Specs of pallet wrapping machine 2014

Pallet Wrapping Machine

We have been the company of a wide range of Pallet Stretch Wrapping Models. These are generally highly desired in numerous small scales to massive production market sectors for wrapping of diverse items in several shapes. These are getting salient functions and are highlighted below:

Useful for effortless travel & storing

Straightforward use rich in effectiveness

Lower energy labor and consumption preserving

Shields products frommoisture and dust, area injury and pilferage

According to market standard we are manufacturer of Automatic Web Sealer Machine of best quality.


Capability: 18-22pgs/min

Film kind: Pvc material/PE

Potential: 18Kw

Max.packing size: 1.8*.65*.45


With full automatic features of container move and organize, membrane layer packing, sealing and cooling, shaping, shrinkage and cut, and so forth.

Embrace with PLC automated plan blood circulation manage with reliable and stable efficiency.

3 layers of heat efficiency treatment method with excellent insulting house, swift heat go up and energy protecting.

The enhanced cooling down shaping passage can easily transform the packing membrane layer into higher energy position that is certainly quickly transported and stored.

You can actually alter the wrapping bottle and combination variety to blend the multi-functionality into 1 machine.


Aspect for the entire unit:


Thermal shrinkage passing aspect:


Maximum. package measurement:


Move buckle measurement:


Product packaging pace:


Working power supply/strength:

380V 19KW

Closing and minimize time/heat:

.5-1.5s 140oC-160oC

Functioning atmosphere tension:


Oxygen intake:


Package Stretch Wrapping Machine andhorizontal stretch wrapper

Package Stretch Wrapping Machine is actually a simple and convenient device to wrap carton boxes and objects of comparable geometry making use of in stretch film. Stretch Wrapped Defense could be presented to little & medium-sized physical objects stuffed in carton cans, boxes, drums and tins etc. This machine can be easily integrated into conveyor outlines. Industries developing Goods like Pc monitors, Home-based pumps, Electrical & Electronic Items, Engineering things, Aesthetic products, Consumer items and so on., have to package large amount of their beneficial products saved in Carton Containers everyday.

This straightforward to use, dinner table-top version machine consists of a mechanized adjustable velocity Turn Desk, so the proprietor can easily stand up near to the stretch and machine wrap the carton boxes / products rapidly. The ‘powered pre-stretch’ model expands the LLDPE stretch cling film upto 300%, to be able to protect these products ingesting least number of stretch film. This contributes to really low packing expense. About 120 Bins each hour can be simply stretch covered using this machine.

We provide a myriad of Semi Automatic L- Type Closing Equipment.


Built with protection protection & alert, heavy-duty closing kitchen knives, no develop-up & light up even though sealings

Simple functioning & adjustment

Substantial efficiency for labor expense saving

Added pinch roller guideline for much better film management and conserving

PLC handle system with 2 software, length handled by either image view or times


Broadly used by theelectronics and food, stationery toys, fruit salted metalwares, pharmaceuticals, materials, clothing, tools and cosmetic day-to-day-use products, electronical etc, appliances and bambooware Industries for shrink packing purposes

Fingers Stretch film and Prestretch film

There are lots of varieties of stretch place film. Each has attributes which can be notably perfect in responding to the actual requirements of your own stretch wrapping procedure, such as stress sizing and type, functionality demands as well as budget. The subsequent lists probably the most essential types of stretch film, their attributes and programs. Select a stretch cover film beneath for specifics.

Blown Stretch materialCast Stretch Film Machine Stretch Film

Hands Stretch VideoPreStretched VideoNiche Stretch Film

Cast Stretch Film

Cast stretch film also called cast film or cast place, is produced using the cast extrusion process. Common qualities of cast stretch movies are: superb optics, clear and glossy superior tear level of resistance, calm de-stress, steady stick and consistent film thickness.

Blown Stretch Film

Made making use of the blown film extrusion procedure and also referred to as blown film. Normal blown stretch film characteristics are: very poor optics, hazy and dull superb pierce resistance, really loud de-stress and high power on load.

Fingers Stretch film

Stretch film developed exclusively to get used manually is known as hands stretch film. It is also called hand film, hands stretch wrap, hand place or guidebook pallet cover. It is actually generally utilized in reduce capability packaging functions. However the efficiency of manual stretch wrap packaging should be regularly re-evaluated against potential benefits of upgrading to a machine wrapper. Selecting the best stretch applicator will result in more efficient and expense efficient packaging operations.

Machine Stretch film

Stretch film created to be applied using a stretch cover machine is referenced as machine stretch film. It gives many advantages over palm film which includes: speedier and more successful packaging, decreased packaging substance expenses, more secure app, less risky tons and much more. Typical machine stretch film kinds: cast machine stretch film, blown machine film and prestretched movies.

Prestretch film

Prestretched film is film which is stretched well before wrapping a load. Prestretch film rewards include:

Lessened amount of film utilized, so film expenses are greatly reduced

Needs fewer revolutions to place a lot, saving time, more efficient

Significantly less packaging film indicates less spend to remove and dispose

Prestretch movies are recyclable

Prestretched film is powerful, consistent

Niche Stretch film

Specialized stretch videos are designed to solution quite particular packaging needs that more common-objective stretch packaging options cannot cater to. A tiny trial of some specialized stretch packaging videos shows up beneath.

a stretch cover process to achieve ideal pre-stretch film

Are you wanting a stretch wrap program to attain best pre-stretch film performances and and thus get more secure plenty when using less film?

Forms of Stretch Wrap Solutions: Semi Automatics / Straightforward Automatics / Completely Automatics

Stretch place machines are either semi-automated (great cheaper than 30 loads each hour), basic automated (permits stretch wrapping commence and finish with out owner leaving behind a forklift) or fully intelligent (normal option for medium to substantial amount packaging surgical procedures). A significant difference between semi-automated as well as an automated method, is semi automatics calls for more labor solutions and have lower productivity rates of speed. Overview of every day result requirements from a packaging expert will determine which kind of product is most suitable for any packaging functioning.

Turntable Stretch Cover Systems

These stretch cover models work with a film carriage over a set mast, to make use of stretch film because it ascends and rotates and descends the burden. This particular program can meet the requirements of many programs. Semi-automatics are designed for use using a forklift (higher information turntable) or even a pallet jack (lower information turntable) and automatics are generally used in combination with a conveyor.

Over head Stretch Cover Methods

These stretch place models make use of a revolving film carriage to make use of stretch film mainly because it goes across the load. Overhead stretch wrappers are free standing and can be purchased in semi-automated, basic automated, and totally automated. This kind of stretch wrapping is great for tons which are considerably light-weight, delicate, and unpredictable or tons which are too heavy for turntable solutions.

Also known as: Straddle Stretch Wrappers, Over head Stretch Wrappers, Rotary Tower Stretch Place Machine, and Rotary Left arm Stretch Wrappers

Horizontal Stretch Cover Methods

These stretch place equipment utilize stretch wrap having a turning film carriage that moves around a lot as it passes by through a horizontal engagement ring. If banding or enhanced packaging is required, an automatic stretch bundler is ideal for loads and products that do not use a turntable system or overhead system or.

Also known as: diamond ring wrapper, orbital, horizontal pallet wrapper And engagement ring.

Which Stretch Film To Use?

Selecting the most appropriate stretch film is very important to maximizing output overall performance of your own stretch cover machine. Proper pairing of stretch wrap stretch and machinery film will make sure much stronger loads and best film productivity. Today’s higher capability stretch wrap models call for film scored for usage together with the RPM in the machine. Usually of thumb utilize the machine stretch film levels and stretch film devices RPM to determine which form of stretch film is essential. For example

250Per cent stretch at 30 RPM = High Performance

200Per cent stretch at 15 RPM = Average Performance

150Per cent stretch at 12 RPM = Lower Performance

Rotary tower stretch wrapping methods wrap by spinning

Rotary tower stretch wrapping techniques cover by spinning the film carriage all around a lot, which stands continue to and will not swivel. Your standard selection to use 1 sort or other depends on your stress variety, floor area settings and rate requirements. Typically, rotary tower models are much better for plenty which are extremely heavy, gentle, breakable or unpredictable. In many cases, shrink place rotary tower devices have got a much more lightweight footprint which makes them best when floor area is in reasonably limited. Stretch wrapping rotary devices usually can attain increased throughput speeds too since loads do not need to be rotated at higher speeds.

Q: Exactly what is powered film prestretch and why is it so important?

A: Powered prestretch signifies the approach to ‘prestretching’ the stretch film ahead of weight software. The film carriage makes use of a power motor to turn two especially appeared rollers, which turn at diverse speeds. The stretch film, which happens to be threaded all around these rollers, is prestretched which makes it very much able and stronger to include changing tons. This process also improves the generate of the film roll producing stretch wrapping an extremely economical approach to unitize pallet loads.

At our common prestretch amount of 260Percent (located on most models), 1 ft . off of the provide roll grows more than 3.6 feet of film twisted around the weight! We provide you with costs of up to 425Percent for high efficiency applications.

Q: Have you considered stretch wrapping lengthy plenty?

A: Orbital stretch wrappers are designed to wrap long loads by passing the product through a horizontally oriented wrapping ring to produce a tightly wrapped bundle. Film is spiraled around the load much like wrapping the handle of a tennis racket, as the product is conveyed through the ring. This technique of shrink wrapping properly contains product with each other whilst offering a higher standard of protection from moisture and dirt. Orbital equipment can be bought in the two semi- and completely automated designs.

What’s the real difference involving semi and fully automatic stretch wrapping equipment

What’s the visible difference among semi and completely intelligent stretch wrapping machines?

A: Semi-automated stretch wrapping models are typically employed in reduced amount applications exactly where at most 30 tons an hour should be covered. These appliances require the load be taken to the machine sometimes by fork lift (high profile) or by pallet jack (reduced information). Once the weight is positioned about the turntable or in the wrapping region, an user should attach the film on the stress, hit the start option, then remove and secure the film tail towards the stress following the wrapping cycle.

A computerized stretch wrapping process is not going to need an proprietor, other than to weight film. Loads tend to be transferred to the machine via a run conveyor. Once within the wrapping area, the machine begins the wrapping pattern quickly. A load elevation sensing photograph eye shows the film carriage how high to place. At the end of the period, the film tail is automatically lower and sometimes brushed down or heat covered towards the weight. The pallet fill will be presented out of the wrapping area and also the machine is prepared for the upcoming load. With Easily transportable Automated equipment, the lots are taken to and pulled from the machine by lift up pickup truck. The motorist begins the period with a dangling pendant switch. Intelligent systems can method anywhere from 30 to 120 tons per hour.

Q: What’s the main difference among turntable and rotary tower machines?

A: By turning a load on its turntable while the film carriage ascends and descends on a fixed mast, Turntable stretch wrapping machines wrap. Both low and high user profile turntable semiautomatic devices can handle fill weight loads ranging from 3,500 to 6,000 lbs. Auto turntable devices typically use conveyor systems to move lots.

Heavy-duty tubular metallic for stretch wrapper

is actually a high-speed, entirely automated situation sealer effective at top rated and bottom part closing different size circumstances in a provided variety. Designed for flexibility and speed, the RS2000 is perfect for higher amount collections with unique situation measurements in syndication or achievement facilities or developing websites where distinct facial lines converge for closing.

The simultaneous about three period closing method initial indexes situations with the automated gating system; folds up all top flaps, and ultimately seals the most notable and bottom using Allen Bradley Automated Reason Controllers (PLC) and dual servo motors for exact placing and consistent securing at the desired production prices.

You will have a diverse size case at each period from the securing process at accelerates to 20 cpm. Every single machine is customized designed to satisfy your features which include different versions in the event thatweight and size, and user orientation.

Regardless of whether you want a stand-by yourself situation sealer to improve output or possibly a securing solution built-in at the conclusion of your Combi case packing range, TBS sealers give you a reliable option to suit your needs. Using the same heavy duty tubular stainlesss steel structure as other Combi methods, the TBS is constructed hard for a long time of leading functionality. 3M AccuglideII ? tape heads proficiently close off the best and/or underside of your broadest range of cases and tape roll modifications are super easy to carry out. With Combi’s TBS sealers, changeovers among situation measurements are quite obvious and repeatable for this lightweight machine.


Durable tubular stainlesss steel development

Quick changeovers – adhesive tape side and head belt change concurrently leading to 1 less manual adjustment

Oversized generate engines

Protection interlocked guarding

Easy Combi method integration

3M Accuglide II ? tape heads

remote stimulated, turntable stretch wrapper

The Energy-SERIESis a competent stretch wrapping answer for all those fabric managing surroundings. This auto, far off stimulated, turntable stretch wrapper is entirely accessible to forklift operators without obtaining away from the truck. The POWER-Collection 72″ size turntable will be the largest out there. This design ensures the weak film clamp method is possibly apparent from the forklift operators when launching through the area or securely unattainable when front loading. The special clamp lower design of the energy-Sequence helps to ensure that the best film tail is covered with the film as well as the trailing tail is washed safely on the weight. This reduces any dangling tails which may show to be protection hazards or obscure merchandise detection brands. The POWER-Collection might be acquired together with the Cover-N-Think about? feature that combines wrapping and weighing into one particular functioning.

The Energy-Range is an element of the sturdy collection of stretch wrapping products made to take full advantage of stretch film consumption although making sure the top stress unitization. All stretch wrapper tools are constructed with heavy-obligation strengthened architectural metallic and completed no-corrosive cooked on natural powder layer complete, to ensure several years of reliable wrapping.

Mix with all the Autobag packing machine

Made to be utilized in scenarios in which fasten-in to infeed methods such as counters and scales is not required, the Abs 145 is really a inexpensive entrance-stage guide to semi-computerized travelling bag filling and closing. easy and Simple to utilize effective at bagging at speeds up to 45 bags a minute, the Stomach 145 provides packaging uniformity, reliability and speed at reasonable prices.

Utilizing Autobag “Bag-on-a-roll” technology the AB 145 gives maximum operational flexibility with its ability to change pack-size in under 2 minutes making it ideal for those operations with variable run lengths, but yet requiring speed and packaging consistency.

Mix using the Autobag packing machine in-collection thermal transfer imprinter for a complete “Print out-n-Pack” method enabling packaging efficiency through the elimination of the necessity for a different labeling functioning, which facilitates optimum output every owner.

In-Collection Built-in Packaging is accomplished by mixing the Abs 145 bagger with ancillary products such as the PI-404i imprinter. Autobag companies a complete line of imprinting and infeed products for all your packaging demands.

Tabletop Baggers are specially designed to deliver quality, value, simplicity and versatility at hand weight packaging programs.

Running at accelerates to 25 bags a minute (15 BPM OneStep variation), the PS 125 bagging solutions offer revolutionary design in the straightforward, tabletop design and style. The PS 125 incorporates a small footprint of 22 by 19 “, and weighs just 82 lbs. The quiet, all-electronic design and style fails to demand compressed oxygen to operate, creating the device highly versatile in almost any lower- to middle of the-amount manufacturing environment.

The Playstation 125 is simple to work, by using a end user-helpful screen that permits comfortable access to operating variables, task set up-up, job safe-keeping, and on-board method diagnostics. The distinctive, sealing turntable brings together using the AutoThread? characteristic to deliver ergonomic changeover and handling of Autobag totes-on-a-roll. Luggage are quickly indexed, filled by hand, then closed utilizing the Drive-to-Close off? operate, a standard footswitch, or through automated routine management.

The PaceSetter PS 125 OneStep? consists of a similar conveniences in the regular PS 125 with incorporating a built in PH 412 imprinter. Featuring after that-bag-out generating modern technology that is fantastic for short run and buy achievement software, the Playstation 125 OneStep is capable of generating high definition visuals, bar and text codes entirely on the travelling bag, getting rid of the demand for an independent labeling procedure. The inkjet printer features a lean-rear print mind for quick maintenance, and also the non-obligatory AutoLabel? brand layout software program simplifies content label creation.

Employing program-matched Autobag pre-launched bags-on-a-roll in measurements as much as 10.5″ broad and 17″ extended, the PaceSetter Playstation 125 and PS 125 OneStep give you a easy, and costeffective packaging remedy.

The Autobag PaceSetter collection of bagging machine

An expense-successful option for low-quantity travelling bag packaging

The Autobag PaceSetter line of baggers offers a cost-effective answer for palm weight travelling bag filling and sealing apps. The HB-number of PaceSetter baggers can be found in about three designs, every showcasing convenience, simplicity of use, and adaptability for reduced-volume bagging machine functions.

PaceSetter HB-series baggers operate at speeds from 10 to 20 bags per minute by presenting a pre-opened bag for fast and convenient hand loading. The all-electric, table design fails to need compressed atmosphere to work, as well as the tiny footprint frees up important factory space. PaceSetter styles can include intelligent or guidebook bag indexing, along with an incorporated manual or OneTouch? heating sealer. A product fill holder and non-obligatory funnels add increase and convenience bag packaging speed.

The basic, ergonomic bag source portion of the PaceSetter bagger makes it possible for quick and easy travelling bag changeovers. PaceSetter baggers support a variety of case sizes and materials, that are readily available in a range of inventory or personalized types. Special case functions, such as hanger slots, vent pockets or headers are also available.

Making use of process-matched Autobag pre-established totes-on-a-roll, the PaceSetter HB-group of table baggers provide a functional and cost-efficient fingers weight packaging option.