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The levels of nc machine tools, the varieties and production capacity reflects the state of technical and economic comprehensive national strength. Nc machine tool as the national defense strategy of equipment, is the most important means of manufacturing all kinds of weapons and equipment, is the important guarantee of national defense equipment modernization. However, the revitalization of nc machine tool industry has a certain difficulty for machine tool industry.

According to expert introduction, development of nc machine tools required for digital manufacturing technology is the core of advanced manufacturing, is the key to realize independent innovation. Therefore, for the industry, the revitalization of nc machine tool industry is a strategic opportunity, and severe challenges.

In the past five years, China's CNC machine tool production of average annual compound growth rate of 37.39%, the average annual compound growth of 29.94% in the past 10 years, compound growth of 22.10% over the past 15 years. The revitalization of the equipment manufacturing industry in the country and the international industry transfer, China's growth rate of investment in equipment purchase in the future will continue to maintain the level of about 20% in 510, the demand of the machine tool industry will maintain rapid growth.

In 2011, according to data, production machine 1.0984 million units in our country, realize the gross value of industrial output 660.65 billion yuan, up 32.1% from a year earlier, among them 272100 sets of CNC machine tools, the growth rate of 15.26%.

At present, in the domestic market in our country intermediate coil machine tool market share only 35% of high-end CNC machine more than 95% mainly rely on import; The stability of product quality and reliability compared with the international advanced level there are larger development space. Reliance of technology result in lacking the support of new and high technology industry, which lags behind the independent innovation development of the industry.

In addition, with the rapid development of numerical control machine tool industry in our country, the overall strength of growing, the international status of CNC machine tool industry increased significantly, in the face of so attractive Chinese market, how to deter; nc machine tool manufacturing power After the return of the financial crisis manufacturing frenzy, prompting supported by high and new technology of a new round of industrial structure adjustment. In the complicated and changeable market environment at home and abroad, such as no independent research and development of new and high technology, numerical control machine tool industry is the huge development opportunity can only want to make.

Therefore, technological innovation is the motive force of support structure adjustment, also is the source of gaining competitive advantage. Was a terrible shortage of high-grade CNC machine tool technology in our country, under the situation of foreign enterprise market advantage, high-grade CNC machine tool technology research and development is not only the situation required, also is a necessary choice to realize the goal of "twelfth five-year" plan.

At present, the nc machine tools has become the mainstream of machine tool consumption. Especially high-grade CNC machine belongs to the high-end equipment manufacturing industry, has the characteristics of high technology content, high added value, is the development of strategic emerging industries important points of high-grade CNC machine tool market is huge in the future.


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