The measurement parameters for packagine

The measurement parameters:
Weighing range 10-1000g
The weighing accuracy range 0.1-1.5g
Making bag size 50-370/80-240 (mm) (L*W*H)
The film width 500 (mm)
Packing speed 40-60bag/min
Power current 2.5/7Kw/A
Gas source pressure 0.4-0.6Mpa
Gas source consumption 0.4 Nm3/min
Frequency / voltage 50Hz/60Hz/220V/380
The power supply side of single-phase three wire
The outer shape size 1500*1580*2380 (L*W*H)
The whole machine weight 1200kg
The operation interface of 5.7 inches of liquid crystal display
Product features:
The 1: unit is composed of Stretch wrapping machine E type vertical packaging machine with coil packaging ten head weigher perfect combination, can be realized from the automation of the whole process of weighing, filling bag packaging;
2: the unit by PLC programming control system, servo power system, pneumatic operation system constitutes the core driver, through the LCD touch screen man-horizontal stretch wrapper machine interface from weighing to bag packaging products in the process of counting, date printing, nitrogen (exhaust), finished product delivery function etc.;
3: the packing parameter settings, changes are performed through the touch screen, touch screen memory and store 10 kinds of packaging machine parameters of different products, when replacement product can be used at anytime, without the need to re set;
4: this unit can realize the pillow type bag, needs to be made into a folding angle bag, punching bag, and even more bags;

various specifications of the machine

Special stretch wrapper equipment for sealing automatic filling in various specifications of the orbital stretch wrapper machine. It is suitable for plastic cup. Automatic cup, quantitative filling, mechanical hand suction cover, two sealing, lift cup, push cup, delivery and a series of working procedures are automatically completed. Suitable for yogurt, milk, salad, juice drinks and other products.
The horizontal stretch wrapper structure of the machine is imported stainless steel, meet the health standards of food grade.
The material in the continuous flow condition by heating the tube in tube heat exchanger to 138 to 150 DEG C, and keep a certain time at this temperature (2 to 4 seconds) to reach the level of commercial sterilization, and then in the sterile environment of aseptic conditions in filling in aseptic packaging container. The sterilization process is completed under the condition of high temperature instantaneous. It can cause microbial spoilage and deterioration and spore material completely kill, at the same time, greatly saved the original flavor and nutrition of food. Processing method, processing technology and equipment of this strict precision effectively prevents the two pollution food, greatly extended the shelf life of the product. UHT process is preferably by straight sleeve pipe type heat exchanger for sterilization system, reliable working performance which has the high vapor pressure and ultra high temperature condition, especially the continuous working time can be up to 10 hours, thus obtaining the more widely used than the plate type sterilization system.
1, the viscosity of the products greatly, the use environment of pH value of 1 ~ 14, suitable for aseptic production of fresh milk, pasteurized milk, yogurt, milk, fruit juice, tea beverage color, Wine, ice cream, milk, milk beverage, milk, butter, jam, longevity and other products, the UHT sterilization system of processed products in packaging aseptic, its quality or freshness can keep at room temperature for 3 to 6 months (do not add any preservatives), exempt from cold chain;
2, Stretch wrapping machine equipment automatic or semi automatic computer control, LCD touch screen operation;
3, the instantaneous processing products to maintain the original flavor;
4, PID temperature control system in real-time and continuous sterilization temperature recorder recording;
5, the heat treatment process of product uniformity, high heat recovery rate reached 90%;
No contact point 6, tube, no dead angle, the product will not stick to the tube, and the corrugated pipe forming high turbulence in the sterilization process, material flow process in a self cleaning effect, it is not easy to form the pipe scaling and pollution;
Continuous running time 7, longer and better CIP self cleaning effect;
8, spare parts are few, the operation cost is low,;
9, easy installation, convenient maintenance and disassembly inspection, pipe;
10, the material is reliable, can bear high pressure products.
11, the configuration of the 300S to the temperature tube

The quality stretch wrapper system

Secondary horizontal stretch wrapper production line Description: The production line is completed food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and other industries in a seed packing a single package product by a certain arrangement and number of automatic loading big bags, delivery sewing, plastic stacking output the unmanned automatic packaging process.
Secondary packaging production line consists of: the horizontal conveyor, double climbing conveyor, high-speed conveyor, automatic management charter, big bag automatic bag machine, automatic sewing machine, product conveyor, inverted plastic bag conveyors, palletizing system components.
Production workflow: automatic pouch packaging materials → → → horizontal conveyor → double climbing plastic conveyor speed automatic processing package delivery → → → Automatic Bag Sack Sack automatic sewing product conveyor sealing → → → inverted bag plastic pallet conveyor robot code stack storage.
Production line advantages:
1. The production line adopts Siemens PLC centralized control, LCD touch-screen operator interface.
2. The stretch wrapper system has a fault alarm display and alarm emergency stop function. Sack Automatic Double Bag machine automatically switches work, each plate can store more than 200 empty bags (bags or leather bag), automatic for bags, take the bag, a bag, folder bag, counting, filling, output, automatic sewing machine the whole process, and can automatically detect bag process, no bag, off the bag, do not open the bag and so on, and automatic alarm display, the device automatically alert emergency stop.
3. Simple operation, data storage adjustable to use, easy to switch, continuous production of safe and reliable.
Horizontal stretch wrapper Production line parameters:
1. Pouch packaging range: 100g ~ 5000g / bag;
2. Packing speed: 8-10 sack bags / min; pouch: 30 to 120 packs / min
3. Packaging Materials: Hard plastic bags or paper bags;
4. pouch arrangement forms: single row, double row, vertical column and so on;
5. Compressed air: 0.6 ~ 0.8MPa, volume 0.8 m3 / min;
6. Power voltage: ≦ 8Kw 380V ± 10% 50Hz

Customer satisfaction for packaging

Over the year’s development, Rainbow Run is committed to the integration of standardization, information technology, industrialization: the company in R & D to develop products in strict accordance with national standards in corporate governance by promoting the standardization of management innovation, from production to achieve the standardization of enterprise management, institutionalized, habituation. The company established a machine and component library information management systems, financial and marketing information management systems, procurement and production information management system. While effectively reduce errors, improve efficiency and reduce losses. The company purchased three high-speed automatic placement machine, wave soldering machines, automatic AOI inspection machine, laser marking machine, vacuum packing machines, digital remote monitoring systems and other production equipment, information technology, the company purchased ERP software Based on the secondary development of intelligent electronic Kanban system information, operating instructions and other production jobs system; developed a small robot automatic spot welding, automatic calibration system. Improved product yield and quality.

Rainbow Run service philosophy: “Customer satisfaction is our constant pursuit.”

Enterprise development is inseparable from the customer support, user requirements and aspirations is our goal, and responsive is our constant commitment. Rainbow-run company not only offers a 24-hour on-site service for the user, 24-hour telephone counseling service, but also the application of modern Internet to provide users with network information and consulting services. The company continuously participated in the 15th Multinational Instrumentation Exhibition, China International Industry Fair, as well as in major cities nationwide touring exhibition organized by instrumentation and various technical seminars and on-site service, allowing users to feel the presence of Rainbow Run services anytime, anywhere.

Rainbow Run management philosophy: “Strengthening generate power”

In the development process, Rainbow Run Company employees feel deeply is the core competitiveness of enterprises, the company’s efforts to provide a platform for employees to grow, learning platform, continuously improve staff wages and benefits, and go through a variety of social insurance. Production staff provide a comfortable working environment, recreation and fitness environment and expert staff apartment building. Each year the organization staff travel and holiday entertainment events held at the National Day, Chinese New Year, and constantly improve staff cohesion.
Rainbow Run Company always keep in mind the party and the government’s care, feeding people, and do not forget the wealth to the community, but also to return to the community, the company chairman and enthusiastic about public welfare, has accumulated more than four million yuan donation to the community, was elected chairman of the company Fujian Provincial People’s Congress, vice president of Nanping City Charity. And was hired as a part-time professor at Shanghai University, Wuyi University of directors.
Rainbow Run company is first-class enterprise, first-class technology, first-class products, first-class service, first-class culture, which created the “Rainbow Run” the Chinese famous brands. In the ever-changing market, through tempered, Rainbow Run stronger! “Rainbow Run” would like to make your friend forever, work with you to share the success!

people for horizontal stretch wrapper

Fujian Shunchang Rainbow Run Precision Instrument Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, it is located in the picturesque Wuyi Mountain. This year up from scratch to create instruments enterprises have standing tall in Chinese Feng Jian wave instrument industry. The company has more than 300 employees, including college education of scientific and technical personnel of 180 people for horizontal stretch wrapper . VSC has located in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing and other places five companies and two research and development centers, Rainbow Run Company as a production base, with an annual output of more than 30 million units meter scale. Care and support every step of the provincial, city and county leaders and relevant departments of the development company, the former party secretary LuZhanGong, Governor Huang Xiaojing, Provincial Committee and Vice Governor Chen Hua, Provincial Committee and secretary of Politics and Law Committee Xu Qian Minister Provincial Committee propaganda Tang Guozhong, deputy governor Ye Shuangyu, Zhangzhi Nan, Nanping Municipal Committee Bae Jin Jia, Nanping mayor Linbao gold has more than 50 provinces and cities leading to the Division I visited, guidance. Our products enjoy a high reputation in the industry, customers include China Air to Air Missile Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Space Technology, Institute of High Energy Physics, Military Medical Sciences, Ministry of Ordnance 58, Microsoft Research Asia, the United States, Germany Krupp Bo companies, Tsinghua University, the Daya Bay nuclear Power Plant, Daqing Oilfield, Shougang, FAW and other users, products used in Shenzhou spacecraft, the Chang-e lunar exploration, nuclear power and other fields, the products have been exported to Southeast Asia and the Middle East and make preparations sold to international markets .

Rainbow Run Vision: “create world-class products, let Rainbow Run to the world.”

Rainbow Run Interpretation: “rain rainbow, softly,” Rainbow Run spirit: “Rainbow Run afraid expedition difficult.”

Rainbow Run starting from the day of birth of great importance to corporate culture, after ten years of market storms, honed Rainbow Run will rock-solid, hard-working natures, rigorous and meticulous style, the courage to climb the courage, daring and innovative courage. “Rain rainbow, softly” Rainbow Run interpretation of the law and the pursuit of the company’s development. The “Rainbow run afraid expedition difficult” .Rainbow Run embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of unity and cooperation of people, forge ahead, scaling the heights of the spirit.

Packaging towards high-end transition

In recent years, stretch wrapping machine and packaging machinery towards high-end transition has shown its strong momentum of development, automation, intelligent level of equipment greatly enhance. Packaging machinery production of domestic enterprises will face the test of the transformation and upgrade of industry.
The personage inside course of study points out, the technical content of packaging products is reflected in the processing technology and technical equipment, the process is the core means, equipment is a key development, validation, manufacturing, packaging machinery occupies a dominant position in the packaging process. Although China has accelerated the technological innovation development, narrowing the gap with the advanced level of the industry. But foreign R & D results emerge in an endless stream, development trend of increasingly diverse, if the domestic industry is unable to achieve a breakthrough innovation, will never be able to realize counter ultra on imported equipment and domestic stretch wrapper packaging machinery.
According to the international famous researchers to investigate the stretch packaging machinery manufacturers around the world, the next few years, the field of packaging machinery will continue to maintain the good momentum of development, but the industry as a whole pattern will change greatly.
Before a few years, the rapid development, the growth rate of total industrial output value and sales output value is 11.64% and 11.17% respectively compared to the same period, the cumulative production of packaging equipment for 82673 units, year-on-year growth of 21.97%, cumulative year-on-year growth of 20.64%.
Development prospects of stretch packaging machinery industry is very optimistic. But only by continuously to achieve a new breakthrough. Try  to keep up with changes in demand, seize the initiative in the market, pushing toward the high-end, intelligent direction of development of the industry.

characteristic of the international production

The biggest characteristic of the international production network is take the Multi-National Corporation as the dominant. Many suppliers complement based division of labor mode. In this mode, the industrial international competition is divided into two levels: the first level, is the competition between the Multi-National Corporation, this type of competition in the industrial chain of high-end market, leading the industry development direction; the second level, is one of the many suppliers in complementary division of labor market competition, such competition in the low-end industrial chain, and nurture a large number of “world processing factory in the competition”.
Over the years, Chinese packaging machinery industry in the international market is mainly involved in second levels of competition, is to rely on the production capacity and the huge labor cost advantage is low, won the international competition in the market position. Therefore, only the formation of a strong advantage in the first level competition and second levels of competition, in order to make the international competitiveness of China’s machinery industry be promoted in general.
Bigger and stronger mechanical industry is to develop to high-end industrial chain, the formation of large Multi-National Corporation competition ability and.
Accelerate the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, focus on the development of high-end CNC machine tools and functional parts, marine engineering and oil shale gas equipment, intelligent manufacturing nine categories of equipment products; in the new energy and energy saving and environmental protection equipment field, focusing on the development of nuclear power equipment, new energy vehicles and other four categories of products. In the areas of major technical equipment, we focus on the development of high performance the intelligent agricultural equipment. And looking for complete sets of large-scale power transmission and transformation equipment five categories of products.

Packaging machine and food industry

Now, the biggest problem in the food industry and food packaging machinery industry is the enterprise product development innovation. It is insufficient, not in the new technology, the new material application in Europe and America with large and high technology content of the equipment. So without the ability of processing or processed technology of precision is not enough.
From the user perspective, many food enterprises lack of awareness of the overall technological level of food processing machinery and equipment, only pay attention to prices, leading to low grade products than the major, disguised hindered food machinery of the upgrading and innovation, lack of food researchers including product design R & D personnel and University researchers, food processing and mechanical properties of technology to master most only stay in the theoretical level.
Most of our production enterprises small in scale, do not coordinate between enterprises, not a clear division of labor, no mutual exchanges and cooperation in scientific research and technology, its power is weak, the majority of products is affiliated facilities simple mechanical or foreign machinery and equipment supporting the. Because of the intellectual property rights market irregularities, malignant competition among enterprises, not only caused a bad influence to the enterprise, but also hindered the further development of the industry.
From the domestic economic environment, affected by the domestic economic slowdown, the continued appreciation of the renminbi and international market recovery is slow and so on many kinds of factors, last year the national foreign export of electromechanical products have been seriously affected, only 1% growth. But the structure of export products produced bigger change, high technology content, high added value products still maintain a rapid growth. In the domestic market, the traditional products, low value-added products competition intensifies day by day, the product profit rate is decreasing year by year, and the new equipment, high-end equipment has greatly increased production and sales, benefit. Last year, the province’s heavy industry proportion is 32: 68, wherein, raw materials, equipment, consumer goods accounted for 43.6%, 29.5%, 26.9%. This emphasis on the industrial structure of Shandong industry, determines the high energy consumption, energy saving and emission reduction of high pressure, high dependence on foreign energy, resource, sustainable development pressure. To solve these contradictions, to speed up the development of packaging machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is an important way to have no choice.
Currently, the domestic market demand for low-end food machinery will tend to shrink, the traditional type of equipment of the demand will decrease. The product requirements gradually become mainly concentrated in the mechanical appearance, structure design, the application fields expand, improve reliability etc.. Therefore, the domestic food machinery enterprises should shift the focus, the low-end market in a solid at the same time. Do work further toward the high-end food packaging machinery equipment transfer, pushing the overall technical content high China’s high-end food machinery and technology level.

transparent film automatic packaging

Features: single transparent film automatic packaging of various box items that the stretch wrapping machine is widely used in medicine, food, health products, cosmetics, daily necessities, stationery, cards, cigarettes and other industries in the packaging. Finished products can be easy to pull with paste unpacking, and “Three Preventions function to improve the anti-counterfeiting, moisture-proof, namely”, dust; improve the grade of products, improve the added value of products, improve product appearance decoration quality. It can provide supporting device: A. automatic feeding device; B. date printer C. feeding table.
The product parameters:
20-120 packages / min
OPP, BOPP heat sealing film, thermal adhesive cellophane and security cable
Packaging specifications
Length 50-150mm width 30-120mm high 10-45mm
Power Supply
220V 50-60Hz
The total power
The shape size
Long 2320mm width 860mm and height 1520mm
Folding pallet packaging machine this suitable single particle items in a variety of rectangular or square, this machine is widely used for seasoning agent, chicken block, food, candy, medicine, health products and other small particles in the packaging of goods, after package can also be transparent film 3D set again in bag, so as to improve the shelf-life and product grade. Globoidal indexing cam mechanism with the stretch wrapping machine, variable frequency speed control, LCD display, stable operation, low noise. Single, double paper packaging, can also choose automatic control of color according to user requirements. Is a kind of low investment with high return advanced packaging equipment.

digital bag packaging machine

The lightweight and durable, easy operation, no noise
The left and the right belt drive, suitable for small carton (AS123)
The upper and lower belt drive, suitable for heavy cardboard box (AS223)
The standard goods, spare parts supply at any time
The unilateral seal, suitable for carton
The choice of unilateral sealing, sealing up and down at the same time also can choose (AS223)
The matching function: AS223 machine can seal selection at the same time by using the adhesive tape; 75mm wide; 75mm long welt size; entrance roller bracket
S series is a stand-alone combinations, single type four angle sides sealing box series. You can stick with model line matching with other “a” font, combined into (I-shaped automatic sealing) operation.
Design of transmission, the upper and lower transmission sent box affixed with seals the box packaging operations.
Carton applicable specifications, in the same packaging single specification of the same carton, to change the specifications manual adjustment type, (the required adjustment time of only 1 minutes) to complete the.
The online process — using L cis to push the steering.
Precision mechanical properties and durability, stable running and long service life.
Ensure that artificial affixed with a beautiful, fast speed, high efficiency.
The company operates bag stretch packaging machine, domestic only a digital bag packaging machine.
1 only in the large color touch input you packing bag size screen, the device can automatically adjust
Bag clip, without manual.
2 the stretch wrapping machine and equipment with self diagnostic display and self maintenance system, such as the device itself or the surrounding environment of any abnormal, the system will alarm and display alarm causes on the touch screen. Technical staff can directly eliminate the fault.
3 equipment with detection system, the realization of “no bag – not – not filling sealing packaging” in the true sense, high rate of finished products!