Chinese automatic wrapping of your cable wire wrapping machine

12. Inside a cable wrapping machine, the mix using a saddle reinforced on and movable along the cable, of your wrapping structure enclosing theicable and rotating around the seat, one or more offer reels mounted on the framework and enclosing the cable, friction rings between your reels and body governing the rotation of the reels, and means for adjusting the rubbing between your rings and reels to manipulate the wrapping anxiety.

13. Inside a cable wrapping machine, the mixture using a saddle backed on and movable across the cable, of any structure enclosing the cable and turning in the saddle, a number of provide reels mounted on the body and enclosing the cable, rubbing bands in between the reels and structure controlling the rotation of your reels, strain units around the framework for urgent the bands around the reels, and path for adjusting the wrapping or unwrapping andrewinding about the reels, and manuals acting’to information the wrapping to the cable or through the cable to, the reels. 15.- In the cable wrapping machine, a combination with a seat supported on and movable down the cable,,of a frame comprising end bands enclosing the cable, and easily-removed cafes connecting the rings, a number of offer reels in the frame enclosing the cable, friction people between the reels and framework for wrapping, and method for obtaining the reels on the structure, wherein cable can be injury about the reels by turning the frame and reels together with the night clubs removed along with the reels attached for the frame. 18.In the cable wrapping machine, a cover using a turning structure enclosing the cable, one or more offer reels from the frame enclosing the cable and traveling equipment at sometimes conclusion in the frame, wire instructions reversible for wrappin at either conclusion of the wrapper, and pushers and pullers at, correspondingly, the back and front end of your wrapper for serving the wrapper with the successive wrappings. e

17. In a cable wrapping machine. a wrapper possessing a rotating framework enclosing the cable, one particular

or even more source reels about the frame enclosing the cable and traveling gears at both end in the framework, cable guides reversible for wrapping at possibly conclusion i on the reverse part of the motor for reversing of the wrapper, and pushers and pullers at,-respectively, the back and front-end of your wrapper for providing the wrapper by the subsequent wrappings, said pushers and pullers being movable into and out of position for functioning.

.18. In a cable wrapping machine, a wrapper possessing a revolving framework enclosing the cable, driving gears at possibly end from the body, wire guides reversible for wrapping at either conclusion from the wrapper, pushers and pullers at, correspondingly, the back and front end of your wrapper for feed,- ing the wrapper with the subsequent wrappings, a slim puller in front end of the wrapper for wrapping near to a cable music group, explained pushers and pullers becoming movable out and into of situation for operations.

19. In the cable wrapping machine, a wrapper having a giving product actuated with the subsequent wrappings to move the wrapper along the cable and attached to’ swivel with an axis regular to the cable. 20. In the cablewrapping machine, a wrapper possessing at its front end a puller for revolving upon an axis typical for the cable along with a narrow puller revolving transversely to thecable for wrapping in close proximity to a band, said pusher and puller becoming actuated by successive wrappings to go the wrapper across the cable.

ring wrapping of the cable wire packaging machine

7. Inside a cable wrapping machine, the mix using a carriage movable across the cable and a motor unit maintained thereby, of a wrapper movable across the cable and getting wrapping devices adapted to place the cable at both end in the wrapper, easily removed driving relationships between the motor unit and wrapper fitted to swing about the motor for driving a vehicle the wrapper on each side from the electric motor, and means in the carriage for rearing the carriage motor and frame to make it possible for the wrapper being moved over the cable from a single aspect of the motor unit towards the other along with the driving relationships being reversed underneath the electric motor for of the engine, and energy run indicates on the carriage for raising the carriage frame and motor to make it possible for the wrapper to be shifted across the cable in one part from the electric motor to the other along with the driving a car connections to become reversed underneath the motor for reversing the wrapping finish in the wrapper.

9. In the cable wrapping machine, the combination having a carriage movable along the cableand Y a motor unit maintained and thus, of your wrapper using a saddle movable across the cable independently of the carriage, wrapping products on said saddle rotated from the mpto’r. and signifies in the carriage for raising the motor and saddle to make it possible for the saddle and carriage to move a cable music band.

10. In a cable wrapping machine, a combination by using a carriage movable over the cable plus a engine carried and thus, of your wrapper using a seat movable down the cable, wrapping devices on explained seat adjusted to place at both stop of the wrapper, giving indicates at opposite finishes from the wrapper controlled through the subsequent wrappings for providing the wrapper along the cable, reversible traveling connections for driving a vehicle the wrapping products through the motor unit on both sides in the motor unit, and, implies in the carriage for elevating the motor and saddle to make it possible for the’motor and seat to pass a cable group and to make it possible for the wrapper and driving relationships to be transferred the wrapping conclusion in the wrapper.

‘ 11. In the cable’wrapping machine, a combination with a seat guaranteed on and movable along the cable, of a wrapping frame enclosing the cable and spinning about the seat, and one or more supply reels attached to the body and enclosing the cable, and friction members between your reels and structure managing the rotation from the reels.

2014-07-02 towards the wrapping stop of your cable wire coil wrapping machine


The retarding friction on the spools 45 for winding the wire coils tightly around the cable is secured by the stress groups 46 bearing on the outer reel flanges, their friction pressure becoming regulated by levers 4’7 altered by racks 49 and unusual pinions 48. The cable getting small compared to the reels, there must be fall involving the reels and rings. 42 obtaining the continual-stress in coil wrapping or unwrapping and rewinding. In this cabel wrapping movement the pins 55 are pulled in the flanges about the reels 45, in order to never tie up these reels jointly as well as the hovering diamond ring 53 is free of charge except for the rubbing involving the band and reels. The pressure about the cable completing from the reels towards the cable is demonstrated with the signal 5 actuated by the yielding manual 58 through plunger 4.

Permitted by the telescope shaft 93, 94, the pull-along is actuated to draw the carriage B with motor D to close up the telescope shaft for the continued feed of the wrapper independently of the motor, as the wrapper reaches the limit of its feeding movement free from the motor. From the development proven, this step-by-step movement in the carriage B withmotor D is made immediately through the vacation 26 on cable 23 actuating reduced switch 27 to energize the motor unit from the pullalong as the bodyweight 24 actually reaches its most affordable place, and, as. the extra weight 24 is elevated by the movements in the carriage using the motor unit to the wrapper, the journey 26 engages the swap 27 following this carriage activity to deenergize the pullalong electric motor and prevent the carriage, this automatic intermittent’movement in the carriage D being repetitive through the wrapping as the wrapper actually reaches the restrict of their movements self-sufficient in the engine.

This cabel wrapping operations with give by the pullers 80, 83 persists until the wrapper approaches a band, once the bracket 74 transporting the puller pressers and 80 79 is released by the capture 82 and swung upwards on its pivot on diamond ring 42 to have themout of procedure and also the operaton of wrapping is then ongoing up near to the band with all the more comfortable given with the puller 83. The past handful of coils in the cords next the music group is going to be packaged by putting together the puller 83 out from operations and rnoving the cable wrapping machine by hand to put the cables up tothe band where previous coils are forced beneath the music band flange by hand and guaranteed to accomplish the wrapping’between two rings.

2014-07-on the wrapping finish of the cable wrapping machine

1A, this changing from the wrapper becoming protected by elevating the structure B and engine D over the cable sumciently to allow the saddle and higher parts of the wrapper and also the driving shafts to pass through under the motor unit for the opposite side of the motor. For passing a suspending music band, the lowenhalt of your wrapper apart from the saddle, needs to be taken out. As the saddle 31 does not extend over more than a half of the cable circumference, itis not necessary to divide this,-but the other complete rings of the wrapper are divided into hall cylinders as shown in Figures 2 to 5, so that the lower half of the rings and parts carried thereby may be dropped from the cable for passing a band and replaced to complete the wrapper when wrapping is to be resumed in’ the next space between bands, as fully described hereafter. The gearing between motor shaft and D 95 ideally is made for acquiring two difierent speeds, so that the wrapper may be operate slowly next a cable music group, and more quickly during the normal operations in the machine through the principal entire wrapping.v For this pur-, cause, two ears 97 and 97a are displayed as transported from the si gle gear body on the’motor and the equipment 96 is installed on a sleeve on shaft 95 with yet another gear on the other side of your sleeve to 5 be interested with products 97a by switching the sleeve.

The procedure in the cabel coil wrapping machine will likely be recognized from a description. I As proven from the drawings, the wrapper is relocating on the right involving groups, propelled by the wire windings acting on the pullers80 and 83,

the revolving parts of the cabe coil wrapping machine being driven by the motor unit at the higher velocity via gears96 and 97a, telescope shafts 93,94, stub shaft 92 and 5 products 44 engaging the interior items around the diamond ring 42 on the rear finish in the pusher, the wire connections being covered at the complete opposite or ahead stop of your pusher. As the wires are wrapped on the cable, the coils are pressed down by the presser ’79 and the horizontal surface of the puller 83, under the pressure of springs 77, 87, as shown in Figures ‘7, 8. Each wire a is .acted on first through the presser and puller79 and 80, because it goes by on the cable, then by the puller 83, as demonstrated in Body 5, before the coil wrapper techniques a music band

Cable wrapping machines wrap for cable wire coil

Body 20 can be a diagrammatic cross area seeking in the direction of the arrow 20 of Physique 1A,

displaying the frame and motor raised, using the regular situation in the frame, the cable coil wrapper, and the position of the coil wrapper driving shaft in swinging for reversal of the driving shaft simply being displayed in dotted collections; and

Physique 21 is an swollen detail showing driving shaft reversingcap and lock.

Discussing said sketches, A is definitely the cable becoming wrapped, which the carriage B runs on wheels C each and every conclusion of the carriage and carrying the motor unit D for driving a car the wrapper E, the wrapper being reinforced about the cable A on the seat to be detailed. The cable coil wrapper E is shifted across the cable by feed of the wire as covered, 35 as usual such constructions, the driving a car shaft in the electric motor simply being telescoped to permit this kind of activity individually of your motor and carriage and at time intervals the carriage together with the motor D is transferred down the cable to go by the cable coil wrapper by any ideal draw-together, installed as preferred in the cable, just a small lighting take-along being necessary for this motion in the carriage around the promoting wheels C. The machine is displayed as wrapping with all the cable coil wrapper relocated from the take feeder, the wire becoming twisted about the cable from your conclusion from the wrapper in advance since the cable coil wrapper techniques down the cable.

Cable Coil packing machines are presently used for cable coil wrapping

In order to give a biasing power operating to desire the platens towards the other, springs 80 are encased therewithin and carry at one particular finish against the inner ends 82 of the platens and also at their other comes to an end from an end associate 84 kept in situation by set screws 86. The spring forces are of suiciently substantial beliefs that functioning from the cable wrapping machine cannot be obtained personally, and in the embodiment disclosed herein, motion from the cable wrapping machine to a open placement for enabling insertion of the coil and page of insulation is attained by providing a couple of end pins 88 in the budget of each side from the platens. These pins are engageable by a camera 90 getting beveled finishes 92. Upward movement of the cam urges the pins and attached platens apart a distance suiicient to receive the coil C adapted for positioning therein, as is apparent. Downward movement of the coil in the device is limited by stop plates 94 oating between the bars. These dishes extend with the encounters in the cable wrapping machine and they are loosely tted therein to permit their positioning in the case of misalignment involving the platens. The cam is actuated to a up placement by an air actuated piston, as hereinafter described, and is returned for an inoperative position by a pair of springs 96 biased at their reduced comes to an end against an inner part of the cam and also at the upper comes to an end against halts 98 offered around the drive dishes 56. Restricting pins 100 limit the degree of motion from the cams inside a vertical direction although gibs 101 information the movements in the cams 90 up and down.

The equipment employed in traveling the sprocket tire 50 and connected platens is made up of motor 110 attached by way of a clutch system 112 and braking system 114 into a shaft 116 guaranteed in bearings 118. A plurality of products wheels 120 are installed on the shaft for acquiring distinct driving a vehicle speeds for your platens 26 and 28. Inside the embodiment displayed, a travel sequence is utilized for transmitting the power through the items tires 120 for the sprocket tire 50 installed in the correct assemblage around the table 20. As shown in Figure 2, firm engagement of the chain with the sprocket wheel is obtained by causing the chain to mesh with a pinion gear 122 supported by a bushing 124 and shaft 126 centrally mounted in the end plate 34 provided in the right assembly. So that you can make up slack within the sequence whenever a gear tire of numerous dimensions are applied, an perspective dish 123 is rigidly axed on the dinner table and can handle a disc 125 possessing a set of oppositely disposed sprockets 127 over in which the chain goes by. The disc is more provided with opportunities 129 engageable with a lever left arm 131 also pivoted in the kitchen table. As is apparent, when gear wheels of different size are used, the disc is rotated to either increase or decrease the length of chain passing over the sprockets 127 and the disc is rmly held against movement by virtue of the anchoring effect of the lever arm in openings 129. Naturally, other power options and driving means may be utilized, like standard belt drives or immediately attached shafts, and different rate from the platens could be obtained by utilizing a variable speed electric motor, by way of example. Also, the generate dishes in assemblies could be motivated at the same time, particularly in installs tailored for cable wrapping sizeable sizing coils.

Cable Coil packing devices are currently usedfor wrapping coils withv pieces of insulation

In performing these-detailed objects ofk our invention, we-supply a cable coil wrapping machine having a pair. o f platents immediately actuated” toanopenfor closedV placement for receivingv a coil and insulating material,l tailored for posi- .and moreover, the develop of efficiency should be manufactured heavy- A rotation therein.

tioning therein. The platents, when shut down against the cable coil and fabric, spin throughout the coil as well as in so doing, wrap they materials around the coil whilst the second option is loosely kept towards motion with the proprietor. Particular rotary motion of the platens is obtained by way of a electric motor possessing a clutch and brake interposed therebetween while the number of revolutions made by the platens and their quitting situation is controlled by a power circuit developing a time and counter delay elements incorporated therein. As a way to streamline the cable coil wrapping approach, the machine and related air flow and electrical circuits are established inside a manner necessitating an operator simply to set an indicator for the volume of converts of materials wanted with a cable coil and also to actuate a ft . switch to commence operation from the machine after a coil is placed therein for wrapping.

Even though the specs concludes with statements particularlyl directed out and distinctly declaring the niche make a difference which we reverence as our invention, it is considered the innovation will probably be much better recognized fromthe subsequent outline consumed in exposure to the related drawings through which: