed over the conveyor 111. Substantially equivalent to the palletization station 73, the wrapping machine 113 wraps the package of rolls before it is transferred to a palletization station 115. Here, with associates similar to individuals shown inside the instance of embodiment in FIGS. 6A-6E, the pile of moves R is raised to position a pallet P thereunder. Again evolving along the packaging collection, the set up established from the pallet P together with the pile of moves R ahead, is put in a additional wrapping station 117, considerably equal to the ultimate wrapping station explained in the earlier embodiment.

FIGS. 9 to 16 schematically display the dealing with section of the coil upender, the principle technical parts of which have been detailed hereinbefore.

In FIG. 9 reference point amount 150 schematically represents and indicates an Ethernet system which a plurality of computers are linked. More specifically, from the diagram in FIG. 9, guide amount 151 signifies an initial personal computer to handle the winder 3, research amount 152 shows your personal computer combined with rewinder 21, inclusive of unwinder in the reels B, reference point amount 153 signifies your personal computer to regulate placing from the longitudinal reducing instruments and also of the device35 and 33, 37 to prepare the winding mandrels, put them in the machine and get them in the accomplished reels, guide amount 154 signifies the community server and research phone numbers 155 and 156 indicate two computers for handling the packaging series. More specifically, the computer 155 controls the robot 61, whilst the personal computer 156 handles the remaining products of your packaging collection.

Each one of the computers 151-156 is associated to a comparable data bank suggested with 151A to the pc 151 and coherently with 153A, 155A, 156A, 152A and 154A for the leftover computer systems 152-156. These can reside in the single computers. Alternatively, can be part of a database residing in the network server. Each and every data bank 151A-156A could have architecture appropriate for its particular function.

FIG. 10 demonstrates once more schematically how Ethernet network 150 reciprocally hooks up a plurality of PLCs (Automated Common sense Controllers) associated with the a variety of units in the coil upender. More specifically, a PLC 157 to manipulate the winder, a PLC 158 to manage the rewinder, a PLC 159 to regulate location from the rotor blades or any other equipment for longitudinal cutting of your online substance, a PLC 161 to control these devices to make the mandrels together with the particular winding cores, PLCs 162, 163, 164 to manage the packaging collection as well as a PLC 165 to regulate the mandrel extractor are coupled to the system 150. The numeral 166 schematically suggests a PLC related using one of the exchange shuttles 11 and 167 suggests a transmitting board through the host towards the PLC 166 aboard the shuttle 11.

A coil upender to create steel handling operation

The handle coil upender of the coil upender described previously mentioned will be shown in greater details hereunder based on a number of diagrams. Before heading through to explain these factors, nevertheless, it ought to be observed how the coil upender structure, and then in particular the packaging collection defined with research to FIGS. 6 and 5, is provided purely as an indication and as an example of countless possible layouts in the members and means to carry out packaging of the stacks of rolls. An alternative possible arrangement and configuration in the packaging line is illustrated in FIG. 7. FIGS. 8A, 8C and 8B display details of procedure in the coil upender in this example of embodiment.

The robot, again indicated with 61, picks up the single rolls R when they are still positioned with their axes A-A horizontal on the shuttle 11, according to this embodiment. Research quantity 101 signifies moving monitors allowing the robot 61 to slide toward the double arrow f61, to become positioned with the head 61A thereof every time at the degree of the 1st roll of every selection of moves R situated about the shuttle 11 put into the packaging region. The illustration explained in FIG. 7 displays, by means of example, two robots 61 moving forward a frequent information 101 to function simultaneously on two groups of moves R communicated by two shuttles 11. The shuttle is symbolized schematically inside a part see in FIG. 8A.

FIGS. 8B and 8C schematically illustrate the motion which the robot 61, by way of the head 61A, roles alone to grab the roll R from your row of moves put on the shuttle 11 (FIG. 8B) and, by using a rotation in the mind (FIG. 8C), it really is located along with the pile of moves R simply being established with a station or place Pp for forming piles of moves. The stations Pp for forming the piles of rolls are aligned parallel to the monitors or side rails 101 in the reverse part with regards to the area from which the moves are picked up. Said stations Pp can be engaged with a pallet or by way of a simple surface shaped to permit the reels to become gathered by a fork elevate van. A fork raise truck 105, advantageously driven immediately, is supplied to buy the one pallets Pp together with the moves positioned thereon or lift just one pile of moves, and shift these people to the 2nd part of the packaging collection, in which wrapping takes place. At a number of stations Pp for creating stacks, many piles of moves R with variable proportions, normally of numerous elevation, are shaped. The head and tail trimmings pointed out with RF are unloaded with the robot into stacks that happen to be established in lateral places 107. The numeral 109 indicates places for saving separator discs DS manufactured from cardboard, plastic or another materials, which every single robot 61 chooses up to place on the top of each and every roll located in the station Pp for forming stacks.

A coil upender to create steel handling operation

The upended rolls R are fed through a conveyor coil upender 57 in the direction of a roller conveyor 59 through which they can be singly acquired by a robot indicated by and large with 61. The robot 61 can position the single rolls using one or another of two conveyors 63A, 63B. For this function, the robot 61 has a left arm 65 given a motion around a plurality of numerically operated axes. The robot 61 can also pick up separator discs DS made of cardboard or another suitable sheet material, positioned on a specific support 67 placed within the range of action of the arm 65 of the robot 61, as well as picking up the individual rolls R from the roller conveyor 59. In this way, the robot 61 picks up individual rolls and areas them using one or some other of your conveyors63B and 63A, and can spot a separator disc DS on each and every roll. The conveyors 63A, 63B are connected with an assemblage of curler conveyors 69 which could nourish stacks of rolls shaped in the conveyors 63A, 63B to the subsequent gear placed across the packaging collection to perform exterior wrapping and labeling in the bundles of moves, as well as optionally available evaluating and other functions about packaging.

A machine 71 is provided along the roller conveyor 69 to wrap, with a film F, the stack of rolls R positioned time by time in the machine 71, according to an advantageous embodiment of the invention.

According to a possible embodiment of the invention, downstream of the wrapping machine 71 a palletization station 73 is positioned, in which single pallets P are inserted under the stack of rolls R, between said stack and the roller conveyor 69. For this purpose, according to an embodiment of the invention, a lifting member 75 with jaws or grippers 76, which grip the stack of rolls R laterally to lift it from the roller conveyor, is positioned in the station 73.

According to an advantageous embodiment, a further wrapping machine 77 is positioned downstream of the palletization station 73, where the assembly formed by the pallet and by the stacks of rolls R is wrapped with a plastic film.

In accordance with the preferred embodiment illustrated in FIG. 6E, an additional curler conveyor 79 is positioned downstream from the wrapping machine 77, with which the palletized bundles are provided to a additional labeling station 81 and from this point for an unloading roller conveyor 83, at the wall plug of which the single pallets are picked up using a fork raise van or even the like (not displayed).

A coil upender to create steel handling

FIGS. 3 and 4 correspondingly present a schematic side look at the rewinder confined to the winding rollers and to the unloading work surface as well as the marking gadget 31 related to explained surface.

The unloading surface area or chute 27 comes with a pair of rollers 37 understanding a cradle into that the moves R produced by the rewinder may be unloaded. As is known per se, are wound about a common mandrel, a series of coaxial rolls having the same diameter, from which the winding mandrel is extracted, will be placed on the unloading chute 27 at each cycle, as these rolls. The moves R rest about the rollers 37, which are rotated to produce the rolls R rotate about the axis thereof up until the ultimate cost-free end is facing upward, i.e. towards mind 41 of the labeling machine 31, to ensure the latter can use personal-adhesive brands (by way of example printed out by explained go 41) for the tail for each roll. The brands have the two function of preventing the world wide web fabric from unwinding through the roll in the up coming dealing with procedures and also of marking every single roll with a rule or another information helpful for up coming surgical procedures.

According to the double arrow f45 of a slide 45 the head 41 is mounted on a carriage 43 which moves on guides for vertical sliding. According to f45 allows the head 41 to be moved towards and away from the unloading surface or chute 27, to allow labeling of rolls R of different diameter, the movement. The carriage 43 can translate according to the double arrow f43 on a cross-member 47 equipped with sliding guides 49 to label in sequence all the rolls placed time by time on the unloading chute or surface 27. It really is realized that, should this be required, for example, as a result of axial entire rolls, every single roll might be presented with more than one brand.

FIG. 5 schematically shows a potential setup from the packaging series 9, when FIGS. 6A-6E show an enlargement of following servings of said series.

Guide quantity 51 indicates an initial conveyor on that your moves R from your shuttle 11 coming from the rewinder are unloaded. The conveyor 51 feeds the single rolls according to the arrow f51 towards an area provided with equipment 53 for optional further labeling, e.g. on the periphery of each roll. According to an advantageous embodiment, illustrated herein, labeling takes place with the roll R lying on a vertical plane, i.e. with the axis thereof horizontal, before subsequent upending.

According to a possible embodiment, downstream of the equipment 53 is an upender 55, which upends each roll of the group of rolls unloaded from the shuttle onto the conveyor 51 to position it with the axis thereof vertical, i.e. orthogonal, to the plane of the figure. In reality, moves with modest axial proportions can be upended automatically, while those with larger axial dimensions may be upended by the upender 55.

A coil upender to make steel coil handling

Positioned involving the winder 3 and also the model 5 can be a storage space 7, which could keep more than one reels from the winder 3 and which have to be put in the unwinder associated with the rewinder of the system 5. The setup proven in FIG. 1 also consists of a symmetrical agreement, pointed out with 5??, of the identical equipment generating the device 5, to demonstrate the chance of providing two rewinder devices having a one winder 3.

A packaging or wrapping collection, indicated by and large with 9, and that will be explained in increased depth hereunder, is assigned to the element of coil upender comprising the products 1, optionally, 3 and 5 5??. In this line the single rolls produced in parallel by the rewinder of the unit 5 are distributed and separated into stacks divided according to product, i.e. placing in each stack rolls with the same dimensions. Within this range 9 the stack of rolls may also be packaged after which covered on pallets for succeeding move.

A plurality of shuttles 11 exchange the moves from your rewinder of your system 5 or 5?? to the packaging range 9. Several shuttles 11 can be provided, and as well as relocating the moves to the packaging line 9, they could communicate the rolls to a region 11 for good quality handle and optionally for an location 13 for handbook packaging, as a result by-completing packaging range 9. The numeral 15 schematically shows a station to boost the electric batteries from the shuttles 11.

FIG. 2 schematically symbolizes a plan take a look at the group of units mentioned by and large with 5 in FIG. 1. Numeral 20 signifies the unwinder combined with the rewinder 22, with numeral 23 showing the various tools for longitudinally cutting the world wide web substance delivered in the reel B and numeral 25 showing the winding rollers. Positioned downstream of the winding rollers is undoubtedly an unloading chute 27, with a cradle of rollers situated within a marking machine 31, which tags the moves unloaded in the winding cradle established with the rollers 25 and that will be defined in greater fine detail hereunder.

Located with the side of the rewinder 21 is definitely the system 33 to make the mandrels using the particular tubular cores locked and inserted thereon. The numeral 35 signifies the coil upender to put in the mandrel and particular winding cores within the winding section of the rewinder 21. These devices 33, 35 may be developed as defined in increased details, as an example, in WO-A-0061480 or even in an additional perfect way.

Reference number 36 indicates an extractor device to remove the mandrel in the categories of moves shaped with the rewinder 21. The extractor can also be designed as disclosed in coil upender.

A coil upender to make 90 degree steel coil turnging

In an choice embodiment, the coil upender includes a managing robot made and situated to grab (i.e. directly from the shuttle) solitary rolls positioned using the axis thereof roughly horizontal and turn those to drive them to your position using the axis thereof approximately top to bottom.

According to the invention are indicated hereunder with reference to some non-limiting embodiments and in the appended claims further advantageous embodiments and possible additional characteristics of the coil upender.

The invention also relates to a robot for handling rolls of web material, particularly although not exclusively for use in a coil upender of the above type, comprising an articulated arm, movable according to a plurality of numerically controlled axes and supporting a suction head, according to a specific aspect. The suction head has a surface for gripping the rolls substantially flat in shape and approximately semi-circular, according to a possible embodiment. Advantageously, the suction power mind could have suction power locations that may be activated selectively as a purpose of the size of the roll to get handled.

The suction areas are formed of substantially semi-annular portions, in fluid connection with a suction duct, according to a preferred embodiment of the invention. Also provided are choice people to selectively link mentioned considerably semi-annular amounts for the suction duct. The assortment members are able to comprise a control device.

In a more embodiment, your head of your robot will have a plurality of self-shutting valves, linked to a suction duct and positioned together with the suction power part for the gripping surface of the suction power mind in the robot. The personal-shutting down valves may be designed with individual shut-away from participants which close up the control device if you find no area of a roll to get engaged via explained mind in front of it.

In the specifically recommended embodiment of the technology, a detector to trigger suction power when the head is within proximity to some roll is associated to stated go.


A coil upender to make 90 degree coil turnging

Physical objects AND Review Of THE INVENTION

According to a first aspect, the invention relates to a coil upender and a method which overcome, entirely or in part, at least some of the drawbacks mentioned above.

In substance, according to a first aspect, the invention provides for a coil upender to produce rolls of web material, comprising in combination at least the following components: a machine to make the world wide web material; a winder, which varieties reels of web fabric coming from mentioned generation machine; an unwinder to unwind solitary reels of web substance made by mentioned winder; a small group of equipment for longitudinal reducing from the internet material, to split stated website substance into pieces, with participants to position mentioned tools in the transverse route with regards to the route of give in the online material; a rewinder, to rewind the one pieces into rolls; a line for packaging the moves; at least one shuttle to move the sets of rolls established by stated rewinder-cutter in the direction of explained packaging series; an info coil upender for built-in treatments for explained elements of the coil upender.

The coil upender may be managed within an integrated way by way of the data coil upender, preventing the need to individually handle independent operations such as winding, reducing and rewinding, and packaging.

The information coil upender comprises a network server, a database containing information concerning process and/or control data; a plurality of computers associated with the components of the coil upender; a local network connecting said server and said computers, according to an advantageous embodiment.

Associated with the rewinder is a device to prepare the winding mandrels of the rolls, fitted on which are winding cores with dimensions and positions corresponding to the positions and dimensions of the single rolls to be produced, said device being connected to said local network, according to an advantageous embodiment.

In a helpful embodiment, the fishing line for packaging the moves comprises a robot for coping with the moves. Explained robot could be handled to grab one moves from said a minimum of one shuttle and disperse them on individual pallets. Additionally, means to show and different the single moves might be provided. The rolls are unloaded from the shuttle onto a coil upender which allows individual feed, having first performed upending if required, to facilitate gripping of the rolls by the robot.

A coil upender to generate 90 degree turnging

rewinding, cutting and unwinding,

packaging, labeling and palletizing approach.

These a few functions are apart from the other person, and therefore for total generation diverse creation information should be came into for the winding step, for the up coming reducing and rewinding step and also for the last packaging stage.

The upender owner in control of the line have to for that reason control the three manufacturing operations individually, need to enter into the creation guidelines on the distinct manage individual panels several times, should control the only production processes in the individual manage stations and, each and every improvement in manufacturing, must replicate every one of the programming of your three individual operations.

This calls for considerable management and programming occasions and the necessity for numerous persons to regulate and deal with the whole process, specially in the primary established-up and manufacturing transform techniques. Additionally, the necessity to enter in data many times raises the chance of problem while in coming into of the creation parameters about the a few diverse management coil upenders.

The actual existence of a few different production operations will make it difficult to enhance the functions as a function of the specified guidelines (minimization of instances being a purpose of the type of merchandise and also other variables), and makes it out of the question to continuously authenticate creation on all the machinery, manage the traceability of products and so forth. These surgical procedures are presently performed directly through the user, and consequently the production quantity and quality is dependent on the particular abilities of every proprietor.

A coil upender to make handling

The rewinder comes with a coil upender of counter and blades-cutting blades or some other longitudinal decreasing tools. These are generally situated transversely with regards to the route of give in the web substance, based on the dimensions of the pieces to get obtained by decreasing the net fabric from the reel. A variety of coil upenders are already researched for auto positioning the blades as being a function of the fabric to be made. An illustration of device to carry out explained placing is described in EP-A-1245354.

Winding mandrels, on what tubular winding cores, corresponding in number, position and dimension towards the number, dimension and position from the pieces into that your decreasing resources separate the net material from the master reel getting unwound, have been installed, are put time by period in the rewinder. devices and Machines that prepare the mandrel with the tubular winding cores fitted thereon currently exist. An illustration of a system on this kind is detailed in WO-A-0061480 and then in the corresponding European patent EP-B-1169250.

Downstream of the rewinders the winding mandrels are pulled from the created rolls, which can be then delivered to packaging.

Currently, included coil upenders for control over the various production actions from your winder to packaging are not provided. On the whole, in at present utilized coil upenders you can find about three separate principal processes. These are typically:

winding of your nonwoven created by the continuous machine,

A coil upender to produce handling

The rewinder comes with a coil upender of blades and counter-rotor blades or other longitudinal decreasing instruments. They are placed transversely with respect to the route of nourish of your website fabric, according to the size of the pieces to be attained by reducing the net substance in the reel. Numerous coil upenders have been researched for automated location the rotor blades as being a function of the information to get generated. An example of system to carry out mentioned placement is detailed in EP-A-1245354.

Winding mandrels, which tubular winding cores, corresponding in position, dimension and number towards the position, dimension and number from the pieces into which the decreasing instruments split the web fabric coming from the expert reel becoming unwound, have already been installed, are put time by amount of time in the rewinder. devices and Machines that get ready the mandrel using the tubular winding cores equipped thereon at present can be found. An example of a product on this type is defined in WO-A-0061480 as well as in the corresponding Western patent EP-B-1169250.

Downstream of the rewinders the winding mandrels are removed from the formed rolls, that happen to be then brought to packaging.

At the moment, incorporated coil upenders for handling of the many generation steps from the winder to packaging will not be supplied. Generally speaking, in at present used coil upenders there are actually about three individual principal functions. They are:

winding from the nonwoven manufactured by the continuous machine,