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The Chinese stretch wrapping machine:


Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


Rapid economic development in recent years, the stretch wrapping machine industry, automobile stretch wrapping machine manufacturing enterprises have increased from 11 to 15 in 2011, there are nearly 20 enterprises produce stretch wrapping machine. film wrapping machinery are in the market of high-speed development, has great development potential of the market. Faster and faster, and with the modernization process is becoming more and more high to the requirement of lifting machinery, lifting machinery, automation, specialization of bigness trend has become an irreversible fact.


Since the new century, large-scale engineering trend speeds up, the domestic super crawler stretch wrapping machine slowly begin to appear in public. 1000 t, 2000 t crawler stretch wrapping machine rolled out, opened the prelude to a crawler stretch wrapping machine fast development in our country.

The stretch wrapping machine market sales of the largest product for 5 ~ 8 t, accounting for over 50% of the total sales. Because many manufacturers price competition intensifying, product profit space more and more narrow, and large-tonnage product profit is much higher than medium and small tonnage. From the perspective of the development direction of domestic automobile chassis, large-tonnage truck market is growing fast, faw, no.2, heavy truck manufacturers are speeding up the development of large tonnage truck chassis, so big tonnage bridge stretch wrapping machine products will gradually along with the market expanding of large-tonnage chassis growth, in 2011, more than 10 t product is less than 30% of total sales, in the first half of this year more than 10 t products accounted for 33% of total sales, in the next few years, large tonnage and series of bridge stretch wrapping machine products will have larger development space, have been gradually increased demand.

With the construction of large project, material lifting for the lifting and transport machinery provides a wider space for development, the growing market demand, the industry looks promising.


The rapid development of the film wrapping machinery industry also greatly promote the application of automation products in the industry. Despite the application of film wrapping machinery industry automation in our country overall level is not high. But both in film wrapping machinery manufacturers and users of film wrapping machinery gradually realized the advantage of the application of automation products.


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