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-4. Inside a horizontal wrapping machine, ,articles conveying debe driven from a power source, a .management product which includes laterally spread out traveling and drivensprockets coupled to saidendless chains supporting stated air flights, coupling signifies .coupling mentioned sprockets to mentioned source of energy, control system for controlling the lateral space of mentioned .ights of mentioned groups of battles and mentioned sprockets, all of : said air flights which includes spaced depending biceps and triceps, means ,pivotally attaching mentioned hands vatpoints intermediate their rends to .reverse edges of stated stores, the low comes to an end .of

.mentioned forearms promoting stated tiights in opposition to substantial individual `lateral movements when in proposal with lan report being superior thereby, information night clubs extending along a area of the pathfof travel of said chains and stabilizing members about the uppr ‘ends of explained forearms, said stabilizing membersand chains co-operatively bracketing mentioned guideline pubs therebetween lfor the considerably rigorous location of explained chains’.

5. The invention deiined in assert 4 in which mentioned critical means involve adjustably fitted eccentric bushings for governing the situation of each of said ghts in accordance with its associated sequence.

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