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The Chinese Horizontal orbital wrapping machine and wrapper:


Content abstract: China orbital wrapping machinery of ten years, from an ignorant child to now become an international giant, also only experienced all sorts of twists and turns during the ten years of people know. But anyway, this decade China engineering machinery since the childhood, accumulated a lot of technology and strength.

orbital wrapping machinery industry after ten years, through the vicissitudes of life change, there have been several wave back to halt the swift boat battle! Ten years glory years, along with the rapid development of domestic infrastructure, as well as the national incentives, orbital wrapping machinery industry through the brilliant ten years, although during this period have experienced a time of crisis, but still maintained a strong momentum of development of Chinese enterprises.

Journey back in ten years, China's orbital wrapping machinery industry both in technical innovation, product development capabilities, manufacturing capacity, or the industrial chain of control are realized by leaps and bounds, enterprises not only realizes the continuous expansion of the scale, improve the core competitiveness, but also quickly become global industry status. Industry scale from 48 billion yuan to 400 billion yuan, the Chinese orbital wrapping machinery industry in ten years.

2001, good heat

In 2001, with the beginning of the first decade in the new century, China's orbital wrapping machinery industry also opened a new chapter. This year, too many historic "first step" for the development of Chinese engineering machinery industry over the next 10 years to open a fluke.

In 2001, the Chinese orbital wrapping machinery industry association and China association of orbital wrapping machinery to merge, heralding the industry and at the end of the planned economy management, market economy began to play a leading role; orbital wrapping machinery industry "15" plan, this is also the first issued by the industry in the new century "five-year plan", set ideas and goals for the development of the industry; China orbital wrapping machinery industry growth momentum, has created the best level in history, breaking in a five-year plan for the first time at the end of the first period of the year is the off-season for Chinese orbital wrapping machinery industry "curse"; Held the first "China machinery industry science and technology award", the orbital wrapping machinery industry has eight products and technology won the second and third prizes respectively; British zoomlion overall m&a jie bao road, became the first international m&a deals in orbital wrapping machinery engineering industry, it also the beginnings of the industry of international mergers and acquisitions. In 2001, a good beginning for Chinese orbital wrapping machinery industry after ten years of rapid development began.
In 2002, the industry in this decade for the first time the market "blowout"

For Chinese orbital wrapping machinery industry in the first decade of the new century, absolutely is not a climax in 2002 for a year, but it is this year, as the industry created a "blowout". For the first time in the next decade in people's subconscious, market growth seems to have no. According to incomplete statistics, industry annual sales revenue reached 70 billion yuan, gross value of industrial output (present price) reached 62 billion yuan, profit of 4.1 billion yuan.

Positive in 2002, the domestic market is also again presented a foreign investment in China, the foreign brands have set up joint ventures in China. With Ingersoll rand, Dana parker, BMW and roller represented by foreign companies such as caterpillar to present, compaction machinery market competition pattern of China in 2002 and historic changes have taken place - foreign brands, occupying the market of domestic advantages "would-be" brand, and other brands.