2014-07-on the wrapping finish of the cable wrapping machine

1A, this changing from the wrapper becoming protected by elevating the structure B and engine D over the cable sumciently to allow the saddle and higher parts of the wrapper and also the driving shafts to pass through under the motor unit for the opposite side of the motor. For passing a suspending music band, the lowenhalt of your wrapper apart from the saddle, needs to be taken out. As the saddle 31 does not extend over more than a half of the cable circumference, itis not necessary to divide this,-but the other complete rings of the wrapper are divided into hall cylinders as shown in Figures 2 to 5, so that the lower half of the rings and parts carried thereby may be dropped from the cable for passing a band and replaced to complete the wrapper when wrapping is to be resumed in’ the next space between bands, as fully described hereafter. The gearing between motor shaft and D 95 ideally is made for acquiring two difierent speeds, so that the wrapper may be operate slowly next a cable music group, and more quickly during the normal operations in the machine through the principal entire wrapping.v For this pur-, cause, two ears 97 and 97a are displayed as transported from the si gle gear body on the’motor and the equipment 96 is installed on a sleeve on shaft 95 with yet another gear on the other side of your sleeve to 5 be interested with products 97a by switching the sleeve.

The procedure in the cabel coil wrapping machine will likely be recognized from a description. I As proven from the drawings, the wrapper is relocating on the right involving groups, propelled by the wire windings acting on the pullers80 and 83,

the revolving parts of the cabe coil wrapping machine being driven by the motor unit at the higher velocity via gears96 and 97a, telescope shafts 93,94, stub shaft 92 and 5 products 44 engaging the interior items around the diamond ring 42 on the rear finish in the pusher, the wire connections being covered at the complete opposite or ahead stop of your pusher. As the wires are wrapped on the cable, the coils are pressed down by the presser ’79 and the horizontal surface of the puller 83, under the pressure of springs 77, 87, as shown in Figures ‘7, 8. Each wire a is .acted on first through the presser and puller79 and 80, because it goes by on the cable, then by the puller 83, as demonstrated in Body 5, before the coil wrapper techniques a music band

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