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The Chinese Horizontal orbital wrapping machine and wrapper:


In 2003, the Chinese orbital wrapping machinery industry exceeding RMB one hundred billion

"SARS", "SARS" did not stop the pace of China orbital wrapping machinery industry and the market growth, in 2003. Chinese orbital wrapping machinery market sales reached 100 billion yuan, 103.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 35% in the same year, Chinese orbital wrapping machinery import and export volume reached 75% and 75% compared to the high growth rate. After Chinese accession to the WTO impact on the market of orbital wrapping machinery industry began in the early show.

At the same time, enterprises gain development. Xugong group operating revenue and industrial sales income reached 15 billion yuan and 12.2 billion yuan respectively, become Chinese orbital wrapping machinery industry, the first sales of more than ten billion yuan big group. On July 3, in the same year, sany, listed on the Shanghai stock exchange to become the domestic orbital wrapping machinery industry one of the first private enterprises. In 2003, with Japan, hummer, Germany and the Czech republic sakai STA quietly started, Chinese market strategy, including xugong and built the world's top nine compaction machinery manufacturers in China market. This year, several restructuring mergers and staged one after another: a worker, god formed steel "chengdu god steel orbital wrapping machinery (group) co., LTD.". Zoomlion acquisition PuYuan; Zhengzhou yutong bus purchase engineering machinery; Caterpillar workers overall m&a hill; Foton formal participation XuanGong... Industry in the capital of big mergers, outside the capital's intervention as well as strong foreign capital to enter, marked the capital operation of Chinese orbital wrapping machinery market started toward a more market-oriented phase.

In 2003, the Chinese orbital wrapping machinery industry association, 28 branch subordinates complete the adjustment of the organization and orbital wrapping, a perfect organization began to assume security industry interests, the burden of the benign development of the industry.

2004 years, but the market gently to promote industry rational thinking

In 2004, the state adopted a raise deposit reserve rate, control part industry moderately tight macroeconomic regulation and control measures such as blind investment. As a result, the rapid growth of Chinese orbital wrapping machinery market from the second quarter of landslide, 2004 annual market presents should situation.

However, in the face of the calm after the "blowout", the industry at the same time of strengthening the rational thinking, remain in the growth of 10%, and in technological innovation, strengthening the brand and expand overseas won the upper hand. In the earth in 2004, domestic crane crane, crawler crane and large tonnage crane product research and development in full bloom, has achieved breakthrough progress. At the same time, domestic brands for pavement mechanical orbital wrapping technology also quietly begun to change. Seven loader companies and products for the first time was named "China famous brand product" title, and further to promote the domestic engineering machinery enterprise brand strategy.
Pace slow gradually in the domestic market under the premise of engineering machinery enterprises to seek new sources of growth, increase the pace of overseas to become the top priority. In march of 2004, China orbital wrapping machinery industry association for the first time in the name of "China national pavilion" collective organization of domestic manufacturing enterprises participating in Munich, Germany bauma exhibition, a Chinese wind from overseas. At the same time, our country engineering machinery products import and export trade deficit also decreased significantly, the normal export growth exceeded imports in terms of growth, this suggests that domestic enterprises international strategic initial successes.