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Following is unconfirmed information, which translates by Google only for reference:


The thickness of the film is uniform, is the basis of the test film properties. Obviously, if a group of single layer film thickness uneven, not only affects the indices such as tensile strength, blocking performance in all parts of the film, will affect the subsequent processing film. In addition, the thickness of the product to take reasonable control, can not only improve the quality of our products can also reduce the material consumption, improve production efficiency. Film thickness is uniform, therefore, whether agree with the preset value, thickness deviation is within a specified range, these are referred to as the film would be able to have some characteristic parameters of important premise. Thin film thickness measurement is the basis of the film industry one of the testing project. However, there are many different kinds of thickness of thin film devices on the market, the choose and buy if you choose the appropriate thickness gauge? Plastic film thickness test for film thickness measurement is the earliest laboratory thickness technology, namely in the lab for film sample, test data in order to get the thickness of the thin film thickness. Later, with the continuous development of technology, gradually develop can be able to film thickness online equipment for the production line. Online with the online thickness thickness gauge technology is totally different on the testing principle, in general, most online thickness gauge using ray technology such as non-contact measurement, rather than online thickness technology commonly used mechanical contact measurement method or the measurement method based on eddy current and electromagnetic induction principle, has adopted the optical thickness, ultrasonic thickness measurement technology. In the face of all these so many thickness method, the enterprise in the choice to detect the thickness of the thin film devices, what choice? 1, X-ray thickness gauge
Ray technology for online more thickness of the device, for measuring content request is not high. But because the online thickness gauge need to install on the film production line, due to environment temperature, atmospheric pressure change, and in the production line of thin film fluctuate, etc., the requirement of X-ray thickness gauge is very high, so the price of the equipment, the subsequent maintenance cost can be considerable. For enterprises, the cost will be high. 2, mechanical contact thickness gauge
Mechanical contact thickness meter, it has essential difference with non-contact thickness method, test equipment can give a sample to measure surface a certain pressure (point contact force and contact force), so that you can avoid using non-contact thickness gauge to measure the has certain compressibility, surface rough material may occur when the data of the volatile phenomenon. Mechanical contact thickness gauge is the most traditional, base thickness method, stable and reliable data, the sample is not selective. Owing to the thickness gauge test precision mainly depends on the accuracy of thickness sensor so mechanical contact currently on the market of variable thickness gauge test precision. Labthink LanGuang r&d and production of CHY - C2 and CHY - CA thickness meter, using high resolution 0.1 mu m sensors, excellent stability, high test precision and data can be applied to all kinds of thin film, composite membrane, such as chip to detect the thickness of the material. Equipment in accord with GB 6672 (plastic film and sheet thickness determination - mechanical measurement), GB/T 451.3 2002 (of determining the thickness of paper and cardboard), GB/T 6547, ASTM D645, the ASMT D374, ASTM D1777, TAPPI T411, ISO 4593, JIS Z1702, such as BS 3983, BS 4817 test standard. Enterprises need to choose the online thickness gauge, can consider to jinan LanGuang thickness gauge equipment electrical and mechanical technology co., LTD. 3, eddy current thickness meter, magnetic thickness gauge
Eddy current thickness gauge and magnetic thickness gauge are generally small portable devices, respectively, using the principle of the eddy current and electromagnetic induction principle. Equipment can be used for various specific coating thickness measurement, but can be used to measure the thickness of the thin film, paper, may sometimes appear error. For enterprises, testing accuracy requirement is very high, need more consideration when the choose and buy, precision is high enough, easy to appear the phenomenon of error, may bring unnecessary trouble. 4, ultrasonic thickness meter
Ultrasonic thickness meter is more small portable devices, using the ultrasonic reflection principle, measurable metal, plastic, ceramic, glass and other any good conductors of ultrasonic thickness. Can work under high temperature, this is what many other types of thickness gauge does not have, but on the types of test specimen selective.


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