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Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


In 2013, coil packing machine market suddenly perked up and appeared in recent years, one of the hot situation, become since 2009 and a new turning point. Market survey, this year sales all kinds of wheel type corn harvester 55600 units, up 32.4% from a year earlier. The coil wrappingmachine sales of wheat 52000, up 32.19%; Knapsack wheat machine sell 3640 units, up 15.26% from a year earlier. This is negative growth for three consecutive years since 2010, after a total eruption.

Review of more than 10 years since 2002 coil packing machine market in our country, it is not hard to find, coil packing machine in 2009, for nodes, has experienced two important stages of development, one is the turbulent times in the 2002-2009, coil packing machine markets characterized by ups and downs, the characteristics of the ups and downs, largest annual increase by more than 100%; A platform is 2009-2012 period, 2010 years after the formation of a relatively stable demand platform, the annual demand remain at more than 40000 sets. Every breakthrough 2013 market suddenly suddenly turn hostile, demand of not only 50000 units, and increases more than 30%. What happened to the market? What factors lead to the market change so much?


According to the investigation and analysis, 2013 wheeled the chief reason for the increase in corn harvester market volatility are the following:

A periodic market needs. In nearly 10 years of market rule, we is not hard to find, coil packing machine market demand in China about 3 to 4 years, between 2013 after three years of trough, market entry demand peak of cyclical reaction.

The second is update detonate market demand. First of all, the absolute demand for updates. Market survey, the service life of wheel type corn harvester between 3.5 to 4.5 years, according to the calculation, this year's market update product happens to be a peak in 2009 to buy the products. Second, the product upgrade. Each manufacturer this year all technical improvement is made for the traditional product upgrades, homework efficiency (feed rate), ride comfort, upgrades and appearance, sharply higher cost performance, not only stimulate the old users to buy, also led to new users for the first time to buy. Third, the pursuit of demand pull. In recent years, our country consumers generally end range product life, began to update the product after pay, will update period by the past three to four years to two years in advance, causes market update quantity increase further. Fourth, as the large agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery cooperatives, family farms, agricultural cooperation organization rural cluster organization to 10% average annual rate of rapid growth, rising as the important force in the market demand, lead consumers to constitute a significant change. And buy one of the biggest characteristics is a large-scale cluster, objectively promoted the coil packing machine large instead of small and medium speed speeds up, the market demand of another important source of power.



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