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Lupack stretch wrapping offers a really special wide range of stretch film machines and dispensers, through the very basic device up the totally automatic great-functionality pallet wrapping machine. Which means that no matter which sort of item, when it comes to dimensions, speed and weight needed from your production activity, Lupack stretch wrapping provides the option.

Stretch wrappers for pallets

Lupack stretch wrapping produces an array of stretch wrappers for pallets and palletised merchandise through the manual plastic material or metallic dispenser as much as the revolving turntable – arm – engagement ring wrapper, called Mancon. Functionality range between 1 pallet or a lot less packaged per day as much as a lot more than 100 pallets an hour generation capacity. Specialities in stainless and -20?? environment software are available.

Stretch wrapping methods

Lupack stretch wrapping gives a wide range of stretch wrapping techniques to protect and secure plenty for external, transportation and internal, producing operations more quickly and much more effective. From semi to completely automatic, tiny to oversized, slow-moving to unbelievably quickly, Lupack stretch wrapping stretch wrappers can be purchased around the world from the affiliates and our unbiased special suppliers. This product family members are:

Spinning change tables (F1-SW)

Spinning biceps and triceps (RA)

Revolving robots (WR)

Ring wrappers (Mancon)


Heavy-responsibility wrapping equipment

reliability, flexibility and economy, since they permit time cost savings and reduce the stretch film intake to correctly pack just about any stress, lupack stretch wrapping wrapping models are weighty-obligation and synonymous with flexibility.

Lupack stretch wrapping equipment utilises probably the most famous international brands of electrical, pneumatic and electronic parts, as well as its own steel page manufacturing, to provide the perfect products.

In order to satisfy any request, either with standard or customised applications utilising a wide selection of options and accessories, the Lupack stretch wrapping team will identify the best solution from the machine and from the consumable point of view. In order to keep equipment efficient for the longest period of time, experienced technicians together with the most prompt spare parts service, support any user all over the world.

The principle market sectors utilising our equipment are:

beverage and Food

Prescription drug and beauty


Building and common producing

Time-protecting stretch film dispensers and machines

In order to minimise installation, set up, usage and necessary maintenance intervention, Lupack stretch wrapping focuses on reducing packaging time.

A myriad of easy to use automation and features are used, or available, in all of the Lupack stretch wrapping machine.

Our quest would be to maintain our buyers satisfied.

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